Ishqbaaz… some years later… (Part 1)

Hi friends I m writing a ff for first time hope u like it…
after sso said that he cannot accept anika asa mother of his child….l write this ff it after 3 years many things had happened in past……..*tia exposed ..anika’s memory home back they had a argument over khun khandan blaa..blaa…bla….anika angry on sso he leaves om with sahil…and many things reaveled letter….

After 3 years…..
mor:8am shivay busy in phone :misra get the file ready Mr Raghuwant Sing Rajput is coming today make the presentation ready ok…
sivay told pinky that Mr sing is a very well known person he is famous for his blue blood ,royal image ,huge business knowladge and his international company ..he is one of the top richest man of the India and world .he is coming to our mansion for adeal …
pinki asked but sivay buisness deal at home??sivay said that Mr. Sing love family he is totally a family loves person so I invited him for dinner this deal is very important for me so make everything properly ready,then om is seeing (in dbo clothes) om Mr sing is coming in evening I shuld be there it’s a big deal .on said:ya sure I just going to office for today’s conference see u evening.
Sivay look at his brother pov: 3 year passed till sweatlana disturbing him probably blackmailing .l don’t know the season .he doesnot want to tell me the season .I don’t know why ,there are many things he did not tell me I can fill it .I have to make it fine.
In the evening:rudra is seen rudra also well sated but in ruddy style he is the owner of a 5 what hotel ,many resort,and many mall ,apartment….but he is always cool ..he said bhaiya who is coming any special guest yaaa got it some buisness ticoon (he does logic sign) see how intelligent l am….sivay told ru I become so intelligent I r right ..but bhaia who is he/she..sivay:wait I will get to know .
Then some people enter in om all members are freez……

ok gyess .this is my 2rs ff …all tomatoes will be welcomed and rotten andaa also

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  1. Sairan

    NYC start Rinku..U just took a very nice and interesting topic for FF.. Really liked it lot..I feel anika hogi..Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post next episode soon and a longer one plz

  2. Awesome

  3. Amazing

  4. Loved it

  5. Nice and interesting one dear… Waiting for the next update.

  6. Vincy

    I can imagine who Tht will… Anika will be there pls post next part soon

  7. Nice start great will anika be there???

  8. Interesting…

  9. Gayathri.visu

    Very interesting….. Post next one soon!!

  10. Nice

  11. Siddhi_t

    Great start…. It was awesome…!!! Loved it…?

  12. Shivika


  13. Awesome…plzz continue…

  14. Awesome Plz continue

  15. Rinku

    Thank u friends …to all of u a big thanks…there r many mistakes ..though I accept it I am overwhealmed …because of the auto correcter many words has changed l dont kmnow how to make it right …very very sorry for that….hope I will for five me.

  16. Rinku

    Sorry*hope u will forgive me.

  17. Shrutika

    Nice start

  18. Great start

  19. Really Very Nice…Sounds very Intresting dear..plz continue…Waiting for next Episode..I Loved it dear…All the Best

  20. Rinku

    Thank you but I will continue it after some days…may be a month…because of my board exam. Till then enjoy ishqbaaz and dbo bye bye..

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