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Part Nine

Before Sun rays can disturb sleeping Anika and cold breeze can play with her hairs like usual Anika wake up from her beauty sleep for the most beautiful day of her life which will bring her prince charming more close to her… A content smile is not leaving her lips and she went down to meet her mumma papa and even to search Ishana who promised her to help in being ready.

As soon as Anika entered in living room she witnesses that her parents and Ishana are already ready to go and soon all three look at her and shower their love on her and soon her mom said her to be ready soon as they have to leave for Oberoi’s farmhouse as soon as Oberoi’s car arrive to pick up them and Anika nodded and run to her room to get ready but after entering her room first she check her mobile with hope of an message from Shivay and there she find a message from her which on Anika’s blushing mode

Shivay: G???d morning Mt blush baby..

Soon Anima replied and there chat is like

Anika: Morning Shivay..☺?

Shivay: So, are you ready for today????

Anika: Work in progress and what about you???

Shivay: I am ready since last one hour and yeah I am free too if you need any help in getting dressed up….???

Anika: Thanks but no thanks…??

Shivay: Waise I am eager to see you in that dress…??

Anika: Hmm, soon you’ll see me..☺ As if now bye I need to go to be ready…

Shivay: By, will be there after half an hour to pick up you…

As soon as words register in Anika’s mind that he is coming to pick up her her eyes turn into saucer size in surprises because her mom told her that driver is coming o pick up them and she hurriedly reply

Anika: I heard driver is coming to pick up….

Shivay: By blushing baby…

As soon as Anika read his last message which is not answer if her unasked question her heartbeat started beating like they are in ant formula one race and though it make her happy that he is coming to pick up her but some unknown dear is also there that she have to face her and in all this dilemma she become ready with Ishana’s help and all this while constantly she is blabbring something to ease her nervousness..

After few more minutes of wait car horn honk outside their home her father checked and informed that Oberoi’s car is there for them aftwr listening this a relief smile crept on her lips but same time her heart ache with some unknown pain that he did not come to pick up her… And soon her parents and Ishana become busy in arranging all the things they need to take in car and after arranging everything driver speak

Driver: Sir, this car is small and now only two person only can come in this and I already informed this to Shakti Sir and he said that he is sending another car.

As soon as driver complete his sentence a BMW come to halt and Rudra come out from driver’s seat and once again Anika feel relief and pain both and she mutter thanks to almighty but very next second Shivay come out from back seat and started coming towards her and seeing him there Anika’s heart started dancing and unknowingly her lips curve in beautiful smile which is reflexing happiness which her heart us feeling and her heartbeat once again started beating fast and soon she witness him bending down taking blessing from her parents and she smiled seeing his respect for her parents and she heard him saying

Shivay: Wo that car is small and driver informed to papa so we thought now we’ll pick up Ishana and Anika (while speaking her name he llok at her and raise his one eye brow and wink at her with his most killer smile) if you don’t mind..

Soon her parents approved and they settled themselves in other car and leave for farmhouse leaving Anika, Ishana, Rudra and Shivay there…

Soon Shivay speak

Shivay: So shall we??? And Rudra plz take u-turn we are coming…

Rudra: Okay bhaiya.

And he move towards car and soon Ishana join him leaving ShivIka all alone and once again Shivay speak

Shivay: You are looking more beautiful then I thought in this dress..

Anika: Thank you and you too are looking dashing. (Looking on ground like she is finding some hidden treasure)

Before they can continue their conversation Rudra speak from car

Rudra: Bhaiya wo kya hai ki you have to come to farmhouse with Anika bhabhi for ceremony else I am not the one who like to disturb your romance…?????????

Both Shivika look at each other smile a lil and Shivay offered his hand to Anika and she put her hand in his hand they started walking towards car and both RuNa(Rudra and Ishana) whistle seeing this and Anika’s blush mode once again started and they settle in car and started moving towards farmhouse and whole journey went smooth with RuNa’s teasing.???

After entering inside farmhouse Shivay once again offer his hand to her and she to accept it and they are about to enter inside when a voice from dbehind stop them

Voice: Stop, Anika how can you move towards new phase of life without your di???

Hearing this voice Anika feel scared but to confirm whether her assumption is right or not she tuned and there she find Tia standind with evil smile in her face as soon as Anika see her with usual smile she shaddered on her place and she tighten her grip.on Shivay’s hand and he breath’s become uneven remembering haunting memories of past


Small Anika is sleeping peacefully but suddenly someone hit her hard on her back and next second when she open her eyes she find her di standing there and before she can utter a word few slaps land on her cheeks and Tia pulled her hair and drag her to kitchen and order to make coffee for her…. And Anika prepare coffee with tears in her eye and body which is painning due to all this physical torture she do not know reason why her di is behaving like a monster with her…

As soon as this memories haunt her she try to hide her self behind Shivay and her content smile turn into fear and Shivay observe this all and even he observed that random girls presence have flare up happy and luck go Ishana’s nistrile in anger but before any one can speak anything Tia bridge the distance between her and Anika and she take her hand from shivay’s hand and hug her forcefully and this uncomfortable Anika and she is trying to break that hug but Tia is not allowing her to break instead she is tightening which is chocking Anika’s breath seeing this Shivay come into picture and pull Anika towards him and speak

Shivay: Listen lady who ever you are… Plz stay away from Anika (With possession in his voice)

And even before Tia can reply anything to him he leave from there and take Anika with him and RuNa too follow him inside and this make Tia angry but she mask it with smile and enter inside and her presence make Jayshree and Rishi stunned….????

So that’s it for today’s update??? How it is??? (I am already hide my self because I know last part have increased all of you readers anger)??????

And yeah I know almost if you hate Tia like me but trust she soon be out of ShivIka’s life atleat in my ff to that bare her…

Plz plz plz leave your feedback whether it is positive or negative… And silent readers plz leave at least two words to acknowledge work it won’t harm but it’ll increase my energy level to type next part ASAP…

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  1. Nithu

    Nice dea…hate u tia

    1. Pri_24


  2. wow! possessive shivaay?That was awesome…….
    please update more shivika scenes.I want u to get rid of that Tia asap.actually I am a silent reader.

    1. Pri_24

      Thank you so much for dropping comment… 🙂

  3. Tulasi

    Awwwww…….shivika on blushng mode….makng me blush more dear……tht tia ??? awesummm dear…waitmg for d next……noo precap…waitng eagerly

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Tulsi for your feedback….

  4. Sat

    So pri did you see my comment on your last episode huh
    And Yar I really loved it to the core
    And how are you
    I couldn’t message because private message box is not working
    Ok fine now
    Coming to the episode
    I loved each and every part of it
    Firstly shivaay calling annika blushing baby and asking her if he could help her in dressing, that was so romantic
    And next he saying that he would come and pick her up and she waiting for him
    And shivaay letting out his hand for her annika holding his hand. That was sooooooo lovely
    And when Tia came, annika getting scared and shivaay dragging her and being possessive, oh my god, that is the scene if the day✌✌??
    Please update the next epi ASAP???

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Sat for taking out time for your sch,and commenting…

      And focus well on study han…

      And I’ll uodate soon

  5. Ruksy

    Great love it

  6. Nansshivika

    Priya its awesome yaar the scenes between shivika don’t know how much she blushed but I am blushing to the core.
    And tia coming to the scene and anika getting scared taking shivay support and shivay care and love was like awwwww???
    Now I am waiting for the next one eagerly its awesome

  7. Priyali

    Awesome . Tia sucks. But possessive shivaay. Cool.

  8. Akshaya

    Lady baba anika’s sis?. Nice blushing mode

  9. Yazhu

    Very nice epi yaar Priya…Tia as Anika’s sis…there’ll be some drama I think…waiting to see Shivaay standing by my sweet Anika’s side unlike real ib episodes……
    I didn’t get the time to visit tu for last 2 days…but when I visited now I saw your link and got a real good treat from you…thanks for that…

  10. Cuteprincess

    wow..awesome..shivika scene was really cute…they were simply adorable…

  11. Such a wonderful update I love it a lot…

    This different side of ShivIka is treat to eyes… They are so sweet and wonderful and Shivay is quite naughty when I read he offered help to Anika it man me blush furiously and Anika’s unknown and unnamed feeling after Shivay’s message that he doing to pick up her is so much beautifully described and Shivay is so smart now we can call him Smart Singh Oberoi and Rudra and his teasing wow they are wonderful and Ishana is so cute though you have not gave her more scene in today’s update…

    And that Tia arghhh she is so monster and irritating I hate her from the core of my heart…

    I live the way Shivay take Anika’s hand and protect her from Tia.

    Plz update next part soon…

  12. Ananya7044

    Blusjing baby..aww..cute..i bcme bljshing baby..lol…nice one

  13. Amamzing update Pri…
    Naughty Shivay blushing Anika are treat to read and I love their conversation and every word of update…

    And I love the way Shivay offer his hand to Anika and Rudra tease ShivIka…

    And Tia ahhhhhh how can ah become so cruel I hate her and Anika is so fragile and I like the way Shivay hold her possessively and protect her…

    Plz update next part soon…☺☺☺

  14. Heyyyy priyaaàaaaaaa…
    Nice one…
    Omg… wts gonna happen.. lady baba is evil baba.. she will never ever change… universe should punish or at least u do it in ur ff.. evn i wanna squeeze n smash her ..???
    Shivika .. sooo good… i jst wish sso is like this in the original show
    I liked it vry much dea
    Next epi ASAP?

  15. SamSun

    Pri u r awesome!!!! Shivika moments r soooooooo cute? just love them soooo much ?

  16. Mukta

    Interesting…. nice episode!!!!!

  17. Pri this was really a nice epi 🙂
    But where is om??why is he not in d frame yet?are u planning to pair rudy n ishana??sry i frget amall details if u enlighten me wd ur ans dn it ll b really grateful!!

  18. Nyc one Priya 😀

  19. Priyanka_22

    awwwww possessive shivaay fo her blushing baby ..
    loved it Priiii 😀

  20. Sanchi

    One question though, is Shivay in ur ff d same khoon khandan bakwas promoter?
    N pls do kick Tia out of their lives soon.. enjoyed it as always.. awesome?

  21. Fama

    Great to read Shivaay being possessive over his paanika??? It will be really nice of you to get rid of Tia in your ff as soon as possible.
    I can’t wait to see shivika onscreen vivah and nice update hope you update next soon.

  22. Barbieannie

    Haha niCe one update next asap

  23. Ishqkum

    While reading this I am blushing so cute shivika and shiviya is so naughty.I’ll loved it dr

  24. Nice episode

  25. Ketaki19

    hayee bahot pyara update hain, SHIVIKA <3 par ye tia yaha bhi aa gayi uff… but achha hain uske wajahse shivika aur pass aayenge…

    PS: Sorry for not commenting previous parts n u r os, net problem bahot ho raha hain… your oss'are amazing keep writing

  26. Aarya

    So nice pri…..?blushing anika????loved this epi……and tia track is interesting…. Superb yaar…..thanks for infrmng me abt this…..soory yaar….really busy now a days….sorry for late comments…

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