ISHQBAAZ – two people in general and then turning into each other’s souls forever (PART 6)

Chapter: 6

Thank you all for giving me so much love and liking my ss. I am sorry to say as I really don’t know till what extent this story will go on. And till when will I keep on pestering you guys. Anyways enough of my tantrums. So, this is priya again signed in with another new chapter. Hope that you will like it.

(NOTE: in my story, she is not an orphan. And sahil is her real brother. Due to his treatment process, she had to settle in Mumbai with him as her father had a business back in Delhi whose support system was him. They had a cosy house which consisted of four bedrooms, a hall and kitchen. Her mom’s name is tulsi and father’s name is kabir.)

On the other hand, anika had come to Delhi. She was staying with her parents there. She is sitting supporting her back to a tree and is lost in her thoughts. Tulsi comes to her and seeing her lost in her world says.
Tulsi(Tu): what beta? Why are you sitting here? (she got no response back so she nodded her head in negative and placed her hand on anika’s shoulder. This made anika come back from her thoughts.) where are you lost anika? I am noticing you from the time you have come. And look at yourself what have you done to yourself.
A: (adjusting herself) I am fine ma. I was just thinking something. Anyways it doesn’t matter it’s just silly thing.
Tu: (sitting beside her.) really. If it is just a silly matter, then why are you not able to concentrate on anything. And the way you came here all of a sudden without informing and now this weakness that you are gaining day by day….
A: (she couldn’t complete as anika placed her hand on tulsi’s mouth. She said a bit irritated.) oh, ho ma you speak a lot. I said na I am fine then why can’t you accept it. (taking her hands off and then making up a smile.) look now I am smiling. Are you happy now.
Tu: (not yet convinced) okay then tell me how is your work going on in Mumbai. How are everyone back in OM.
A: (hearing it anika felt pain in heart. But she acted to be relaxed.) well I don’t know. I left that job mom.
Tu: (surprised) what you left that job? Do kabir know that you left the job? And what happened all of a sudden that you left the job without informing any one of us? Above all me…
A: (holding her hand and bringing tulsi to a sudden halt) ma papa knows that I left that job. And you don’t need to get this hyper it was just that I was not comfortable with that job. That’s it. And you know what? (tulsi raised an eyebrow in surprise. Anika smiled back) every people ask me from where do I get this much strength to argue with everyone.

Tu: (confused) haan so what tell whatever you want to tell clearly. You know well that I don’t like things to be circled round and round.
A: (cupping her face) when I am having such a talkative mom how can I keep mum on hearing exciting things.
She smiled and left her face. Tulsi who had not at all expected such an answer slapped anika behind her head and anika innocently rubbed the back of her head questioning what did she do now. Finally, tulsi said in a questioning voice.
Tu: is that all the reason why you are engrossed in deep thoughts from 2 weeks or something else.
A: (remembering shivay her face got dull but she faked a smile and said.) haan ma it’s just that I just can’t get over the love that those people gave me when I worked in OM.
Tu: okay so tell me something about them.
A: amm to start with dadi. She is the eldest of all of them and she is very loving and very charming. Then tej uncle he is very business oriented person but he loves every one of his family. Then Shakti uncle, he is younger than tej uncle & he is a devotional kind person but helps tej uncle in business. They both are brothers. Then Jhanvi and pinky aunty they are wife’s of tej and Shakti uncle and they are pretty much similar to you. Then priynka, om and rudra they are siblings and they are so cute. Om is a very sensitive person but soft hearted and priynka is so cute and lovely and then rudra he is grown up version of sahil.
Tu: (anika while describing them had developed an unknown smile on her face and tulsi had noticed it. She bluntly asked.) and what about bagad billa I mean shivay?

Anika’s smile vanished into thin air on hearing shivay’s name and she drifted back to his memories. But then suddenly it strikes, her that how did tulsi know of shivay. She looked at tulsi who was looking at her seeking some explanation. Anika asked with surprise.
A: how do you know about shivay? Wait a minute so you very well knew about others right.
Tu: that’s not the answer to the question that I asked you.
A: (getting up.) I don’t know about him. (she felt her eyes brimming up.)
Tu: (anika was about to leave when she stopped her and made her face her.) do you really think that you will be able to hide something from me anika. Beta I am your mom and a mother can understand when her child is happy and when she is not. Do you love him so much? Haan.

Anika now was unable to control herself that she just hugged tulsi tightly and started crying. Tulsi knew that anika needed this support so she just let anika cry and she was just rubbing her back. While the same time in Mumbai shivay was asked to day an off as he was stressing himself too much. He unwantedly kept the wish and locked himself in his room. Omru came to his room and knocked the door which shivay unwantedly answered. They came in and rudra started off with his antiques.
R: you know bhaiya now a days I am not getting my protein shake regularly. I fear that my health will degrade if it continues like this. Then what will happen to my gf’s.
S: amm sorry rudra I know that it is because of me that you are not getting it on time.
R: (in an innocent voice.) what bhaiya you are not at all good as you not taking care of me?
S: (patting his cheeks.) I know rudra. Sorry yaar, I am too busy with work now a days that I can’t just concentrate on something else.
O: (a bit angry and a bit concerned) really shivay. Work is keeping you busy. As far as I know Mr. oberoy and chote papa are working in the same office where you are working. But they are never busy like the way you are.
S: obviously, om how can I give them stress when I am there with them. I am young and I have the ability to take stress.
O: I agree shivay but weren’t they working with you earlier also. At that time, too you used to return back with them. So just tell me what kind of work has emerged all of a sudden after anika’s departure that keeps you so busy in office.
R: haan bhaiya… (making a crying face) o is correct. After anika didi has left you are no more living your life to the fullest.
Hearing anika shivay’s face fell and he just felt some amount of pain was running across his chest. He felt his pride to break at that question and why not it should break as he was such a dumb to not understand that he loved anika not tia. Yes, the great wall of SSO had been broken and that was done by none other than shivay for not realizing his own hearts condition. He saw omru looking at him with questioning eyes and he just turned away from them as he didn’t want them to show his broken condition.

Om who knew that shivay won’t answer so easily made him turn. He held his arms and said.
O: shivay why are you doing this with yourself?
S: (acting as if he is not knowing anything.) what om what am I doing?
O: (getting cautious.) shivay we both know that you are not able to forget anika and her pranks.
R: haan bhaiya… why didn’t you accept your feelings?
S: (confused) what feelings rudra? And om why are you driving anika in between and why on earth wont I be able to forget her? After all who is she to me.
O: (getting angry) do you want me to tell what is she to you shivay. Or are you becoming rudra that you are not able to understand the state of your own heart.
S: (freeing himself he turned facing his back to them) I really don’t know what you are talking about om. And I really don’t care whether anika was there here or not. If she was here, then also I would have carried my work like I am doing now.
O: (he got angry but rudy patted his back making him calm down.) okay shivay just tell me how is tia?
S: (irritated) how will I know that how is she om? I just don’t want to know about her health.
R: but bhaiya tia is going to be your wife right then how can you ignore her.
S: (irritated) rudy it’s her life and her way of living why should I interfere in her life.
O: shivay rudy is correct tia is going to be your wife and that too within 2 months from now. And after all it is your responsibility that you must ask your would-be wife if she is okay or not.
S: (calming down) well om I think it’s my problem. Plz don’t tell me what to do and what not?
O: fine then can you plz tell me that why are you punishing yourself.
S: what I am punishing myself? And who told you that?
O: (mocking him) shivay nobody needs to tell me. It is you who is creating such a condition which can make people living with you understand things even in your silence
S: really om… (mocking him back) then can you plz favour me by telling what is the thing that makes you feel that I am no longer that shivay whom I used to be.
O: (smiling) leave it shivay even if I will confess I know your ego will not let you accept what I am telling you.
R: haan bhaiya o is correct you might be the great wall, but that wall is just in front of us. And the real thing is you are also a simple human like all of us.
O: (holding shivay by arms) you know what shivay a normal human has emotions.
S: (looking back at him) but I am not like others om. I don’t have feelings for anyone except family, I don’t feel relaxed when my family is in trouble….
O: (smiling at him) correct shivay I agree with you. But the fact is you try be our protection but when the question comes to you, you are unable to realize what your heart wants for you. As you said you are having feelings only for your family who is us but the real thing is you do care for someone and that caring is much more than what you do for us. There are times when you feel relaxed even when we are in trouble and that time that someone is near to you. Even now also you want me to give you example.
S: (removing om’s hand. He knew that om was talking about anika but he was not ready to confess the truth t them yet.) om I think you are overthinking. And I really don’t care who that someone is of whom you are talking about.
O: (unable to hold his anger he burst out) shivay I don’t believe that this is you who is talking like this. And even if we say that anika is nothing for you will you be able to digest the fact. Or should I say that killing yourself every second in her absence is the punishment that you are giving yourself.
R: (almost on the urge of crying) bhaiya why are you not accepting that you do care for anika di. You have become inhuman from the time she left this mansion. And why are you doing this marriage with this lady baba even when you know that you feel for anika di?

Shivay couldn’t take it more he just sat on the bed and hid his face in both his palms. Whatever omru told him was ringing in his head. His days with anika and her smile, gestures, her face, her innocence all flashed in front of him. He knew that they always wanted his happiness and would only tell something like this when they see him breaking down.
Om kept his hand on his shoulder to make him relax but to his surprise shivay hugged him back. For the first time the great wall of SSO cried in front of them. Omru tried to pacify him down but shivay was not in control now.

So, done with this part. If you like it do comment or if it is going off track happily mention that too. All kind of comments are welcomed if it is good or bad.
So, this is priya signing off.

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