ISHQBAAZ – two people in general and then turning into each other’s souls forever (PART 16)

Chapter: 16

So, hello everyone I hope that everyone is fine. This is another part of the ss and I hope that I am not boring you. anyways talks apart let us continue with this part. So, this is priya signed in with another part of the story.

While at the isolated place daksh is seen torturing anika and beating her on face. He then injects high dose of drugs and she in half conscious state hears what he is saying.

Da: poor you sweet heart your husband is not even able to trace you, and you are expecting him to come and save you, too bad. Well I will help you a bit I have kept this phone (keeping it on floor and then releasing her hands) if anytime you get conscious which I know you will never be contact him. Or else if I continue giving you this high dose drug then (cupping her face) for sure dear you will never open your eyes after tomorrow. So, to rescue yourself you have one day.
He laughed wickedly and anika then felt numb. Shivay tired searching her in all the places she could go but he was more than angry on himself for letting her go alone. At late night, anika gained some sense and she remembered what daksh had told. She couldn’t see anything clearly but she somehow got down or say fell down from the chair. She felt immense pain when she fell. The place where daksh was giving her continuous dose of drugs hurted her very badly. She somehow managed to drag herself till then phone.

She was feeling really suffocated and shivay too felt some uneasiness. He was feeling that something serious is happening to anika. He was just holding his face in his hand and omru were comforting him. There anika somehow sat erect and then in blurry vision managed to dial shivay’s number. Shivay looked at the unknown number calling asked Khanna to trace the number and he answered the phone.
S: hello… hello… (anika was not in a condition to say something so she was trying but she fell dizziness.) hello… someone there.
A: (somehow managing) h… shi… shiv… shivay…
S; (omru looked at shivay shocked on hearing the voice and shivay immediately answered.) anika thank god, where are you? are you okay.
A: (trying to say) shivay… i… I am… kid… kidnap…. Kidnapped.

S: okay relax anika why are you talking like this. Where are you and what has happened?
A: (she somehow struggled.) dak… daksh… go… godown… dr… drugs… tom… tomorrow.
And that’s it she was not able to answer anymore. She then fell, unconscious and she to diverge daksh thought broke the phone with the left energy in her body. Shivay sat motionless on hearing anika’s state. He started crying hiding his face in his hands. Om rubbed his back while rudy hugged him. Khanna in the meantime informed the location from the where the call came and shivay hearing the place looked up with rage in his eyes and said.
S: daksh you are dead now. If you have committed any mistake in life, then sorry this one will take your life.

Shivay got up and left the mansion followed by omru. Om didn’t want shivay to do something which will harm him so he silently informed the police to come to the place. They had started to trace the place at somewhat 3 at night and finally they reached there at somewhat 7 am. Daksh who had come to check if anika was conscious or not found her lying near her chair and phone broken. He then checked her hand and found that she herself had broken it as there were cuts in it. He smiled and pulling her hair made her face him which made her wake up with certain amount of pain. It had been 2 days and anika had not even had food but on empty stomach she was given continuous doses of drugs.
This had made her bones pain and she was really in a condition which she couldn’t bear. Daksh mocking her said.

Da: very good anika I thought that you are very weak. But look at you even on having multiple doses of high drugs you are still alive and you even got conscious. (showing her broken pieces of phone) and sweetie you even tried to call shivay but poor you, you could even make a call right. (smiling) you broke it. No problem anyways you had a nice time na falling from chair. Common I will help you sit back. (making her sit) don’t worry anika now you will not bear the pain any more as today you will die by the over oxidation in blood.
A: (even in pain she felt shivay’s presence. She smiled and daksh looked at her confused) da… daksh your cou… count do… down star…. starts n… now. Shi… shivay has co… come.

Da: (laughing like mad) really… (holding her chin) show me, where is he? Haan where is he. Anika, you are dreaming baby… anyways good bye.
He tightly tied the rope on her hand and legs which made her wince in pain. Then he wishing her final good bye injected the drug once again. Anika smiled seeing shivay’s face and then felt her eyes heavy and became unconscious. Shivay and omru entered the place and found it really dirty. They somehow managed to get in and searched the whole area. They dispersed and shivay on feeling anika’s presence nearby entered the room close to the feeling. Daksh who was about to escape saw shivay at the door and shivay was looking at him as if he will eat him alive. Daksh could see the anger for him on shivay’s face. He laughed like a maniac and shivay was so angry that he just beat him black and blue. Daksh on finding no rescue said.

Da: shivay if you will beat me then with this pace I will die for sure… (shivay stopped beating him and looked at him. Daksh again laughing) but shivay your beautiful wife has only some hours left to live.
S: (holding his collar and in anger) don’t you dare take her name with your rubbish mouth.
Da: well I must confess even in drowsiness she never ever told that she was getting hurt. She was just telling that you will come… you will come… but shivay I am not joking my boy… she really has no time left. (he again started laughing)
S: (getting really angry) where is she? Daksh… (daksh started laughing more) daksh where is she?
Daksh pointed at the corner of the room and the only thing shivay could do was punch daksh straight on his face. He rushed leaving daksh where he was. daksh somehow went away repeating the same thing that she will die. Finally, the sight in front of shivay made him breakdown totally. Om who was passing by saw shivay kneeling down in shock and rushed to him. He held him and asked.
O: shivay… what happened?
Shivay indicated him and om saw anika tied on a chair lifeless and looking really messed up. He immediately hugged him and cried. But

shivay then gaining courage came to anika and came to her. Rudy who had seen daksh escaping followed him and daksh ran out just to get caught by the police who were there. Daksh laughed and said.
Da: go and tell your brother that anika won’t live more as she will not escape the drug.
While shivay patted anika to wake up but she was not responding. He checked her pulse to find it really weak and he immediately took her in arms and rushed to hospital. She was admitted and both omru informed the family and they came there. Shivay was sitting there lifeless as drs. were telling that it would be difficult to save her as she was given high dosage of drugs. Dadi sat next to shivay and she rubbed his hand and said crying.
D: it’s okay puttar anika is brave enough she will not leave you like this.
S: (lifeless) it’s all my fault dadi… it’s all my fault…

And he hugged her and cried. Pinky didn’t know what to react and on hearing whole update of anika’s condition from doctors tulsi just fainted and pinky was taking care of her. Priyanka was consoling omru. Finally, dr. came out and kabir asked.
K: dr. how is anika now?
Dr: look she has gone into deep sleep and we cannot tell anything till she regains her consciousness. Drug level in her blood stream is also more and she is under observation. Let’s hope for the best.
The next moment shivay too became unconscious and dadi panicked on it. He was given treatment and was given glucose as he had been really stressed since, 2 days and he didn’t had food too. After about three hours he gained consciousness and saw dadi sitting near him and asked.
S: how is anika dadi?
D: (smiling at him) she is fine puttar. Dr told that she will be recovering soon.
S: I want to meet her.

O: (coming in) no shivay. you need rest so stay here.
S; om I am not in a mood to fight with you. so, take me to her.
O: sorry shivay today you will listen to us. And just take some rest. We all are here na we will take care of her.
S: dadi please.

Dr: sorry to interrupt. So mr. oberoy how are you feeling now?
S: dr. how is anika?
Dr: (smiling at him) looks like you are more concerned about ms. Deewan than yourself. She is fine and out of danger. Now pardon me to mention how are you feeling now?
S: I am good.
Dr: fine then you have to be on bed for another 2 hours more then, you can be free.
S: what 2 hours? Sorry dr I am leaving right now.
O: (shivay was about to remove the tube on hand when om said roughly) don’t you dare shivay. just stay where you are.
Dr: (smiling) I feel that your brother is correct and if you really had taken care of yourself you might had to not face this situation right now. So, mr. oberoy take rest.

Shivay gave a death glare to om and om smiled an accepting smile. Finally, after 2 hours shivay came to anika and sat on a chair close to her. He saw her sleeping so thought to wait till she gets up. But anika without opening eyes asked.
A: till when are you planning to keep on staring me. (she looked at him and smiled.)
S: (holding her hand) how are you?
A: (to make him feel relax) hmm if these machines were not attached na then for sure I would have gone to play football. (making a sad face) but what to do this drs. Are not allowing me to move.
Shivay smiled and kissed her on her forehead. She too smiled back and then he asked.
S: well is it hurting too much. (pointing the injections)
A: (looking straight into his eyes) shivay the pain which I can sense from your eyes is much less compared to the pain these things are giving me.
S: I had seen you lifeless when I came there to rescue you.
A: oh, so then for rescuing me you had not had food for 2 days haan.
S: it is not like that. I had food but only omru noticed it.
A: then why did you get unconscious? Dadi told me that it was due to not having food.
S: even I felt strange because the moment dr. told that you might not recover I felt as if someone has stabbed me straight into heart and then when I opened my eyes I found drips attached to my body.
A: where is daksh?
S: he is arrested by police but how do you know him?
A: amm he was my friend in school and he then left for higher studies and it was 2 days before I saw him. When he kidnapped me.
S: so, what all did he do? And how did you get there.
A: well when I told you that I am going to meet priyanka I went in and then someone hit my head and then when I became conscious I found daksh and he was day by day torturing me that’s it.
S: that’s it. How simply are you telling anika? This all thing happened with you naa.
A: (arguing back) so what then should I go and announce in mic that I had been kidnapped n I am feeling really scared.
S: but still anika….

A: but still what shivay… and for your information shivay I was the one undergoing the treatment and torture not you… so just sit back and accept what I am saying?
S: anika you could have died.
A: (mocking him) what do you think I am bagad billa? I am very strong than you can imagine. And what took you so long to find me out.
S: (snapping back) haan you are saying as if you had left loads of clues behind that I can come and find you simply.
A: (angry) really shivay… you always go on singing that you can feel me you can sense me and all then what happened to your senses all of a sudden? Did it go….
She couldn’t finish as shivay had placed his lips on her kissing her hard. Anika felt like shivers down her spine. She didn’t protest and reciprocated to what he did. She was supporting his head and he was supporting her back. Finally, they parted at the loss of air and anika was just glowing even in her weakness. Shivay spoke up.
S: well can’t you keep your fight away even when you are lying on hospital bed.
A: (looking somewhere she was not in a condition to face him) and why did you kiss me.
S: to make you silent.
A: (shocked) is this the way to make someone silent? You could have told me to stop and I would have done that.

S: (mocking her) really, anika then what do you think you are doing now? I think one dose is not enough so you want another one.
A: (joining hands) thanks but no thanks. Shivay you might not have shame but I do have.
S: fine then keep your mouth shut and rest.
A: (murmured) akdu singh oberoy.
S: (feeling that she said something) did you say something?
A: me… no why did you feel like that?
Shivay smiled at her and anika too smiled. At night after all the formalities got finished and anika was brought to her house safely. There she requested that she wanted the wedding rituals as it was planned. Shivay was at first not agreeing but then anika made him agree. And as decided the next day sangeet was organised. All again anika had come dressed in a blue churidar and some light makeup so that her worn out face hides beneath it. Shivay had also worn a matching blue kurta pyjama.
Finally, the function started with tej introducing everyone the going to marry couple and shivika bowed in front of them. Then om took the mic and said.
O: shivay this the first time I might be talking like this and you might feel awkward. But what to do bhai you are very special to all of us. You have been there whenever we your siblings needed you the most. You have taken all the responsibility of us on you that has really stopped us from facing the difficult moments of our life. We had never seen the other phase of you which had come out after anika came in your life. Though you may say that you love her the most, but we love you shivay most because you are the best brother in this whole world. (anika looked at shivay and smiled.)
R: bhabhi I might have done all the stupidest thing that a person can do. But no one has ever stopped me from doing it as my both brothers are boring some types. (everyone laughed. Shivay looked at him and gave him a nothing can happen of you look.) the person who is standing beside you was the most insensitive amongst us and this long hair creature he never has, time other than saying truth. But you have made my super hero a human which he had lost long back. Thank you for selecting him bhabhi and thank you for coming into our lives. And bhaiya don’t worry I love you the most.
Omru: will miss you shivay/bhaiya. Because after your marriage you won’t get time to spend with us because you are going to be paraya dhan.
Everyone laughed at the last mentioning and anika announced from her seat wiping the tears away.
A: don’t worry omru I am not going to steal your brother from you, he was always your and will remain yours forever.

Everyone applauded and the dance and party all got over. Anika was by now really stressed out and she just slept at the place where she was sitting. Dadi on seeing this asked tulsi and kabir to stay back as it is not good to disturb her sleep. Shivay picked her up and took her to his room and made her lie down comfortably. He then sat patting her head and was seeing her sleeping all lost. He didn’t notice tulsi coming in and she on finding him there asked.
Tu: shivay you might be tired na go get some sleep beta. (no answer) shivay… (same thing. She finally put hand on his shoulder) shivay…
S: (getting back to sense, tried getting up but anika held his hand tight and both looked back at the same time. Tulsi smiled on seeing it and shivay just looked at her.) amm I was just leaving…
Tu: (smiling) no need to give any explanation. I can understand beta. Well why do you love her so much?

S: (somewhat managed to free his hand without disturbing anika) amm I don’t know ma… she has become a part of me now.
Tu: haan… that I had seen… the time when the dr. told that she won’t recover you had lost the remaining life you had in you.
S: (smiling) it’s nothing like that.
Tu: (cupping his face) my anika must have done some good deeds that she has got such a loving husband. Anyways if you have watched your anika well so go and get some sleep.
Shivay smiled and then left giving a light peck on her temple. Tulsi smiled at his gesture.

In the last part one of the reader had asked me to give precap but I am sorry to say that I really don’t know what the next part would come out. The chapters which I have posted has come out during typing itself. But still if possible I will try to take that into consideration. If you do like please comment (positive or negative).

This is priya signing off…

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