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Something stuck in Shivaay’s mind. Shivaay reads the letter again. Something in the letter shocks Shivaay.

Shivaay’s POV : One second. This is not Anika’s resignation from OM. But it’s her resignation from CID. (Fama darling here u goes wrong.)

Shivaay : Which means Anika is a CID officer. ………
No….. No……. How can its possible? She can’t even talk in English properly & how ill-mannered
she is?
But Shivaay, The way that CID officers respect her & talk to her shows that she’s higher CID officer?

Just then Omru comes to Shivaay & they saw Shivaay’s talking him.

Rudra : Om, I think after the all happen bhayya has become mad. See how does he talk to himself?

Om : Shut up Rudra.

This makes Shivaay notice them & Omru comes to him.

Om : What happened Shivaay? Why are u look so confused?

Shivaay hands over the letter to Om. Om reads the letter & gets shocked so as Rudra.

Rudra : Which means Anika Di is a CID officer?

Om : Not ‘is’ but ‘was’ Rudra. See She has resigned her job 3 years back. The letter was dated as 2013.

Rudra : That means Anika di comes here to spy on us.

Shivom : Shut up Rudra.

Shivaay : She was in CID but she has resigned her job 3 years back. Why?……..
And why did she hide this from us?……..

Om : Shivaay, only two parties can answer that & that is Anika and that CID officers.

Shivaay : I’ll find it out.

Om : Are u going to ask about this from Anika?

Shivaay : Although I asked, she won’t tell it to me. I’m damn sure about it.

Rudra : It seems bhayya knows Anika di more than us. Isn’t it Om?

Om : U r right Rudra.

Shivaay : Shut up guys.

Om :Shivaay, When did u going to propose?

Shivaay : Not now Om. Now she is hell angry on me. And I also want to know the whole truth about Anika.

Rudra : Oh…. God. Bhayya plz don’t tell that u still believe that blood, states, surname etc.

Shivaay : It’s not like that duffer. Now I don’t believe all that. Anika changed me completely. But I want to what’s her connection with CID & is she in a problem. Same time I want to flirt with her for some time.

Rudra : Oh….ho see Om. How romantic my brother has become? After all who’s brother? Rudy’s brother……..
Whatever bring her back soon. She is my partner crime na. I miss her.

Om hits duffer’s head & they have some Obro’s time.


Shivaay is getting ready in his room. He sees a glass of water. He takes it to his hand. He remembers his & Anika’s moments with glass of water & how she threw water over him every time.

Shivaay’s POV : Good morning sweetheart. I’m coming to u. Be ready to welcome me with a glass of water.

Shivaay comes to the hall & all Oberoi family is there.

Pinky : Shivaay, Where are u going this much early?

Rudra : Badi ma, Don’t stop him. He’s going to bring Anika bh…… (Om hits Rudra’s leg while Shivaay give an angry glare.) Ah…. Anika di back.

Janvi : Shivaay, Have breakfast & go..

Shivaay : No…. Choti ma. I’m not hungry. I’ll eat later.

Shivaay leaves from there in hurry. Dadi smiles understanding what’s going on between Obros.


Anika : Sahil. Get up. It’s too late today. I have to go OM otherwise Bagad Billa will eat me for his breakfast.

Sahil : (while getting up) Oh…. Ho di. If u forget I’m reminding u, u have resigned ur job yesterday. Now plz let me sleep & u also sleep.

Saying this he again sleeps. While Anika gets sad thinking about resignation & her Billuji. Someone knocks Anika’s door. This sound brings Anika back to real world & She goes to open the door. Anika opens the door & gets shocked.

Anika : You?????? Here???????

Person : Yeah. It’s me.

Anika : What you doing here early morning Mr. Shivaay?

Yeah the person is Shivaay. (Fama, ur guess is correct.)

Shivaay : (While entering the house) What to do? U r late for the job today & I thought to pick up you to OM before u get more late. So hurry up get ready fast. I’ll be here until you come. (Saying this he sits in the couch there. Anika stares him angrily.)

Anika : For ur kind information Mr. Shivaay, I have resigned from ur so called job yesterday.

Shivaay : In that case u didn’t hand over a resignation letter to me.

Anika : Oh….. U may have forgotten as u have got so many shocks yesterday, I handed over my resignation letter to u before I leave the house.

Shivaay : If u r talking about that letter it’s not ur resignation from OM. It was something else.

Anika : What do you mean?

Shivaay : See on ur own what I mean.

Shivaay hands over the letter to Anika. Anika reads the letter & gets shocked as it was her resignation from CID.

Shivaay : So U haven’t hand over resignation letter yet. It means u r still an employee of OM. Hurry up get ready otherwise ur salary will be cut for coming late.

Anika gets angry after seen attitude & goes from there.

Anika : Now here is my resignation. I’m not an employee of u. So u can go back Mr. Shivaay.

This shocks Shivaay. He takes the letter from Anika. Anika sign him to go but Shivaay goes in & Anika looks on confusingly. Shivaay comes with a glass of water & forward it to Anika.

Anika : Mr. Shivaay, A glass of water can’t heal the wound you make. U pointed finger @ my character. It’s not a simple wound Mr. Shivaay. For a girl her character is her everything. If it breaks her world will breaks.

Tears roll down from Anika’s eyes.

Shivaay : Anika, I know that I did a big mistake. It can’t repent but still I’m sorry. It was not my words it’s all Tia’s words. She makes me believe like that.

Anika : (while crying) She said & u believed Billuji? U didn’t have trust on me. Didn’t u know what kind of a girl is I?

Shivaay : Anika…..

Anika : Billuji plz…. I have made my mind to not go to OM again. So plz…. Don’t compel me. I’m not that much fool to repeat my mistakes. U may plz go. Plz…. Let me live my life in my way.

Anika runs to her room & cries. Shivaay also leaves Anika’s house sadly.

Anika’s POV : Why r u trapping me Billuji? My heart wants to go back to OM, always stay around u. But my mind doesn’t allow it. I can’t forget ur insult.

Shivaay’s POV : Anika I know I’m the one who hurt u most. But plz…… forgive me. I didn’t do anything intentionally. I love u so much & I need u. Plz….. come back.


All are waiting for Shivaay & Anika. Shivaay comes there.

Dadi : Shivaay, where’s Anika?

Pinky : Haan Shivaay, where is she? Didn’t she forgive u?

Shivaay : No Dadi. She refused to come. She refused to forgive me.

Rudra : But bhayya that letter wasn’t her resignation. So she has to come.

Janvi : What do you mean Rudra?

Om : Haan maa. It was her resignation from CID.

Shakthi : What???????

Shivaay : Haan papa. (Shivaay narrates whole story to the family.)

Pinky : What’s her connection with CID?

Om : Only Anika can answer to that. For that she should come this to him.

Precap : Anika’s connection with CID.

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    It was fabulously fantasticly awesome and am happy that my second guess was right and my first guess was wrong as you give me a wonderful surprise as well as a shocked waiting to know Anika’s connection in your next update

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