ISHQBAAZ – two people in general and then turning into each other’s souls forever (PART 3)

Chapter 3:
Well thank you for liking my story Well myself priya signed in with another part. Hope you like it.
In Delhi Shivay was done with the meeting which had to be successful of course. Even though tej and Shakti were accompanying him he felt that something was really missing. Though he had called omru thinking them to be the missing part he didn’t get satisfied.
At night at the dinner table tej and Shakti were discussing something but Shivay was lost in his own world. In the meantime, a waitress came to arrange plates and serve water. Shivay who was lost in thoughts imagined the waitress to be anika and an unknown smile appeared on his face. The waitress felt something fishy in his behaviour that she frowned making Shivay confused and think in his thoughts.

S: oh, fo this girl na, why can’t she smile? Haan how can I forget smiling will hurt her ego? Her tadi will get hurt. But still with this ego and tadi she looks cute. And now anika after seeing you I am feeling relaxed. Why? What magic do you possess?
The waitress tried her best to ignore him but whenever she would see Shivay she would only find him smiling at her without any reason. She finally filled the glass with water and approached to Shivay who was busy imagining that girl to be anika. On finding the waitress arriving with glass of water Shivay smile faded away and his expression changed to horror. Some moments of water falling on him flashed in his mind and he immediately reacted making tej, Shakti and above all the waitress shocked.
S: (horrified) stop right there. (waitress stood rooted to her spot.) now what did I do anika that you are coming with this glass of water? Plz haan mention it clearly before emptying this whole glass on me.

Tej and Shakti were confused to as from where did anika come all of a sudden and they looked here and there to see if she is really present or not. They got confused on not finding her and Shakti asked Shivay.
Shakti(Sh): Shivay beta where is anika? We can’t see her here.
Tej(T): yes, Shivay are you all right.
But our Shivay was still lost in his own world that he didn’t even listen to what Sh & T were saying. On finding no response the waitress finally came and stood next to him which eventually led Shivay to arch backward in his seat. She kept the glass on table and asked a bit confused.
Waitress: sir are, you okay? I mean you are behaving a bit weird.
On hearing the word sir Shivay came back to his sense and he realised that he had made a whole mess right over there. He looked at his dad and bade papa who were staring at him as if he was some kind of alien. He smiled weakly at them and then looked back at the waitress who extended the water glass to him making him stand up shocked. Due this the waitress got even more confused and already confused tej and Shakti were even more confused.
W: sir I am just lending you water but you are behaving as if I am giving you some poison.
T: yes, Shivay she is correct. You are behaving weird.
S: (he was so much embarrassed with himself that he stammered) amm bade papa I am having headache. So, I think I should take rest.
Sh: but beta food.

S: food, (confused) amm not I… I… will be alright. You both en… enjoy.
T: okay then as you wish go, take rest.
W: come sir I will help you till your room.
S: (a bit nervous) no that’s okay. I will manage. Thank you.
Saying this he went away like a breeze of wind. He finally arrived in his room and sat on bed thinking.
S: (thinking [mind was questioning him.]) why Shivay why did you misunderstand the waitress to be anika? What really happened to you there? Why did you behave like that? Have you lost it Shivay you were behaving insane there? And from where on earth did you imagine anika to be the waitress and that too that she would be here? Really Shivay anika and that too in Delhi. Wow Shivay what a wonderful job. (still thinking but this time heart was answering him.) but Shivay at least admit that you are really missing her that you are imagining anika to be here. And when you imagined her you felt relaxed and you didn’t feel the anxiousness which you felt before imagining her. And it was just a glass of water not a poison that you were running away from it.
Shivay was really confused as what was happening to him that he punched the bed hard and laid down saying.
S: what is happening to me? I think I am just freeking out. Yes, that’s it I am really freeking out so I think I must sleep. (but the face of waitress. Tej and Shakti came in front of his eyes and he sat up immediately.) what will bade papa and dad think of me? And that girl she might think that I have gone mad. (feeling his head getting heavy he drank the water kept near him and dozed off.)
Finally, the day came for shivay and the rest two to return. And in these two days even though both shivay & anika were present in the surroundings they were found to be either lost in their world or doing and saying stupid things. Back in Delhi except the time of meeting shivay used to behave really weird that it had become very hard for Sh & T to understand as what was happening to him. Once shivay really amused Shakti by drinking a whole glass of milk tea and that too with masala and even having oily food. And here in Mumbai anika has also created a mess. Once she was asked to prepare tea for dadi but instead of tea she prepared black coffee that too without any sugar and she even prepared pasta when she was asked to make her favourite aloo puri by rudy.
Dadi knew that something really good is finally going to happen and as usual omru were surprised on hearing the things done by shivay there in Delhi. They were really worried as anika was behaving weird in shivay’s absence that she was making things of his choice but now they were convinced that not only anika but shivay fell for each other. And the biggest hurdle was both were unable to realize it.

3rd day shivay was doing something in his room and anika & omru had come there to ask him something. Omru got in but anika was standing there thinking whether to enter or not. Shivay didn’t notice omru as he was sitting on recliner but he felt anika’s presence said.
S: come in anika. And haan if you have come with some kind of water then place it out and enter.
Omru were surprised as shivay didn’t notice them and without even turning he felt anika’s presence. They looked suspiciously at anika and then at shivay who had by now got up and was facing omru. Anika nervously entered and handed him the file and just left without saying a word as she was feeling weird. Shivay was surprised by this kind of behaviour from anika that he almost raised his hand asking her to stop her but couldn’t utter even a single word and she had already left. Omru who were watching all this smiled and finally om held shivay’s hand which was raised saying.
O: rudra I think someone has gained some 6th sense.
R: yes, o you are correct. And that too such a kind of sense in which the person couldn’t feel the arrival of his own brothers. (omru burst into laughter.)
S: (understanding that they were making fun of him he pulled back his hand from om) okay enough of you both and yaa I have not got any kind of 6th sense.
O: but when did we tell that you are the one who have gained the 6th sense.
R: (confused) but o right now we are talking of him only right then why are you not accepting that we are talking about bhaiya only.
O: (beating rudy on head and tells a bit irritated.) rudra I swear grow up and increase your IQ else tera main who haal karunga that you must have not imagined in your wildest dreams. And for now, just keep your mouth shut.
S: okay relax om he is just a kid. Well why are you both here, do you need something?
O: why shivay can’t we come to meet you?
S: no, its nothing like that.
R: well bhaiya what did you bring for us from Delhi.
S: sorry rudy I didn’t have time to go out and purchase anything.
R: what bhaiya you didn’t bring anything for me. (making a crying face.)
O & S: rudra grow up.
R: haan…. Haan… correct now I get it.

S: what did you get all of a sudden rudy. (he took a glass of water to drink)
R: you didn’t have time for going out as you were busy doing anika di’s work there.
S: (not at all expecting such reply he spit out the water he was drinking) what? Have you gone insane rudra that you will expect me to do anika’s work over there.
O: (omru laugh at shivay) but shivay he is correct for the first time. We came to know everything you did there.
S: (escaping as he knew that if he will stay there longer then he will become trapped) I don’t know what you are talking about. I have to go to Khanna he had to tell me something.
Saying this shivay scooted from there leaving a laughing omru there.
Finally, the day for the engagement arrived and all in OM mansion were set for the function. Omru had been asked to go out to purchase some immediate things, rest family members were down there greeting guest. Though it was shivay’s engagement he was not at all feeling happy and he was above all sad as anika had taken leave after arranging everything the previous day itself. Shivay felt suffocated as thoughts of anika and him was choking his breath. So, he managed to find out some last-minute problem and called up anika to be present there.
Anika didn’t want to go there but now came there on getting his call. She wore something heavy function like ghagra type dress and arrived there and straightly went to his room to find him pacing around wearing the same dress. She came and stood in his way making him come to a halt suddenly. Shivay didn’t knew from where his lost life came back that he was happy seeing her in front of him. While anika looking at him from top to bottom said in a painful yet audible voice.
A: this dress seems to be almost perfect shivay. (on hearing her calling him shivay for the first time he stood shocked) then why did you call me.
S: (that was when he noticed that her eyes were red and it seemed as if she was crying for long. With concern) anika are you alright. (he held her by arms) did someone harm you. (he asked angry.)
A: (getting out from his clutches.) am fine shivay. Just some personal issues. Well I think I should leave now as I just don’t feel that I am much more needed in this place.
S: (getting really worried as her voice seemed to fade off) anika are you sure that you are okay. I mean you are not seeming so.
A: (getting angry.) that’s none of your business shivay. It is my life and my problems and you don’t have any right to interfere.
S: (not understanding what was really happening with her.) anika relax. (giving her water) hare have this water and sit.
A: (she was just losing herself more and more. She denied taking seat and even water.) thanks shivay. (in a confirming tone) but I seriously need to leave. Sahil is all alone at home and he is even not well.
S: (getting concerned) what happened to sahil is he all right I mean wait I will call a doctor.
A: (taking away the phone while he was going to call dr.) Mr. shivay singh oberoy I am well aware that you a very high valued person plz don’t indulge your high standards with just a middleclass girl like me. Hence keep your doctors with yourself I will treat my brother with my own standards. (saying this she turned to leave.)
Sorry the story is just happening with the flow of writing so I cannot give precap but I can make a guess that the next part will be better than this.
If you like then do comment guys. Every kind of good and bad comments are appreciated. This is priya signing off.

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