ISHQBAAZ – two people in general and then turning into each other’s souls forever(PART 8)

Chapter: 8

So, this is again priya signed in with another chapter. Day by day you are making me speechless that I really don’t know what to write over here. Well this I think is not that emotional episode. So, enjoy.

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After two days of arrival shivay had successfully finished his meetings and om too finalized some art gallery. Rudy as usual was doing his favourite job that was flirting with the girls. They had arrived there for four days and the third day three of them had decided to have a day out. They had been staying in tulip hotel as it was having good housing and guest facility. From the past few days shivay had never felt lonely as he had complete hope that he will find his anika while anika had all her faith decreasing as she knew that she has come far enough from him and that he cannot trace her out.
She helped kabir in his work whenever she used to get free and kabir too felt great as he had someone to help him. Tulsi knew that anika would smile outside but she really felt that she would lose her daughter if she goes on hiding her pain within herself. But she was also helpless as whenever she would ask OM mansion’s number from anika she would just divert the topic or just tell insane reasons.
Finally, the third day all the three boys decided to have a day out and do some shopping. It was some 11 am and the obro’s were having breakfast as rudy had made them late due to his tantrum for not getting up.
And as we all say fate is destined….
Anika had also been asked to come there by kabir. He had come to meet someone and he had to make them sign some contract too but he had forgotten to take the same file. Hence anika had come there to give him the file.
In between having food shivay got a call from client that he excused himself and stood next to the pool and was talking. Anika didn’t know where to go so she was continuously trying to call kabir but he was not answering her call. She got hell angry that she started talking to herself.
A: (angry) what do he think of himself? He might be a business man and am I his coolie that if he forgets his things he will call me and ask me to bring it here. Now when I brought his file kabir deewan is not answering my calls. Let him come home I will show him what anika deewan is. If he is my father, then I am also his daughter. Arre he thinks that he is the only person in this world who do work. And we are just sitting ideally at home.
In between tulsi called her to know if she reached or not. Anika who was already angry answered the phone angrily.
A: (angrily) hello…. Tell whatever you want to tell. Whom so ever you are?
Tu: (confused) arre why are saying like this. What happened beta?
A: (calming down.) nothing ma it’s just papa is nowhere seen and I am trying to call him but he is disconnecting my calls. So, I got angry.
Tu: well I called you know that you reached there safely or not.
A: haan ma now you don’t start pestering me.
Tu: acha listen…

Anika who was talking to relax herself she was walking backward and she finally while on talk itself stumbled on a ball that a child had hit. She to balance herself pushed the person behind her but to her shock that person was not in a state to balance her & she slipped and fell down with her phone and file falling far away. When she landed on the ground, there was a loud splash of water too. Then the realization struck her that the person with whom she was trying to take support was the one who might have fallen in the pool. Omru who had been waiting for shivay on hearing such a loud sound gathered near the pool only to find him in the pool.
Yes, the person with whom anika clashed was none other than shivay. Shivay who had least expected this and was standing near the pool totally free on getting sudden push directly fell in water and he was just trying to steady himself. Omru were laughing like maniacs on seeing shivay’s condition and shivay was giving death glare to them. People made anika stand up and that was the time anika saw the person and she got rooted to her spot and omru too on noticing her stopped laughing instantly. Shivay came out from the pool to them.
Shivay was at first confused on seeing them quiet, but then turned to the direction were omru were seeing. He just didn’t know what he saw was reality or not. He was so happy that finally his anika was back to him. He wanted to dance, he was so happy that he also didn’t knew what will he do. Finally, he said to om bring him back.
S: (happily) om can you pinch me. (om did the same. He immediately hugged him making om to wet.) she is anika… yes, om I finally found her.
All this while anika was shocked as she was facing the reality or something else. People who had gathered just dispersed and finally shivay came and stood in front of her and snapped in front of her bringing her back to reality.
S: (a bit angrily.) what madam? Earlier you used to throw water on me and now you completely pushed me in water haan.
A: (stammering) shiv…. Shiva…. Shivay.
S: (pinching her hand.) now at least believe that you are not dreaming.
A: (confused) no I am not lost. Well what are you doing here?
S: great question. But you know what anika I must ask you that question. What are you doing here?
A: (angrily) look billuji I am not in mood to argue or fight.
S: hey well looking at the situation right now I must be angry on you. Remember it was you who had pushed me into pool.
A: (irritated) I didn’t do that purposely. And who stands and talks near to the pool. And that too at its edges.
S: anika why can’t you just accept your fault?
A: (backfiring by placing hands on waist.) what I stumbled on something which made me lose my balance and in that process, I hit you and you fell down.
S: really anika can’t you just see and walk.
A: I was walking backwards and for your kind information I don’t have eyes fixed at the back of my head.
Omru who had been seeing this came there and om said.
O: hey anika… what’s up?
R: haan di after a long time.
O: (looking at both of them) well guys you both are meeting after a long time at least now don’t fight.
S: (innocently) om she was the first one to start.
A: (In shock) what I was the one who started? Billuji there are camera’s fixed here I will show the footage if you need to prove who started.
S: (accepting his mistake) fine then I agree it was my mistake. Happy.

Now, it was the turn for the rest of the three to get shocked. They looked at shivay as if he was some sort of alien and shivay understanding their looks told them.
S: now what even if I am accepting my mistake why are you staring me like this?
Omru: bhaiya/shivay are you all right as you never ask sorry.
S: haan its ok om sometime to say sorry or accept the mistake don’t hurt your ego.
Omru and anika had now perfect ‘O’ mouth on hearing it. Rudy continued in disbelief.
R: o I think that bhaiya has got hit with the pool’s floor that he is saying the things which he never does.
S: (slapping his hand.) I am in my senses rudy.
O: (astonishment) but shivay…
S: I did this because we are meeting anika after a long time. At least she must feel good.
O: (turning to anika) well anika what are you doing here?
A: (coming back from lost land. She stammers.) I… I… came to drop the phone.
R: (confused) what didi you came all the way to Delhi to drop your phone?
A: no… no… I didn’t mean that. I ca… came, to me… me… meet the file.
R: file now do people keep their names files also.
S: (he was smiling seeing anika’s surprised version. He finally rescued her.) rudy she means that she came to meet someone.
A: (relaxing a bit.) exactly. I came to hand this file to papa.
Shivomru didn’t know that anika had a family as she had only mentioned about sahil. They were about to ask when they heard someone calling anika and coming towards them. Anika knew who was coming so she turned and said.
A: (angrily) Mr. deewan you keep all your reasons with yourself alright. (placing the file in his hand) keep it and fill your clients form.
Kabir(K): arre but why are you standing like a hungry lioness.
A: (mocking him) ha… ha… then what should I do? Should I dance. Tell me one thing where were you haan? why didn’t you attend my calls and now because of you he (pointing shivay) is in this condition.
K: (looking at shivay from top to bottom.) don’t tell me that you pushed this guy into water just to relax your anger.
A: ha… ha… very funny. Tell me what do want as your reward mud bath or fountain bath.
K: (arching back) nothing from both of them as I have to really finalize the deal. (coming to shivay) well sorry sir she pushed you into pool.
S: (confused) anika who is this?
K: (surprised) well how do you know her?
A: (hitting her head.) oh fo how fool I am. (in a relaxed way.) Well billuji he is my papa kabir deewan and (in a poking way) and you Mr. busy deewan he is shivay, (pointing omru.) he is om and he is rudra.
S: anika is this the way that you talk with your dad.
A: really billuji and you are telling me this. Oh, yes how can I forget the person who shows tadibaazi will say like this only.
S: (irritated) arre you are saying as if I tagged you in some murdering case.
A: (lashing out all again) that won’t be a surprise for me after all you are still that old tadibaaz kanji ankho wala bagad billa. Who has all the power of doing anything in this whole world?
S: (arguing back) oh, really then. Tell me what should I do of you. You made me fall in water and now you are bursting out on me.
Kabir who was watching this was at first surprised as he had not seen anika talk too much like she was doing now in this 1 month. He went to omru and asked them a bit surprised.
K: (surprised) are you sure that they are friend’s guys because I don’t think that this fight will end.
O: (patting his shoulder) relax uncle they are always like this right from their first day of meeting.
R: and you know what uncle. This scene was the most spectacular scene which daily played at our home and had gone missing since the time didi left our mansion.
K: (shocked) but I have never seen her talk like this my whole life.

They were talking with each other when they got another surprise and this time kabir was on the urge of anger. The thing was Shivika as usual were lost in their world of fight and shivay said something that made anika angry that she took a glass of water and aimed it on shivay.
But shivay in the nick of time bent down and the whole water fell on kabir who was standing behind him and taking to omru. Shivomru cupped their mouth and anika was looking here and there as if she was finding some way out the place where she was now. Kabir just looked at anika and she was making some puppy kind of face. He just blurted out.
K: (very sadly) what beta I have to attend a meeting after 15 minutes and you have made me wet.
A: (softly) I am so sorry papa. I didn’t do it purposely. I was just throwing the water on that bagad billa (facing shivay and a bit angrily) but he bent down and the whole water fell on you.
K: its, okay. But how am I supposed to go in for the meeting now. There is no much time left else I could have called tulsi to came here with a new shirt.
O: (he was dry by now.) amm uncle do you personally need to meet them or is it just some signing issues.
K: amm well I have to make the contractors sign the papers. That’s it.
O: fine then I and rudra will make them do it.
K: (surprised by the sudden loyalness) no… no… that’s okay beta I will call them and tell them that we will do the meeting for some other time.
S: (feeling that he was somewhere responsible he tried pacifying) don’t delay your meeting uncle. I think rudra’s shirt will come fit for you. You just try it else as om said he and rudra will help you in finishing your work.
K: (understanding that there is no way to escape now) alright then as you all wish.
Shivay was correct rudra’s shirt was just perfect for him and then kabir asked anika to accompany Shivomru as they were new to the place. Anika had no other option other than agreeing with kabir.

So, like always thank you for giving me so much love and I know that I have many regular readers. I really owe you all some great thanks for supporting me and reading the update daily. See I am again running sort of words. Anyways I think I have talked too much now.
So, this is priya signing off once again.

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