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episode 5
episode starts with screen divides in 4 parts on 4 couples
they are hugging each other and suddenly realises what they are doing
and breaks their hug
shivaay looks at anika

*****awkward silence ****
breaking silence anika speaks
a- billu ji so i forgave u ok?
s- yeah ofc absolutely ok …
anika expecting a thank u
but no he’s sso so he will not say thank u again
a- so?
s- so ? what?

a- in anger tone i want to sleep u can go now ….
shiv knows that she was expecting a thank u but he cant say (hahah)
s- ok im going u take rest (smiles and leaves)
anika speaks with herself
yeh billu ji na ek dum billu hai mjhy kbi thank u to bolenge nahi huh( this billi ji is a billu he will never say thanks to me)
o and ishu breaks their hug and go inside o’s room
o- so u too loves me han ?
ishu- yes o (smiles)

o- why u did’nt tell me b4 hmm? i was thinking that only i feels special with u
ishu- arry o have u seen any girl proposing boy first ? no? right ?
i wanted u to propose me first and look u did it and smiles
and o i wanted to feel that special wali feelings which i got when u proposed me
o- smiles and goes near her
so u wanted to feel special (smiling)
ishu- yeah
o- i love u ishu and side hug her and hold her by her waist
u will always be special for me

ishu is feeling so comfortable in his arms
ishu shyly says i ove you too om
o- i promise u i’lll always love u and kisses her on forehead
ishu rests her head on his chest and they sit on couch
and are talking
rumaya breaks their eye lock
and feeling awkward
r- moti dekha khud to giri mujhe bhi gira dia (look u falls but you make me fall too)
s- cry baby why u always keep on crying teases him and is about to run again
just the rudy hold her hand soumaya shocked and turns her face to rudy
rudy goes near her holding her hand she is feeling nervous (you can imagine)
rudy is so close to somu
somu closed her eyes rudra smiles seeing this and snatches protein shake from her other hand
r- moti moti moti
and runs outside

soumaya is still standing there thinking what just happened and why she did”nt reacted at all and smiles
priveer too breaks there hug
r- so now u r my gf prinku and smiles
p- smiles and shyly looks down
r- i thought u will not accept my love and will beat me with ur chappal and smiles
p- laughs and says hawwwww..! why would i beat u with my chappal
u r my bestfriend and now bf too 🙂

and he again hugs her and kiss on her forehead
p- ranveer lets go inside
r- yea and holds each other hands and walk towards mansion.
inside mansion prinku and ranveer comes there
ranveer sees time
ranv- oh GOD its too late we should leave now
p- yeah
r- ishuu come we have to leave
ishu and om hears him ishu sees time oh its too late i’ve to leave hugs him and comes to hall
ishu- bhaiya lets go
ranverr – yeah come
rumaya shivom too comes there
s- where u two going?
ishu- bhaiya going home!
s- u can’t its too late and not safe so stay here
ranverr but shiv just then dadi comes and cuts him
dadi- beta he is saying right its late and not safe so stay here
they both complies

rudy- so u r staying here…
we should make this night memorable guys?
somu= yeah he’s right lets play some game ?
shiv,ishkara,priveer too complies
r- so lets go to anika didi and asks her if she wants to join us?
shiv- no she will not (everyone give him how u know that wala look)
s- i mean she’s resting so she will not
anika from behind

A- why not i’ll surely join u ppl
rudy gives a hi-5 to anika
scene shift to shiv’s room
they alll are sitting on floor on some carpet type thing making circle
and plays truth and dare
bottle spins
and stops on rumaya

somu- rudra truth or dare ?
rud- ofc dare ( as u all know how daring i’m and gives herioc look to somu)
somu- ok so u have to eat 2 parathas and gives him paratha
everyone laughs
rudra makes cry baby’s face
rud- somu my turn will also come and takes parathas
somu- cry baby eat them fast and laughs
rudy eats them making crying faces and finish eating
everyone is laughing and claps for him
bottle again spins
now it stopped on priveer
p- truth /dare ?.
ran- dare
p- okay u have to dance on (mein larki beautiful kar gyi chull) and smiles
she’s teasing him
r- ok i can do anything for u and this is just dance and smiles she too smiles
everyone looks at each other giving (yeh ho kya raha hai wala look)
song plays and he dances
spins again now ishkara

ishu – truth/dare?
o- truth
ishu -i knew it and smiles .. so o do u love someone? like someone other than family
o- yes ofc i do love u … she smiles…
again everyone looks at each other giving (yeh ho kya raha hai wala look)
om adds up saying i mean i do love u and ranveer u r my bestfrnds
everyone understand what he is trying to hide and laughs
again spins now rudy and anika
rudy- anika di t/d?
anika- dare

he gets into thinking and says yes nd smiles evilly
rudy- toh anika di ur dare is u have to look in to shivaay bhaiya’s eyes for one minute
everyone smiles evilly
shiv- fhat the wuck?
anika di u accept this or not ? says rudy
anika is thinking and says yes ofc i’ll do it
shivayy and anika comes face to face and some what close
rudy- ok ur time starts now
they look into each others eyes and lost
shivay thinking how beautiful her eyes are i can look into them for hours
anika is thinking same
one minute is our and everyone is looking at them
r- bhaiya didi time up u won di
but they are lost in their own world
omru ranveer – shivaay ? shivayy?
ishu,prinku,somu – anikaaa?anika>?
they are still lost and everyone smiles seeing this
2 minutes more passed
now they all togather say

and they back to their senses
a- arry why u are shouting
s- exactly why?
togather they say – cox u both were lost
shivika looks at each other and realised what they doing
and back to their places
spins again now guesss.
bottle stops at


anika- billu ji t/d
s- dare
a- thank me now and smirks evilly
everyone looks at each other with raised eyebrows and evil smirk
s- not a big deal i can say that
a- so say na
s- yeah a…a…an…anik..a wo… . .t…
a- fast billu ji
s- THANK U anika
s- look i did it
anika shockingly smiles says
a- wah billu ji ..lagta aj suraj kisi or disha se nikla tha (i think today sun rises from opposite direction)
they all smiles..
spins again rumaya
rudra smirks eviily
r- t/d?
r- somu u have to do 20 pushups
she refuses
r- if u will refuse then more difficult will be given
somu- says next
r- so u have to call reyaan now and tell him that you hate him
s- what ?
r-do it or pushups ?
s- takes out her mobile and calls reyaan
r- speaker

somu nods
rey- hi baby
s- reyaan i want to tell u something
rey- say it baby ..
s- i hate u reyaan and cut rhe call and laughs
everyone laughs too
r- why u smiling?
s- cry baby baby wala dare tha
they all playing chating teasing and falls asleep
in the morning in mansion totally silence
dadi- hain why so silence? bachy uthy nahi?
pinky jhanvi too asks same
sahil- i’ll check
and goes to shiv room and calls them there
pinky jhanvi dadi laughs .
pinky – oh my mata mummy ji aese lagta 6-7 saal ke bachy thak kar soye ho
jhanvi – let them sleep i think they all was playing games all night and they all leaves
around 11’o clock everyone wakes up
and freshen up
shivomru goes to kitchen to make some breakfast for all of them
omru are making omlete
but shiv making soup
omru- why u making this?
shiv- actually this is for anika

o- but she can eat omlete too?
s- no o doc said that no heavey meals just light and i cant take any risk
so she have to drink this soup
r- o look kafi fikar hai
o- han rudr and smiles
shiv shutup omru
s- u carry on i have to give her medicines
see u on table
he leaves
after sometime everyone is done with breakfast
rumaya -ishkara- and priveer plans something
plan is muted
after planning ishu and ranveer calls someone
scene shift to shivaay room
anika is there sitting on bed
ranveer comes to her
someone is making there vid
ranveer- anika i love u will u marry me
anika shocked what are u saying ranveer
a- i dont love u i always talk with u as u r my brother no its not possible never
ranveer – why anika? why not possible?
a- becaus i love billu ji … i cant think about anyone else
ranveer laughs and leaves
anika- hai ajeeb?
scene shift to office of shiv

girl knocks on door of shiv cabin
shiv- come in
girl enters in cabin
shiv- looks at her and stand up

girl hugs her and someone is making there video
shiv- mahi u herre ? what a surprise.. (his college frnd )(guest entry)(she’s dhami drashti )
mahi- yeah shiv i m actually here to tell u something i wanted to tell u from college time
shiv- tell ?
actually shiv i love u plz will u marry me?-says mahi
shiv- sorry mahi but i love her
mahi- her? who?

shiv- my anika.. i love her so much
mahi too laughs and goes
shiv- fhat the wuck? why she laughed and gets busy…
screen freezes on shivika
totall suspense

precap: everyone in dhanteras pooja is shcoked ….suspense…..

so that’s it guys
love u do comment thanks fr support
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