ISHQBAAZ – two people in general and then turning into each other’s souls forever(PART 10)

Chapter: 10

Hey guys relax I am fine now… and thanks for the well wishes that you showered…. I was really happy and I had gone on cloud nine… anyways I hope that my nonsense talks don’t hurt you much… above that my sis also got tensed on reading that she was waiting for me to come and respond to her messages. So, thanks guys for the love and anyways this is enough of my blabbering’s. let’s begin with the story…. So guys this is priya back…..

Shivay entered his room all worn out of emotions. Omru who had been waiting for him seeing him like this thought to make fun of him.
R: o you know someone has got back something he wanted.
O: haan rudy, from when did you become genius. Yes, you said it right and now shivay can at least stop his search.
R: (a bit angrily) o I am always a genius. But you will never understand.
O: shut up rudra.
R: (irritated) o you have started again. Why is your train always jammed on shut up rudra? Don’t you know anything else to say.
O: (slapping him behind his head.) seriously rudra stop it.
R: (looking back at shivay who was silent) bhaiya what happened to you?
O: (he too looked at him but on receiving ne response.) haan. why didn’t you react when we were making fun of you? (on getting no response he a bit loudly) shivay… (shivay came back to senses.) where are you lost we were talking to you?
S: (nervous) haan nowhere.

O: (seeing his state) what happened you look sad?
S: (telling them what just happened. He said a bit surprised.) I was shocked when she confessed me that she loves me but…
R: (very happily) so what bhaiya… you should be happy that she told you she loved you. instead you are tensed.
O: (a bit serious) rudra… (he asked him to keep silent by signs) well so what is bother you shivay.

S: om I am surprised that dadi knew everything and she didn’t say anything to me.
O: shivay dadi wasn’t the only person who knew this we both also knew this thing.
S: (this was not expected by shivay) what you knew it? Why didn’t you tell me?
R: bhaiya you were not in a condition that we could tell you something and in fact when we made our mind to tell you everything you never came home on time.
S: but now what. She won’t listen to me even if I confess to her that I love her. She still thinks that I and tia are going to get married.
O: shivay you are again being rudra.
R: what o why are you dragging me in between it?

O: (ignoring him) shivay this dumbbell don’t have brains but you have naa. Can’t you just use it.
R: (in shock) seriously o do you think that I don’t have brains. You long hair creature you are the one who is not having that. You only use your brains to do stupid poetries.
O: shut up rudy. Else I will forget that you are my bro.
S: (getting irritated) seriously guys I am in a state in which I am not able to solve my own problem and here you both are fighting for no reason.

O: (to rudy) I will talk to you later. (to shivay) shivay do something and make her understand your love and her priority in your life.
S: what should I do om? (he asked innocently)
Omru: (in disbelief) really shivay/bhaiya you want us to tell you what you need to do?
Shivay understood what they meant and he hugged them both. Back at anika’s home she came to the main hall lifelessly and tulsi on seeing her and then the time asked.
Tu: (a bit angry) is this the time that a girl comes at her home.
A: (innocently she looked at the time.) plz ma. I am not in a mood to fight.
Tu: may I know why.
A: I met shivay and I confessed my feelings to him.
Tu: (surprised) you met shivay and you didn’t inform me.
A: ma plz he is not any wonder of the world that I will call you and inform about his arrival.
Tu: but still I have to know na that the person whom my daughter love is here in Delhi and she met him too.
A: ma enough. I have had enough of lectures today and now I want some peace of mind.
Tu: (surprised) arre then am I sitting on your head that you are saying like this. If you want to rest go to your room and rest who is stopping, you.

A: thanks.
And she went to her room. Sahil had gone out with kabir so he was not there. After some time tulsi came to anika’s room with food and placing it on her side table she sat next to her and said.
Tu: you said that you confessed your feelings to him. What did he react?
A: (least interested) what will he react ma? He has never talked to me openly so what do you expect him to react when I open up myself.
Tu: still he would have told you something. Well why did you confess suddenly?
A; he was going on asking me questions and while answering all his questions I ended up confessing. That’s it.
Tu: okay so where are they staying?
A: right in the hotel where papa had gone for meeting today morning. (and she narrated how they met.)
Tu: (laughing on hearing that she had pushed him in water) well anika you are fault and you didn’t say sorry to him.
A: really ma. He has never said sorry to me so why should I tell him sorry.
Tu: anyways I am happy that my daughter is back.
A: (confused) excuse me. What do you mean? If you have forgotten, then I had come back before 1 month.

Tu: yaa… I know that. But still the person who had come back was just your body. The soul has come back today.
A: ma plz I am in no mood to fight with you and plz don’t becom
e om.
Tu: (confused) om… why are you comparing me with om?
A: ma will you stop or should I leave this room.

Tu: no I will stop. Well I think that since you are back in your form something good is definitely going to happen.
A: (mocking her) haan why not? Tomorrow shivay will come here and invite us all to attend his marriage.
Tu: haan not bad. You gave him the address of this house. Good at least I will get to meet him now. Let me also see the guy for whom my daughter has fallen head over heels.
A: ma plz. Don’t overthink too much. Well I have not given him the address it just came out in extempore. Did you wash the shirt which papa had come wearing? It was rudra’s, tomorrow I will go and return him.
Tu: haan I have kept it for drying. Any ways you must be tired naa take rest I have some work. So, bye.

And she left. Shivay informed dadi that they will return after finishing some urgent things. He first wanted to make anika understand his situation so he didn’t inform anyone in OM. Then the next day shivay had gone to do some arrangements when anika came to their room. Rudy making her comfortable said.
R: sit di… I forgot to ask you how is sahil.
A: he is good. He has joined his old school over here.
O: so anika what are you doing now a day.
A: nothing much om. I am just helping mom with household work and then when I am free I help papa.
O: what do your dad do?
A: amm he is doing business. Like he sells some interior designed things.
O: okay.
A: (looking around) well om where is billuji.

R: (pulling her legs.) looks like someone is missing bhaiya.
A: no I just asked.
O: don’t mind him. He has gone dumb from last one month.
R: (irritated) o you are insulting me in front of didi.
O: no rudy. How can you think that I will insult you in front of anika? I was just telling her that you were very bright and clever when she was around you.
R: (not understanding that om was making fun of him. He doing some logic sign.) correct o. you are also becoming clever these days.
O: okay rudy now if you are done can I answer her question. (rudra gets silenced.) amm anika we also don’t know that where has he gone. He just told us that he has gone to do some kind of arrangement.
A: (murmuring) haan what else do he know to do? Might be he has gone to do something against me.

R: (hearing what she said as he was sitting close to anika. He a little mischievously.) o I think something is burning. (doing some sniffing action.)
A: what is burning rudy? I don’t feel any smell.
O: relax anika he is just kidding.
A: okay so are you guys going back.
O: actually, we had planned today but shivay is having some last-minute meetings. So, we delayed it. So, hopefully tomorrow or day after that.
R: why bha… (he stopped abruptly. Om gave him a death glare. Anika looked at him surprised.) didi do you want to accompany us.

A: (confused) rudy why did I feel that you were going to call me Bhabhi.
R: (he stammered.) no didi… why wi…will I call you bha… bhabhi. I was going to ans… answer to this long hair creature… but then I un… understood that I had to answer you so I switched to didi.
O: (he received a message. he smiled and asked) well anika what are you doing in the evening?
A: (surprised) amm nothing much… why?
O: nothing serious. It is just that we are going shivay rudra and me are going out for party. We would be glad if you too join us.
R: (confused) aye you long haired creature why didn’t you inform me that we are going for a party tonight.
O: (giving an irritated smile.) actually rudra I had forgot to inform you. and what will happen even if I inform you, you would have just got ready in the nick of time. Right before we leave so.

R: (logic sign) logic o. you are really great.
A: (not readily) amm om I don’t go out at nights and I am not used to party’s so I prefer that you three go and enjoy.
O: no anika actually we are not familiar to that area. And you well know the people around here and this place too. Plz come.
R: haan di I have missed talking to you I want to tell you a lot of things. Plz na di come. We promise to drop you back safely at home.
A: (she knew that she won’t be able to say no to them.) okay fine then. Stop saying plz. I will come.
R: didi wear something party type and come.
A: (smiling at his innocent confession) okay baba I get it. I think papa might have come by now so I should leave. Bye.
O: I will message you the place you have to come.
Omru: bye.

R: See you at the party didi.
Anika smiled and left. Om slapping rudra’s head.
O: (irritated) can’t you just listen silently to what people are telling. (showing him the message) this is why I asked her to come. Idiot.
R: (understanding) sorry o. I am not a mind reader that I can understand what goes in your mind.
In the evening anika came to the place where om had asked her to come. She was wearing a black gown with just a long earing hair open and some light makeup. Still anika was looking beautiful. She was warmly welcomed by the person standing at the door and he directed her to the reception. Anika asked the receptionist.
A: hello.\
R: (smiling at her) hello mam. How can I help you?
A: where can I meet Mr. shivay.
R: amm yaa he is out in the lawn at the top of the hotel. You can go right from here there is a lift. The lift person will help you till there.
The receptionist smiled at her. Anika felt something strange as she knew that no one keeps party in lawn. But she then received a message from om telling her to come up. She relaxed after reading it and she obliged.

So, that’s it people…. I hope you like it and my sweet sis don’t take too much tension I am fine take care of yourself too, and you all out there my friends(readers) thankyou once again and I am fine now. I know that you all are enjoying the story do keep reading and commenting as always.

This is priya signing off….

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