ISHQBAAZ – two people in general and then turning into each other’s souls forever(PART 9)

Chapter: 9

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They left for some shopping mall and did some purchasing and anika helped them in choosing gifts for dadi, Jhanvi, pinky and Priyanka. She also made them visit some tourist sites and then by evening they reached back to the hotel. Om and rudy went to the rom giving some space for anika and shivay. They just walked through the lawn and were at first nervous from where to begin. Anika finally, broke the silence.
A: so how are everyone back in OM.
S: they are good. Dadi misses you a lot.
A: (she smiled weakly.) yaa I can understand.
S: so how are you and sahil? One month you didn’t contact anyone.
A: (lost in thoughts.) I am fine as usual. And sahil he is doing well.
S: (looking at her from top to bottom.) well are you on some diet.
A: (amused at that question.) what? Well no. why did you ask so?
S: nothing just you look really weak. You have lost some weight.
A: (she knew the reason why she was like this.) amm its nothing like that.
S: (finally coming to the topic he asked a bit expectantly.) so why did you leave the work there and came over here all of a sudden,
A: (she immediately stopped walking hearing that question and shivay too stopped. She remembered the confession that she had done to dadi. She finally, gathered words and said.) I needed some space.
S: (amused by the reply.) really, you needed space.
A: shivay can you please change the topic. I don’t feel that easy when I discuss anything about this.
S: Well that’s okay but why didn’t you tell me that you had a family back here.
A: well shivay that’s my personal choice.
S: but anika… even then was it a correct thing that you didn’t tell anyone of us about your parents.
A: shivay… that’s just because they were here and I knew that they would never come to Mumbai and once in someday I wold have left Mumbai forever.
S: then why did you come there?
A: amm sahil is a handicapped child (shivay looked at her a bit shocked as he didn’t know that. She smiled at his reaction.) and he was undergoing treatment over there. Papa was not in a condition that he can leave his job and ma can’t leave papa unattended. So, I made up my mind and came here with sahil.
S: so, did sahil’s treatment get finished.
A: no, he has some medications left.
S: anyways now I think I should get the answer for the question that I asked.

A: (confused) amm which question shivay.
S: (he just asked straightly but with some stressing.) why did you leave your job?
A: (she never wanted to face this situation. She just answered bluntly.) well I was not comfortable with the way I worked there and dadi herself fired me from job.
S: dadi had not fired you from job. I know that.
A: (she looked at him shocked) how do you know that.
S: (he smiled) do you really look like a dumb to you anika. I know that she is very attached to you and she likes you a lot. And she never does bad with a person she likes.
A: (she knew that there was no escape now.) so when you knew that…
S: (he cut her in between) I know that it was decision that you left OM but I really want to know why didn’t you inform me that you were leaving.
A: (looking straightly at him.) well shivay from the way you are questioning it seems that you are questioning your wife, and for your kind information I am not tia. And I had informed the person who had appointed me before leaving the job which I did in OM.
S: (a bit angrily) why are you dragging tia in between this. And I know that to whom I am talking and just for your information I am talking like this because I am your friend.
A: (mocking him) shivay I don’t feel that it is good to keep friendship with a middleclass girl like me.
S: (he got angry on the saying that he replied rudely) anika on that day too you were talking to me like that and now again you are talking the same way. (holding her by her shoulder) what’s your problem haan?
A: (getting out of his clutches) what’s my problem? Well shivay for your information I don’t want to be your friend any more as I can’t see you like that. You were just my boss there and I was just an employee. And shivay the real thing is I just working there like the servants do in OM. I on my own wish left my job there and came back in Delhi. so, what’s the big deal in it. And from the experience I gained there I have never seen anyone asking a servant why he/she is leaving their job.
Anika knew that she was just keeping on complicating the situation. But she really didn’t want to go weak by blurting out the truth to shivay. Whereas Shivay was so shocked on the answer that he was finding words to answer. He had never expected such an answer from her. He was about to tell something when she spoke up.
A: well if you are done with your questioning I think I should leave.
S: (he really didn’t want her to go so he just asked back) then if it was your decision to leave the job why were you crying. Why were you looking so weak? You must have been happy naa. But you were sad. Why?

A: (she answered without facing him) amm I was sad that I was going to leave dadi who loved me like anything. I was sad because I was going to miss omru who had always taken care of me like they were my own brothers and I was sad because I was going to leave a lovely family. And above that I was sad because I was going to leave something special.
S: (making her face him) so why did you take support of your brother? You should have straightly told me that you are going to leave this job. But no, you faked a reason of sahil being ill and you were behaving weird too. And what had I done suddenly that you started calling me by my name.
A: arre you are really an impossible person. One fine day you only ask me to call you by you name and when I have started calling you by it are reacting as if u am doing a crime. Shivay just make it clear what you want. By the way let me tell you shivay if you really want a brain doctors number I can lend you one.
S: (confused and angry) here we are talking something and you are saying something else. Anika when I used to tell you that you must not call me billu you were adamant that even if someone kills you, you will only call me by that only. Well as far as I have known you, you never talked to me softly. You always used to irritate me and when the last day we met you were behaving something weird. (holding her by her shoulder.) if you think that I am a puzzle then you are wrong. You are the greatest puzzle. The more we try to solve it the more we get trapped in it. Just make it clear. Why are you ignoring me?
A: (with moist eyes) I never ignored you shivay.
S: (a bit harshly) then why did you leave all of a sudden and why didn’t you inform me that you were leaving? You know what from the day you left I have tried to search you everywhere. But you… you were nowhere found. And finally, when I found you… you are again behaving like the way you behaved when you left me 4 months back. (tightening his grip) what do you mean by all this?
A: (confessing) you really want to know why I did this right. (he nodded) then listen. I am in love with you shivay… I really do love you. (hearing this he left her and stepped back a bit) I left you because I cannot see you getting hitched to someone else. I cannot see you getting away. And I know it’s hard for you to digest the thing I told you. but you know what you are the greatest fool shivay. You are not able to realize what your heart wants. You do care for me. You are much more in pain even when I am hurt. You want me to be around you but you never want to accept the fact….
S: (he really wanted to say) but anika now…
A: (showing hand and cutting him in between) I am not finished yet shivay. Shivay the real thing is I got weak when I saw you getting engaged to tia and I couldn’t accept that fact. So, I left you. But now this is not worth reason as I know that you have already got engaged and you cannot back off. So, I think it would be better if we forget each other and move on. Shivay all I can say is (holing his hand) all the best for your future life and try understanding tia.
Shivay really felt numb by the sudden confession from anika that he couldn’t react to anything told by her. His mind was wanting him to answer back but sound was not coming out. Anika on finding shivay in this state said faking a smile in between tears.
A: relax shivay… I am not forcing you I have just confesses what I felt for you. When I told dadi about this she had only asked me to stay away. She felt that I will feel relaxed but she was wrong I have killed myself in this 1 month. My mom only knows how she has assembled me from the pain. Now after seeing you I don’t think that I will forget you so easily. Shivay this is our life truth. This is my truth. Anyways I am getting late now. So, I think I should leave now. Bye take care of yourself.
Shivay who was already shocked on her confession was again shocked on hearing that dadi knew everything. He wanted to tell her that he was not going to marry tia but she had left already. He just sat down on the ground thinking of all what had just happened. While on the other hand anika was now crying and she took a cab and left for her home.

Sorry, dear’s I was having some medical issues so I couldn’t post the chapter. i was all day long in hospital. I am really sorry for keeping you waiting and I can only say that this won’t happen again. Thank you for reading this part and do keep reading further too…

So, thankyou for bearing me till now and this is priya signing off.

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