Ishqbaaz ts.. billu ki shaadi nahi hogi

hey guys ….ananya here…..thanks for the response in the previous os…..
this is another two shot written by me
actually i felt they r unnecessarily dragging the epi so i want to make it faster..thats y im writing this

its morning and shivaay’s wedding preperations r on with full swing
pinky is on cloud nine
jhanvi is still hesitant
dadi is very unhappy..saaf saaf dikh raha hai unke muh pe yeh baat..but she is helpless
omru r also in the same situation..they r happy oops i mean they r acting to be happy only infront of the guests

pinky: arre swetha flowers laya hai ki nahi..meri ek lautha beta ki shaadhi hai..koi kami nahi rehni chaahiye
swetha: mam anika has already brought them
pinky: goods…arre om calls anika..kaha hai ye ladki
om: i called her choti maa..she is coming.. on the way
pinky: acchi baat hai..omru jaake dekho ki shivaay tayaar hogai ki nahi
rudra: choti maa u dont worry, billu ready hogai..oops i mean bhaiyya
pinky hits him
om and rudy leave
pinky is busy with the preperations

omru go to shivaay’s room and c him getting ready
rudra: bhaiyya o bhaiyya…ready ho rahe ho aap..
shivaay: haa y?
om: u dont get ready so much..saadhi waise hone waala nahi hai
shivaay: ha voh baat toh hai
rudy: ha joh mircle aap hona chaahtha ha voh hone wala hai..its on its way
they smile
om: ha so its better u dont get ready that much..prob hoga baad mein use remove karne keliye
shivaay: where is the miracle..kaha tak pahunchi?
om: on its way
rudy: bhaiyya u temme one thing..ur eagerly waiting for the miracle to happen or to c the miracle ha
om laughs..omru give a hi fi to each other
shivaay: shut up both of u
rudy: aaa haa ahha bhaiyya dont hide ur felings ha
shivaay: om tu ise kuch sikha
om give “iska kuch nahi ho saktha wala look”
rudy: waise bhaiyya u know what i always knew ur marriage wont happen…ghar ko ek reiki centre bana degi voh..o apna carving work chodkar chant karega..aap apna busines aur anika didi ko chodkar..aur mein apna flirting ko chodkar..u just imagine that lady baba taking my class for flirting
they 3 start imagining
tia is sitting on a chair and rudy on the floor kneeling down
tia: rudy..its a bad karma…..fliritng is really a bad karma….universe tumhare saath bahut bura karega…u know what ur punishment is? u should chant ‘i wont flirt ever in my life’ for 1000 times
rudy is sitting and chanting
tia: good…
imagination ends
rudy: when u guys go out for a date then also she will keep on chanting..omg..aap bhi uske saath chant karna shuru kardoge
they burst into laughter

scene 2
anika is on her way to oberoi mansion for shivaay’s saadhi
suddenly a woman comes between her way
anika applies the brakes and stops champa
anika: what were u dng..aap mad ho kya..
woman: mujhe jal se jal oberoi mansion pahunchna hai..i have to reach oberoi mansion as soon as possible..this is the matter of someone’s life…
anika gets shocked
anika: but y..i mean even im gng der
that woman tells her something and anika gets double shocked
anika: please come and sit….
she sits behind her
they start their journey to oberoi mansion

sene 3
shivaay: arre yaar yeh miracle kaha reh gaya
rudy: i called but busy aa raha hai unka phone
om: dont worry guys…it will happen on time
soumya comes
soumya: bhaiyya ur looking super cute..oops i mean handsome..and ya dont get ready too much shaadhi waise bhi nahi hone wali hai
shivaay sighs
shivaay: arre yaar i know saadhi is not gonna happen and i didnt even get ready too much…everyone is saying the same uff…
soumya: bas ab voh miracle hojay
meanwhile tej comes along with jhanvi
tej: shivaay
shivaay: ji bade papa
tej: ru happy with this marriage
rudy: ha ofcourse waise saadhi nahi hone wali hai
jhanvi: kya??
rudy: mummy i mean i hope lady baba ka car tyre ouncture hojay
tej: what? y?
rudy: agar esa hotha toh she wont b able to reache here on time..and then saadhi nahi hogi
jhanvi: shut uprudra and ya shivaay ur looking stunning as always
she hugs him and even tej hugs him\
shivaay: thanks badi maa
tej: shivaay listen to another 30 mins ur marriage is gonna happens o after that no freedom for u so jitna enjoy karna hai na abhi in 30mins mei hi kar lo
they laugh
om: aur ha dont do anything such thing which makes ur life partner sad..dont do anything such thing which makes ur life partner feel like dying
lookin at tej
jhanvi also gets sad
shivaay: o please control urself..bade papa was just joking
jahnvi: ok so in another 10mins ill send a servant to call u..neech aajana
om: ok mom..u dont worry
they leave
soumya: ill call anika didi once donno where she is
rudy: ha oumya call her bhaiyya tadap rahe hai use dekhne
they laugh
she calls her and its gets busy
soumya: mayb she is close..she will come dont worry
rudy: so im really excited but i never thought ki esa kuch hoga…
after 10mins
servant comes
servant: dadiji is calling all of u down…tia mam is almost here and panditji bhi aagay so shaadhi shuru karni she told all of u to come down
soumya: aap jayiye we will come
he leaves
now everyone get tensed and their faces become serious

scene 4
tere anika and that woman r on the way to oberoi mansion
her tyre gets punctured
anika: uff abhi hona tha
woman: v dont have much time…so v should hurry up…oberoi mansion is quite close so v can walk and go…
anika: ha ur right
they start going and someone from the back shoots anika
woman: noooooooooo
anika: u dont worry about me..u know what to do so go there and do like that…please
woman: i cant leave u like this and go..u r really injured
anika: u dont worry about me…goli stomach pe lagi hai so ill be fine u go
woman: nahi
anika shouts to gooooooooooooooooooo
the woman leaves
anika is still walkiing holding her stomach as oberoi mansion is quite nearer
the woman starts running

scene 5
shivaay comes and sits in the mandap
shaadhi puja has started
shivaay signs om about something
soumya rudy om and shivaay all r tensed
tia: shivaay baby what happened ur sounding tensed
shivaay smiles
shivaay: nothing much tia..bas yeh shaadhi kise bhi prob ke bina hojay
tia: u dont worry baby everything will be fine
mandap is adjecent to the t v
and all shivaay is vcontinuously looking towards the door
om and soumya and rudy towards the back door
pandit: u get up and start taking the pheres
tia’s POV:
now after this marriage no one can stop me
rudy gets tears from his eyes
rudy: o dis cant happen
om: stay positive rudra..soumya call anika
soumya: im continuously calling her but busy aa raha hai
om: please god please make anika reache here on time…otherwise shivaay’s life will be destroyed..please
rudy: bhagwaan ji please yeh shaadi math hone dena
6 pheras were completed
pandit: ek aur pera aur vivaah sampann
even shivaay is seeming tensed
all r showering flowers on them
that woman comes from the back door and throws something in the hall
some smoke is released and everyone start coughing
rudy: o ythis was not our plan…atleast shaadhi toh rukh jaayegi 5 min keliye..kya pata anika didi aajay
jhanvi: whats happening
pinky: oh my mata..yeh kya ho raha hai
all cough
that woman comes in and inserts a pendrive in the tv and goes back to the same back door
no 1 sees her
tej: security open the windows…quickk and c who it is
they do the same
shivaay looks at om
om gives a ‘we dont know’ wala look
soumya: god has sent this intruder for our good..anika didi please come fast..please
after 5mins everything is cleared
tia: baby i think v should continue further with the procedure
shivaay: but that inturder..
tia: baby voting keliye sirf 2 ghanta bacha hai
shivaay gets silent
they r about to start the 7th pere but the woman clicks a button on the remote
tv gets oned adn a video tape is played
no one understand this initially
in that video the same gal is shown talking to roop…girl is begging roop for something..roop slap her
the video ends
another video is played simaltaneously
tia is shown talkingto a womam…..they hug and disscuss something
om and shivaay rudy and soumya dont understand anything..i mean it was anika who is uspposed to do all this but she is not there then who is doing this
they begin to get tensed because anika is not there and they get happyu as anika has sent someone to complete her task…..but who is it?
same question in all the 4 minds
they give a puzzled look

precap: details of what was there in that video….anika comes and all get shocked…major confrontation

hey guys
tried another os
do temme how it was
hope u like it
i murdered hindi and sorry for that and ya sorry for the soooo looong episode

luv u all loads
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    Killer one….hope this only happens….but not to anika………..thank you for giving the story….

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    Hey was very good ..loved it ?…so it was plan of everyone to stop the marraige by Anika…?…waiting for the next shot ..pls post it ASAP……

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    I love itt kaash aisa hogayee
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  6. Supper ananya.but it so thrilling .I can’t wait for 2morrow s episode.

  7. Jazz1

    Amazing dear. When i read the title of the ff I was so happy ? I was like yeahhh billu ki shaddi nahi hogi and I was dancing ? ?all around the house. Thnx for writing this

  8. Mind blowing episode…Plz post next episode asap…

  9. mind blowing episode …..update soon eagerly wating…..

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    Super yaar, I think ishana was d one who help …..

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  13. Killer episode… too much suspense…
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    thanks guys and ya sorry for not responding..i typed everything but everything was deleted so i shld type again and ya ill update today

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