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Hi peeps…???? Thanks alot for your wonderful and lovely comments….☺☺???

Part four

As soon as Shivay said OK to Rudra’s condition Rudra laughed a lil so Shivay looked at him with angry face and asked

Shivay: What now???

Rudra: Bhiya I am imagining few things like how you’ll feel when you’ll fail and what I’ll ask you to do and…

Shivay: Shut up Rudra, nothing like that gonna happen. You yet not know your Brother properly so you dare to imagine such sort of foolish things…

With completing sentence he smriked and move his hand in his own hair…. (Shivay ka signature move imagine kar lo) Before both Shivay and Rudra can continue there Tom and Jerry fight over this silly matter Shakti come between and speak

Shakti: Shivay give me agenda and required information for conference meeting and about your bet all I want to say is may best win…

Before anyone can say anything Rudra speak

Rudra: And when it comes to charm a girl no one can beat Rudy… ???

Shivay: Wait and watch Rudy and mind your language she is not any random girl…

And with that he leave from hall and behind his back all three are in awe with his protectiveness towards Anika….

As soon as Shivay enter in his room he bolted door and he started thinking ideas through which he can ask Anika for her number and soon trains of ideas are starts running in his mind and he took out notepad and starts penning down that idea and after analysing over every idea he selected two ideas where in which he included his office staff but soon he discarded this idea after thinking pros and cons of it and he left with idea of calling on Any of Anika’s parents number and ask them to give phone to Anika and then he will ask Anika her number as soon as he complete his analysis a smil crept o his lips with thought of talking to Anika and he told himself

Shivay: Come on Shivay you can do it… She is yours would be fiencee….

Unaware of the fact that Rudra alongwith his mommy is watching him from window he danced lil on his upcoming victory according to him.

After enjoying private performance of Shivay Rudra called Ishana and ask for Anika’s number with excuse that Shivay wants it and on other side Shivay dailled Anika’s mother’s number after preparing notes what to speak what not (Mr. Shivay Singh oberoi who prepares note to talk with would-be-mother-in-law)….????

Okay I done with typing for this part, I know this one is totally crap its not come out as I want…???

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  1. Akshaya

    Nice buddy but it was small

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks ….

  2. Priyanka_22

    it was nice 🙂
    sso preparing ppt to get numbr 😉 😛
    update soon n try to make it bit lenghty

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks for comment…☺☺

      And this time I tried make it lengthy…

  3. So funny but its too short dear

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks ….☺

  4. It was good but small.
    Plz show some ishkara and rumya scenes also.

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks for comment…

      And you’ve yo wait for Ishkara and Rumya scene but may be from next update there will be RuNa scene…

  5. Nithu

    Too lovely too short….

    1. Pri_24


  6. Ishqkum

    Nice Dr but small

    1. Pri_24


  7. Nice ??

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks… ☺☺

  8. silent reader

    What d wack it’s to small, please uodate next one asap….

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks…☺☺ Next part is updated..

  9. Vincy

    Nice Bt it’s too small… Nxt time lengthier one

    1. Pri_24


  10. Loved it nice

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks…. ☺

  11. Aarion

    So good…update soon..read & comment my ff too..
    With love

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks and I’ll read and comment….☺

  12. Nice episode but u don’t think it’s too small anyway next time make it lengthier
    Waiting for next episode

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks and this and this time I tried it make lengthy…

  13. sarita chauhan

    Plz make it more lengthy ??

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks…☺ And I tried it…

  14. Tulasi

    Nyc one yaar…..but lill smaller….i am waitng for shivika s talk….??

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks for comment…☺☺☺

  15. Ketaki19

    nice one but write some lenghty part

    1. Pri_24


  16. Nice plvz update soon

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks… ☺

  17. Sat

    It is so funny
    Shivaay is acting too kiddish
    Phone number scemade me Burt out of laughter
    Make jt lengthier next time
    And a big sorry for commenting late
    Please forgive me if you can

    1. Pri_24

      I glad that my update make you laugh and you do not need to be sorry…☺☺☺

  18. Pri_24

    Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments…

    And this time tried make it longer let see…

    BDW I’ve submitted article…

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