ISHQBAAZ – two people in general and then turning into each other’s souls forever(PART 5)

Chapter 5:

Thank you all for giving me so much love and liking my ss. I am sorry to say as I really don’t know till what extent this story will go on. And till when will I keep on pestering you guys. Anyways enough of my tantrums. So, this is priya again signed in with another new chapter. Hope that you will like it.

Anika hugged dadi once again and then left from there without getting noticed by priomru. Down in the hall shivay and tia exchanged the rings. Pinky was happy that finally her son had found someone. But for the rest it was just a formality. Omru though were smiling but were not happy with what had just happened. They were looking at shivay as if they were seeing him for the first time.
Here, Shivay was having an unknown flood of emotion flowing in his mind though he was plastering a smile he was getting restless. He felt that he has done something wrong. Constantly flashes of him and anika’s fight, her way of laughing, her presence and all their moments were coming in front of him. After the function tia and her members left home and all the oberoy members had gathered in the hall on dadi’s instruction. They all were waiting for her to arrive and here pinky was busy patting shivay’s cheek and singing praises of him. Finally, dadi arrived and tej asked.
T: what happened ma that you asked us to assemble here?
Sh: haan ma is everything okay? You had not even come for the function.
S: (concerned) what dadi had not come for the function? (going near her and checking whether she had fever or not) dadi are you okay.
D: (smiling and holding his hand) relax puttar I am fine. I just wanted to inform you all something. (patting his cheeks) specially to you.
S: (confused) what’s that news? That you have gathered everyone for it.
D: (to everyone) hmm well tell me did you all enjoy todays function.
P: haan mummyji and why nots enjoying… after all today was my son’s life biggest day.
D: (smiling) good. then let me inform you all that I have made some change in the organizing team.
O: (confused) why dadi did you not like todays theme?
D: arre let me finish first. I have appointed a new agency for the further events of billu’s wedding.
S: (without understanding what dadi was saying) haan so its fine dadi. After all, anika was organizing the event alone now she will be able to get some helping hand too. It’s a good decision that you have taken.

D: nahi khotiya, I have appointed a new organizer as I have fired anika.
Shivomru: (shocked) what?
S: why dadi?
R: haan dadi tell me that you are joking.
O: what happened dadi?
S: exactly dadi why did you take that decision all of a sudden…. I mean she was doing her job well.
O: haan dadi we thought that you like her way of doing things. Right.
D: (she knew that she had to face this situation.) well I thought that this news will give you happiness.
S: (not able to digest what she had just heard.) of course not dadi. Why would such a news give us happiness?
Jhanvi(J): haan mummyji and did you ask her to finish her work fast yesterday and not to come from today.
P: but mummyji what happened all of a sudden that made you take such a decision?
D: (raising hand to making everyone silent.) well you all are reacting as if I have done a big crime by firing her. (facing shivay) well billu I thought that this news will give you happiness.
S: (confused) and why do you think so?
D: (smiling) as from now onwards you will get peace of mind and will get a lot of energy to save.
S: (still not understanding.) dadi say it clearly, I am not able to understand anything.
D: (smiling) arre from when did you start behaving like dumb billu? I said so because from the day she has come in OM you were fighting with her. And I have also heard you saying that she doesn’t stay here longer. And all that.
Shivay was now sort of words. He was just trying to digest the fact and flashback of their today’s meet came to his mind and he immediately said.
S: so now I get it.

R: (really confused) what bhaiya? Peace of mind that didi won’t come back again to fight with you.
S: (really irritated.) shut up rudra. When I had called her today for fixing the problem with the dress she was totally tired and she seemed that she had cried for a long time.
O: what she came today? When did she come? We didn’t see her coming or going.
R: haan bhaiya if she had come why didn’t she meet anyone of us?
S: I don’t know about that but yes, she had come today.
D: okay that’s enough. What I have done is final (shivay was about to protest) and no one will say or talk anything about it further.
O: but dadi…
D: arre why are you all so worried after all she was just billu’s wedding organiser not a member of this house. Right billu. (shivay looked at her with pain. While omru were confused as what had happened to dadi all of a sudden.) so now new wedding planner will join tomorrow and all the program charts will go on from where anika had left.
J: okay mummyji.
D: so now all can leave to your room its already late night. You all must be tired. Good night.
J,T,P & Sh: good night.
Priomru: good night dadi.
S: (giving her a blank look) good night dadi.
All, left for their respective rooms and shivay just dropped the shawl of his dress on the recliner and sat on his bed. Words told by anika that tomorrows work will be seen tomorrow was rewinding in his mind. Her tired face her appearance that evening all flashed in front of his eyes. He didn’t know what was happening to him. He felt suffocated at the thought of not seeing her again. At that time his eyes fell on the ring that he was wearing and again he felt disgusted that he just removed it and kept it aside. He thought to himself.
S: why am I feeling this kind of thing? Why can’t I just accept the fact that I am going to get married to tia? Why do I feel that I am doing injustice with her? And anika why am I feeling that she is much more important right now? Dadi was correct. I should be happy that now I don’t have to fight with her. I don’t have to face with her tadi all day. Why am I felling that I will miss her more? Why shivay? Why?
He finally figured out that if he will go on stressing more then he will get stuck in more questions so he better thought to stop the battle with the mind. He at last gained some sense from nowhere that he should call anika and ask if she is alright. He called at once but was surprised as no one answered from the other end. He saw the time and understood that it was too late so he thought to go and meet her personally. And he went to get fresh. While in the other end omru asked explanation from dadi and she made them understand the state.
And the next day shivay had gone to meet anika personally at her home but to his surprise he found her door locked. He thought that she might had gone to drop sahil so he waited there and tried calling her but she was not responding his calls and after some more time her phone was switched off. He waited for nearly 2hrs and then came to one of the neighbour’s house and asked.
S: hello aunty. Well do you know where anika might be at this time.

N: sorry but I really don’t know where she might be as she had left yesterday.
S: (confused) what do you mean by she left yesterday?
N: arre she left this place yesterday night by handing over her house keys to me asking me to give it to her landlord. I think she has shifted to somewhere else as she was having a big luggage with her.
S: (shocked) what she left this city?
N: haan I think that is what I said beta.
S: okay thankyou aunty.
She smiled back at him and he started walking towards his car. The things which he heard right now was playing in his mind and he sat in car and thought.
S: anika left this city and she didn’t inform anyone. Not even me. I don’t know what is happening. Yesterday she said that sahil was not well then, she was behaving weird. Then dadi fired her from her job. And now she left.
He again felt that he was getting numb that he just cupped his face and relaxed his head back on the seat.
Finally, the priest had given a wedding date that was 2 months from the day of engagement. It had been some 2 weeks since anika left and shivay tried locating her by all means but he remained unsuccessful. Anika’s absence had disrupted the whole OM mansions daily chore. The house which used to be on the urge of earthquake was now standing silent as if autumn had stuck it. Shivay had now speaking less and he kept himself arrested in his office. No one knew when he came at night and when he used to leave. Omru had also started missing anika and her tantrums. They were really worried for shivay as they had never seen such a phase of the great shivay singh oberoy.

So, done with this part. If you like it do comment or if it is going off track happily mention that too. All kind of comments are welcomed if it is good or bad.
So, this is priya signing off.

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