ISHQBAAZ – two people in general and then turning into each other’s souls forever(PART 11)


Chapter: 11

Hello everyone and thankyou like always for liking my story so far. I think that I am not boring anyone of you. anyways this is priya signed in with another part of the ss… hope you will enjoy it…

As instructed anika went to the lift and she reached the place where she was asked too. She was at first surprised to see the lights were off when she came there but the moment she stepped in her breath got blocked in her lungs. She saw that the place was arranged in a manner which she had only seen in her dreams. It was fully decorated with white and pink roses all over and red and white balloons were laid on the floor. Though all this was arranged the place looked simple yet elegant. She moved in and was about to phone om as no one was there around but to her surprise somebody took away her phone. She looked back and on finding shivay in his formal black suit asked.
A: (surprised)shiv… shivay what’s going on where are everyone? And why are you alone.
S: (calmly)well the person for whom this party was arranged has come and the person who is hosting it is also present here. Who else do you need?
A: (yet again confused by his response.) haan but om told me that it was some other party… but…
S: (keeping his finger on her lips and making her quiet by this action) shhh… you know what anika you talk a lot. Can’t you spend a single minute without talking. (he withdrew his hands back.)
A: (coming back from the state of shock.) shivay what are you up to? And was this all thing planned. Where you the person who had made this arrangement just to make up the friendship that was broken?
S: (putting his hands in pocket. He answered smiling) well you are not that dumb like I thought. Yes, this all was planned and this all arrangement has been done by me only.
A: (she was surprised on hearing the first sentence that she immediately fired back.) what you thought that I am dumb? (moving towards him in anger and shivay too moved back.) really shivay… and what do you feel for yourself? Haan I get it you think that you are very smart right.
S: (innocently) I never said like that.
A: (in anger) oh, really. Well just for your information you are the person who is dumb. You are much dumb compared to rudy. (she stopped walking.)
S: (readily accepting what she just said.) okay I accept that thing now are you happy.
A: (surprised as she had expected him to defend himself. But here something else was happening.) haan shivay are you alright. (checking his temperature.) but you don’t have temperature.
S: (confused and taking her hands back) yes anika I am fine but why did you ask so?
A: you didn’t get angry on my statement. It’s really surprising.
S: well this is your problem anika. When I am accepting my mistake, you are thinking that I have lost my brains? You only make it clear what do you want me do? Previously when I used to be in my tadibaaz avatar and I never accepted my mistake you used to get angry on me and now when I am accepting you are reacting as if I have done some grave crime.
A: (a bit shocked) well shivay you are really behaving weird now. And did you notice you are using my language.
S: (smiling) well I guess I am doing that often these days. Not only these days I have started talking your language since the day you left OM.
A: (looking back at the arrangement.) anyways can you now pardon to tell me what is going on here. And who was the guest that you had mentioned.
S: (increasing the intensity of anxiousness. He smiled and said.) breathe anika. Relax. Well the person might be coming anytime. Well I have arranged this because I am going to propose that person today.
A: (she felt like someone had hit her with some dragger. She a bit sadly replied.) so this all arrangement has been done for tia. (smiling weakly at him) must confess shivay the arrangement is splendid.
S: (he smiled at her compliment.) thankyou I am glad you liked it. Anyways I need your help in it.
A: (surprised.) so the great shivay singh oberoy need help. Let me set a reminder of this date.
S: (taking her phone and keeping it on a table near. He asked a bit irritated) do you really need to be cranky always. Can’t you just do things in a calm manner.
A: (facing him she asked) so tell me what help do you need from the great anika. (she did some steps showing how great she is.)
S: (smiling at her saying and her actions.) well you know that I am not good at expressing so just tell me some tips. Like you know…
A: (he stopped there as if his train has got jammed at that place. She asked a bit irritated.) like I know what shivay… (really irritated.) one month has gone by shivay still you have not changed a bit. Your train always get jammed.
S: (a bit nervously.) amm you are making me more nervous anika. Just let me finish.
A: (folding her hands to chest. In a bit, relaxed yet angry way) okay fine. Do one thing shivay look somewhere else and tell what tips you want.
S: (relaxing) okay so just tell me some tips for proposing a girl.
Anika had not expected this. She was first surprised on hearing this that she just looked at shivay and then finding his pleading face she just burst out laughing. Shivay who just wanted this laugh back on his lady’s face was happy that he had achieved something great. He was lost in her laugh. She finally calmed down and said.
A: (in a bit teasing tone) sorry I just got surprised at your talk so I just laughed. Anyways you wanted to know that. Well then, I think that all this thing that you done is sufficient for tia, no not only tia just any girl to get impressed. Now all you just need to do is…
S: (expectantly) is….
A: you just need to get on your knees and tell her everything whatever is in your heart. (she became sad once again on getting her flashbacks of her confession to him. Her eyes got moist.) well shivay that’s it. I guess tia will never let you leave then. But let me make you clear don’t be someone else there just confess what is in your heart, try to be yourself. (she again didn’t want to get broken so she making some action of seeing time said a bit sadly.) well shivay I think I should leave. Sahil must be waiting.
She was about to go but he held her hand. A lone tear escaped her eyes. She waited for some minute expecting that shivay would leave her hand but on not finding any notion of it she turned back but was literally shocked on finding him sitting on his knees like she had explained him to do. Shivay finally spoke up in a bit relaxed way.
S: anika I really don’t know why and when did I feel something like this for someone? I have never ever given space or a part in my life to someone other, other than my brothers. (anika was looking at him confused.) but I felt this when you left me 1 month back. I know I am bad at expressing things but I can only handle to say this much. I love you anika and I really mean what I am saying.
Shivay who was expecting anika to answer back in a yes was surprised to find her standing still. The words told by shivay was just registering in anika’s mind though initially she was happy on hearing the confession she felt relaxed but then the reality struck her that shivay was going to marry tia anytime. She immediately took her hand back and stared at shivay in anger and said something which shook shivay to the core.
A: (angry) really shivay. do you understand what you are doing? (shivay got up at once. He knew that something was not right.) I mean shivay if you are saying the thing which you confessed right now just for the compensation of what I confessed yesterday. Then let me tell you it was a nice act. (almost crying) why shivay? why do you always do this with me? I am not a doll who even on getting pinched by its master won’t cry. I am a normal girl with roller coast of emotion. I get hurt thousand times when you do this kind of thing in front of me.

S: (getting confused) but anika I really mean it.
A: (crying) enough shivay. why don’t you just understand you are already engaged to tia and you might be going to marry her anytime. Then why are you dragging me in between this and why are you trying to fool me. I know that I might be not be a girl from a high class but shivay I can’t cheat another girl just for the sake of my satisfaction. (shivay wanted to clear but anika was not letting him speak) I am not done yet. Shivay I know that the words which I told you yesterday are making you do this but the fact is I am trying to move on. And when I had finally made up my mind and had decided that I wouldn’t get weak and will forget everything related to you, you are again making it difficult for me to make up my mind. Shivay I have had enough of pain after realizing that I had fallen head over heels for a person who is having least emotions but what to do I am fool who was just killing herself within from the last one month. (wiping her tears.) shivay I am done with this drama. I am leaving.
S: (anika was about to leave but shivay finally confessed.) I knew that you will react something like this only. That is why I had not come on the track of real proposal.
A: (getting shocked on hearing that it was just an act. She turned back to face him angrily.) oh, yes (mocking him) how can I forget you are shivay singh oberoy and the things like this are just kind of drama for you. but let me make something very clear. Mr. oberoy you are already engaged to tia. So, concentrate on your life planning’s with her.
S: (smiling) well I thought of doing that with you but you are just running away.
A: (angrily) shivay I am trying to make you understand the situation and there you are starting with your rubbish talks all over again.
S: (smiling) anika I am not talking anything rubbish but you are the one who is doing it.
A: (getting really pissed of the situation.) do whatever you want. But shivay get it registered in your mind you are going to marry tia and I am never going to accept your proposal.
She turned back to lave but this time tears were filled in her eyes. She was just trying to assemble herself when shivay finally said in a calm way.
S: and what if I say that I am not going to marry tia?
A: (stopping instantly. She turned a bit shocked.) what? Look shivay if you are doing this just because of me then it the worst thing that you are going to do.
S: (coming near her.) for your kind information. Plz let me clear the mess up else I will surely lose the most precious thing. Anika I have broken my engagement with tia 1 month back and I was actually going to marry her just for the sake of business but then I realized that tia is not the girl for me. Even if I would have married her then she would have not been happy with the marriage and we would end up hurting each other. Tia very well knew the reason behind this marriage and just to save her family she was ready for the relation. Then after you left I realized that I can be happy too. And now when I am trying to make you understand you are behaving like fools who is running away from facing the fact.
A: but shivay what will all think. What will the people say that the great business man has fallen in love with his ex-wedding planner? How will you make everyone at home understand this relation?
S: (holding her by her shoulder. He let out a sigh of relief that at least she had understood. He said calmly) anika I don’t really care what the people will think. And if they think that I have fallen in love with my ex-wedding planner then I don’t feel that there is anything bad in that. And if my family is concerned then all are aware that I love you and they are ready to accept you. I just want you to understand me. My feelings for you, that’s it.

A: (a bit amused at his way of talking) well so the great SSO has started talking philosophical things. (smiling) not bad. I guess my leaving has brought some sense in you.
S: (smiling at her comment) I am glad that you have finally understood that. And now as I am seeing the perfect time for proposal and before it lapses off… (she looked at him confused, he got down on knees and finally he said stressing each word.) I know that I am the biggest fool alive who on having such a precious gift near to him had not understood it’s importance and was just keeping on ignoring it. I know that I have hurted you a lot many times for which even if I ask you sorry it won’t be forgiven. I used to argue with you but the real thing is I never felt lonely till then as you were always there by my side. But since you had left I had almost become crazy and I was not like the one I used to be when you were there. I almost became inhuman and I was just taking breath for living.
Anika was truly running sort of words as she had never seen this side of shivay earlier. Shivay got up and holding her face continued.
S: I always used to say that you talk nonsense but I really enjoyed your nonsense which I felt was the most I missed in your absence. From the time, you left I have been searching you like mad and used to end up unsuccessful. I had almost turned out to be a maniac by working long, long hours in office and it was the time when I realized that I was missing you so much and you had made me used to your pranks. That was the time that I had realized that I had started loving you and had fallen for you. I was almost getting mad when I finally told my feelings to dadi and omru and they were the one who had assembled me.
Shivay felt something wet on his hands and he looked up to find that anika was crying. He wiped off her tears and said finally.
S: I know that it will be the most unusual thing that I am going to do. Anika I love you and I love you to the extent which you can’t even think. I know that you too love me but after this proposal are you still ready to accept me.
A: (getting one step back. Wiping her tears, she said sternly.) no shivay I am sorry. (shivay too backed off hearing it. He looked here and there just to confirm that he is really here that or not. Finally, anika smiled and said) bagad billa…. I can’t leave my family, I love them more than you, (she hugged him to comfort him as she had made him shocked by rejecting his love) but I can’t leave you either. So, billuji I love you too. Sorry shivay I was just trying to soothe the tension that was there. Really sorry if I hurt you….
But she couldn’t finish as he hugged her back tightly and she felt some wetness and understood that he was also crying. She rubbed his back just to calm him down, and both looked at the heavens the same time thanking god.

So, finally done with this part. I am sorry if I bored you as I know I was just dragging the same things. Pardon me if I really did it. Anyways like always if you do like do comment. All comments either good or bad are appreciated.

This is priya signing off.

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