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Hello peeps… How are you all??? Today I’ve day off so I thought of taking benefit of it and giving all my works update in same day now let see lazy me can do this or not???? And yeah, thanks a lot for your wonderful comments. And yeah I tried my best to update it regularly but work sucks and I failed but once again I’ll try to update it regularly…
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Okay everything done now back to update… Hope you all like it…


After dropping Anika to home Shivay went to office and on the way to office he was busy in thinking about Anika and what he’ll talk to her when he’ll call her in evening and at night and all (Lol Who will explain Mr. SSO that one don’t need to plan to talk to her fiancée) And smiling Shivay entered in office and staff are surprised to see their boss smiling but they don’t speak a word as they are scared of him and as soon as Shivay went through his schedule he saw list of back to back conference meetings and a meeting with foreign client and he thought of calling Anika before he got busy in all this to inform her. But she didn’t received call and Shivay sighed and kept his phone aside putting it on silent mode.

On the other hand Anika is busy in rehearsing dance with Ishana and music system is on full volume so she didn’t heard her phone’s ring and almost after an hour they decide to take break and Anika check her cell phone and she saw back to back numerous miss call from Shivay so she call back but he didn’t received as he and Anika become restless due to this and she informed this to Ishana and Ishana told her to wait till he call back her and before she can say more Ishana phone ring and she talk something with caller all Anika can heard is what??? How??? We??? In a day??? How it is possible??? We’ll try okz.

As soon as she disconnect call Anika give look will-you-tell-me????? And Ishana informed that their classmates Karan and Shantanu’s partner back off at last minutes so they want both of them to be dance partner and she said yes as this is their last performance and she told that Anika have to perform with Karan and she’ll be performing with Shantanu and they have to meet on college ka rehearsal hall in half hour and within half hour they reached their and they started rehearsing once again and their dance is lil romantic so Anika is lil uncomfortable while dancing but she don’t et this come on her face and they rehearsal went on for next two hour and they once again decide to meet tomorrow for final rehearsal as day after tomorrow is there performance day and Anika and Ishana went to home and Ishana decide to stay with Anika and post dinner both girls are chatting and gossiping over something but soon Anika’s phone ring sawing caller Shivay very next second she received call and Shivay told her thatbhe is waiting for her in front of door and hesitantly rather to say shy Anika went to him and unknowingly shamelessly she started checking out her sinfully hot looking fiance with his massy hair and loose tie and half tuck black shit with first button pen and Shivay raised his eyebrows at her and she lloked down feeling shy and Shivay smiled looking at her blushing due to caught and he pulld her near him and he lean over car and Anika is lean over him and he smiled at her and she look down feeling his intense gaze and Shivay speak

Shivay: I missed you so much.

Anika: Me too missed you so much…

And later they become busy discussing their day and Anika is about to speak regarding her dance performance rather to say romantic dance performance with hr classmate Karan but before that Shivay’s phone ring and he receive call and his face light up with 1000 Walt smile and that reflect on Anika’s face too and she forget want she want to speak and lost in his killer smile and after disconnecting call Shivay informed that its his cousin brother Omkara’s phone and he is coming to Delhi an late he make up plan to surprise Om and he asked Anika to help him and he even said that he’ll ask for permission of Anika’s parents to let her go with him and Anika smiled and agreed and soon they apart biding bye as next day morning they have to go to airport along with Rudra.

So done with update… How it is??? Hope you all like it…
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Waise Anika’s classmate Karan is Karan Kundra and Shantanu is Shantanu Maheswari…☺☺☺☺

Precap: Om ki entry, Surprise for Anika, ShivIka’s cute fight and may fight will solve in same update…..

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