ISHQBAAZ – two people in general and then turning into each other’s souls forever (PART 14)

Chapter: 14

So, hello everyone. I am back again with yet another part of the ss. thanks for encouraging so much for all the previous parts. And I hope that you are doing well. Anyways enough of my nonsense. This is priya signed in with another part. Hope that you will like it.

After two days roka was organised and as ritual anika received gifts from her in-laws. Shivay was pestering pinky to take him along and but pinky let his expectation down by asking him to go to office. He had also called anika to make her understand his state of mind but anika was also helpless. She could only ask him to keep patience. Finally, after the roka ceremony ended and the wedding dates were fixed right after 20 days. Shivay called om to know what all is happening and om excusing him out says in a teasing tone.

O: (teasing) looks like someone is desperate to meet bhabhi.
S: (irritated) shut up om. I just called you to know if you are fine.
O: (teasing) really, but tell me one thing shivay from when did you start caring for our whole family like this. (sternly) You have been calling me since last 1 hour questioning the same thing.
S: (calming down) well sorry. I had asked you all to not let me alone. But you all didn’t take my word seriously. So, suffer.
O: shivay these are a part of rituals. And you have to follow it for a successful wedding.
S: leave that what is going on there?
O: shivay, be patient Bhai… after all anika is not going to run away.
S: well you can’t be sure. She might also do that.
O: shivay… don’t forget that I am at anika’s place so I can go and tell her what you told now.
S: (shocked) no… don’t… om are you on my side or hers?
O: well all my life I had been on your side but now I am changing my side. So, I am in my bhabhi’s favour.
S: anyways I will let you know the answer for this once you come back home. Just can you answer to what I asked you.
O: (smiling on knowing that there is no point in changing the topic) well roka has ended and your wedding has been fixed 20 days from now. Happy.
S: (a cute smile appeared on his face. He then asked with a questioning tone.) well thanks for that om. But one thing more dadi had told me that I cannot meet anika till roka right.
O: (confused) haan… why?
S: so, will I be able to meet her after that.
O: yes… shivay. (looking around) why are you planning to meet her now.
S: (with a naughty smile) do I sound like an idiot om. Why will I come there without dadi’s approval?
O: (sensing some mischief) why do I feel that you are going to do something that will surprise us? Shivay first of all where are you.
S: (looking at the car in which he is seated and parked far away from anika’s home and omru’s sight. He answered.) office. Why do you want to talk my secretory to confirm?
O: no that’s alright. Fine then you continue. Bye.
S: bye om. (cutting the phone and smiling) well thanks om. Now anika you wait and watch.

Om went back in and got busy in talks. shivay stealthily got out and entered anika’s room via window. Anika who was feeling that she will get suffocated if she wears that heavy dress more excused herself and went to her room. She kept the gifts on table and closed the door when she saw shivay standing behind the door that she had pushed to close. She blinked at him and on seeing him smiling she too smiled back but then the reality struck her that she was in her room and shivay was there. She was ready to shout but he shut her mouth in time and she was protesting him by beating him continuously.

Shivay held one of her hand and she then relaxed down and stopped. Shivay said in a soft tone so that no one hears them.

S: I will only open your mouth if you guarantee that you won’t shout. (she nodded in agreement. He left her but she was again going to shout but he again cupped her mouth and held her both hand behind her back. He said a bit calmly) I knew it you would do the opposite of what I would say. So, this is your last chance anika if you really want to get free and go out in a normal way in front of others then… you will not shout. (she nodded in a yes.)
A: (he left her and she took a deep breath in and asked in an annoyed tone.) what are you doing here? Don’t you know that we can’t meet till roka ends?
S: (calmly) really anika then for your kind notice I guess roka has already ended long back. And mine and your family are chit chatting.
A: (looking back at her room and then she asked confused) how did you get in? I never saw you come through the main door.
S: (smiling naughtily. He pulled he close holding her waist) did you forget anika there is nothing impossible for me in this world.
A: (frowning) that’s not the answer for the question that I asked you. (annoyed) how did you get in?
S: (confessing. Pointing the direction, he came.) through the window.
A: (getting really angry) shivay are you out of your nuts. Is this the way to enter your wife’s house and what do you really think of yourself? Hero haan…
S: (innocently) I don’t need to think that. I am actually a hero.
A: (smiling at him and then mocking) haan… hero with a short height. Haina. So, hero singh oberoy what if someone would have caught you sneaking into my house then? (catching his collar) you would have gone to jail and then sitting there marry me in your dreams.
S: (pulling her more close that she wrapped her hand around his neck which were on his collars moments back. She became conscious now) hmm… seems like a nice idea. But don’t worry anika no one will dare to keep me that long in jail.
A: (gathering words as she was so close to him) wh… what ar… are… u… you… doing here?
S: (smiling on seeing her getting nervous) why are you stammering baby? The temperature is fine here and there is nowhere snow falling that you are stammering like this.
A: (angrily) billuji what are you doing here?
S: (kissing her temple.) well I came to meet my would-be wife. It has been 2 days since I have not seen you.
A: (taking support of his chest and then arching backward so that he cannot do something which can make her lose her own self.) well now since you have got what you wanted plz leave the way you came in.
S: (teasing her) not so soon. Frist let me finish my work then I will go.
A: (looking at his funny smile. She understood what is going on in his mind. She smiled a made-up smile and then mocking him) well bagad billa for your kind notice our families are waiting for me outside and if they find me locked in like this then they will for sure understand that something is not right. So, it would be better if you leave.
S: (pulling her back. She just became more conscious and now started blushing a bit) wow so the tadibaaz girl can blush too…
A: (confused) brush… well that I daily do… why don’t you brush daily.
S: (smiling at her answer) fool I didn’t mean brush I said blush…
A: (confused more) blush now what’s that some continental food name like your americano.
S: (irritated) first and foremost. It is expresso and the next thing blush is not that which you are thinking.
A: (irritated) shivay you know na half of the things that you tell just bounces off form the top of my head… so just stop circling around and tell me the what blush is?
S: (smiling) you really want to know what it is?

She nodded. Shivay smiled and then tightening his grip more on her anika looked at him and she clutched his shirt tightly. Shivay was now approaching so close to her that she just closed her eyes losing herself to him. She could feel his breath going down through her cheeks and then close to her neck. All she could do was blush harder now. He whispered getting close to her ear.

S: (in a hoarse voice) well blush means the thing which you are doing now. Sharmana(blush). Anika, you have turned like an apple now.

She smiled in between blushing. He then kissed her neck which made her gasp a bit and she felt at loss of control on her senses. She was just surrendering herself and he was about to kiss her on lips when there was a knock on the door. Both of them parted and anika adjusting herself looked at shivay who was cursing the person who had disturbed them. She then realized that she had to go out but how can she leaving shivay in. in the mean-time tulsi who had knocked the door said.

Tu: anika what are you doing in? come out dadi wants to meet you.
A: (giving death glare to shivay she said calmly) ma I am just coming you go.
Tu: no actually I need to get something from your room so open it.
A: (shivika stared at each other shocked. Anika looked at shivay and talked slowly.) what are you staring at billuji? Just leave like you came in.
S: (looking back at the window) yes… I am going.
A: (to divert tulsi) ma just a second I am changing I will open now.
Tu: haan okay do it fast.
A: (looking back at the window side but she was surprised to see him still there just staring the window. She came close to him and slapping his back) what are you doing here still? Go naa… (making her look out and she was totally shocked on seeing the outside view. There were lots of people discussing something standing right in front of the window. She held her head) oh, my god. Where am, I stuck? (holding his collar angrily) this is all our fault.
S: (confused) what my fault? What did I do? I had not asked these people to stand right in front of your window.
A: neither should I let you do all those things you had done and neither you should have come in via window. (pushing him back making him sit on the bed)
Tu: (knocking again) anika what is taking you so long. Open the door.

Anika holding shivay’s hand started walking across the room and was really tensed. Shivay who was confused at first just obliged to whatever she was doing as she was already stressed and if he would disturb her she would shout making everyone aware of his presence there. Anika then making him bend down near the bed asked him pleading.

A: billuji just get in and hide.
S: (looking at her in disbelief.) what anika your mom will easily see me idiot? There is a lot of space.
Anika looked at him angry then made him stand then bringing him close to the table she was about to say something when tulsi again knocked.
Tu: (angry) anika what is taking you so long. Beta they’re waiting for you open the door.
A: (nervously) just I am opening one second. (looking at shivay and pointing the space in between the table) for god’s sake shivay get down beneath.
S: anika I am not a small kid that your mother won’t notice me if I will hide in there. Use some sense.
Anika then finally saw the cupboard and then making him stand inside it said.
A: I think this will be more than enough for you now. So, just stand in there and don’t dare to come out till mom leave the room.
S: (she closed the door and was about to open the room’s door but shivay came out. She holding her head went to him) anika there is a lot of suffocation. I can’t stand in there.
A: (pushing him back in and angry) well you have no other option other than this. Get in now. (she ordered)

Shivay readily got in and anika adjusting herself opened the door and found that tulsi was going to knock it again. Anika smiled at her as if she is seeing her for the first time and then tulsi pushing anika inside locked the door and asked a bit angrily.

Tu: what was taking you so long to open the door.
A: amm (looking the whole room) my dress got stuck on the window when I was talking standing there. So, how can I destroy this costly dress.
Tu: (somewhat convinced) but why are you sweating anika. Are you fine?
A: (constantly looking at the cupboard) haan ma I am fine. Well you told that you wanted something from my room what was that.
Tu: (smiling) haan I had given you a bangle when we arrived here remember. And you asked me to keep it with me and give you when the right time comes.
A: haan so the right time came.
Tu: haan.
A: (smiling) okay then get it from your room I will wear it.
Tu: (confused) why my room? I had kept it in your cupboard beta. Wait I will get it for you.

Anika smiled and nodded. Shivay who heard it finally understood that he will get caught. Tulsi was coming close to the cupboard when anika realized that shivay is in. she almost screeched and came to a sudden stop in front of tulsi and tulsi looked at her confused.

Tu: what?
A: amm its in… (smiling like a fool) there let it be. (scratching her hair) I will wear it sometime else.
Tu: arre I told you na that you have to wear it today so you will have to wear it today.
A: (trying to stop her) ma let it be na…
Tu: (questioning) arre you are behaving as if you have hidden someone in it.
A: (relaxed that she understood her reason for stopping.) exactly. (shivay banged his head with his hand while tulsi looked at her mad daughter. Anika understanding her mistake.) amm I mean the clothes are not properly arranged ma. And there is loads of dust in.
Tu: (really confused) haan so?
A: (finding words she answered like an idiot) haan so you are looking great ma?
Tu: (she looked at anika as if she is watching some alien) what? Anika, are you in your senses.
A: (murmuring) haan that is only not there now. (looking back at tulsi and then smiled like an idiot.) I meant ma that your makeup will get destroyed if you open that dirty cupboard. So, you wait here I will take out.
Tu: (confused) fine then. It is kept in the safe inside it. And come out fast shivay’s family is waiting.

Anika nodded and tulsi smiled and was about to leave when shivay breathing some dust sneezed. Anika stood rooted to her spot and tulsi on hearing some change in voice looked back at anika. She asked while anika murmured to herself.

A: gayi bhes pani mein. Anika, you are gone now. Congratulation.
Tu: anika what has happened to you sound?
A: (looking meekly at her) amm nothing ma… (sensing that shivay was again going to sneeze she too pretended to sniffed the same time he did.) I guess the dust is strong that’s why sneezing is also hard. (smiling like a fool) You go na I will come.

Tulsi went away but she felt somewhat fishy. Anika at once closed the door and let shivay out. She poured a whole glass of water on him. Shivay who had not expected it looked at her confused while anika just answered without caring.

A: (angry) billuji leave now. Else I have only poured a simple glass of water now otherwise I will empty whole bucket of dirty water.

Shivay smiled and then kissing her cheeks ran away and got through the window and giving her a final look went away. Anika smiled back holding the cheek where he kissed and wore the bangles and went out. That evening after shivay came back from office omru came to his room and just asked him.

R: bhaiya how was your day.
S: (taking a sip of expresso) good rudy.
O: did you get the deal finalized.
S: (smiling) from when did you start taking interest in business om.
R: no bhaiya actually we wanted to know that how was the window deal that you had done today. Was it successful?
S: (he was about to take the mug when rudy asked him this and he just kept it back all of a sudden. Acting as if not knowing anything) which deal rudra?
O: arre that deal shivay which you had come to fix when roka had got over? Remember anika’s house.
S: (knowing that there was no escape) okay how do you both know it.
R: I saw your car standing at a far distance when I had gone to take something from my car.
O: and I had called your office to know when did you come and when did you leave?
R: and above that bhabhi was also taking lots of time to open the door.
S: so how many of you know that I was there.
O: only both of us. But if you want then we can help you in telling this to all the others.
S: no… no… plz…
R: fine then you will have to do as we say.
S: agreed.
O: good then don’t repeat the same thing in future till your marriage is done and if in case you are doing it bring it to our notice…
S: haan so that you can stop me in doing my work.
R: so, that we can help you get out if you are in trouble.
Shivay looked at him in disbelief then he looked at om to find him smiling and he too smiled back. He said.
S: you are the best brothers in this world. And thank you for not telling this to anyone.
They hugged him and he too hugged them back.

So, done with this part…. i hope you liked it and do comment guys. 🙂 🙂 🙂

this is priya signing off……

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