ISHQBAAZ – two people in general and then turning into each other’s souls forever (PART 13)

Chapter: 13

So, hello friends, this is yet another part of the story… I guess I have entertained you all so far. I really hope that the track is going on track and is justifying your expectations. Anyways if I will continue with my nonsense then for sure it will go on like a truck without breaks. So, this is priya back again. Enjoy.

The elders talked and fixed a date of meeting. Considering dadi’s age anika’s parents decided to meet them personally in Mumbai. Shivomru arrived at home and after meeting everyone shivay came to dadi. And dadi asked him smiling.

D: oye khotiya… now will you open up your mouth or should I hypnotise you.
S: wow dadi you know to hypnotise people too. That’s a new knowledge for me.
D: (mocking him) haan, haan now change the topic. But I am also your dadi and I will make you confess what all you have done. So, common now tell me what all did you do. But first tell me why didn’t you inform me that you have found anika.
S: amm to answer the last question I wanted to know anika’s decision first. And if she really was not ready for it how can I drag you in it. So, that’s why I nor omru informed you anything.
D: good my billu has got brains not bad.
S: (confused) what dadi for your information I have used my brains at all the times.

D: (smiling) yaa I know that you have used your brains but you have never used it in family matters you have only used it in business.
S: (irritated) plz dadi now you at least don’t start talking like anika.
D: okay then tell me what happened there and how did you meet anika.
Shivay explained her how they met there the pool incident, then shopping, then their talk and finally confession. Dadi laughed the most on hearing the pool incident and shivay finally asked on facing her.
S: dadi why didn’t you tell me that you knew that anika loved me back.
D: billu if had told you at that time you might have not accepted the truth and you would have kept running from the fact. I wanted to check if you too liked anika or not but then you proved me right and that day when you confessed about your feelings I knew that you will surely win her back. That’s why I didn’t tell you anything. Anyways you have come after a long travel so go and get fresh and get some rest.

Shivay smiled and left. After some three days anika’s parents came to Mumbai. They had informed that they will come after five days but kabir got some consignment at the same moment and they came earlier. Anika decided to give surprise to shivay so she had requested dadi not to inform shivay about their arrival. Oberoy’s during the time shivay kept himself in office came to meet them and finalized the date of engagement. In the evening, all had gone out to visit some temple so omru asked anika to go to OM and surprise shivay.

At nearly 6 am shivay returned from office and went to room and got fresh. When he came out he saw his expresso ready on the table. He looked here and there to see if someone was there but he finds no one, then felt that he might have done it unknowingly. He then went to kitchen to cook something for eating. But there too pasta was kept ready and that too hot. The same moment he felt anika’s presence like always but he thought to himself.

S: (in mind) why am I feeling that anika is here? I mean she said that she would be arriving in five days and still two days are left. Expresso might be prepared by me unknowingly but this pasta. Something is fishy.

Anika who was watching him standing outside the kitchen hiding behind the pillar was enjoying to find him confused. She then went away before he finds out that she is there. Shivay then thought that some servants might have made it and had it. Finally, shivay came to room and was talking with someone on phone when he saw some shadow near the window facing the pool. He arrived near it but he didn’t find anyone. Once again, he felt anika’s presence but he ignored it feeling it to be his imagination. He then stated working on laptop by sitting on bed when he again fell someone’s presence behind him but time again he didn’t find anyone.

Finally, shivay felt that he is stressing too much so he laid down but when he turned to the other side of bed he screamed out really scared on seeing someone sitting putting all the hair in front of the face totally messed up and wearing some worn out clothe and having dirty black long nails. Shivay was so scared that he just moved out of bed and called out someone for help. But to his surprise he found a similar voice laughing and he looked at the figure sitting on his bed. At last the person moved the hair and shivay who was already worn out due to fear was surprised to find anika laughing like hell seeing his condition.

So, the person was anika. And she had done all this to scare shivay and as usual her plan had worked. Shivay sat down on the couch behind him and anika controlling her laugh said.

A: look at you billuji… (laughing) you are so scared. Oh, my god the great shivay singh oberoy is scared. I can’t believe it.
S: (calming himself down) anika is this the way to come in front of someone. You almost gave me a heart attack.
A: (relaxing) really billuji. From the way, I know you, you have never been scared of anything till date. Haan now I understand the tadi you show out is nothing just to make people believe that you are great.
S: oh, really then tell me what should I do when you came to me in such a manner. And for your information if I had done this prank on you, you would have by now got admitted in hospital and might have got a dose of glucose.
A: (proudly) whatever it is just admit it that you can also get scared.
S: (defending) but anika the way you came…
A: (cutting him in between and with a bit of tadi) yes… or… no…

S: (confessing) yes…
A: (patting herself) not bad anika.
S: (realizing that he was in OM and anika is really present) wait a minute what are you doing here?
A: (she was removing the wig. She asked confused) what do you mean by what am I doing here?
S: (irritated) when did you come from Delhi? and what are you doing here alone? You were coming after 2 days right.
A: (admitting) amm well, papa had some consignment that he had to do from here and that came at the right moment. So, we decided to come early. That’s it. Well I am here after seeking permission from dadi herself. Do you have any problem?
S: (shocked) so all knew that you were coming today. And no one informed me.

A: well billuji I had asked them not to inform you that I am coming. And today’s meeting plan was all arranged by omru. They had purposely taken everyone out so that I can surprise you personally. (she was standing in front of the mirror to remove the yucky nails and adjust her hairs.)
S: (getting up and standing behind her) for your notice anika the thing you did is not at all called surprise.
A: (snapping back) oh really… then can you tell me what exactly was that.
S: it can be called as shock and it could have killed someone anika.
A: (hearing the last sentence she turned back a bit furiously) don’t ever dare to talk like that shivay. I cannot stand anything which can separate me from you, do you get that. (she almost began to cry.)
S: (he finally regretted for the words which he told and on finding her crying held her face and wiping the tears said concerned) I am sorry I didn’t mean to tell it. It just came out. (hugging her) okay relax. Nothing will happen to me and I won’t tell something sort like that again.

He rubbed her back and finally she calmed down a bit. He then made her drink water. She then changed to her normal attire and then they both were talking when omru came to the room and said disturbing them.

R; so bhaiya… how was the surprise?
S: (smiling at him) it was horrible rudra.
O: (confused) why you didn’t like to see anika over here? Then I guess (to anika) you should better leave.
A: (confused) and why should I do that?
R: because bhaiya didn’t like seeing you here.
S: (defending himself) no I didn’t mean that. Actually, I meant that the way she surprised was totally unexpected.
O: why did she pounce on you that you find it unexpected?
R: or did she scare you? that you are telling like it.

S: (looking somewhere) it’s nothing like that. (anika smiled on seeing him escaping his bro’s questions.)
O: (seeing shivay hiding something) well anika I know that he won’t tell that easily so you better tell that what had really happened?
A: (not wanting to let shivay down) it’s nothing om. I just did something which he had never expected that I could do.
R: (rubbing his temple.) still bhabhi what was that?
S: (confessing) she sacred me by coming in front of me in form of ghost. Happy now.
O: (omru laughed on hearing it) seriously shivay you got scared. I can’t believe it.
S: ha… ha… what’s so funny in it that you both are laughing like idiots.
A: (defending) aye Mr. bagad billa don’t you dare raise voice against my devars.
R: (confused to om) devar… what is that?

O: (hitting rudy’s head) BIL… idiot.
S: (giving a death glare to her) really your devars… anika before that they are my brothers. (looking at omru.) Haina omru…
Omru: (pulling his leg.) sorry, who are you? [aap kaun…]
S: (he really got surprised on that answer that he was at first surprised.) seriously guys… she has not yet become your bhabhi… okay then from now on don’t came to me requesting me to do this and do that.
A: (replying back. Coming close to omru) don’t worry omru if you want something come to me I will surely get it done for you.
S: (getting irritated) seriously anika I will not spare you.
A: (backing him) oh, really what will you do? You bagad billa.
S: (irritated) don’t call me that.
A: what will you do if I call you then? Bagad billa…. Bagad billa…. Bagad billa….
S: (pissed off) stop it panika… can you tell me from which institution did you do the PhD in irritating me.
A: (mocking him) well for that I don’t really need to do some PhD. I just need to talk to you normally and you will then diverge the talk into a fight.
S: (shocked) what I create fight? And what do you think you are? You are mother Teressa.
Omru who were watching this highfied that finally their Shivika were back. Pinky and dadi came in on hearing their fight and saw omru smiling and pinky said in anguish.
P: oh, my mata mummyji (Shivika instantly stopped fighting and looked at pinky) they are already fighting like this before marriage. And you are thinking that they will do romance after marriage… nevers…

D: (smiling on pinky’s comment and Shivika looked at each other when she said it) relax pinky. They will live like this only. And (slapping omru lightly) khotiya instead of enjoying their fight you must have stopped them na…
P: you boths were enjoying as if some kind of serials drama iss goings on.
Omru: sorry dadi and choti ma they were looking really cute while fighting and we were getting entertained on seeing it so…
P: (ignoring them) it’s just useless to talks to you both. (looking at shivika) and you boths are you kids that you boths were fighting like this.
S: (innocently) mom woh… woh…
P: what woh… woh… shivay. did someone put gola in your mouth that your train has got jammed.
D: (coming to their rescue) leave it na pinky… anyways om leave anika at her home… her parents must be waiting.
S: but dadi I can go to leave her na…
P: very sweet of you shivay… but these are customs?
S & A: customs… what customs?
D: (smiling and standing in between them.) that you cannot see each other till roka.
S: but dadi…
P: (taking shivay along with her out of the room) my heera beta come I will show you what I have brought for you…

Shivay tried to stop pinky but all his effort went vain. Omru, anika and dadi were smiling seeing it and finally dadi patting anika’s cheek said.

D: thankyou puttar you have given me back my billu who had gone missing one month back.
A: (holding her hand which was on face) you call me beta and you are thanking me dadi… after all it was my duty to bring him back dadi…
D: (blessing her) bless you puttar. Anyways just leave now… its already late.
A: (smiling) ji.

Om and anika left and anika looked around to see if shivay was anywhere there but didn’t find him. Om half hugging her.

O: (pulling her leg) keep calm bhabhi… we all will take care of your billuji well and rudy will inform shivay that you have left.

Anika smiled at him and then slapped him on shoulder. He smiled and they went off. Here shivay who saw her leaving smiled faintly and left to pinky’s room.

Hmm finally, done with this part. If you feel that something is missing or the story is going off track, make me aware. Thank you for reading so far. And loads of thanks for sparing time to read it. Anyways I guess I must stop my talk… else I will really make you all sleep…   

This is priya signing off…

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