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Episode 4

Episode starts with SHIVOMRU
Screen is divided in three parts
After watching video sent them by anika
They all say
*What The whack*
Omru hurry to Shivaay’s room

In Shivaay room shivaay is extremely angry after watching video
Just then omru enters and Together says
Omru=anika what is this? I mean how u got this from where like when?
Anika looks at shivaay
Shivaay feels guilty for hurting Her and she again saves him from a big trap
Anika= actually O i told you b4 that I saw her(tia) with someone and that was not shivaay so i tried to find out but every time she proved me wrong by her cleverness but when today in morning billu ji said that I’m wrong and is jealous from tia so i challenged him that I’ll prove her wrong and then i followed Tia and she met with him in restaurant and recorded this video
O= thank God this all revealed b4 marriage
R=bhaiya now u won’t marry that lady baba right?
S-ofc rudra I’ll not she’s a cheater +she’s wanted to harm Our family ?
R- start dancing on song (hadippa) (This song is already played in very first episodes of ishqbaaz on rudra when shivaay says i don’t want to do engagement with tia )
And then stopped and sings song
R-billlllu ki shadii nai hogi,billu ghori nai chahrre ga, billu ka sehra nahi saje ga, billu dulha bane ga billu billu
Shivom- shutup rudra
Anima smiles Shivaay sees her smiling and he too smiles Omru Notices this and look At each other with eyebrows Raised And LoVely smirk
Omru sits on bed
O-anika how r u now?
R-han anika didi Ab kesi hai app
B4 anika could say anything

S- yeah she’s fine
Omru again look at each other and smiles
Just then prinku ishu somu and ranveer too joins them
They all sit in pairs (U all know)
R-arry you all know that shivaay bhaiya isn’t marrying that chanting drama queen
Ishu,prinku,somu,ranveer =hain? Why
O tells them and shows them video and four of them shocked
O – we should plan something what to do tomorrow and they all make a plan (muted)
And they all stays in Shivaay’s room whole night chating and falls sleep there
Anika sleeps firrst Cox she have taken medicine and She feels sleepy and falls asleep on Shivaay’s shoulder cox he was sitting by her side …and Shivaay too sleeps
Morning In mansion
They were all sleeping
And all waked up by hearing
Shivaay baby
T- SB you’re sleeping here like this? I mean anika? And you all here? What you doing here i mean what happened?
Shiv is fuming in anger … Anika is still sleeping shivaay signs tIa to stay quite
He Hold Anika’s head and mOves from his shoulder Ishu Put Cushions on bed and Shivaay places her head there and stands up
S- tia we all were having some fun and sleeped here ok?
T-ofc SB it’s okay
T- SB (shes says that loudly Because she want to distrubs anika)

Anika wakes up and sees everyone and tia And tries to sit but can’t sit by herself ishu forwarding her hand but b4 thaf shivaay goes near her and makes her sit comfortably
S-are u ok?
Anika nods her head in Yes
S- Tia are u out of your mind i signed u to be quite look u disturbed her
T-SB I’m sorry i don’t want to do that (she’s shocked)
S-what sorry …b4 he could say more
A- billu ji its ok looking at him
T- what happened sb u looks so angry
S- yeah Because… Just then anika holds his hand and signs him to be quite
S- no nothing happened
Tia finds something wrong But couldn’t understand
T- I’ll be back by Noon sb
And leaves
Everyone sighs..

NOon (mansion)
Everyone is in hall including tia
Shivaay is sitting nexxt to anika
Tia is angrh on him Cox he’s sitting next to anika
Just then dev arrives
Everyone is shocked seeing him in mansion
B4 tej can say anything prinku goes to him and says
P-so you came come sit with us
Tej looks at shiv
Shivaay signs him to relax
They all sits
R- now I’m going to show you a movie named
Chanting Queen Ka raaz (chanting queen’s secret)
Universe ne kia Fash (reveal by universe)
Tia is nervous and Looks at dev
Rudra plays the video recorded by anika
Tia’s real intentions behind marrying shivaay is now reveled infront of all
Everyone in shock stands up
And give angry look to tia
T- why u all are staring me like this? SB it’s fake that’s not me Someone mopped this That’s not me
S- shutup tia and stop lying who will do this?
T – who send u this?
S- its non Of your business
T- oh now I understand this anika did this all ryt?
S – How you can say this?
T – she’s the one did this all i was right she don’t want that our marriage happen that’s why she did all this ryt anika..? First you accuse me For cheating but when i proved you wrong you are playing these cheap tricks to break our marriage
T- shivaay baby trust Me that’s not me
Anika I’ll not leave you for doing all this and move forward to her n is about to slap her just then Shivaay stops her pushes her away from anika
T- SB you pushed me just Cox of this cheap roadside girl? Anika what you think that i don’t know you’re all this to snatch sb from me U know anika this is bad karma Universe will punish you for this
S- tia just stop ur this universe dramma and what u just said about anika? Han she’s not cheap but you’re …cos you’re cheating me with dev! She’s a road side girl but 1000 times better than u
She never lied to me she always saves me my family From pplz like u… She loVes my family .. And isn’t greedy of money Unlike u, ?
T – it means You’re calling me a bad character girl?
S- yes ofc You’re BAD CHARACTER
O, – now stop lying tia Shiv isn’t saying anything that doesn’t mean you’re innocent That’s Only you in Video no One else
R-han lady baba your dramma is oVer !mjhy tou tm shuru din se achi nahi lagti thi over caring banti thi Baja di tmhri tmhre Universe ne ? ( from first i didn’t like you you was trying to over caring now Your Universe bashed you)
Dadi- tia Tujse yeh ummed nahi thi (tia this wasn’t expected from you)
Pinky-oh my mata tia tujhe to me buhut acha smjhti thi lkin tu toh badi kharab girl nikli (tia i thought you’re a nice Girl but you’re a bad girl)
Shakti- thank God tumhara asli chehra shadi se phle samne aagya (your real face reveled b4 marriage)
Jhanvi – pinky mne kaha tha na tumhe there’s something wrong with Tia (pinky i told u na that something is wrong with tia)
Tej – whatever its good we all got to know about her reality (better late than never)

Prinku – dev i didn’t expected this from you but I’m thankful to GOD that bhaiyaaa find out your truth and stopped the engagement
T – enough you’re all accusing me SB i thought you’ll believe me
but no you too doubting on me?
You’re also cheap like anika that’s why bleveing her
anika listen this and is angry now
b4 shivaay could say anything anika comes inbetween shitia
and confront tia
anika’s eyes fuming in anger (after all how dare tia to say anything bad about her billu)
a-chipde sharam nahii ati tujhe kya? ghalti teri or tu billu ji ko blame karrhi
(dont u have shame? fault is your and u blaming billu ji?)
a- how dare u to call my billu ji cheap (anika is full in anger and doesn’t realised what she said)
everyone is standing in pairing and looks at each other with raised eyebrows
and says my billu ji hmmm and smiles
shivaay listen this and stare anika with shock and happiness
a- how dare u tia justt tell me?
and suddenly
sound come
tia got slapped by anika
anika slapped her on right side saying this is for calling my billu ji cheap
and again slapped her saying this for traping my billu ji
nd again slaps her sayingg this is from my side calling me cheap and liar
nd again slapped her this from universe n again slap this from your karma
everyone is controlling their laughs
slaps again this for trying yo hurt my family

nd again slaps this for trying to hurt prinku
and continusely slaps her
shivaay holds her
s- anika ok now calm down and confront tia
s- u better leave now and dont try to come here later
t- in anger i’ll see you all i’ll not spare any of u..and anika u ..u uu slapped me
tia kapoor i’ll kill you and leaves with dev
after she leaves everyone burts out into laughter
r-wah anika didi you are brave you slapped her very well…
anika is sitting quiet
o- anika thankyou u saved us again
dadi asked om what is he talking about?
o- dadi actually and explains everything how anika gathers proofs
dadi – anika puttar tune aj phir hume buhut bury hadse se bachaya buhut shukria tera
A- dadi dont say thanks yeh mera farz tha
pinky jhanvi shakti thanks her too
tej- whatever but anika you proved again that you’re our family beta
and hugs anika ….tears roll down from anika’s eyes
a-uncle you’re calling me beta and even saying thanks dont say it plz
he smiles and says you too call me bade as shivaay calls ok?
she too smiles and nods yes
scene shift to anika’s house
sahil calls anika but her mob is off
sahil is worried for her

bua- sahil she now dont care about u she just care about shivaay
and try to maniuplate him
sahil-chup BB(bandri bua) in crying tone anika dadi must be busy
and starts crying …
just then omru enters there
sahil sees them and says
sahil= omru tum log yaha
o- how do u knw us?
sahil- i know anika didi showed me your pics
r- oh hey champ how r u?
sahil- im good where’s anika didi ?
o-actually she’s in mansion we came here to take you too
soumaya comes from behind
somu- sahil lets pack ur bag ?

sahil- ok but why?
r- champ because u are coming with us to stay in mansion
sahil – but o cuts him and says
o- we will tell u in mansion now just hurry up
sahil and soumaya goes to sahil’s room sahil packs his bags and
soumaya packs anika’s bags as per anika told her
they leave with sahil
sahil- soumaya didi is anika didi ok?
somu – nods yes
they reach mansion anika is in shivaay’s room
sahil comes there and hugs her
sahil- didi why u was’nt picking my calls ?
a- my mob is’nt working sorry
sahil crys huging her
scene shift to hall everyone is there
just then tia and dev comes everyone is shocked seeing them
but they’re not alone
police is with them
scene shift to shivaay’s room
shivaay is there with all youngsters couples and acp siddharth is also there..
acp is telling them something shivaay is fuming in anger and everyone is shocked
shivika looks at eachother shivaay with guilt looks down
scene again shift to hall
tej what the hell you’re doing here now?
tia does’nt say anything
inspector- where is SSO
tej – why u are asking about him ?
insp- we want to arrest him…
tej- are u out of ur mind? kis charge me you want to arrest him?
insp- molestation’s charge he molested tia kapoor
tia smirks evilly
just then shivaay and everyone comes there
inspec sees acp and salutes him
inspec- sir u here?
acp – yes .. what u doing here?
inspec tells him everything
acp – oh so miss tia kapoor he molested u? do u have any proofs?
tia is silent
shivaay is in anger goes to her and slaps her tight across her face
and then move to dev who was standing right behind her and
slapped him too
and shout

there was anger + fear + sad tone in his voice
you both tried to kill my … my anika ?
how dare u n again slapped dev
they both were shocked how he got to know?
dadi- shivaay matlab?
s- dadi anika par goli in dono ne chalwai thi (they both appointed a shooter to kill m..y anika)
dadi is shocked
tejanvi,shinky too shocked how do u know
s- i’ll explain later
s- acp arrest them
acp orders inspec to arrest them
s- tia why u did this ?
tia- because she saw me and dev

fb(tia sees anika and tells dev that maybe she have seen us and might have clicked
some pictures as a proof
dev- dont worry come
they leave in car
dev calls someone and tells him to meet him
and goes to some weird old place there they meet a shooter
dev- tai do u have a pic of anika ?.
tia- yes and gives him the pic..
dev- gives the pic to shooter and says him to kill her right now
shooter- where she is ?
tia – she will be going to obroie mansion
dev to him go fast otherwise she will goes inside
shooter was near mansion so he reached there fast and saw anika coming
out from auto and walks towards mansion’s gate he shoots her when she
was in doorstep )
fb ends
shivaay so u wanted to kill her just for this u just take her from here acp
tia- sso tell me how u got this video? because i deleted video from anika’s mob
fb( after saying bye to shivaay she left but after shivaay left she silently goes to room where anika was sleeping
and takes her mob from side table and deleted the video..and goes out)
anika laughs and says because i sended them that video b4
fb( after leaving from resturant anika to herself how cheap this tia is
now i’ll show this video to shivomru and she will me exposed just then she feels something and again talks
to herself itni michmichi ku horhi .. lemme send this video to them right now
she send them the video and takes an auto and checks her mobile but du to network problem vid is taking years to send
she tryed again and again and then she reaches mansion she sees her mobile and video is sent
she is in door step they recieved video and she shot down)
fb ends
tia- i thought right that u have proofs but i did’nt know u r fast in anger tone
a- hahaha tia bure ka anjam bura
inspec takes them as per acp’s order
tej – how u come to know that tia is behind all this
(siddharth tells shivaay that he collected that builts from hospital and that built was of spcl guns
and we searched about history sheeters who used to sell and use this gun from there we reached a shooter
and after 3rd degree he opens up his mouth that he did this as he took money
and asks there names he says i dont know but i’ll recognize him and her if i see them again siddharth calls sketchartist
and ask him to make sketches after seeing sketches he is shocked
its of dev and tia and he comes to them and informed)
fb ends…
everyone thanks acp for helping them
acp- yeh mera farz hai and takes a leave
everyone leaves to their rooms
shivika is in shiv’s room
ishkara is in balcony
rumaya are playing games in rudy’s room
priveer are in garden
sahil is with dadi
anika is sitting on bed
shiv sit infront of her
s- anika
a- billu ji go from here i don’t want to talk to u
s- but anika listen to me
a- no i dont want to listen to uu just leave
s- anika im sorry
a- sorry for what ?
s- whatt i did with u yesterday for that for hurting u… for everything
a- wah billu ji apka sahi hai jab chahe insult krdo or jb chahe sorry
s- anika please forgive me ?
a- why u scolded me ? i was just telling u tia’s affair
s- anika and holds her hand anika looks at him
s-anikaa actually i did that becaus i cant see u like that
tume usse dant khaty dekh mjhy ghussa ata tha (when she scolded u i got angry )and she proved u wrong everytime
and then u have to say sorry to her and i was’nt able to see that daily so i think to scold u so u will not try again n this will not happen
but i did’nt knew this all will happen im sorry tears roll down from his eyes
a- billu ji stop crying otherwise me too will get senti ..
s- so u forgive me?
a- yes
s- thanku panika and in happiness hugs her and says i love u anika
anika is shocked and happy at same time
and she hugs him back
ishkara is in balcony
ishu- o im so happy that tia out from bhaiya’s life and anika di is also fine
i hope they stay like this always and soon confess their love
o- yeah u r right ishu…
o looks at her and got lost in her happy face
o in his mind ishu u r so beautiful
ishu looks at om and thinks same but sees him lost
ishu-o..o…o ?
o- yeah?
ishu – kaha gum? (where u are lost)
o- thinks for a sec and says ishu i want to tell u and ask u something
ishu- sure
o – actually ishu
i…. …..l….o…ve .u
ishu is surprised and happy because she wanted this from so long
o bows down sit on his knees
ishu please say do u love me?
ishu is lost
o- ishuuuuuu?
ishu back to her senses
ishu is on cloud 9
ishu hold o’s shoulder and make him stand
ish- ofc i do love u 0 and smiles
o happily hugs her and whisper in her ear i love u soo much ishuuu
ishu hugs him back tightly and whispers in his ear i love u too soomuch o
rumaya are playing games
somu is eating parathas and playing game
rudy is having protien shake and playing game
r- moti stop eating parathas how much u will eat ha? one day there will be breaking news on tv
every paratha of india did suicide because of somu
s- cry baby obroie and teases him
she get reyan’s call
s- han reyan?
reyan- meet me tomorrow in college surprise for u..
s- sure i’ll meeet u bye
ends call
r- reyaan wants to meet u?
s- han
r- u will not meet him
s- why?
r- does’nt finds an answer and says because you’ll eat him too thinking him as paratha
and laughs
s- in anger snatches his shake
r- give that back to me moti
s- protien singh obroie take it if u can
and soumaya starts running in room
rudra trys to catch her but cant
just then soumaya slips and falls on bed and rudra trying to hold but he too slips
on her
rudra on top of somu they share an eye lock
they are roming in garden
ranveer is continuesly watching pinku
r- prinkuuu
p- han?
r- i love u prinku and sit on his knees and says i love u so much prinku
will u be my gf?
prinku is shocked
prinku in mind what should i say
p- ranveer … u r my bestfrnd i never saw u with this angle but i like u
ur company so its a yes 🙂
ranveer happy and shouts yessssssssssss
and says i love u prinkuuuuu
prinku whispers in his ear i love u too (shyly)
they hug each other
screen divides into 4 parts on 4 couples and freezes

episode end

precap: shivika nok-jhok …rumya ishkara and priveer plans something

some point
(anika is sitting sad in room shivomru ask what happened she says im worried about sahil please drop me to my home
shiv u cant go actually u cant leave this mansion now not even this room
billu ji but sahil is alone bua will torture him
shiv oka omru go and take him here with u and anika’s dresses too
anika asks soumaya to go and take her things she complies and o and rumaya leaves and shivay give her medicines and leaves she sleeps)

so thats it
i hope u will like this
i’ll upload next one asap
thanks for commenting everyone
drop comments
love u
and do suggest me if should change something
im trying to cover up every couple in every episode thats why they are quite long so should i short down my episodes? if u want any changes the tell me in comments
bye everyone

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