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Hello peeps… Hope you all have enjoyed my and Nandupie’s collaboratio work… And sorry to all of you as due to this I delayed submission of other FF so right now instead of replying to all of your comments I am typing this updates and today I’ll post it back to back but next update in both FF will be after at least 25 comments in each so plz my sweet cute and darling peeps and reader and silent readers do comment plz…

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plz guys go through parts if anyone want to know story so far as right now I am typing this story in hurry… okay now enough of my blah blah.

Part 16

Next day morning Shivay informed Anika’s parents about his paln and even ask for permission on behalf of Anika and they approved to and when Shivay informed this to Anika she told him that Ishana will accompany her and Shivay agree with her without any argument and amlost at 9:00 am Shivay and Rudra are there to pick up gorgeous girl and they joined them Ishana settled on co-driver sit and Anika settled in back sit smiling at Shivay who is holding door for her and smiling at her and looking at them Rudra and Ishana smiled and later Rudra honked horn bringing them back to reality and he speak
Rudra: Wo , You know airport will not come here for us so we’ve to go to there so if you do not mind bhiya then can we??? (With naughty smirk)
Shivay: Yeah I am ready. (Feeling embarrassed and stammering)

And he close door of Anika’s side and next he adjust in back seat and on the way to airport mst of time they share eyelock and RuNa tease them and on the way to airport on Ishana’s insist they purchase white lilly along with purple and royal blue orchid for Om and soon they reached Rudra went to parking area to park car and ShivIka went to purchase visitor ticket and Ishna is standing there humming some song holding Om’s name board which Rudra have given to her as he wants to play prank with Om and she is waiting for ShivIka and Rudra.
But soon a handsome and dashing and hot boy come and stands in front of her and speaks
Boy: Hows you s*xy????
Ishana’s eye wide in shock listening him but soon he recovered from shock and coming to her angry bird mode she retort back
Ishana: what’s wrong with you mister??? And whats language that was???Do not you have manners????

Boy: Ohho you are wild and feisty kitten and I lie this… (He winked at her)
Ishana’s lips curve into ‘O” shape listening him and once again she speak
Ishana: Listen mister whoever you are just because I am becoming polite to you that does not give right to you to behave like manner less jerk got it and next time an ill word and I’ll hit with you this bouquet and name board.
Boy:OMG, I am scared with your warning lil kitten… (And he laugh at her antics)
And angry Ishana is about to hit him but Anika hold her hand and next second scenario in front of her eyes embarrassed her. Shivay hugged that boy and speak
Shivay: Om, I missed you so much man.
Om: I too missed you so much and why are you guys are so late???
Shivay: Wo she wants to have flowers to welcome you so we stopped for that…
Om cut her in between and eyeing at Ishana he speak
Om: Ohhh I never thought you are thinking so much about me. Any way thanks for flowers and they are my favorite darling and they will look good and fresh in m y hand in your hand they will be lifeless due to youe anger. (And he bluntly take bouquet of flowers from her hand) (And looking at Shivay) Your employees have sasme anger problem like you but this suits her.

And next second Ishana is fuming in anger and ShivIka is confused like hell and Om is smirking and soon Ishana and Om started fighting like a kid and ShivIka and Rudra who just joined them looking at them in confusion and soon Anika and shivay seprate them and yet both are throwing dagger at each other and soon they settled in car and they went for lunch and ShivIka’s eye lock and IshKara’s nok jok are continue all the while and soon they drop girls and went to home.

And all this while Ania tried to inform something to Shivay but luck is not in her favor and she can’t tell. And even that night they did not have long conversation as Om wants to have conversation with Shivay and Anika and Ishana have to rehears for their performance. Ann before they can retire to bed Ishana receive text from Shan that one more couple cancelled their performance last minute so now she and Shan and Anika and aran have to give individual performance…
Okay done with update sorry I can’t include some part from previous precap.

Precap: ShivIka’s jealousy and cute fight.

So plz leave your feedback. And I’ve decided to end this FF in more 4 chapters so plz support me.. And so leave your feedback plz…
BDW in my FF Om’s character will be carefree and bindas along with his wisdom… And hope you all like it…

Dark FF will be up till morning along with last shot of new SS…

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  1. Nansshivika

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  4. Sanchi

    I was surprised at Om’s entry actually and him teasing Ishana was funny. Loved the update

  5. Shivika22kapoor

    Hi ? di meet your silent reader, well I will introduce myself first, di I have been a silent reader to your ff since it started and a huge apology for not commenting before so here is a big SORRY. I am Shivika I am not new here as I write an ff and I am silent reader to your ff too.
    Your ff is definitely different from all the other ff’s and Shivaay’s character is amazing his protective and caring nature towards Anika is a treat for all the Ishquies as it’s long awaited side of SSO which we could hardy see in the real IB. Anika’s past was seriously bad, but the way Shivaay reacted was unexpected but surely a treat to read. Ish Ru’s bond and teasing of Shiv Anika is always cute and the way Shivaay got engagement dress for Anika and the way he contacted her for the very first time was super cute.
    I have always loved their bond and coming to Om’s character that is really different and way too interesting.
    Well I am sure I would have missed many aspects so again sorry for that. And in today’s epi Om’s entry was splendid hit.
    Last but not least, you are an amazing writer with a wonderful concept but pls try not to end this beautiful journey soon and I will tell you well in advance that I may not be able to comment regularly but I will try my best.
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    He is totally different from real serial om i think… isn’t it?
    Anyways i enjoyed while reading… Thanks for ur update chocopie… 🙂
    plz post ur next part soon…
    bye… tc

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  10. Lalitha

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    I am excited for Shivika’s jealous fight.. not because I haven’t see it but I am excited for the way you portray it..
    Keep going.. Keep rocking..
    Love you Chocopie..

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