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Hi and hello peeps… Hope you all remember me and my FFs… Finally my exam over and I am hopefully back with regular update and yeah thank you to all of you for showring all your love on my last OS I am overwhelmed with all of your comments and response… Thanks a lot to each and every reader and silent reader thank you to you but I would love to read all of your comment so plz do comment from now on… Okay enough of my blah blah now updates time…


As we see in previous updates that RobIa tries to harm Anika but Shivay reached there on time and save Anika and Anika’s past come to known to everyone and everyone accept her with that with love and Shivay promised to stand by her side on each step and later they enjoyed their lunch.

Part 14
As soon as Anika broke eyelock Shivay to come out of trance and he too heard that word and soon both their face covered with some gloomy and they want to ask reason to Jayshree but Pinky did that and speak

Pinky: Mrs. Shekhawat but we want to do marketing’s (Pinky ka shopping) as per Anika’s choice. And is there any serious issue like they can’t meets each other or anything????

Listening this both Anika and Shivay’s face colour just blown and it became like pure white but and they turn their eyes in Jayshree’s direction with full of curiosity to know answer and their breath is on hold due to that question. And Jayshree replied

Jayshree: Nothing like that Mrs.Oberois but…

Before anyone can speak anything both Shivay and Anika together speak up cutting Jayshree in between

ShivIka: Thank god.

As soon as words leave from their mouth all head turn into their direction with amazement and Rudra and Ishana’s face are even have teasing look to and ShivIka feel hell embarrassed due to that andAnika look down and Shivay replied

Shivay: Wo I received confirmation message of flight booking so I just… (Stammering all the while)

All smiled hearing him and just give that We-know-everything wala look and later Jayshree informed that after three days Anika’s college function is there so she is busy in preparing dance for that function with Ishana and even they come to know that Shivay is leaving for Bangalore for some meeting and finally they decide that next day Anika will join Oberois for shopping till noon and other shopping will be done after Anika’s college function and soon both families settled in car and leave to their home and after reaching home Anika changed in her normal and comfy wear and she is Reminiscing all moments from the day but soon her mobile catch her attention and seeing Shivay’s name as caller her lips automatically turn into beautiful smile and she receive call and they talk for almost for an hour… (I know you all want to read what they talk but peeps let them give some privacy… :P) And later they bid by to each other… And soon both drift to deep slumber as both wanted to meet each other in their dreams…

Next day morning Jayshree come to Anika;s room and see her sleeping with hugging her teddy and a beautiful smile adoring her face and she caresses her hair and wake up her reminding her that soon Shivay will be coming to pick up her as she’ve to join them in shopping. Soon she jumped out of her bed and rush to bathroom thanking Jayshree and cursing her alarm to not ring on time and Jayshree smiled seeing her and she went from there after telling her to join them for breakfast…

After having bath Anika rush to her wardrobe and she take out almost every clothes of her to find a perfect dress and yet she didn’t find any so she sat down and call Ishana to help her Ishana informed her that she’ll be there in 5 minutes and soon Ishana joined Anika and she just shocked seeing Anika and room’s condition and she helped Anika and after rejecting almost 7-8 dresses Anika settled for her white and stone grey knee length one piece and she get ready and rush to dining table for breakfast but before she can complete her breakfast doorbell ring awaking all butterflies in her stomach and speeding her heart beat and soon her mother welcome Shivay and chatted for a while and Anika completed her breakfast and they leave from their taking permission.

After steepin out from home Shivay hold Aniks’s hand and they walk towards car and being a gentle man Shivay open car door for her and thanking him she settled inside and soon Shivay join her and handling steering and their journey started towards shopping destination in silent which soon broken by Shivay.

Shivay: Anika, You are looking beautiful in this dress… (With his killer smile in husky voice)

Anika felt like her throat is drying and she replied

Anika: Thank you and you are looking dashing. (In barely audible voice)

Shivay smied hearing her and he take out red rose and from dashboard and he hand it to Anika and speak

Shivay: Beautiful flower for most beautiful girl of the world.

Anika smiled and take it and thanked him and rest of their journey passed in their chit chatting in which they get to know things about each other. And soon they reached to NiTuSa boutique which is one of the most famous boutiques of city and Shivay stop car in front main door and handle key to chauffer and he come to Anika’s side and open door for he and ofer his hand and Anika come out holding his hand and they went inside and they welcomed by owners Nandini, Tulsi and Sanaya and later they saw their best dresses to them but some of them are heavy for Anika, some rejected by pinky because of their design, Some is rejected by Shivay with reason they are plain and simple for Anika but soon NiSaTu bring their individual best creation and each of them liked by both ShivIka and they get confuse for selection as all three are simply awesome and fabulous seeing their confusion all three girls bring last card of their and i.e. dress together designed by them which is wine colour ankle length one piece with minimal but perfect work on it and Anika tried it and next second all approved it and all this take their more than three hours and after that they order them to make matching royal blue kurta for Shivay and later Shivay drop Anika to home.

So done with update… Howz it???? Plz leave your feedback whether its positive or negative…

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  1. Akshaya

    Very nice chocopie. Nandhu, lassy and San must have got tired by now?? . Wine color maxi dress ? wine color? What is the actual color of wine??

    1. Pri_24

      I’ll send you wine colour pic and yeah they must be tired and thanks for your comment…

  2. Nansshivika

    ????????????????????????????????????????????????????? our boutique omg
    And ta episode I really in love with this sweet Singh oberoy.

    1. Pri_24

      Me too so same pinch adn thanks for comment Nandupie…

  3. Pri_24

    Peeps I know Rhoda short hai but chala Lena is bar coz directly exam se aane ke bad type kiya hai mene.

    1. Mukta

      Awesome update di….. or main kam chla lungi isse?? awesome update Priya di??

      1. Pri_24

        Thanks Mukta for kam chalaving… 🙂

  4. Priyanka_22

    Its okay Priiii
    Romantic nd Cute update

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      Thanks Priyanka for commenting… 🙂

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  5. Samaira20

    It was super awsum dear…just loved it….

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    Osum Osum Osum…

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      Thanks X3 🙂 😛

  7. Shivika

    It was awesome……

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  8. Samm

    that felt so real! i can’t believe it just stopped there. it should have been more! 😀

    1. Pri_24

      Next will come up soon and thanks for comment dear…

  9. ShubhangiRokxx

    nyc but where r om nd soumya???

    1. Pri_24

      Om is coming in next update and Saumya may be in next two updates.. And thanks too…

  10. Priyali

    It’s ….super se bahut bahut bahut bahut bahut bahut bahut uparrrr. Loved it pri!!?

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Pia… 🙂

  11. Sat_9492

    Fantastic episode….

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  12. This update is like fairy tale ride of ShivIka just loved it a lot and plz update next part soon…

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      Thanks for comment Rads…

  13. Fama

    Really…it was fabulously awesome

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      Thanks Fama… 🙂

  14. SamSun

    This was short!!!!!! But beautiful, loved shivika’s romance especially in the last part. I am eagerly waiting for their marriage but Pls do not rush and take ur time cause this ff is In the flow.

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks for comment and dear and I’ll keep your opinion in mind… 🙂

  15. Nainaa

    Wow!! Dear It’s awesome… I just loved it…. I am so excited for next episode….
    You know what di you are nothing less than a novel writer….
    Love love love love love and lots and loads of love from me….

    1. Pri_24

      So much biggest compliment for me cutiepie and thanks for comment and compliment.. 🙂 And love you alot *Kisses*

  16. Sweet, romantic, and funny and superb update. You are versatile writer same day you give two updates and both are exactly opposite of each other. I love this Shivay a lot and their moments whether its funny or romantic or just cute all as just wow. Plz update next part soon…

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks for comment Avi.. 🙂

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