ISHQBAAZ – two people in general and then turning into each other’s souls forever – EPILOGUE.


Hello friends I had got request from you all that you all need an epilogue too. I really don’t know that the thing which I am writing below will be suitable as an epilogue or not but I wrote what came to my mind. So, this is priya signed in for the final time with the epilogue. I just hope you like it.

It was nearly one year after marriage and past one month anika was feeling somewhat strange feelings. She would at times vomit and shivay was really worried for her condition. She was day by day getting tired. Anika told this to Jhanvi and pinky who advised her to go and meet the doctor. She along with priyanka went and did her check-up. That night shivay was doing some office work and anika was doing something in cupboard. She felt dizzy and then fell unconscious. Omru who had come there to talk on seeing shivay alone in room asked.
O: shivay where is anika?

S: (looking at the file) amm she was here sometime back might have gone outside.
R: (seeing the cupboard open) bhaiya have you kept some clothes to dry up.
S: (looking at him confused) haan? what do you mean?
R: haan actually you have left the cupboard open.
S: (looking there in mind) this girl na I have asked her not to finish a work in midway. (to rudra) that might be left by anika. amm can you just shut it?
Rudy smiled and went to the cupboard but he saw anika lying there unconscious. He immediately called out.
R: (in fear) bhabhi… bhaiya see bhabhi is unconscious.
Om rushed to help her and shivay just looked at not knowing what to react. Omru made anika lie on bed and shivay just patted her face asking her to get up. He said looking at om.

S: om lend me that glass plz. (om gave him the water. Shivay sprinkled some water on her face and she opened her eyes and to avoid sudden fall of light placed hand in the light’s direction. He let out a sigh of relief and said almost angry) are you in you nuts anika?
A: (sitting on the bed. She asked a bit shakily) what have I done now billuji that you are shouting on me?
S: how did you become unconscious?
O: oh, common shivay she has just now come into senses and you are asking her how?
R: haan bhaiya and nobody gets to know that he or she is going to get unconscious the next moment.
A: no let him omru he is always like this. (looking at shivay) bagad billa you continue I am hearing.
S: (realizing what he said was wrong) I am sorry anika I was just scared so I just…
A: (angrily) was just scared really billuji. Arre I was folding some clothes and then I felt unconscious… you could have at least looked around on finding me not there but no you are always busy with my sautan.
R: (scratching his hair) o what does sautan mean?
O: (rubbing his temple and then slapping rudy’s hand) is this the time to ask this kind of question.

R: (making puppy face) just can’t you answer o? it was a simple question.
O: sautan means second wife. Happy now.
S: anika relax I will call the dr.
A: arre now I am fine why do you want a doctor now.
S: (looking at her from top to bottom) haan I can see how okay you are.
A: (snatching the phone) I am saying na I am fine then get that registered in your mind.
O: but anika at least let the dr check you.
A; okay fine om now you don’t start. I will go to meet dr tomorrow happy.
They three nodded. The next day anika got a call from the hospital when she was working in kitchen. Pinky and Jhanvi were too there. She attended the call and said.
A: yes, dr tell me.
Dr: amm congratulation Mrs. Oberoy.
A: (confused) sorry for what.
Dr: mam you are pregnant.
Anika on hearing it stood rooted not knowing how to react. She just managed to say thanks and dropped the call. She was just lost on the news. Pinky asked anika.
P: anika lets me the onions….

J: pinky it’s not lets it’s lends.
P: haan same. (looking at anika who was lost.) anika I am talking to you. (no response. Putting hand on her shoulder) anika I am talking….
She couldn’t finish as anika hugged her. pinky stood amused and looked at Jhanvi who was equally confused. After sometime anika left her and pinky asked.
P: oh, my mata. Anika, are you okay… why did you hug me all of a sudden.
A: ma…. Woh….
J: anika you are making us scared what happened?
A: (letting out in one go) I am pregnant.
P: (not understanding what she told) oh, my mata so what’s the new thing in it…. (she realized what anika told and looking at her asked in disbelief) what did you say? (happily,) is it true? (getting really happy) oh my mata jethaniji my dream came true.
She hugged anika and left to tell it to dadi. Jhanvi too hugged her and blessed her and left. In the evening anika thought to surprise shivay by this news. Shivay was not in mood to get into some talk but anika was talking to him without any stop.
A: billuji you know what I want to tell you something.
S: (irritated) look anika I am not in a mood to talk right now.
A: (ignoring him) but I am in all mood to talk so you will have to listen to me.
S: anika I seriously need to sleep.
A; haan so, did someone drop itching powder on bed that you are saying like this. Just listen to what I want to say then sleep to your hearts content.
S: (angrily) don’t you get it anika I am telling you that I need to sleep. So, just leave now whatever you want to say, tell it after I wake up.
A: (getting really scared of his anger she arched back a bit) okay I got it. You rest I will talk to you after sometime. (she got up to leave. Shivay held her hand and stopped her.)

S: (he knew that he had taken out his work stress on her) I am sorry anika I was just.
A; (calmly but she had tears in eyes) I know billuji you might have had a hectic day. You take rest I will come after sometime.
S: (holding her face and he saw the tears. He got hurt and said) I am really sorry I didn’t mean it. Amm the work stress was so much and I was telling you to leave me alone but no… you have to be stubborn always.
A: (getting angry on it) what I am stubborn. Really billuji then what do you think of yourself.

S: now what did I do.
A: ha… ha… ha… very funny shivay you are the number one khadoos who go on scolding his wife for nothing.
S: what I am a khadoos? Then you are… you are…
A; haan let it go you can’t even snap back… anyways I had just come to inform you something very happily but since you can’t keep your tadi aside like always let me tell you in this fight only.
S: what I show tadi? Really anika you are the one who starts the fight all the time.
A: (doing action of holding his neck) billuji seriously plz stop it else… (he arched back so that she doesn’t hold his neck) leave… (she took her hands back) if I will do something like this then my child will become fatherless.
S: so done with your talking can I… (he then rewinded what she said. He got confused) one minute did you just say child. Who is pregnant here?
A: (in mind) I really feel like hitting this man so that some common sense come in his head. Here I am telling him that I am pregnant with his child and he is asking stupid question.

S: (snapping in front of her eyes) hello panika I am talking to you. where are, you lost?
A: haan nothing billuji (frowning) you know what billuji you are… leave it, it’s just useless to talk to you. and yes, I was talking about child only.
S: (confused) whose child anika?
A: (smiling and folding her hands to her chest) amm neighbours I guess.
S: oh, then why will that child become fatherless because of you killing me.
A: shivay just stop it else I will really kill you.
S; (innocently) arre you are reacting as if I am going to be the father.
Anika was on the worse stage of anger now that she took the glass of water kept on table and emptied it on shivay. he was hell shocked that he was just recollecting what had happened. He asked confused.
S: what did I do now?
A: that was for making me angry and for your notice mr. dumb singh oberoy yes, I am pregnant.
S: (shocked, surprised and what not) really.
A: (mocking him) no I am just joking. Seriously billuji are you so dumb or are you trying to be one that….
She couldn’t complete as shivay just took her in a bone crashing hug. She felt some wetness on her back and then leaving him she said.
A: what shivay you made my dress wet and now with your tears you are making my back wet.
S; why didn’t you tell earlier.
A: well I was trying to say that only but you were ready to pounce on me as if I had come to kill you.
S: I am sorry I made you angry in this stage.
A: good for you now don’t repeat it. And haan for your information I don’t want my kid to become like you.
S: what do you mean by that?

A: like your tadi and all I want my kid to be cute and chirpy like me.
Shivay smiled and then hugged her once again. Days passed and anika had become too cranky that she would just get irritated on small things. She just started to become fussier and shivay had the most difficult time as she would not let him sleep at night. She would just go on telling insane stories. And if shivay would not listen then she would just empty the water that was just kept next to her. omru just felt sorry for shivay’s condition and pinky smiled whenever anika did something sort of thing which he didn’t like. One night at nearly 2:30 am. Anika shook shivay and woke him up. He rubbed his eyes and looked at her and asked.
S: what’s it anika? why did you wake me up now?

A: shivay I want ice-cream now.
S: (his sleep disappeared. He asked shocked) what? Anika look at the time baby it’s too late and from where will I bring it now.
A: (getting cranky) I don’t want to hear anything I said I want it now means I want it now.
S: (trying to pacify her) anika it’s not good for baby’s health to have ice-cream at this time.
A: (smiling) oh, really. (getting angry) billuji are you pregnant or I am? It’s your child only who has made me want this now get it else I will go by myself and get it.
S: anika try to understand. There won’t be any shop open at this time dear.
A: shivay that you must have thought before making me pregnant. Since it is your child who is growing up there is no need to get surprised on its stubborn behaviour. After all you are also stubborn.
S: okay I admit it. But plz try to understand I will buy you whatever ice-cream you want tomorrow. For now, tell me what do you want? I will get it prepared for you.
A: (in a confirming tone) ae you sure na you will buy me ice-cream tomorrow. (he nodded) fine then prepare something special. Whatever you want? (shivay smiled and kissing her cheeks went to the kitchen.)
S: (on finding pinky there.) mom what are you doing here at this time.
P: I came to drink water. What are you doing here?
S: amm anika wants to eat something so came to prepare that.
P: (patting his hands) my heera sons have changed a lot. You are having tough time na…
S: (smiling) no mom it’s just usual now. I am used to it.
P: hmm not bad. I am glad that you have changed now.
S: mom plz don’t start again.
P: haan… haan… I know. Come I will help you in cooking. (shivay smiled and they prepared the food.)

Finally, the day came for delivery and anika though was not ready to do the surgery as she was afraid of drs. all of a sudden but on shivay’s insistence and making her understand she readily agreed. When she was in shivay was, all tensed and was just walking too and fro… omru made him drink water and asked him to calm down and after sometime nurse came out with a baby girl wrapped in arms. Pinky took the baby and shivay just smiled in happiness and was just happy that he will now have to bear 2 anika. 1 little one and the other his wife. He just pecked baby’s forehead but she just frowned on making her disturb in sleep. This made all smile.

After sometime he went in and saw anika in a deep sleep as she had slept after really long days. She had a cute smile on her face though she seemed to be tired. He kissed anika and her smile widened and he carefully placed the baby in cradle. All he could do was thank god for giving him his life and reason for living. And they lived happily ever after.

So, done with this epilogue. I really don’t know whether it will be apt or not but since some of you requested me to give an end to the ss by providing an epilogue I wrote this one. I am really thankful to all for reading my ss and I will hopefully try to come again if in case I get a new plot. If you like it do comment all positives and negatives are accepted. Thank you all, this is priya signing off…
Bye and take care…

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  1. Terrific… Simply amazing….loved anika’s way of telling n shivaay’s way of reacting to the news… Waiting for another superb ff from u….

    1. Priyadas

      Thanks Anu I am glad you liked it…. Sorry for asking I am not able to see the post on Ishqbaaz fan page…. From where did you get the link to this….

      1. Priyadas

        oky i got it…. anyways thanks for reading dear

  2. Awesome

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      thanks anaya….

  3. Cuteeeeeeee……epi…awsm…..telling shivaay about the baby was most hillirious…

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  4. It’s just Awesome. …Fabulous. so cute and lovely epilogue. ..I’m very much happy by seeing Cute and caring side of shivaay …Keep Going on dear…

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      Thank you ? adya. I am very happy that you lked it.

  5. Akshaya

    So cool

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  6. amazing epilogue….i’m jst smiling while reading d whole part..thanq fr dis lovly epi..
    bye nd take care dii…

    1. Priyadas

      Thank you ? aayu…. I am glad that you liked it….

  7. The apt ending ..or should I has just started now !!!their happy life !!
    That was terrific girl..loved it
    Do write more ffs..!!

    1. Priyadas

      Thank you Mansi….

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      Thank you Shalini….

  8. I have read each and every episode of your ff and now the epilogue. I really loved it.

  9. Awesome

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  11. Manu24

    Such a cute epilogue..
    Loved it priya :*

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      Thanks lisaa….. I am really glad you read my ss till last and liking it…

  13. Tht was really cute!

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    awwwwww soooo cute & sweet epilouge…… 😉 😉
    loved it !!!!!!!!

  15. Fabulous epilogue…. loved it…

  16. Shivika

    Wowww……as usual i loved it… was awesome……shivaay proved to be the caring and most loving husband……speechless …….loved it and love u …take care dear…….

  17. Awesome epilogue thanks for posting epilogue Priya.

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    what an epilogue yaar….
    it was like a cherry on top of some tasty cupcake….
    story was super…
    and epilogue was super….. se bhi uper……

    hat’s off to ur talent…
    loved it yaar….

    abhi kya bolun aur.. kyoki last part samaz ke pichale part mai hi apna lamba chouda bhashan de diyaa…
    abhi samaz lo muze.. aur koi option bhi nahi hai…

    I’ll miss this from the bottom of my heart…

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