ISHQBAAZ – two people in general and then turning into each other’s souls forever(PART 2)

Chapter 2:

Well thank you for liking my story and sorry for not giving a proper starting and ending to the previous part of this ss. Well myself priya signed in with another part. Hope you like it.
The previous part of this ss is already published so for the continuation do read the earlier part.
A: (showing him attitude.) you what are you doing here?
S: (in the same attitude.) well same to you what the hell are you doing here?
A: (freeing herself from his grip.) first I asked you. (making some logic sign.) And now I get it you are following me right.
S: (getting angry.) no one dares to speak with me like that.
A: (arguing back.) why are you the boss here that everyone will speak to you in a reputed manner?
S: (getting sort of words) well you guessed it correct.
A: (confused) and what did I guess all of a sudden? The only thing that I can say you currently is that you are the greatest tadibaaz I have met in my life.
S: (really not getting words to snap back.) tadi…. Tadibaaz what is that now.

All the while the rest people present in the room were like what is happening here and the same time they were enjoying the scenario. Priomru were shocked to see Shivay unable to answer. Finally, om spoke up.
O: well stop it both of you and anika how do you know him.
A: you yourself ask him.
O: (turning to Shivay raising an eyebrow) how do you know her?
S: (the incident of their initial meet snapped in front of him.) om you don’t know she is very unmannered girl I have ever met in my life.

Hearing it anika got very angry that she pushed om aside making him land on rudra. Om managed himself to stand properly. Anika finally spoke in anger keeping her hands-on waist.
A: how dare you? You think that you are a very decent man haan. But you know what you the number one kanji ankho wala bagad billa. Who only know how to show off himself.
S: (he was so angry on that statement that he marched a step forward to anika and she stepped back. Priomru were now cupping their mouth.) you know what it is useless to talk with you. (turning to omru.) you both better show her the way out of mansion as soon as possible.
R: but…
He couldn’t finish as Shivay left the room in anger. Anika also couldn’t answer back and she stopped the midway of whatever she was going to tell.
A: (in her mind) don’t know from where people of this kind emerge. But what is he doing here? (she tapping priynka asks.) what is this Shivay singh oberoy doing here?
O: good question anika. So, you know his name then how come you don’t know that you are in his house right now.
A: (not hearing properly.) so what happened if it is his house? (then realization stuck her, her eye became wide in shock and she stammered) what… what did you say? Thi… this is his house. That means he… he is your brother.
R: exactly and you are appointed as his wedding organiser.
A: (confused) wait a second but dadi told me that it is some billu’s shadi.
P: and that billu is none other than Shivay bhaiya.
A: (she got a life time shock on hearing it. She finally hit her forehead with her hand and said loud enough) oye bete ki phail gaya raita. Anika congratulation you have been fired before starting your job.

Priomru giggled hearing it. Finally, Priyanka spoke.
P: let me go and tell bhaiya and make him understand the situation. Till then you take care. (she left patting anika’s back)
O: (to cheer up her mood.) don’t worry anika Shivay won’t be able to anything as dadi has appointed you.
A: (smiling as an innocent child.) sorry.
O: (smiling at her innocence) no anika you don’t need to be sorry.
R: well di tell me one thing how do you and bhaiya know each other.
O: exactly. And the way you both were fighting it felt like you both know each other since ages.

Anika smiles and tells them about their first meet. Omru were surprised as in just one meeting this much fight happened so now in further meeting what will happen. In the mean while dadi called anika and she left. Omru were left and they smiled at each other.
O: Rudy are you thinking what I am thinking?
R: yes o. what a perfect girl she is naa? But slightly bigger than my age. You know what o if she would have been of my age then I would have surely dated her.
O: (getting irritated. He slaps Rudra’s head.) you don’t have any other thought other than dating a girl.
R: (rubbing his head.) what o? what did I do now? You were asking the same now.
O: (getting highly irritated) rudra just shut up. You know what Shivay is correct. Nothing can happen of you. Arre I was talking about the tashan that was there between both of them.
R: (doing logic sign) correct o. you are right it felt as if they both are made for each other. And you know what o they completely forget the surrounding when they were fighting?
O: (making a sad face) but nothing can happen now as now tia is going to marry Shivay.
R: (making an irritated face.) o plz don’t take the name of that lady baba at least. Don’t know what

Shivay bhaiya has found in her that he is dying to marry her. I am telling you om once that lady baba enters this mansion then it will become a reiki centre. And that’s for sure.
Om calms rudy down and they both leave the place. After some days anika had to go to meet Shivay to ask about his preference of dress. It was going to be their first meet after their fight. Initially she didn’t want to but she had no other option so she praying to all gods entered the room to find him taking to himself. She saw no one around and was confused as to whom he was talking. She thought.

A: I think he is really mad that he is talking to himself. God plz save tia or whatever to whom so ever he is marrying.
S: (who saw her lost in thoughts came near her and snapped in front of her.) what are you doing here? That to in front of my room.
A: (coming out of thoughts) haan… (smiling) nothing just came to see whether there are some mosquitoes are there in or not.
S: (confused) what? You came here to kill mosquitoes.
A: (irritated.) do I look like a mosquito repellent to you that I will come and kill mosquitoes. Obviously, I must have come for some other purpose. But here you were busy talking to yourself and you know what I pray that tia remains intact after her wedding with you.
S: (irritated) what do I look like a mental asylum run away to you? That you are praying like that for tia.
A: (murmurs) I don’t need to think as such as you are really a mental asylum run away.
S: what did you say?
A: (making an innocent face.) what did I say I didn’t say anything? Did you hear anything billuji?
S: (he got angry hearing billuji but he calmed him down and said) don’t call me that?
A: (confused) don’t call you what?
S: (getting embarrassed) that billu. (in a stern voice) only dadi can call me that.
A: (pulling his leg.) so what should I call you billu? Your name is billu so I am calling you that.
S: (getting irritated.) okay that’s enough just stop it and you came here for your work, right? Finish it off and leave.

Anika nods and proceeds with her task. After some days both Shivay and anika had developed a bond by fighting with each other. They were still unaware of it but their bond didn’t go unnoticed by dadi and omru. They very well knew the climax of this bond.
So, one fine day Shivay had gone to attend a meeting in Delhi. He was at first not ready to go as he knew that he would miss something very badly if he went there but he didn’t know what really was it. But for him meeting is the first priority. So, the next day he went off. Anika was not aware of it and when she came to OM she was at first surprised to see bagad billa missing. Hence in anxiety she asked to omru who were passing by.

A: well omru is there any trip planning in the house.
R: (confused) really o we are going on a trip and nobody informed me.
O: (irritated with rudra) duffer just shut up.
R: what o don’t you know anything else to say except shut up?
O: rudra I swear I will kill you. So just keep your mouth shut.
R: o, keep your mouth shut and shut up are same. (he does his logic wala sign.)
A: (getting highly anxious.) tell na om is there any trip planning going over here.
O: well anika why are you asking so?
A: amm billuji is not seen anywhere and the house is also silent so I just asked.
O: (omru smiled at each other.) well its nothing like what you are thinking anika. Actually, Shivay has gone to Delhi for some business meeting and will return after 2 days. And mom and choti mom have gone to mall, dadi has gone to her friend’s place with priynka. And we both are standing in front of you. Are we both not enough to entertain you?

A: (getting sad on knowing that Shivay won’t be there for two days. She tells in mind.) billuji won’t be there for two days? (the same time her mind asked) what anika why are you missing that bagad billa that much. Well you must be happy that you don’t have to see his face for the next two days.
Omru finds anika to be lost and finds some pain in her eyes too. They very well knew the reason for pain so they highfied each other and finally shook her making her come out of her thoughts.
O & R: anika/di where are you lost?
A: (getting out from the soccer match played by her heart and mind) haan nowhere?
R: (pulling anika’s leg) o I think someone is missing bhaiya too much that to within his 2 hours of his departure.
A: (she had again gone back to the soccer match of her mind and heart that she unknowingly answered the question of rudy.) haan yaar how will I spend my whole day without facing his tadi and seeing his face. That too not a day but two days.

Now that was surprise for both the prankers they were hell shocked with the response that they blurted out together bringing anika come out of the dreamland and making her realize what she just said.
O & R: really? You will miss Shivay/bhaiya so much.
Anika just ran off as fast as she could, as she had herself her a cartoon there leaving omru laughing.

Sorry the story is just happening with the flow of writing so I cannot give precap but I can make a guess that the next part will be better than this.
If you like then do comment guys. Every kind of good and bad comments are appreciated. This is priya signing off.

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