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Part five

As soon as phone started ringing Shivay’s heartbeat starts beating fast as they have to win gold medal in Olympic before he can steady his heartbeat pésin from another side receive call and speak

Person: Hello…

Shivay: Sorry wrong number ….???

After disconnecting call he scold himself to be afraid and dailled another time this time as soon as call get connected he goes on silent mode which irritate person from another side and person speak

Person : Anika beta, see someone is calling but now there is no answer from that side, please check phone, I guess something might be wring with this phone.

As soon as Shivay heard this line his heart again strata pacing at abnormal speed and he talk with himself

Shivay : What is happening to me??? I’ve talked and flirt and dated many girl but why her name affect me this much??? Why I can’t speak when someone mention her name????

Same time Anika from other side constantly chanting hello and this chanting bring Shivay to earth and he manage to say

Shivay: Hello, Shivay this side

As soon as he completed his sentence both their hearts starts beating at abnormal speed and none of them speak anything but their silence is more stronger then their words but soon it broken from both side as both of them together ask each other

SHIVIKA : Is there anything special????

Both them smile together and Shivay speak

Shivay: No, I just call to ask you….

Anika: Ask what????

Shivay: (after taking much more then required time to reply) which color you gonna wear tomorrow???? ?????

Anika: Okay. I might wear sky blue saree of mumma…

Shivay: Why are you wearing you mumma’s saree???

Anika: WO this all decide in such short period and even kumkum tilak kal h so I can’t go for shopping anything special in this short time so… (With little disappointment in voice or may be Shivay felt this in her voice)

Shivay: I am sorry Anika…

Anika: Why are you sorry???

Shivay: You do not have much time and I am wasting your time so I am sorry…

Anika: You do not need to say sorry and you are not wasting my time…

Shivay: Any way bye… Take care…☺

Anika: Bye and you too take care.☺☺

As soon as call disconnected Shivay mentally “PRAISE” himself

Wow I called her to ask for her number, but thanks to my guts I end up asking her color she gonna wear tomorrow… Nothing can be happen with me… Wait she is disappoint as she can’t go for shopping wow let’s go for shopping Shivay…

And next minute Shiavy Singh Oberoi’s car is on the way to best boutique of city and within next half hour he finalize sky blue and peach color combination lehnga for Anika and matching sherwani for himself and after few minutes lehnga is in Shivay’s hand wrapped in beautiful manner and all this while he is smiling imagining Anika’s reaction and her in that lehnga….???

After more half hour Shivay is standing in front of Anika’s home and he press doorbell one of the best killer smile of him but might be luck is not in his favor because Ishana opens door and welcomed him with teasing smile

Ishana: Ayehaye would be Jiju, you can’t wait for tomorrow…

As soon as Jayshre heard her she to come and ask Shivay about his sudde visit and he replied

Shiavy: WO I want to meet Anika for two minutes and I want to give this to her…

Jayshree: Its on beta. Anika is in her room which is second from right side go…

Shiavy nod his head and ignore looking in Ishana’s side as he know she must be llok at him with her teasing smile and he walk rather to say run toward Anika’s room unaware of the fact that “SURPRISE” is waiting for him…

Here in hall Ishana brust in laughter after seeing him running… All this while a person at sonme point of same city is burning in anger after knowing news of ShivIka’s proposal got final and burnt photo kept on table…

So I tried make it lengthy and if it is not then again sorry but I am submitting article from mobile so I can not exactly know how lengthy it is… By fro next time I’ll try to update from laptop…

BTW I am eager to know all of your feedback… And any guessed what surprise it is??? And who that person is??? And whose photo he or she burnt???

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