ISHQBAAZ – two people in general and then turning into each other’s souls forever (PART 18)

Chapter: 18
Okay so this is priya again with another part of the story… todays episode will be of shivika’s wedding and you all are welcomed there. This is very long part so without wasting time let’s just begin.

In the morning haldi ceremony was going to get conducted. Since dadi was having some problems anika’s family came there in OM to celebrate it. Anika dressed in a white and yellow choli was made to sit in the hall. She was looking like a princess with all flowery jewellery. Mangtika, necklace, earing, bangles, waist band and all. Pinky put a black mark behind her ear. Omru were teasing her.
R: o I think bhaiya is not going to take his eyes off from bhabhi.
O: haan rudy she is looking like a fairy. I just hope that shivay remains in his senses after seeing her.
A: (pulling their ears) enough you 2. What do you think haan? I am not at all like other bhabhi’s who just hear her devars making fun of her.
Omru: (smiling) sorry. (anika left them. Elders smiled seeing them)
O: well anika shivay was not there in OM whole night. Was he with you?
R: haan bhabhi I had also seen him coming in the morning that too in his night clothes.
A: (her face dropped on hearing it. She starts coughing and tulsi lended her water. Tulsi smiled at her and anika replied) no I was not with shivay.
O: (smiling naughtily) but when did we say that you were with shivay.
A: I meant I had not met shivay. might be he had gone out to show his tadi to someone.
In the mean-time shivay came down wearing white kurta pyjama. He smiled at tulsi who gave him a smirk back. Finally, pinky made him sit facing anika. he was totally lost in seeing her and was just looking at her with admiration. Anika gave him a smile back and then omru drew the net in between them. Shivika both looked at them the same time annoyed and they just poked them back. Dadi said smiling on seeing children’s play.
D: so, you both might be thinking that why have we drawn the curtain. Haina puttar. (shivay nodded) amm this function should have happened at the individual’s house but taking consideration of me it is happening here. Well since it is happening here we have drawn this so that you both see each other. Let’s start the function.

All the elders blessed them and began applying haldi on them. Shivay and anika were at times looking at each other and smiled. Dadi while applying them also tied a thread to them. Shivay though was showing fussing in applying it just wished to get the function completed. Last and finally omru came to apply. At anika’s side om went first and on shivay’s side rudy.
Shivika felt that they were going to do something which they won’t like in the end so they just looked at them. Om smiled and then dipping hand in haldi came close to her but the time he was going to apply she arched back and said.

A: om if you are willing to apply properly then only apply. I don’t want to look horrible.
O: chill anika I am not going to eat you up.
He smiled and then cutely applied the haldi on her face. He hugged her and thanked her to bring shivay back. She too smiled and applied some haldi back on his face. On shivay’s side shivay saw rudy going to dip his whole hand in haldi, so he clearing his throat said.
S: rudra… you are just asked to apply me haldi not to torture me.
R: (confused) haan bhaiya and after all who tortures a person at the time of haldi.
S: then what were you planning to do by dipping your whole hand in haldi.
R: oh, I was just measuring the length and height of the bowl.
S: what? Rudra now a-days you are more interested in maths not bad.
R: okay so if you are done can I apply.

Shivay first nodded in no then smiled and rudy too applied nicely on his face. Then teams changed omru came to either side. Shivika smiled at them and then were looking each other when omru taking whole lot of haldi in hands applied it on shivika’s face. Shivay who was at first shocked looked at om as if he will kill him any moment. Om was laughing on him when shivay grabbed haldi which was kept near him and smudged it all on om’s face. Om instantly gave him a bone crashing hug. While anika looked at rudy like she will eat him up and then at her whole dress where the haldi was still there. She then smiled at him and rudy smiled back and on finding that something was going on in her mind he tried to escape.
But anika held his hand and she rubbed the whole pack of haldi which was in her hand on his face, hand and shirt. Rudy smiled and then said.
R: bhabhi you have done a mistake by applying the haldi on my kurta.
A: (confused) why?
R: (smiling wickedly) because of this…
He just hugged her and the whole wet haldi got imprinted on her dress too. Then they smiled and parted. Finally, shivay had got some call and had gone to room when anika sneaked in and totally unexpected she applied the haldi in her hand on his face. Shivay was like what the hell and then he told the person on phone that he would call back. Anika was about to escape when he held her hand and stopped her. she just stood there where she was facing her back to him.
Shivay then pulled her back and hugged her from behind said.
S: so, how can you think that I will leave you when you do this kind of thing that easily.
A: (looking around) shivay leave people are there outside. Already we were caught in the morning now I don’t want to repeat that.
S: not so soon first let me complete my task first.
A: (confused) task what task?

He then kissed her on her neck making her go silent and then made her turn and face him. She was hell nervous and was breathing heavily. He stealthily took the haldi already on her hand and then applied it on her cheeks. Anika was losing herself in his touch and she was holding on tightly to him. Then he travelled all down to her neck and applied it there to. Though he was doing all this he was also losing himself to her. anika was now trembling on his touch and shivay could feel her shiver. He then travelled and applied it on her hand and then he was about to apply it on her back when anika hugged him. She couldn’t bear more and she also couldn’t handle it so to escape she hugged him. Shivay smiled and hugged her back.

Then after they were talking to some guest when omru took shivay with them talking nonsense to the poolside and tulsi and priyanka brought anika there. Shivika on seeing each other smiled. Then shivay asked.
S: om rudra will you now tell me why have you brought here.
O; actually, na shivay… my watch that you had gifted me remember.
S: haan what happened just tell it clearly.
R: bhaiya it fell in the pool so just can you see inside if it is there or not.
S; (irritated) really om you could have yourself seen it. Have you both brought me to find the watch. (omru nodded with a puppy face) fine let me see…
The same time on anika’s side anika asked.
A: ma priyanku why have you brought me here.
Tu: (making a serious face) anika the thing is…
A: (concerned) ma you seem to be serious what happened?
Pr: actually, anika aunty was wearing the earing which was gifted by you. and…
A: and what baba? You both are creating a suspense. Just tell na…
Tu: I was walking here and it fell in the pool.
A: (calming down) that’s it. You wait I will see.

She and shivay both came to the pool end the same time. Omru gave a thumb up to priyanka and tulsi and they too did the same. Then om indicated count from 3-2-1 and they pushed shivika in water and laughed. Shivika who had not expected took time to get steady and then looked at the persons who pushed them in. shivay glared omru with anger and anika looked like she will kill them now. Tulsi controlling her laugh said.
Tu: so, my love birds take your own time and remove the haldi.
O: haan but come out of the water soon else tomorrow you will have to do the wedding in hospital if you catch cold.
R; and I don’t want my bhaiya and bhabhi too look in hospital dress at the time of wedding.
Saying this they went away and shivika looked at each other and smiled. They helped in removing the haldi and then came out. Then in the afternoon anika’s family returned back home. Finally, shivika remained in touch by calling each other and then at night they slept talking only. The next day at anika’s home dadi came and made her wear the chuda (white and red bangles) and blessed her. At the venue in the evening shivay was getting ready in his room and anika was made to get ready. She was so excited that tulsi had a difficult time managing her. tulsi said.
Tu: arre normally at this time girls sit crying that they are going to go away. And look at you, you are jumping like monkey.

A: (irritated) ma I am not a monkey. Do you get that? And secondly, I am not like other girls.
Tu: haan I know there was some serious mistake the god had committed that he made you a girl.
A: ma relax I am not going to Tihar jail instead I am going to get married so why should I be sad I must be happy na… (doing logic action)
Tu: haan… haan… I get it now sit else I will not allow you to go to our own wedding.
Anika on hearing it instantly sat and tulsi smiled and made her ready. In shivay’s side om on seeing shivay nervous asked.
O: shivay are you all right.
S: no om I am feeling tensed.
O: yaa I can see that. Shivay you are going to get married not going to write board exams.
S: om when I had been asked to write board exams I was not at all tensed like this.
O: (giving him a glass of water.) shivay have this. And take a deep breath and relax. You know what shivay in marriages girls get tensed but here you are getting tensed.
S: or else what do you expect. I am going to marry an insane girl.
O: haan I know well this was your decision.
S: (smiling) I know that. I don’t know but I can’t afford to lose her now. (om smiled.)

Then on the call they both were brought to the mandap. Shivay who was already present saw anika coming by being brought under the shawl. She was just glowing even on her light makeup. Both smiled at each other. Then they were made to sit and the pundit started the mantras for wedding. Shivay and anika did all what they were asked to then after jaimala they were made to do some more Pooja. Then they were made to do the seven rounds and in each round, they were promising each other to be there for each other forever. Then after that shivay made her wear the nuptial necklace and finally he filled her partition with sindoor owning her forever. Anika who was all calm till now had tears in eyes.

Then they took the blessing of the elders and that time shivay realized that his shoes were missing. Shivay looked around and anika asked him.
A: what are you trying to find billuji?
S: amm my shoes.
A: must be here somewhere? Or did you forget to wear it.
S: anika I had come here till mandap wearing it. You fool.
A: (holding her waist.) whom are you calling fool haan?
S: you only who else do you find here looking like a fool?
A: (mocking him) you.
S: (irritated) look I don’t have time to waste on a stupid talk with you.
A: (shocked) you are calling me stupid.
P: oh, my mata. Stops you both you are just now married and you have already started fighting.
S: mom where are my shoes.
A: I have asked the guest to put pickle of your shoes.
S: seriously anika. was that a joke.
Sh: arre enough you both. SSO your shoes are with me. But I will only return you if you satisfy my certain conditions. (shivay smiled and asked him to say) you will never make my di cry. (shivay nodded) good. You will take good care of her always.
O: don’t worry of that sahil he will always take care of anika. I guarantee you.
Sh: okay so last one jiju you will not make di feel our absence. Keep her accompanied always.
S: fine baba. Now plz return my shoes.
Sh: arre what so hurry? Give me some amount then I will give you shoes.
A: sahil bad manners.
Tu: what bad manners anika he is asking his right. You don’t interfere try saving your husbands balance after getting his credit card from him.
A: ma you also.
S: okay. (he took out some money and gave it.) happy. Now shoes my little blackmailer.

Sahil smiled and returned the shoes. It was time for anika to say bye to her family she hugged tulsi and kabir at the same time and cried but they blessed her and lastly throwing the rice type thing bid bye to them and started for her new life. Shivay made her calm down and here too she did some entry ritual like placing haldi hand on the door. Then pinky did their Pooja and said.
P: so anika let the kalash down and enter.
Anika was about to do it when rudra said.
R; wait… wait… wait bhabhi the kalash might be heavy. Don’t worry use all your strength and push it.
Shivay gave him a death glare and anika let down the kalash and got in, then priyanka kept the red water and shivay held anika’s hand and helped her in walking. Finally, they were made to sit in front of a big bowl and shivay asked confused seeing it filled with milk and rose.
S: mom now do we have to drink this thing.
D: arre nahi puttar. This is a game. So, all you have to do is find a ring which will be dropped in it.
S: and what will happen if we do this?
J: shivay it is said that the person who finds it first will rule the rest of the life further.
S: okay.
Priomru: but shivay/bhaiya we all are on bhabhi’s side.
S: haan I know when new member comes you will only take their side.
Elders: don’t worry beta we are on your side.
Shivay smiled at omru. Then they started the game and they both almost searched for nearly 20 minutes. Everyone were cheering their respective partners. Finally, they both took their hand out holding the ring the same time. People around started smiling and made some sounds and shivika looked at each other and smiled. Dadi said smiling.
D: this is the reason why I say that you both are takkar ki Jodi. Anyways now since everything is over let’s wrap this up and everyone can now go to take rest.

Everyone smiled and left. Anika was removing the jewellery when shivay entered the room and hugged her from behind. Anika smiled and looked at him in the mirror and said.
A: billuji get some rest. I will change and come.
S: (holding her back) well if you want I can help you in changing.
A: (smiling) so sweet of you… (she then beating his hand which was on her waist) but I can manage myself.
S: (smirking) and what if I don’t let you go then.
Anika looked at him surprised. He then made her turn and then tucked the hair strand behind her ear. He was about to come close to her when they were disturbed by the loud banging on the door. Shivay looked somewhere cursing the person and anika smiled looking at him. She then said teasing him.
A: go and open the door else they will come in.

Shivay went and opened the door and find priomru standing there with eyes closed. Shivay cleared his throat asked in an irritated tone.
S: what happened? Why are you all here?
P: (opening eyes) well bhaiya… we came to talk to bhabhi.
S: priyanku have you seen the time. It’s too late. Talk with her tomorrow.
A: (coming there) no need priyanka tell what you want to tell.
O: well shivay we had come to check if the lock is perfectly fine or not.
S: really om. Just tell me when did you start doing carpentry work.
R: no bhaiya actually it is just that if tomorrow by chance choti ma comes and find you in some… (smiling) you know what I mean. Then it won’t be good na…
A; haan that’s correct. (she did the logic sign.)
S: (irritated) okay enough of you all and priyanka omru tell it straight what you want.
O: it’s very simple shivay. if you want us to leave then give us money. Then we will leave.
S: (confused) why on earth should I give money to you.
R: (dragging anika with him) fine then sleep without her.
S: (holding anika back) wait okay fine. One minute.
Shivay took his wallet from the cupboard and then handed the whole lot of money which was in it. Omru looking at it and said making a disgusting face.
Om: only this much.
S: well I don’t own an ATM in my room that I can withdraw money any moment and give you. I am only having this.
Pr: no problem bhaiya we will manage.
S: fine then now leave.
O: what’s so hurry shivay? let’s talk na…
S: om I am tired.
R: haan bhaiya we know what is that tiredness. (he smiled looking at anika. and she gave him a death glare.)

Finally, after contently pulling their legs priomru went. Shivay locked the door and pulled anika close to him. Anika who was least expecting it just banged against him and he locked her in between him. She then trying to escape said.
A: billuji leave me I have to get changed.
But shivay just smiled and picked her up. Anika looked at him with wide open eyes and shivay just smiled and placed her on bed. Anika was totally nervous now. She was taking heavy breaths. Shivay looked at the way she was getting nervous and then he kissed her on cheeks and she was gripping her dress to control herself. Then he came close to her neck and kissed her there and simultaneously removed the earing of that side. He did the same with the other and then made her lie down.
Anika couldn’t take it more so she just tried turn but shivay held her back and kissed her trembling lips. (HELLO, WHAT ARE WE DOING THERE? LET THEM ENJOY THEIR NIGHT. GIVE THEM SOME PRIVACY.) next day morning anika was asked to make something for her first rasoi. She in her tension made carrot halva. Shivay was asked to come and taste the halva. He asked confused.
S; why should I taste first dadi you the elder person you have it?
D: arre khotiya. Your wife has made it with so much love common have it. Anika puttar serve him.

Anika obliged and served him. Shivay then prayed to god and had a bite. He found it really salty and looked at anika. she looked at him back and pinky asked.
P: you have not told anything till now. So, I think it is really good. Give anika let me also taste too. Let me see how good my bahu is.
Anika smiled and was about to give the bowl when shivay said.
S: amm mom why do you want to have it?
O: (confused) what do you mean by why do we want to have it?
S: I mean I liked it very much. (snatching the plate from anika) give me I want to have more.
Anika looked at him confused and she asked.
A; is it so nice that you are taking this whole bowl.

Shivay gave her a look. Dadi smiled and looked at shivay and all others said the mean time when he was going to eat.
D: oye khotiya. Stop right now. (to the servant) take this halva and bring the halva which anika prepared.
S: (confused) what do you mean dadi?
D: I had purposely made this to check what would be your reaction if you eat this.
R; what does that mean now?
D: amm the one which billu was made to eat was full of salt.
P: oh, my mata… shivay what has happened to you? you weres going to eat whole salty halva.
O: hmm it’s just one day of marriage and you are already safeing bhabhi. Not bad.
A; (she took the halva which she had served and tasting it she made a horrible face and asked in anguish) billuji it is so salty. How did you manage to eat this much?
D: (everyone smiled and looked at him expecting answer) okay now enough don’t make fun of them. It happens. Billu always remain like this and love my bahu like this always.
S: yes dadi…
P: and haan one mores thing anika I need my kanji eyes grand childerns soon.
Shivay who was drinking water chocked it out and omru rubbed his back. Anika almost blushed and looked at pinky. Pinky asked.
P: arre what did I say all of a sudden that you both are reacting like this.
J: pinky… they are just married now and you are saying about kids.
P: haan toh jethaniji. I didn’t say that I need them tomorrow I just said soon.
S: okay I got it mom. Plz we will discuss it afterwards.
O: haan… haan… why not? You don’t worry choti ma if shivay goes on this pace na then soon we will be getting good news.
Anika just looked here and there and shivay gave om a death glare. Om pocked him back and that’s it, that went on forever. No one left a single chance to make fun of them and finally after one year as pinky said anika gave the good news that she is pregnant. Everyone cheered and were eagerly waiting for the new member to come.

That’s it friends I am ending this ss here. And I am sorry to mention this the last part of this story and I know that you have constantly asked me to continue writing the story further. I can only take the story this far. I am very gladful to the readers who all the while read this ss so far and some or the other day I had to wind this up. I guess I needn’t had to pester you guys saying that plz comment and all that. All, thanks to you if you all had not encouraged me then for sure I wouldn’t had written it till this 18th episode. I am very thankful to all my daily readers and friends. And I am not in a right condition to take too much stress. Sorry, if I hurt you all.
And about me….
Myself priya. But my real name is Yaashi. My dad used to call me priya that’s why I had introduced myself as priya. I am a Keralite. Basically, a Malayalee. I might be really elder than you guys as I am almost 25 now and I am a software engineer by profession. I was a short story writer during my school days and college too and have got a tint too write stories from that time. Yaa so I guess that’s it.
All I can say is I have got too many friends from this page and all thanks to you readers & I guess I will really miss you all and specially your comments and encouragement. But if possible I will come up with some other story. I can’t assure. And Hasna (my sweet sis) I am going to miss you…. Anyways I guess the farewell speech was too long and boring. Once again thank you all thanks for everything….
This is priya signing off for the last time…. Take care…. And keep falling in love….


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    glad to know you priya 🙂

    1. Priyadas

      i am sorry i ended this ss without any rior information…. well samm you know me dear…. myself yaashi adiwaith man…. i gessed that you will get to know me by the name i mentioned in farewell speech…. anways i will surely read your ff… i am glad that you liked my work….

  29. Ruksy

    Totally loved it ??????????????

    1. Ruksy

      Sad to see you end but just know that I totally loved the whole ss ???

      1. Priyadas

        thanks and no one here needs to mention that how much youlike my ss… well i guess i got lucky that i could impress you all….. you were one of my regular reader too….. thanks a lot for reading this ss till the end…

    2. Priyadas

      thanks ruksy….

  30. plz write epilogue
    and come up with new one
    still waiting

    1. Priyadas

      let me see dear whay i can do…. i will try… well thanks for reading this ss till now.

  31. nyc work priya….u did it really well….nvr thought a mallu cud write so well..but u proved me wrong…eagerly waiting to read more of ur work….thumbs up daa..

    1. Priyadas

      thankyou christy…. i am really glad that you liked the story…

  32. Sorry 4 late comment…also I xan’t comment in your previous 2 updatea…sorry…..And the story was awsome…..Glad to know that u r a malayalee…I am also from kerala…

    1. Priyadas

      thankyou san…. its okay dear i am glad that you read till last…

  33. It’s Superb…Please come with another one……

    1. Priyadas

      i will think of it…..

  34. Mrunal

    finally it’s last part and I’m gonna miss this ff very badly..
    I’m very big late latif and u know this..
    still u bear with me.. continued to response me back that was so nice…
    I’m very satisfied right now..
    blissful journey..
    i wish it continue to infinity..
    but i know every starting comes with and ending just the difference is that sometimes it ends in sad/wrong ways or sometimes it ends with happy note…

    and I’m glad that this journey ended on happy note….

    love u dear..
    take care of ur health…

    1. Priyadas

      my sweet friend the epiloge is still left so at least read it too… then i will consider this sad note of your as consideration of my ss end…. so do read that too…. anyways thanks for reading and dont thank me i must thank you all afterall you beared me till this prt and even encouraged me….

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