ISHQBAAZ – two people in general and then turning into each other’s souls forever (PART 17)

Chapter: 17

Hello everyone I hope that you all enjoyed the festivals yesterday. And the was very special for me too. Anyways I hope that you have enjoyed the episode so far and hope that you will do further. So, let’s start with today’s part. This is priya signed in with another part. Enjoy.

The next day mehendi was organized. Anika had worn a simple but party type peach frock. She was made to sit in the centre of the hall and as ritual pinky applied some mehndi pattern which was further carried by the designer. The gents were talking outside. The mehndi was done and then shivay’s S was very creatively hidden inside the patterns of henna. After it dried shivay was called near and dadi said.
D: come puttar have a seat. (he sat next to anika) now you have to do something.
S: (looking at the smiling ladies. He said amused) dadi if you have made me sit here expecting me to put this thing then I am sorry I am least interested.
Anika was smiling seeing his face but she was controlling herself. Pinky then said.
P: oh, my mata… my heera son no ones is going to apply mehndi. But you are made to comes here for some other thing.
D: haan puttar… anika mehndi contains the first letter of your name.
S: (confused) haan so?
Priyanka: (cuddling anika from behind) so you have to find it and if you win then you can ask anything from bhabhi…
R: (pulling his leg) anything doesn’t mean that you will ask something personal.
O: (smiling) haan ask something which she can give in front of us.
Priyanka: (shivay gave them a made-up smile) or if bhabhi wins you will have to do…
Tu: what I say?
S: (rubbing his temple) fine then let’s start.

Anika arched her back and then sat facing shivay extending her hands to him. Shivay searched for almost 15 min but he was not getting a single trace in it. Anika wanted to show him but he was not even looking at her. finally, he gave up and said.

S: amm I think the designer must have forgot to write the letter. It is nowhere in this thing.
A: (mocking him) hello mr. akdu. The letter is there okay… and for your information it is made on my hand not yours that you are telling that there is some sort of mistake.
D: billu so you accept your defeat.
Shivay nodded and all cheered anika. finally, dadi told.
D: so, since billu has failed the test tulsi puttar give him his punishment.
Tu: ji ma. (raising a brow) so shivay what are you ready to do?
S: (smiling back) whatever you want?
Tu: fine then… listen… (coming near them) my daughter has had enough of sufferings. So, I just want you to keep her happy for the rest of her life and be her support when she breaks down.

Anika’s eyes got moist and she hugged tulsi at once. Then tulsi looked at shivay and he nodded in a positive. Anika was now sitting in shivay’s room trying to dry the henna when shivay sneaked in. anika stood up on seeing him and asked.

A: you…. what are you doing here?
S: (coming towards her and she moved back) well I guess I came here to see you.
A: (nervously) shivay people are standing outside and what are you doing? The door is also open.
S: haan so what’s wrong anika. after two days, we are going to get married and I am romancing my wife not some random girl.
A: but shivay… (in the process of walking back she was about to fall when shivay held her and made her stand erect from falling down by holding her waist. Anika getting conscious) shivay what are you doing plz leave me.
S: no… (anika looked at him confused) not till I answer the question that was asked out.
A: (confused) what question shivay?
S: the same one where is the letter hidden in your henna.
A: haan but you were not able to find it na… now what do you want you want to sit here whole night and find the letter out.

Shivay smiled and this made anika surprised. He then slowly raised her hand in which the letter was hidden. Anika on his sudden touch just looked at him nervous. He then pointed the letter and said.

S: here it is. (and he left her and moved back)
A: (looking at him disbelief. She asked surprised) when you knew it why didn’t you show it to ma.
S: well I didn’t want to make you fail so…
A: (still confused) but shivay still….
She couldn’t complete as he pulled her close and said coming close to her ears.
S: daksh had made you almost away from me and I know that you have died a hundred death there itself. So, since you have done this much sacrifice for me then can’t I do this much for you, and to be frank if I had won, all I wanted from you is your agreement to become mine. And that agreement was given by you long back. So, basically, I don’t want anything else.
He looked at her and she just looked at him shocked. Shivay smiled and pecked her cheeks when omru came in and on seeing this state said turning away from them.
Omru: bhaiya/shivay get a room.
S: (shivika parted and facing them. annoyed) well I guess this is a room. I mean my room.
O: (omru smiled and faced them. Giving a naughty smile) well shivay locks are provided to lock.
S: (irritated smile) really om I didn’t knew that thanks a lot. Well what are you doing here?
R; amm we came to see bhabhi’s mehndi. But I guess she is really busy. (anika blushed harder) so we will come after sometime.
O: yes, rudy is correct. (they were about to leave) shivay just lock from inside if you are really planning to do something then.

Shivay rolled up his sleeves and omru laughed and ran away. Shivay too ran behind them. Anika smiled and sat back recalling what shivay said and her miserable state in that godown. Tears started coming out from her eyes. Then after the function rudy dropped anika’s family home. Dadi coming to shivay’s room and found him working. She said a bit irritated.

D: I really don’t know what has happened to the men in this house. (shivay looked at her confused)
S: (confused) what happened dadi? Do you need something?
D: haan something important.
S: (making her sit) okay tell me what is that thing.
D: can you just give yourself some rest?
S: (confused) what?
D: arre after 2 days is your marriage and still you are sitting in front of this manhoos laptop and working.
S: (smiling) dadi it’s just some urgent work. After all you won’t be allow me to go to office na so I am just finishing the things for that.
D: puttar really when tej and Shakti were going to marry they were also like this but the only difference was that they were having file and you are having laptop.
S: dadi did you come to tell this thing at this time.
D: arre haan I forgot I had come to tell you that you won’t be allowed to meet anika after tomorrow’s function.
S: (shocked) what? Why dadi?
D: (smiling) it is a ritual billu. After haldi the girl and the boy are not allowed to meet. They can then meet only on the day of marriage.
S: but dadi…
D: no excuses billu just I came to tell you this. Take rest. Good night.
Shivay’s face dropped. Dadi smiled at him and went. At anika’s place she was also sad on knowing this. She then had her food and kabir sked her gloomy face.
K: what happened beta? Are you okay.
A: (sadly) how can I be papa? You are rusticating me from meeting billuji from tomorrow.
K: (smiling) well you are becoming sad like we have stopped you from seeing him till whole life, don’t worry beta it’s just till marriage you can see him after that.
A: (making faces) oh really papa. (sternly) well I know that. But I can’t stay without seeing him.
K: anika these are all rituals and we can’t break them.
A: fine then. Can you just change this topic now?
K: so, what are you planning to keep your name after marriage?
A: simple Mrs. Oberoy.
K: why is there some kind of ownership transfer going on that you will change your complete name.
A: (snapping back) really papa you are telling it. So, just tell me why didn’t you say this dialogue to ma. After all she is carrying your name with her.
K: amm I had asked her but she just gave me some insane reasons.
A: leave that. So, papa after 2 days is my marriage and then after that I will leave you.
K: haan so?
A: so, will you miss me?
K: no. (she gets shocked) instead I will get a sigh of relief that you are getting rid of my head.
A: (she got angry and banging her hand on table she asked angry) what am I burden to you?
K: (smiling) when did I say that?
A: (mocking him) really then can you pardon me to tell what you meant by thing that you told earlier.
K: arre I meant that I won’t have to face this madness now. I can only pray that shivay remains intact after marrying you.
A: (shocked on hearing that) you are calling me mad? Then let me tell you papa you are the person who is mad. Arre you are not even getting senti on learning that I am going to leave you.
K: (holding her hand) beta I know that I have not spent much time with you all and I have not at all talked to you properly as all your childhood days I used to be too busy in my work.

But still then you nor tulsi complained about it. And you have never made me feel that thing as whenever I used to be at home you like this used to fight and talk nonsense. So, when my daughter never complained me of not giving her time how can I complain on your leaving me. And above that you have been a good daughter and a sister too. (his eyes got moist)

A: (she got tears. She got up and hugged him from behind) I will miss you papa. And (looking at him) don’t ever think that you have not given me time. I know that you were really busy. So, I can’t complain either.
K: (leaving her) I will miss you to beta. But what to do? Shivay has stolen my princess from me. And if he will know that I have made you cry then for sure he will not leave me.
A: (they both laughed at it. Anika to lighten up the mood) and I won’t then leave him if in case he does something with my family.
K: haan how can I forget you are the biggest Hitler of this house?
A: (narrowing eyes) Hitler acha. Let me show you what this Hitler can do?

She looked at the room around to find something but kabir laughed and escaped from there. Later at night anika was tossing on bed as she was not getting sleep and visuals of their hers and shivay’s flashed in front of her eyes. A smile had crept on her face by now and she heard a voice asking.

Voice: what are you thinking that is making you smile like this panika? Are you thinking about me?
A: (unknowingly answered) haan… (then reality struck her that its late night and who was in her room. She turned around to find shivay sitting on the other side of bed. She was at first shocked and then asked softly so that others don’t wake up.) billuji what are you doing here? That too (looking at time in phone) at 2 of night.
S: (smiling) nothing I was not getting sleep. So, thought to see you. and surprisingly you are wide awake.
A: (coming and sitting near him) actually I was just thinking how things got changed in our lives.
S: (confessing) haan I falling for a girl like you.
A: (angry) what do you mean by a girl like me?
S: I mean who always go on chattering even when there is nothing to talk, and acting senseless even on having huge sense inside.
A: well then, it’s your fault. Now you have to bear me as I am not going to change myself a bit.
S: (pulling her close that she almost landed on him) and don’t even dare to change. (looking at her eyes) well looks like you had cried.
A: (sitting erect) haan but that was long back.
S: and why did you cry?
A: billuji I am going to leave my family after 2 days and how can you expect me to be normal then.
S: well if you want to meet them anytime you can meet them. I don’t have a problem in that.
A: that’s very sweet of you, but mr. senti a girl cannot constantly visit her house after marriage. And what do you think you will allow me to go all alone?
S: of-course not anika I will accompany you. how can you expect that I will allow you to go alone?
A: exactly. (wrapping her hands around his neck) and I don’t want my in-laws to make fun of me saying that their son has become my slave as he is accompanying me wherever I go. (she smiles)
S: (he too smiles back.) well leave that what were you thinking that you were smiling like a fool.
A: (holding his collar. And a bit angrily) don’t you even dare to call me a fool?
S: (smiling and taking her hands of collar) okay fine my mistake. So, tell me what were you thinking?
A: (smiling back) hmm good for you. well nothing just some good old days.
And then they were talking and didn’t know when they slept. In the morning shivay was sitting and sleeping and anika was resting on his shoulder and sleeping peacefully. At nearly 5 tulsi came and knocked the door.
Tu: anika open the door. Get up beta it’s time for you to do Pooja.

Anika got up on the knocking sound and smiled looking at shivay sleeping peacefully. The she on hearing tulsi again looked at him and then banging her head said in an annoyed tone.

A: (murmuring) don’t know what sin I have committed that whenever he is in my room ma comes to disturb us. (looking at him sleeping) aww he looks so cute while sleeping. How can I disturb him?
Tu: (again knocking) anika wake up.

Anika then looked at the door and then shivay tensed that she prayed and closing her eyes shacked shivay, shivay who was in deep sleep on getting shaken vigorously panicked and looking here and there asked shaken.

S: wh… what some earthquake has come? Why did you wake me up and that too at 5 of the morning?
A: (cautioning him to keep quiet) shhh… shivay ma is outside just leave.
Tu: anika wake up beta.
A: shivay ma knows that I don’t sleep like this. Just leave now last time also you were in my room and I had to face a lot of struggle to hide you and now I can’t take that risk again.
S: (in a bit sleepy mode) haan… haan… I understand. I am going.

Anika breath out a sigh of relief. And she then sat back to adjust herself and she didn’t notice shivay going towards the door. Shivay who had not slept properly was still sleepy so he went to the door on hearing it knocked by tulsi. He thinking it to be in his room opened the door making tulsi shocked and rooted to her spot. He on finding tulsi outside realized what he had done and all he could do was just stand there rooted without any emotion. Anika who had seen him opening the door and was about to respond by standing up but it was too late and she too sat down at the bed and all she could do was do action of hitting her head with the beds stand.

Tulsi overcoming the shock looked at shivay and then entered the inside to find anika hitting her head on the bed. Tulsi cleared her throat getting inside the room and standing in the centre and shivay and anika came back to the real world. They looked at each other. Anika gave him a death glare and shivay made a sorry face. Tulsi said.

Tu: can anybody tell me what is happening here? And anika last night I had let you alone in this room then how come the population doubled in the morning.
A: amm ma woh…. Woh…
Tu: (sternly) anika….
A: (stammering) amm ma… I don’t know what to say? (she then looked here and there.)
Tu: and shivay what are you doing here?
S: ma actually… I…
Tu: (cutting him) don’t even dare to say that you don’t know what are you doing here.
S: amm ma I was not getting sleep so I thought to meet her. and I came here yesterday night.
Tu: great so were here since yesterday night. And when did you come?
S: I didn’t notice the time.
Tu: anika how did he get in?
A: (blurting out) from the win…. (realizing what she was going to say) amm from the main door. Haina billuji. Then we talked all night and didn’t know when we slept.
Tu: fine then so shivay you are knowing the way out right. (he nodded in a yes) good then go to OM mansion right now, before kabir wakes up.
Shivay nodded and went to the door followed by tulsi. He then turning to her said.
S: sorry ma it was my mistake.
Tu: (coming to him) do I look angry to you? and it all happens don’t worry now leave else your whole family will come here to take you along. And I know you both you both will not do anything that will hurt anyone of us.
S: thanks, and again sorry.

Tulsi smiled and he left from there. Anika who had come out to see what was happening saw tulsi looking at her and she just held her ear and said sorry. Tulsi smiled and patting her cheeks asked her to get ready as she has to get ready for the function too.

So, guys I am done with this part…. I really don’t know when will this part be posted but all I can say is I hope that you are enjoying it. If not do mention. Anyways enough of my talks.

This is priya signing off…

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