ISHQBAAZ – two people in general and then turning into each other’s souls forever(PART 1)

So, this is not a tale of love that one can find so easily. For some it might seem to be a mad love or crazy love but that’s not the real thing. This is just a simple tale which begins with two people in general and then they turning into each other’s souls forever. Like all the proverb says life is a beautiful gift that one has got hence enjoy it to the maximum. So, lets enjoy the further tale.

At some place in Mumbai, there is a beautiful mansion which is name OBEROI MANSION…. Time is nearly 7:00 am and a man in mid 20s is sleeping peacefully on his posh bed and dim light of the sun is falling in. The same time a girl also in mid 20s enters the room wearing a pink saree with her nuptial necklace tied on her neck, a long earing, and her hand right hand half filled with bangles. She pushes the curtain open and smiles at the man laden in slumber. Yes, so she is our Anika(A) and the man is none other than Shivay(S).
A: good morning, common common get up its time for u to get ready.
S: (getting disturbed by the sudden fall of sunlight he again covers himself with the blanket.) Five minutes more. (and turns himself away from the direction of window.)
A: (smiling as she was expecting the same behaviour and answer she came near him and pulling the blanket away.) Enough of your sleep. Get up now and get fresh else all will have to wait for the breakfast. (she was about to move but the same moment Shivay held her hand and pulled her back making her land atop of him leaving her surprised.)
S: (he finally opened his eyes and tucking the strands of hair behind her ear.) Let them wait there and if they are that much hungry let them make their own food (hearing this Anika gets confused) before that let me enjoy my breakfast here.

Anika blushed hearing it and her eyes went wide. She tried her best to move but he tightened his grip so she had no other option rather than blushing harder now. Shivay smirked and kissed her on her forehead then eyes and was travelling all the way to her lips and was about to kiss her when she pushed him back and sat up and said with a bit anger but still controlling her own raising and falling breath.
A: enough Shivay you have become too stubborn these days now it is not going to work. Get up right now and change. I am going down.
Saying this she ran off as if there is some lion behind her. Shivay smiled at the way she commanded him and the innocence with which she surrendered herself to him. He smiled and thanked god for giving him his life and reason for living and got off from the bed and went to get fresh.
In the kitchen…
As always Anika is making arrangements for the breakfast and the same time she is humming some song. Dadi enters and smiles seeing Anika.
Dadi(D): good morning puttar.

A: (realizing her presence and adjusting herself. Smiles looking her.) good morning Dadi. How are you?
D: (smiling patting her cheeks.) I am fine puttar. (looking around) well billu didn’t come till now. He is nowhere here.
A: he will come dadi. He is getting fresh.
Just then pinky enters and hearing the last sentence says…
Pinky(P): oh, my mata… he has gone to get fresh now. I tells you anika after your arrival we have to really wait for my heera beta to give us darshan. He really sleeps too late now a days.
A: (hearing this she gets nervous and looks here and there feeling embarrassed. She stammers.) mum…mummyji…voh…voh…
D: (smiling looking at anika getting nervous.) pinky don’t you know that u must not say like this to a newly married girl. Look how she is getting nervous.
A: (getting nervous and blushing hard.) no dadi its nothing like that I am not nervous. (looking at pinky) mummyji voh billuji was having some work at night and he slept late.
P: anika how many times have I asked u not to call me mummyji. Call me mom like Shivay calls.
A: okay mummyji… (looking at pinkys changing expression) I mean mom.
Rudra and om entering the place where anika’s class was already going on. They thought to pull her leg more.
Rudra and Om: well Bhabhi/anika you said that bhaiya/Shivay had work right. What was that work which wasn’t letting him sleep till late haan…?
Anika was now blushing much harder and was looking here and there to avoid glances of the people around her. Finally, dadi came to her rescue and said.
D: oye chup kar khotiya. Why are pulling my bahus leg haan?
S: (finally arriving there) who is pulling my wife’s leg here? (he looked at pinky but she just smiled at him. He looks at Rudra and om they try to scoot but Shivay in time hold their ears and says) and you both wanted to know right what was the work that didn’t let me sleep right.
Rudra(R): (wincing) ahh bhaiya it’s hurting. Plz na leave.
Om(O): yes, Shivay plz its really hurting. We won’t repeat it again. Haina rudra.
R: yes, bhaiya o is saying correct we won’t repeat it again.
S: (leaving them) good for you both.
O & R: (taking some steps back) but still we would like to know what was the work. (Shivay rolled up his sleeves but om and rudra ran off in the nick of time. Pinky too left from there smiling and patting Shivay’s cheek.)

S: good morning dadi…
D: good morning khotiya… why do you always arouse a circumstance for your brothers to make fun of my bahu? Haan.
S: (hugging her from behind) this is not fair dadi. You always take side of anika. I sometime doubt that is she your granddaughter or I am your grandson.
Anika gives a death glare to Shivay by keeping her hands on her waist and he smiles and winks at her making her eyes go wide. Dadi smiles and patting his cheeks says.
D: you used to be my grandson earlier but (going to anika and caressing her hand) now she is my daughter.
Anika gives a 1000 volt smile to Shivay and makes fun of him and Shivay says.
S: dadi that’s not fair. (looking at anika) and you panika what are you smiling at haan.
A: (with a frown) don’t spoil my name bagad billa.
S: (arguing back) hey don’t call me that.

A: (keeping her hands-on waist and showing attitude) well if u call me panika I can call you bagad billa right billuji.
S: (getting irritated.) stop calling me by that name.
A: (confused) which name bagad billa or billuji.
S: (getting really irritated but controlling his irritation) okay now don’t call me by both of them. My name is Shivay singh oberoy.
A: (folding her hands to her chest. And thinking to make more fun.) okay I get it so I should call you SSO. Fine then I will call you that.
Shivay now advances towards her but anika goes behind dadi who was smiling seeing them fighting. Finally, she says making Shivay stop.
D: enough you both. At least behave like a newlywed couple. Arre you are fighting as if you both have been married since decades.
S: don’t advise me dadi. Tell her she is the one who started it.
A: really Shivay. I was the one haan.
S: yes, you are solely responsible for whatever happened right now.
Anika was about to bargain back but dadi cut them again.

D: right now, I asked you to stop fighting and now you started off again. This why I say that you both are takkar ki Jodi. (Shivika smile looking at each other.) Do you both still remember how you both used to hate each other during initial time.
S: yes dadi. How can I forget it?
D: by seeing you both I could clearly say that you would complement each other. Really dear what were those days. Haina.
Shivika smile and then flashback mode.
Somewhere near a roadside anika is stuck and is going on mummering something to her scooty when Shivay comes there in his posh car but stops seeing the road closed. He comes out and approaches anika and starts talking to her but she seemed to be out of the world.
S: hello what’s is happening over here. (no reply.) excuse me can I know why this road is shut. (no reply. frowning) oh, hello miss I am talking to you. (no reply.)
On getting no answer Shivay slaps her behind her head and anika coming out of her dreamland fires back.
A: are you out of your nuts. How dare you Mr.? how dare you touch me haan?
S: really then what should I do when I am going on asking question and you madam are lost in your own dreamland.
A: so is this a way to behave with a girl (she gets off her scooty and advances towards him. And he backs off.) don’t you know how to behave with a girl. Say sorry.
S: (protesting back.) what sorry and me? (attitude) I don’t say sorry to anyone.
A: why by saying sorry your height will become less. (she stops and says by keeping her hand on waist)
S: Shivay singh oberoy never says sorry.

A: why are you some alien or some other planet species. (mummering) tadibaaz kahike.
S: (raising an eyebrow) what did you say. Well why am I even arguing with you? People like you are always the same.
A: (her mouth become perfect O) what do you mean by people like us haan? Now I am sure that you must have come from different planet.
S: (ignoring her but with attitude) well all I wanted to ask is why is this road blocked.
A: (mocking smile) ha… ha… ha… very good question. Can’t you see my barat is coming from other end.
S: what? (looking at the road and on finding none) I don’t see anyone and why on earth will someone marry a girl of your kind? And looking at you, you don’t seem to be a bride at all.
A: (angrily) eh kanji ankho wale bagad billa don’t you dare tell about my standards haan. I am having much better qualities than you have alright so control your language.
S: how dare you talk to me like that? Do you even know who I am?
A: whoever you might be but to the people like you one must really talk like the way I did?
S: (in mind [god, where am I stuck?]) well can’t you just answer to what I just asked. Why is this road shut?
A: there is some road maintenance ahead. Happy. (joining hands) now plz go back to your car and have a seat. (mocking him) else your pure white colour will get faded in the sun.
S: good for you to. I am least interested in talking with you.
A: ha… ha… as if I am dying to talk to you.
Shivay does his signature step and goes back to his car. Anika poke her tongue at him. Then after sometime the road opened and both drove off to their way. Months passed on and finally one bright day anika arrived at oberoy mansion and unknown that she was again going to meet the same person and above all she was going to organise his wedding.
She was warmly welcomed by dadi and priomru, and rest family except Shivay as he was in office. She was given her work room and she patched up with priomru very well.
O: so anika who all are there in your family.
A: amm I have a brother.

R: so, he might be elder than you right.
A: (smiling) no he is younger than me. He is still studying.
P: did you work somewhere before like organizing and all.
A: no this is my first assignment. Well this is your brother’s wedding, right? (she asked a bit confused)
O: yup why? Don’t you feel like it?
A: to be frank no.
R: why didi why do you feel so?
A: I mean it’s a little strange as it’s his wedding and he himself is busy with his works. Is he doing this marriage on his own wish or being compelled?
O: don’t worry he is like this only and it was his only decision to marry this early.
A: but still I feel like some compelled situation is imposed on him.

Shivay who was hearing it came there and answered surprising everyone. He couldn’t see anika as she was facing her back to him nor anika could see him.
S: well miss in that case you must ask me the reason right. And first thing you are appointed to do organize not to think.
Anika on hearing the voice was thinking as to where she might have heard it as it seemed to be too familiar to her. She then said turning without looking at him.
A: I got it sir but I was just giving my opinion.
S: (without looking at her as she was behind rudra and a bit rudely) you are here not to create opinion but to arrange my wedding so focus that.
O: (seeing the situation getting worse.) Shivay relax she was just saying.
S: no om she is appointed just to work not to interfere.
A: (finally on getting hell angry) look mister I am not interfering in anyone’s work (priynka was making her relax so she turned her to her side so Shivay didn’t see her again.) and from now on I will not interfere in your matter. Please leave now.
Shivay got hell angry as she asked him to leave. He finally made her turn and face him and now the situation was like some Hiroshima and Nagasaki bomb blast. Both anika and Shivay were shocked to see each other that they just spelled out.
S: tum……….
A: aappp…………..

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