ISHQBAAZ – two people in general and then turning into each other’s souls forever (PART 15)

Chapter: 15

So, hello everyone. I am back again with yet another part of the ss. thanks for encouraging so much for all the previous parts. And I hope that you are doing well. Anyways enough of my nonsense. This is priya signed in with another part. Hope that you will like it.

Finally, days passed with omru teasing shivay more and more. Then one fine day shagun was also sent from anika’s house. So, the most awaited moment in shivika’s life was decided. The next week their engagement was decided. Shivay used to call anika and sometime stealthily meet her at nights but he made sure that no one saw them. But omru and sahil were smarter than them. They always used to catch shivika red handed. They never told this to anyone but they had simply the reason for making fun of them.
Then the day of engagement arrived and anika arrived at OM mansion with her family. Anika had already been there since she had to get ready but she couldn’t meet shivay as she was rusticated in room arrest by dadi and shivay was not even allowed to step out of his own room by priomru. Finally, in the evening omru brought shivay down to the hall where some close relatives and some media person where there. Dadi asked priyanka to bring anika down and shivay who had come down was already looking the whole place to see if anika was there or not. Priyanka came to anika’s room where she found anika walking here and there in the room. Priyanka getting in asked.

P: what happened anika why are you moving like this?
A: (coming near her and holding her hand) amm priyanka I am totally nervous. I mean this is all new for me.
P: (making her drink water) relax anika it happens like this. Come let’s go dadi is calling you down.
A: (on hearing the words to go down she got back and sat on the seat in front of mirror) no I am not going anywhere. I am fine here.
P: arre anika don’t behave as a kid.
Omru who had come to see what was taking so long for priyanka to bring anika down heard the last sentence told by both of them and om told.
O: (looking at nervous anika) anika are you alright.
P: no bhaiya she is telling that she won’t come down.
R: (confused) why didi are you nervous?
O: (coming close to her) don’t worry anika no one is going to hurt you. come down shivay is impatiently waiting for you.
A: (making a baby face) no om I am not feeling okay.
R: (getting something to enlighten her mood) okay then fine didi we will call lady baba to come and get engaged to bhaiya.
A: (getting up shocked on her place) what? Why am I the going to be bride or that tia?
O: (joining rudy) amm actually shivay had actually guessed that you will behave something like this so he had already managed to make tia understand and handle the situation if you behave something like this.
A: (again shocked) what how dare that bagad billa? I will surely show him what I can do if he does something like that.
R: (holding back anika who was going to go out in anger) whoa… whoa…. Whoa… didi relax you are already on the door now so just come down and make bhaiya’s faith break down.

Anika nodded. Omru winked at each other for the success of their plan. Priyanka gave them a disgusting look and she held anika and brought her down. All the people down there who were waiting for the bride to come got mesmerised on seeing her. Shivay who felt anika’s presence looked back and found her coming down wearing a heavy golden lehenga, long and heavy earing, simple but traditional necklace and bangles. Her hair was again set loose in the form of curls. He was totally lost and was just staring her. He was also wearing some golden sherwani and was looking dashing but anika had just mesmerised everyone.

Omru who came down came close to anika and whispered in her ears that tia’s talk was just their plan to get her back in her own form. Anika who had thought to confront shivay for it looked at omru in anger. Shivay saw them like this and thought to ask them afterwards. He looked at anika and smiled she too smiled back. Tulsi took her and made her stand in the centre of the room near shivay who was standing there with dadi. As rituals tulsi made shivay wear the tilak and so did pinky with anika. Dadi then tied some kind of thread on shivika’s hand and blessed them both to stay happy forever.

Finally, time came for exchange of rings and priyanka stood on shivay’s side and kabir o anika’s holding the rings to be exchanged. Shivika exchanged rings and everyone congratulated them. Some relatives came and shivay made her meet them and finally when they were left alone shivay asked.

S: what were you three discussing while coming down.
A: (confused) who three billuji?
S: you and omru.
A: oh, that its nothing. Leave the how am I looking
S: not at all good.
A: (shocked at his reply.) haan… are you serious billuji.
S: why not anika you have done a lot of makeup. You are looking like a ghost.
A: (narrowing her eyes) really. Fine then don’t call me from now on and after marriage you are not at all allowed to enter your room.
S: (shocked) why can’t I enter my own room?
A: (mocking him) as I would be there inside and with this makeup I am looking like a ghost so if I remove it then I might look like devil. So, to prevent you from getting scared I am telling you a solution.
S: and where will I go then.
A: that’s your problem. Go to om’s room or some other room or else terrace. But just don’t enter your room.
S: (seeing that she was really serious) amm I was just joking anika.
A: ha… ha… ha… really billuji thank you for at least telling it now.
S; no I am serious. You are looking really beautiful. I swear.
A: (pointing the whole room) look shivay there are lots of girls there. Go and tell this to one of them. (in a stern voice) as I am not going to listen to whatever you are saying.
S: arre why are you getting angry. I said na I was joking.
They were quarrelling with each other when tulsi came there and seeing them both fighting said.
Tu: arre why are you fighting like this. Just now you both got engaged and now within few hours you are fighting like kids.
S: look na aunty I am also making her understand this but she is fighting back.
Tu: first and most important now I am not your aunty. Since I am anika’s mom you can happily call me ma.
S: okay.
Tu: and you anika are you still studying in play school that you have to always fight with him.
A: no ma…. (looking down) I am sorry.

Anika gave him a final look and sat back quietly. Shivay then before she left made up her mind and then came the real mess of wedding. Sangeet, mehndi, haldi, and what not. Pinky was just roaming around the wedding organiser to arrange things and Jhanvi helped her in certain things.
Three days before sangeet was organised shivay and anika had gone to do some shopping with priomru. They were enjoying each other’s company and priomru had accompanied sahil with them and gave some space for the going to marry couple. Anika and shivay had entered some fashion house and she was all the way finalizing the wedding outfit. She was just selecting then rejecting and the same whole time making shivay just sit down on the chair over there. It felt as if anika had made the whole shop get on its toes. Finally, shivay gave her one of his choice lehenga and she went to try it.

The shop which was by now turned into a mess by anika’s arrival was breathing a sigh of relief that she had gone to try something. Attenders were keeping back the clothes and were smiling looking at shivay’s condition. Manager of the shop came and lending him a glass of water asked.

M: are you alright sir. Or do you need some medication.
S: (smiling at him) no thankyou… I am sorry anika just messed up this shop.
M: no, it’s totally fine after all this is the way people deal with us.
S: I just hope that she likes the one she is now trying.
M: relax even if it is not we will see what can we do? Well it seems like you have come to shopping with a girl for the first time.
S: yes, with this girl this is the first time I am coming alone.
M: anyways. (looking at anika coming out from trial room) there she is.

Anika was just looking perfect in that dress and she too liked the dress. Shivay stood up on seeing her he was just left speechless. Manager excused himself and anika came next to him and asked.

A: how am I looking billuji? (she just saw shivay to stare her back. On getting no response she snapped in front of him. Shivay came out of his dreamland.) hello where are you lost. I am asking you something.
S: (gathering words.) amm nowhere. Well what did you ask?
A: how am I looking?
S: it’s really beautiful.
A: (with happiness shining in her eyes.) really… then this one is finalized.

She smiled and went to change and the dress was packed. They were paying the bill when anika received a message from priyanka telling her she needed help. Anika excused herself and went to the place where she was called. She unknowingly kept her phone on the slab where they were standing and shivay on noticing it kept it with himself. Anika was surprised to find priyanka calling her to a shop outside the mall but she just ignored her thoughts and went in. the moment she entered in she felt something really hard strike behind her head and she then fell unconscious. While shivay who was with rudy and sahil was feeling strange. He called priyanka but om answered it.

O: haan shivay tell what happened? (teasing him) do you need priyanka to help you in selecting bhabhi’s dress.
S: (checking whether he had dialled priyanka or not answering back asked) om how do you have priyanku’s phone.
O: (laughing) what a question shivay? well she is trying some outfits inside and her phone is with me.
S: okay so where is anika?
O: how can I know shivay she was with you naa?
S: no om she told that priyanku messaged her that she needs some help and went.
O: no shivay priyanka was selecting her dress all this while and she has only gone to try it right now. And why will she ask anika to come I am with her.
S: (getting nervous) are you sure om that she is not there?
O: (understanding that something was not right) haan shivay. she has not come here. Try calling her and ask her where she is?
S: (not understanding what was going on and he was really feeling something bad is going to happen) it’s of no use. Her phone is with me she forgot to take it.

Om handing over the dress to priyanka who had come out and asking her to do her shopping afterwards started walking with her. He knew that something has happened so he told shivay in a calm tone.

O: shivay listen calm down. And tell me in which shop you are.

Shivay told him where he was and om and priyanka came there. In the meantime, rudy and sahil were supporting shivay. They took him to a nearby coffee shop and made him sit. Om asked.

O: shivay tell me what had really happened there. (shivay told him the whole incident and then om said) priyanku did you send some message to anika.
P: nahi bhaiya… I am not even aware of it.
R: so how can your message be sent to bhabhi.
O: well she had forgotten her phone in some jewellery shop and some person and some staff from there came and returned it to me.
P: bhaiya then that person might have done something with my phone.
O: can happen? But we can’t be sure. (he looked at shivay who was sitting there lifeless. He had a tint of tears in his eyes. Half hugging him) shivay relax we will find anika at any cost.
R: but how o we don’t have anything to trace her.
S: (remembering that he was having anika’s phone) we have one. (taking out her phone) let me check where was she asked to come.
P: (on hearing the shop’s name) bhaiya that shop is outside this mall.
O: are you sure priyanka.
She nodded and they left for the shop. They inquired about anika showing her pictures from the malls door to that shop but the only response they got was no, shivay was now almost on the peak of his anger that he held the shop owner by his collar and said.
S: you really don’t know who I am and what I can do? If in any case I find you involved in this then make sure that you will never ever come out from the jail.

Owner was so shocked that he just blinked at shivay, om came in the meantime and released the person from shivay’s grip and asked rudy to take him. Om asked forgiveness and left from there. By evening everyone in OM and deewan family had come to know of this. Tej was really angry and had sent a full force to search anika. Shivay was pacifying dadi. At anika’s home tulsi was sitting like lifeless and kabir was making her calm down. The next day too they were not getting any clue as where they might have taken her and most important who could it be.

While after getting conscious anika looked around to see some isolated place like godown and she was tied to a chair. At first, she felt a bit dizzy due to sudden fall of light but then she came to know that she had been kidnapped. And she felt a slight pain in head. She looked here and there to find if someone was there when she heard someone laughing and approaching her. The person finally came and stood in front of her and she was so shocked to see the person and she said in shock.

A: daksh.
Da: hmm must confess anika that you are really genius that you still remember me.
A: why did you bring me here and what do you want?
Da: good question anika. But you know what I won’t answer to any of the question you will ask.
A: daksh what have I done that has made you kidnap me. I mean we are just school friends… and I have not done anything bad that you do this with me.
Da: most important yes you were my school friend but sweet heart I have not brought you here because of that I have kidnapped you as shivay had brought a great loss in my business and made me poor.
A: daksh rise and fall happens in all business but kidnapping someone is not a solution to take revenge from them. And there must have been some mistakes that you might have committed that you suffered loss.
Da: interesting anika you have gradually kept brains. But since because of him me and my family suffered then he must also suffer the same pain by losing his loved person.
A: (smiling) daksh you really don’t know what a big crime you have committed. If in case, shivay finds that you are behind it make sure that you will never again raise your hand to kidnap someone.
Da: (looking at her and mocking) don’t you feel frightened that you are kidnapped.
A: (with a stern voice) do you really feel like there is fear in my voice. Haan… daksh you have invited your death.
Da: (holding her hair and then her jaws.) really well anika let’s see who is going to kill whom and who is going to find whom?

Anika winced in pain but deep within she knew that shivay will find her out. Daksh made her inject some drug that she again felt her eyes heavy and she slept. The last face she could see was of shivay, she just smiled before she slipped into unconsciousness. Shivay all the while was not allowed to go out as pinky feared that something might happen to him but then on finding no traces of anika barged out and started searching her by himself. During this process omru also accompanied him.

The whole family which was celebrating their children wedding had now turned to mournful atmosphere. All this day no one could find a single trace of anika. Shivay came to her home to see what was the condition there and on seeing tulsi lifeless and sahil trying to pacify her he came and sat beside her on bed. And said.
S: ma…
Tu: (looking at shivay) shivay… beta where is anika beta? Has she fought with you and have gone somewhere then plz bring her back. I can’t live without her. (she hugged him and cried. Shivay asked om to bring water and he obliged. In between she said) plz shivay bring my anika back… plz…
S: (making her relax.) ma plz calm down we are all trying our level best to search her.
Tu: (leaving him) but you all didn’t find her na… don’t know what all she is going through.
S: (taking water from om and extending it to her.) have this water ma.
Tu: don’t know whether my daughter had water or not and in which condition she is and here you are asking me to have water. No shivay I won’t have a single thing unless anika returns back.
S: ma listen to me if anika comes back and sees you like this then how will she feel. She won’t say a thing but for sure it will hurt her. Plz for her sake. Have it.

Shivay finally after lots of effort make her have food and then making her sleep he leaves asking the neighbour to take care of sahil and house. He was having tears on seeing such a state of tulsi and cursed himself as he had let anika go out.

Hmm finally, done with this part. If you feel that something is missing or the story is going off track, make me aware. Thank you for reading so far. And loads of thanks for sparing time to read it. Anyways I guess I must stop my talk… else I will really make you all sleep…   

This is priya signing off…

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