ISHQBAAZ – Two people in general and then turning into each other’s souls forever(PART 7)

Chapter: 7

Well thank you guys you are really liking my story that you are overpouring your love on me. I really don’t have words to say as what I am feeling right now. Anyways let’s start with the story. So, this is priya signed in again with another part. And one of the reader had asked me to give links of the previous parts of the story. Well for that you can visit my profile and have the previous parts in the post area.

Dadi who had come to see if shivay was fine or not was surprised to see him in such a condition. She immediately entered the room and looked at rudra seeking answer for the sight which was in front of her. Shivay and om had not noticed dadi yet. Om who was blank after this was just mechanically rubbing shivay’s back thinking it would soothe him. Rudra gave a blank expression to dadi so she put her hand on shivay’s back. Shivay realized the touch and left om. He wiped away his tears and adjusted himself.
D: (concerned) what happened billu? Why were you crying? And om what did you say that made him cry.
O: (confused) even I am trying to figure out dadi that what did I tell him that he started crying like this.
R: (almost crying. Going near shivay) bhaiya what happened to you? See you also made me cry.
D: (she felt that shivay needed some space.) om puttar you take rudra to his room.
Om understood that dadi wanted to talk to shivay so he just obeyed. Rudra was not ready to go but om pacified him and they both left. Now shivay was just facing the pool and dadi made him turn to her side.

D: (concerned) billu is everything all right. (no answer.) come sit.
S: (resisting) no dadi I am fine. (his voice choked.)
D: (forcing him) well billu I am not asking your permission. I am ordering you. Sit down. (shivay obliged. Sitting beside him.) so tell me what is the thing that is bothering you.
S: (trying to escape.) it’s nothing dadi. Omru were telling emotional stuff that I was not giving them proper attention and I myself was not taking care of me and all that.
D: (she knew that he was hiding something. She smiled) acha so you were crying on that. (shivay nodded in a yes.) fine then I have also told you the same thing innumerable times I guess but you have never cried like you did in front of them.
S: (trying to deviate.) amm dadi circumstance has changed. You used to say it to me when everything was perfect in OM. And now the circumstance is different.
D: (she understood that it was something related to anika.) oh then shivay, just tell me what has happened to the atmosphere of OM that you feel is changed. As far as I know everything is same. Like always your wedding planner comes (she saw that on the name of wedding planner his expression changed.) and does the work. Pinky and Jhanvi are as usual the same and priomru they are also the same. The one which is differing is you. Arre beta nobody is aware when you come and when you leave.
S: (making himself strong.) it is nothing like it dadi.
D: (smiling and making him face her. She held his hand and said.) puttar I am your dadi and I have seen you growing up in front of my eyes. I know that you have never cried for anything said by omru and not even anyone of this house which includes me. And do you think that I am that dumb that I won’t notice the change that has happened to you since anika left.
S: (he was not yet ready to confess the truth so he snapped back.) dadi it is just that. Leave it I don’t think that the reason I give to you will be worth and explanation.
D: fine then tell me do you want to know why I fired anika from the job. As all in the house has asked me that except you.
S: no dadi it’s okay. I really don’t want to know anything.
D: billu she was a nice girl naa. She used to bring happiness and chirpiness in this house right.
S: (getting lost in his past days.) haan dadi she had some magic that had changed the whole atmosphere of this house.
D: (smiling at his response.) remember how you both used to fight? (an unknown smile appeared on shivay’s face.) she got attached to everyone so warmly that nobody has forgotten her.
S: (getting uncomfortable.) dadi its time for you to take medicines come I will leave you room.
D: one minute billu I have not finished yet. I know that something is really bothering you.
S: (ignoring her eyes) no dadi. Why will I hide something from you?
D: (cupping his face and look straight at her.) then why are the pain still brimming in this eyes puttar. I know that you miss her badly billu, her talk, her tadi (she and shivay smiled on it) her actions, her presence. Everything.

S: (he couldn’t take it anymore he removed dadi’s hand and then looking down at floor he confessed) dadi, I love her. I really love her and I don’t know till what extent that love can go but if there is something really called infinity then yes, I love her till that. (dadi was firstly shocked then she smiled on hearing what he was saying.) I don’t know from when I started liking her, no I didn’t like her I got attracted to her. I am really a fool for not realizing that the person who made me the real shivay from the great SSO was standing in front of me and I was just ignoring it. (till this whole time a smile had crept up his lips but then it vanished through his further confession.) and now when she is gone I realize my own feeling. I realized that it has become impossible for me to breathe. I have tried to locate her a lot of times but she has just disappeared. And above that I have got engaged to tia and now I can’t back off from that commitment.
He let out a sigh which gave him some relief. The burden of hiding his emotions from everyone had got a bit less. Dadi who was happy that shivay had finally accepted his feeling was again sad with the last thing that he said. She wanted to tell something but om entered the room making the whole atmosphere change. He said all excitedly and happily.
O: really shivay. Did you say the truth or are you still hiding something? Do you really love anika? (hitting his head.) well what am I saying that is what you had just said to dadi. Anyways was it the reason why you were crying. (on knowing that he was not getting any response back he knelt down in front of shivay and shivay automatically looked at him. With a bit of pain.) I am sorry shivay without knowing through what all pain you were going I was going on telling you things which I know have hurted you.
S: (holding om’s shoulder and in a relaxed tone) no om you really didn’t hurt me. And how can a brother feel bad for the things said by his other brother? (leaving him and standing up. During which om too stood up.) but it’s too late om. I am already engaged to tia and anika is nowhere to be found.
D: but puttar will you be able to accept tia now even after realizing your real feelings.
S: yes, dadi I have to as my marriage with tia is necessary for our business.
O: (coming and standing in front of shivay.) business. Really shivay. Shivay business is not life and don’t mix your personal life with business.
D: haan puttar om is correct. Even if you do this marriage you won’t be able to stay happy and not even tia then why are you trying to destroy tia’s life.
S: but dadi what will we say to the media and ma who will convince her.
O: shivay media are always in need to get some breaking news. Once they get it they will try to flash mob it for the sake of publicity. But then after few days everything will stop. And no one will come to check whether you are following it or not.

S: that’s okay but what will we say to her family. And mom, you both know her very well. I won’t be able to make her understand.
D: (beating him on his shoulder) arre khotiya then why am I here? Pinky is my bahu and she will have to follow whatever I tell till I am alive. And tia’s family that I will handle.
S: fine then it’s okay but the person for whom I am doing this is missing dadi. And above all I don’t even know what she does feel for me.
O: (om and dadi smiled looking at each other as they knew the answer of the thing which shivay asked. He putting hand on shivay’s shoulder says) well we don’t know the answer of the thing that you told at last. But shivay you still have full life left.
D: (smiling and patting his cheeks.) haan puttar go and try finding her. After all she will be there somewhere in India itself. Anyways I really think that now I must go and rest.
O: haan dadi. Come I will drop you till room.
Shivay smiled at them and they left. He closed the door rewinded the things that had just happened. He smiled at the way he confessed his feeling to dadi. Then finally shivay gaining back his real form and with attitude he continued.
S: be ready anika. Wherever you are as once I am going to find you I won’t return without you? As you have to assemble the mess that you have created by leaving me. Just wait there and keeping enjoying the moments till I come to kidnap you.
He did his signature step and laid back on bed. Back in Delhi tulsi had managed anika to relax a bit and they both arrived back to home where anika helped her in the rest day’s work. That day at night anika was making sahil sleep but instead of sleeping he was doing all the other things. He getting up and said.
Sahil(Sa): anika di. Listen naa.
A: (a bit irritated.) haan baba tell what you want to tell.
Sa: why are we here didi? I don’t want to leave my school in Mumbai. I have a lot of friends there.
A: sahil any time we had to return here baba. And why don’t you like to be with ma and papa.
Sa: no didi it is not like that. But I will miss my friends there and because of you I didn’t get a chance to say them that I was leaving them.
A: arre sahil. I think it is for that purpose only that mobile phones are invented. And haan you don’t need to save money that too at this early age. Your didi is there na I will handle the cost of your mobile bills.

Sa: okay then. (he was about to sleep why shivay came to his mind.) well didi don’t you miss bagad billa now a days.
A: (she knew that she can’t anything from him) sahil billuji is na… I mean he is like a sad movie. We really can’t expect as what he is thinking and all. So…
Sa: (cutting her off in between.) didi I asked you that won’t you miss him.
A: (confused) haan so I was also telling you about that only.
Sa: no didi you have again started singing praises and bad things about him. And seriously didi I am fed up as I have had a lot of it.
A: (slapping his face in fun) chup kar dramebaz. So, you used to get bored when I used to tell you about him.
Sa: (innocently but with attitude) or else what could I do? Even if I try telling you to stop you will go on singing and praising him.
A: (tickling him.) acha so used to listen just for formality. Haan. now let me show you what does real formality means.
Sa: (finally sahil succeeded in making anika smile. After anika finished he said in a relaxed tone.) didi it is really nice to see you laughing after such a long time. And from now on do keep on laughing like this.
A: (realizing that he had done this all to make her smile she said a bit emotionally) so you did this all to make me smile. You know what you are the best brother. (she hugged him.)
Sa: (releasing himself.) enough didi enough of your melodrama. Now let me sleep tomorrow I have loads of people to call.
A: (smiling at him) haan…. haan… you are the world’s busiest person. So, sleep sir. Good night.
Sa: (smiling innocently) good night.
Anika to slept there and finally she had some peace while sleeping. One month had passed and shivay was not able to locate anika but dadi and omru had made everyone understand what shivay wanted and pinky was ready to accept anika as she only wanted her son to be happy. Tia was also happy as she was not ready to marry shivay just for the sake of business and she too made her parents understand her situation. One day shivay had to come to Delhi for some meeting and this time he was accompanied by om as om too had to see some rooms there for his art gallery, and how can be rudy kept away he too accompanied them.

So, done with this part. Anyways I can see a lot of my readers showering their love on me and what can I say I am really glad that I have managed to make you all like my writing which I know is boring (  joking guys.). well thankyou awestruck! For the tag that you have given me.
As usual the same dialog if you like this part do comment and If you want me to make any changes then that also are welcome. All kind of good and bad comments are also welcomed. So, enough for now. Yaa I know I am boring you with my blabbering’s.

And this is for my sweet sis (I won’t mention who that is.) that I am having thank you for coming to my life. She is the only one because of whom I started this account and thought to write this story.

So, thank you all for loving this story and appreciating me. This is priya signing off.

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