Ishqbaaz Vivah – Character Sketch


Before I continue further let me inform you guys in my this ff there won’t be much of ShivIka’s fight but there will be sum cute nok jok of them….

Anika Shekhawat:

Only child of her parents. She is sweet, bubbly and beautiful girl. She is caring for every person in her life.☺

Shivay Singh Oberoi :
He is elder son of Oberoi.CEO of Oberoi groip of Industries. He is loving and caring guy but when it comes to business he’ll be ruthless, arrogant and short temper(Actually I like this all in SSO so I include this “QUALITY” too ?). He is bit of casanova. He loves his younger brother Rudra to much.

Rudra Singh Oberoi :
Younger son of Oberoi. He is carefree and party and fitness freak guy. But one day he wants to be like his brother Shivay.

Ishana Mehta :
Anika’s best friend. Girl to next door. But any one try to mess with her or Anika she’ll be attitude queen. She has huge crush on…. And yeah she is waiting for her prince charming. (Actually I mentioned Mallika in prologue but Ishana there not Mallika)

Omkara singh Oberoi :
Cousin brother of Shivay and Rudra. But all three share bestie bond more. He don’t believe in love.

Priyanka Oberoi:

Omkara’s Sister. She is engaged to Siddhartha.

Siddhartha Rana :
Finance of Priyanka. He is owner of Rana Industries.

Tia Kapoor :
Priyanka’s best friend. Attitude b*t*h and she is after Shivay.

Saumya Kapoor :

Younger sister of Tia but She is exact opposite of Tia. She have some secret hidden from Tia.

Okay this all are main characters for ff.
Any one wants any change then let me know by comments.

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