ISHQBAAZ – two people in general and then turning into each other’s souls forever(PART 12)

Chapter: 12

Hello everyone this is priya back with another part of the ss. I hope that you have enjoyed the story so far. I am really grateful to you all that you are liked the ss and loved its content. Anyways, enough of my stupid talks. let’s continue with the further part.

Finally, anika and shivay broke the hug. Anika trying to ease the situation. She thought something and mocking him said.

A: well billuji… there are certain conditions which you will have to follow.
S: (agreeing tone) okay and what’s that?
A: first you will agree to all what I say. (he nodded in positive.) good. Then I will call you by any name I like and the most important, you will never ever get into bagad billa avatar in front of me.
S: (defending) but how can I not… (anika gave him a death glare. He told a bit innocently.) anika then what will I do if you make me angry.
A: (smiling naughtily.) good question billuji. And the answer is if in any circumstance, you feel like scolding me then go somewhere else and start scolding something which don’t respond back. And if in any case you will scold me then for sure I will not spare a chance to answer back.
S: okay as you wish. Now done or are there something else.
A: no that’s it. But don’t you think that you have not proposed me completely.
S: (confused) common anika now don’t start finding fault in it. The thing I confessed was the only best I could give to you. now, what else do you need.
A: (angrily) fine then I will leave. When you remember that thing come and talk to me.

She was about to leave when he held her hand and made her wear the ring that he had brought. Anika who had turned back to shout at him got muted at the sudden slip of ring. She just hugged him back in response and he too responded. Finally, naughty thoughts came to shivay’s mind.

He released the hug and kissed her on her forehead. Anika at once stiffed by the sudden movement done by shivay. She instantly closed her eyes and shivay who was smiling at seeing her nervous smiled and kissed her eyes. The breeze which was blowing around sent shivers down her spine and she tightened her grip on his shirt. Shivay now slid his hands across her waist and pulled her more close to him. Anika who had already gone numb just obliged to whatever he did. She had turned almost red due to blushing. Shivay was just enjoying the way she had defended herself. He then kissed her cheeks. Anika was not having any kind of senses or energy now she had just given herself to him.

Her grip on his shirt was losing down but shivay had held her tightly close to him. She could feel some soft breath approaching her lips and she was hell nervous now. Shivay who was just enjoying being so close to her was totally lost in her beauty. He was about to kiss her when anika with all her remaining courage and strength pushed him back. Shivay looked at her confused and she said a bit mischievously.

A: well shivay for that you will have to first ask my hand for marriage from my parents. And don’t you think that the thing which you were planning to do is too early. I mean we have just confessed so first let us stabilize the relation. Then I will never ever stop you from what you want to do. (removing his hands) and if you really want me as your partner for the rest of your life then drop me home.
S: (making a puppy face) some more time please anika.
A: (with anger) no billuji. No means no. look at the time its already late. And if I don’t get back home then my parents will surely go mad at you, do you want that baby?
S: (shocked) baby… seriously anika you are calling me baby. For your information, I am not aa kid. Get that in your mind…
A: when tia used to call, you baby you never asked her to stop calling you that. And now when I am calling you baby you are getting angry.
S: I had asked her a lot of times to not call me baby but she never listened to me. But please I am requesting you don’t call me that.
A: fine then what should I call you?
S: anything you want but not baby.
A: fine then I will now call you billuji. It suits you well. Now before my parents leave Interpol to search me just drop me home.

Shivay smiled and gave her a sudden peck on lips and went away. Anika who had not at all expected it was standing there freezed. She was just registering what had happened and
had turned almost like a tomato. Shivay who found her lost called her back. Anika came back to senses and looked at him and muttered angrily.

A: you bagad billa how dare you… I had asked you to keep patience and you kissed me.
S: (innocently) what can I do anika? You provoke me a lot so I just did it. And I don’t think that I did something wrong after all I had not kissed someone else I had done that with my own possession.
A: (sheeting) oh, so I provoke you. Really shivay, and what did you say I am your possession. Fine then see what can your possession do of you for doing such a thing.

She took some stick which was there and ran behind him. But shivay was fast he ran away and anika was left behind. She smiled and dropped the stick and came down. Finally,
shivay dropped her till her home and she invited him in. she asked him to stay in hall and went in to call tulsi.

Tulsi who was sitting angrily in her room as anika had not returned even after 10 pm and finding her entering the room lashed out.

Tu: anika do you even realize what’s the time now?
A; (calmly) haan ma just relax.
Tu: relax really anika. Till now have you ever seen me coming this late in the house. Anika, you know na that this place is not safe then why don’t you understand beta.
A: ma but listen to at least what I am saying.
Tu: no today you will listen and I will say. Anika, do you even know why was the mobiles invented. (anika nodded in a yes) yes, right then where your hands freezed in some eyes that you couldn’t call and inform that you will be arriving late.

Shivay who was hearing all this came in and tulsi instantly stopped on seeing him. Anika on finding tulsi silent looked at her and she found her looking at the door and she too turned and saw shivay there. She rubbed her temple and then looked back at tulsi who was looking at her expecting some answer. Anika cleared her throat and said in a formal way.

A: ma that’s shivay and shivay this is my mother tulsi.
S: (folding hands) hello aunty. Shivay.
Tu: oh, so you are that bagad billa. (anika looked somewhere else and shivay looked at her angrily.) what brings you here beta?
S: (calmly) amm aunty anika was with me all night and I was the one who made her late. So, don’t get angry on her. I am sorry I entered your room this way. But…
Tu: (relaxing on hearing that anika was with him) no it’s okay then. I thought that she had gone out with some other friends so I was scolding her. So, now I understand why my daughter was all emotionless on your decision to get married. (anika knew that her mom would tell the truth. She just wanted the earth to gulp her down right that moment.)
S: (confused) sorry I didn’t get you.

Tulsi told him the whole story of how anika had become lifeless and how she had arrived all of a sudden and how she was heartbroken and all. Shivay was all the time seeing anika and giving her death glare for punishing herself, while anika was smiling like she has not done anything. Tulsi finally came close to him and patting his cheeks asked.

Tu: you are really handsome and really good looking. Now I understand why this mad girl had fallen head over heels for you. anyways when is your marriage fixed.
S: (he had never expected such a question. He cleared his throat said) actually aunty I have broken my engagement with tia. And the reason will be mentioned by anika. Well, all I can say is… (he was getting nervous as he was going to discussing about his own marriage) I know that I might sound awkward but aunty after a few days my family will come here to ask anika’s hand for marriage with me.
Tu: (shocked) what? Are you joking or are you serious?
S: (calmly going to her and holding her hand) amm I have proposed anika and she is ready but I want you all to also agree. And whatever I said is true. (looking at time) well its really getting late. My brothers will be waiting for me. You relax and think.
Shivay actioned anika to came and hold tulsi and she obliged. After making her sit on bed anika came out and saw him waiting at the door. She came to him and said.
A: what are you doing? Why didn’t you leave?
S: (coming close to her. He held her hand and said anxiously) I think I became too formal there.
A: (rubbing his hand) not really shivay you just did perfect. Well the remaining I will handle you better leave now. I know that they are my parents and they will just need my happiness.
S: okay then I will go back to Mumbai tomorrow itself so take care of yourself.

She smiled and nodded. He hugged her and gave her a kiss on her cheek for which he earned a bonus of slap on his hand. He too smiled and left. Tulsi who had come to tell something to anika had seen it and she smiled and went to kitchen.
After kabir’s arrival anika made them understand the situation. Kabir and tulsi mentioned her to relax as they would talk to the elders now. Back in hotel shivay came to room and omru who had been waiting for him started pulling his legs.

O: rudy don’t you think that someone has some blush tint on his face.
R: right o, I can also sense that something great has happened.
S: (glaring them) okay both of you for your information no one is blushing here and there is nothing great in what happened today.
O: arre shivay who told you that we are talking about you?
R: haan bhaiya we told about someone not you.
O: well shivay what happened haan? you are really late than what we had expected.
R: or bhaiya have you done something that will make us chacha right before your marriage.
Shivom gave him an impossible look. Om slapped him on his back while shivay said embarrassed.
S; well for your information rudy I had gone to propose her not anything else. So just relax.
O: get to the point shivay. did she agree…
S: well yes. After making her understand a lot of time finally she accepted.
R: (excited) yes, now god has really answered my prayer. Finally, I got my anika didi as my bhabhi.
S: anyways guys I am a little worn out now so shall we sleep.
O: hmm rudy looks like someone had really worked hard all day long to arrange everything.
S: (irritated) plz om now you don’t start okay.
Omru smiled at him and poked their tongue out. Shivay just bet them and finally they three slept. The next day Shivomru had come to airport for returning back. Anika came there to see them off with sahil. Omru on seeing her said.
R: so, from now on I can call you bhabhi. And you cannot stop me from doing that.
O: really anika thank you for accepting shivay.
A: arre you two dramebaz what do you think haan you will go on doing acting to be good and I won’t understand. Haan tell what do you want.
O: nothing much just come back to OM soon.
R: haan bhabhi you have created a mess there by leaving us. And seriously else bhaiya will come here often to meet you just telling fake reasons for meeting and then we will never see him back soon.
A: (Shivika smiled at his comment. Anika assuring) okay once everything gets fine I will come there. Till then I promise you that shivay won’t come here faking reasons.
O: (shivay’s face dropped on hearing it. He looked at her and she smiled wickedly) that’s like our bhabhi. Anyways (to sahil.) hey champ, how are you?
Omru got busy in their talk with sahil and Shivika smiled at their bonding. Shivay making anika face him. He asked.
S: did you tell everything to aunty and uncle?
A: haan billuji relax they told that they will talk to dadi today. You relax and go there and make everyone understand there. And haan come soon.
S: (pulling her legs he asked a bit naughtily.) aha haan not bad someone is getting desperate to become my wife.
A: (blushing) it’s not like that. I just said just like that.
S: well if you want me to stay back then I am ready for it too.
A: (shocked) no… it’s not needed. I will be fine.
S: (smiling) and haan one more thing get some weight on else I will surely kill you if I find you weak again. And the thing that you have done in my absence in the past one month I will compensate the anger later.
A: (snapping) haan, haan now that’s the only thing left. Anyways leave now it’s time for your flight.
S: (looking back at the airport and then releasing some breath.) yaa dadi has gone mad as we three are not there and above that I delayed yesterday’s plan to go back. So, I guess my water girl will have to wait for me till the next arrival.
A: (angrily) water girl haan. (she gave him a harsh look) wait once you get back I will show you who I am in real.
S: (smiling) take care and do call if you need something.
A: (nodding in a yes.) you too. Bye.
They turned back to call omru but instead they saw them staring them with some weird look. Anika asked.
A: (confused) what happened guys? Why are you staring at us like this?
O: (surprised) actually we have never seen you both talking to each other so comfortably.
S: what do you mean?
R: simple bhaiya whenever you used to meet each other you both used to fight like anything and now…
Sh: haan and now you are talking to each other like this so we were shocked.
Omru: looks like love is showing it’s true colour.
S: (getting irritated) okay enough guys lets go.
Omru: (mocking him) haan, haan now run. It’s the only way out.
Shivay gave them a disgusting look and they smiled back at him. They hugged anika and then left. Shivay after getting in gave a last glance to anika and smiled at her. She too smiled back and went away with sahil.

So, done with this part. I really feel that it has been so long as my fingers are paining now by typing this. Anyways, if you like this part do comment and pardon the spelling mistakes.

This is priya signing off…

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