ishqbaaz ts..billu ki shaadi nahi hogi (Part 2)

hey guys…..ananya here…i know am late…but kya karoon exams and marks tension…bt ya with all your wishes i got happy…..hope u all r doing fine and ib is going fantastic right?am eager;ly waiting for rudy’s jealous track…..and ya this is the last story am righting over here..i wont be writing anymore… please read the end note without fail and ya sorry for hte extra long epi…as it is my last story i used all my energy and wrote the most lengthiest one
so no more bakbaks
lets keep going

previously v saw anika getting shot….some woman goes to oberoi mansion instead of anika and does her work..some 2 videos r played

scene 1
everyone is tensed especially omru shivaay and somu
they didnt know what was happening
anika was not there but all her work is being done

after this the woman’s pov:
anika i completed ur mine is left out..bas ab tum yaha jal se jal pahunch jaay…please god send her her as soon as possible..please
she clicks another button
another video is played in which ridhima is shwn speaking with tia and the same ldy
after this e veryone is double shocked
shivaay, omru and somu
shivaay: whats this now?
om: 1st one was our plan but this sec vid?
somu: bhaiyya please tll the security to search the house..its definetely not anika didi
rudy: ha this is definitely not her..agar voh hoti toh kab tak voh saamne aajati
shivaay to the security: security go and search who did this…..nowwww…..
tia comes to shivaay
tia: baby someone is trying to trap u..please dont fall in this trap….that video is fake
ridhima’s pov: what should i tell om now….ridhima socho socho…koi toh lame reason…but who is doing all this?
shivaay mocks at her: tia u seriously think i believe in such stuff? like seriously
tia gets happy

tia: i knew this shivaay baby..i knew this
shivaay: but right now v need to find that intruder who the hell is doing all this\
mmeanwhile security bring that woman there
omru and shivaay get shocked seeing her
shivaay: tum?
rudy: bolo anika didi kaha hai..what didi u do with her
she stays mum
0m shouts
om: ishana bolo where is anika
that woman is ISHANA
she stays mum
dadi: u already knoiw her
omru and shivaay nod as a yes
jhanvi: but how?
shjivaay: badi maa its a looong story..baad mein discuss karenge uske baare me 1st v should find anika
tej: ill inform the police
he leaves

meanwhile omru and shivaay and somu disscuss something
somu: shall v confront her?
rudy: no
somu: but y
shivaay: soumya v have decided na that until anika doesnt come here we wil;l stay mum about this matter
om: ha so v should wait for her..
ishana comes to this gang
om: just get lost
ishana: just shup up and listen to me once
om:how dare u?
he graps her by her hand and starts pulling her towards the door
he goes out and pushes her
she is about to fall but someone holds her
its anika
everyone get shocked seeing her..ishana gets more shocked as 2 more bullets r shot
om: anika what happened to u..come lets go in
ishana shouts at him
ishana: will u just wait for a anika aapko toh ek hi goli lagi thi na ab yeh 2 aur shots kaise?
anika: lets do all that afterwards im fine now..tumne mera kaam kiya?
ishana: ha..i didi mine i should leave
anika: no u should be there..teri wajah se hi yeh sab possible hua
ishana looking angrily at om
ishana: no i will never step into this house again
anika: please
ishana: ok chalo
anika: om lets finish our work
om: anika voh sab baad mein…pehle lets call the doc
meanwhile shivaar rudy and somu come out
shivaay: anika whats this? yeh kaise hua
rudy starts crying
rudy: didi..what happened
anika comes to him..a bit slowly holding her stomach and dragging her leg
anika: completely fine after v finish our work ill go to the doc..ok
rudy: no pehle doc fhir yeh sab kerenge
om: this is what i was saying…but suni ni rahi hai yeh
shivaay: call the damn doc anyone
anika ignores all of them and goes in dragging her leg and holding her stomach
she straightly goes to tia
anika: so miss.tia kapoor..oops no miss.tia ashok no what shoudl i call u
tia: what nonsense anika
anika: nonsense? me? ofcourse not r u feeling right now…i mean tumhara pol khol gayi and ridhima ka khel bhi khatm..tumne mujhe maarne ki koshish ki..but yeh bhi fail kaisa feel ho raha hai kya main jaaan sakthi hu
pinky: anika what r u sayings
shivaay: ma she is speaking the truth
tia: shivaay baby iss anika ki baat sunke tum mujhpe shak kar rahe ho mujhpe?
om: tia please yeh drama bandh karo apna
tia: whats this guys…what happening..ek cheap middle class bina surname aur lineage wali ladki ki baat sunke aap mujhe tia ashok mehta pe shak kar rahi ho?
she realises what she said
rudy: hahahah lady baba..jhoot zyaada dino tak nahi chuptha..u urselves accepted that ur ashok’s daughter and gayathri is ur
om: dekha tia….this is what happens when u try to cover ur lie…
tia: so iska matlab u all know this vefore only?
shivaay: well…yes..v knew this before only…so what did u think u can do whatever u want anbd v dont even get gto know anything..u were so wrong tia
dadi: tia tum ashok ki beti ho?
tia gets fed up
tia: ha im ashok mehta’s daughter tia mehta ad gayathri is my mom..because of u guys my dad killed himself..i wont spare u all for this..and anika because of u all my hardwork got wasted..tujhe toh mai chodungi nahi
she raises her hand to stop but ishana stops her
ishana: tia wait abhi baat khatm nahi hui…jis kaam keliye mai yaha aya hu voh bhi puri karne do..
she turns to ridhima
ishana: hello worker
ridhima fumes
ishana: what shall i call u worker or miss.ridhima ashok mehtha ha what shall i call u
ridhima doesnt says anything but straight away goes to om
ridhima: did u c he is making false allegations on me
he doesnt say anything as he himself is confused
anika: ridhima please apna yeh drama bandh u dont fall in her trap again..please na
om stays mum..he remembers all his moments with ishana and ridhima…he recalls all his meetings with ishana..the last meeting when ishana tell him that ridhima is a bigger fraud than him…ishana: mr.omkaara singh oberoi u know one thing…aapki voh so called gf ridhima mujhse bhi bahut badi fraud hai..and ya when u get to know this then ull definitelty remember this..he even thinks about anika also supporting her
he jerks ridhima away
ridhima: om(in shock)
om: chup ek dum chup

ishana: mr.omkaara singh oberoi am happy that for the 1st time u undertood
so ya ridhima ab aap beheno ki pol khu; gayi…kuch bolna chahthe ho aap log
ridhima: ha am ashok mehta mera papa hai..i luvd om only for money…aap logon ki wajah se hi meri papa ne apna jaan de diya so i wanted to take revenge from u all no no i better say we meri behen bhi mera saath hai….now also u guys came to know the truth but oberoi family ko khatm hone se koi nahi rok saktha….
tia: ha my sissy is saying right
shivaay comes forward in sow motion
shivaay: aap logon ki itni himmat oberois ko dhamki dene ki
tia: shivaay baby this is not dhamki.right ridhima?
ridhima: ha shivaay this is not a dhamki at all…and ya dhamki dena hum mehta sisters ki blood mein nahi hai..v do what v say and v say what v do
they give a fi to each other
ishana slaps and ridhima and anika slaps tia at once
anika: u guys better shut up..
meanwhile the police come
police: miss ridhima mehta and miss tia mehta u r arrested for fraud and attempt to murder
shivaay: what?? attempt to murder?
police: ki mr.oberoi they were the one who planned that gas murder
om: leke jaao in logon ko
tia: it was us who planned that gas leak along with my mom to finish u all but bechaari anika beech mein aagai aur phas gayi
shivaay: ins just take dem away from my sight
they r being hand cuffed and taken away
ridhima blinks at ishana and tia smirks seeing anika
they ignore it
anika suddenly screams in pain as the bleeding becomes faster suddenly
anika: aaaaaaaa
she falls down on the couch
everyone rush to her
shivaay takes her in his lap
shivaay: badi maa just call the damn doc
jhanvi: ok ok 1 sec
she goes aside to make the call
ishana goes to om
ishana: i finished my am leaving… take care….take care of anika also ….i didnt have an intention of coming back in ur life again but kyaa karoon aana sorry for disturbing ur peaceful life mr.omkaara singh oberoi and ya good bye
she starts leaving
rudy stops her
rudy: didi please jaao math…i knoiw u were wrong but still what u didn today was priceless….please dont go
she looks at omkaara an d he nods yes
ishana: ok
she rushes to anika
ishana: anika wake up anika….she taps her cheeks
doc comes
shivaay: doc pleasse check her
doc: ok but u guys move aside for a sec..jus move
ishana and shivaay move away
doc: lets shift her to a room..checking her here is not possible
shivaay without a sec thought lifts her and takes her
omru look at each other and smile
all of dem follow them
she os being taken to shivaay’s room
doc checks her
doc sedates her and starts taking out the goliyas…she is still unconcious but whenever he tries to take that out she jerks in pain and shivaay is sitting beside her onthe bed and is holding her hand..he is tightening his grip whenever she jerks in pain
doc: kaafi khoon lost ho chuka hai..khatre se baahar hai but still she is weak…bed rest ki zaroorath hai and ya please dont let her do any work
tej: thankyou doc saab
shakthi: aayiye main aapko baahar tak chod deta hu
they leave
tej: so soumya rudra om and shivaay this was ur stupid plan right…
they give a puzzled look
tej: now itna bhi puzzled math hojao…it was ur idea to do all this..this much complicated..omg…because of u all she is fighting for her life….heights of stupidity
om: mr.oberoi.
shivaay: bade papa please…
tej: shivaay what please…agar aap logon ko patha chal gaya ki tia gayathri ki beto hai toh saaf saaf bata deti itna complicate karne ki kya zarrorath thi ha..
soumya: tej uncle..
tej: soumya tu toh kuch math bol….how did u even support them in all this
rudy: papa actually..
tej: just stop it…use behooshi aane do use bhi daantoonga mai
pinky: but what all this shivaay
jhanvi: aap logon ko pehle hi kaise pata tia ke baare mein
shivaay: please we will tell u all everythin but for that u should allow us na
om: actually yesterday night at 11o clock anika called me and said that she needs to meet me shivaay and rudy urgently..v guys didnt understand anything
fb is shown
anika: hello
om: anika iss waqt call kiya sab theek haina
anika: om i need to meet u guys right now
om: ab? iss waqt:
anika: ha abhi isi waqt
om; tk tk v r coming
they go and meet
shivaay: whats it..itna raat kyu call kiya..koi kaam nahi hai kya
anika ignores him
anika: om ab mai jo baat kehne wali hu dhyaan se suno
rudy: didi evn am der
anika: abba tum bhi suno rudy
rudy: didi concentrate aap mujhe specially suno bolne ki koi zaroorath nahi hai
om: shut up rudra..anika tum bolo
anika: voh actually i have something to show u guys
she shows a video recording on her phone
the same recording which was played in the oberoi mansion
shivaay gets serious and takes the phone from her hand
rudy: didi isme toh voice clear nahi hai
shivaay: kuch bhi ho tia is hugging gayathri..i mean she knows gayathri personally then she knows ashok also
om: omg kuch toh hai..turning to anika..anika where did u get this
anika: actually when i was returning home i sawtia’s car on the way and no one was there…so i heard some voices from behind a tree whe n i went there i saw this….kaafi door tha isliye sound was not clear
rudy hugs her
rudy: didi aapne bhaiyya ko paraya dhan hone se rokliya..thankyou ab billu ki shaadi nahi hogi..billu…
he starts dancing
shivaay and om: shut up rudra
om: ha me abhi use confront karna chaahye
rudy: o u stop it..this confront and all wont work
anika: rudra is right she can easily say that this video is fake
shivaay: but still v have to bring her truth infront of everyone
anika: mere paas ek idea hai
she tells her plan and its muted
rudy: wahj didi kya idea hai
he gives a fi
anika: ha mera dimaag toh ese hi shaatir hai…
shivaay: ha chalak bhi hai aur 3 ghante ka maths paper ek hi ghante mein poora kardiya right?
anika: wah billuji u still rmbr these things
rudy: anika didi ur really great
shivaay and om look at each other: shut up rudra and anika
rudy: bhaiyyas dont get jealous if u have any idea better than this then temme
they look at each other and stay mum
rudy: ha aapke paas koi idea nahi hai aur oopar se aaplog uski idea ko daant rahe ho..u wont give give any idea and u wont follow others idea
om: but straightly jaake hum use confront kar sakthe haina itna complicate karne ki kya zaroorath hai
shivaay: confront karna chod do om pehle yeh isko itna complicate kardiya
anika: tabhi dhamakedaar hoga…
rudy: ha i want to c that lady baba’s face when all this happens….please please o, bhaiyya mana math karna
shivaay: fine fine but for that v guys should have multiple copies of it 1 with each of us…
anika: at this time no 1 will b der ti copy this….i have an idea ill copy it in a pendrive and keep it with me safely….u guys need not ahave a copy
om: ya done
fb ends

anika gets conciousness
tej: hmm so this is what happened…but how did u guys get to know about ridhima?
ishana: voh actually i was just passing through the same area and saw ridhima going behind the tree…and when i followed her i saw her meeting gayathri..i know about gayathri kyunki voh aksar news pe aati thi aapki family ki chakkar i felt that she is having a connection with ur enemy as she was hugging that lady…so thats y i took a video of her and thought of showing it to omkaara ji….today i saw anika and asked her for a lift but beech mein use goli lag gayi….but anika 2 aur bullets kaisa laga tha?
anika: actually i was walking skowly and then pata nahi kuch who someone shooted me fron behind and it was complete blank…then when i woke up i was in a car and robin was there driving…i was saved only because of robin….
robin comes in
shivaay: thank alot robin
robin: its ok bhaiyya actually i knew this before and my concious was eatin me up witht i was coming to meet u guys and i saw anika lying on the road…i brought her here
tej: thanks alot robin
robin: its ok ill leave i have a small work..bye everyone bye anika tc
anika: bye robin and thankyou agar tum nahi hote toh mai abhi yaha nahi hoti..i would have been dead
rudy comes and places his head on stomach
rudy: didi esa math bolo please
anika: rudy please itna senti math maaro
she sees tej angry
anika: uncle in logon ki koi galthi nahi was me who suggested this one
dadi: kuch bhi ho itna complicate..omg
jhanvi: now lets leave all this anika teri wajah se hi yeh sab hua hai…thank you
tej says the same dialogue which he says to anika when that gal is caught
anika gets teary eyed
shakthi: chalo anika u rest for some time now
anika: nahi uncle ill go home and then take rest
om: anika no behas
shivaay: ha om is right
anika: if i sit here the whole day ill gt bored
om: dont worry v will also b here
rudy: shivaay bhaiyya bhi
shivaay and anika share an awkward look
all leave and prinku hugs anika and thanks her
they leave and omru ishana r present
shivaay went out to make a call
anika and rudy see om upset
anika: om i know u r upset just let go of ur pain and anger u will feel light heartened and better
rudy: ha ek kaam karo u just throw ur phone like bhaiyya does
om smiles
ishana: i know its easy to say these words but still u have to try
om smiles at her
om: its not 1 or 2 yrs its 5 yrs and its not easy but ya ill definitely try to be better
meanwhile shivaay comes
om: shivaay i think u should thank anika
rudy: ha bhaiyya if she wa not there then abhi tak hamaara ghar ek reiki centre hogay hogi
they laugh
om: shivaay topiuc divert math kar..u should say thankyu to anika
shivaay looks at anika and she gives a “no prob” wala look to him
shivaay comes near her and forwards his hand to her
she looks at himn surprised and omru also look at each other in surprise
rudy: o idhar aao
he comes
rudy: bhiayya kya kar raha hai? propose?
om: what? rudy mayb
anikka holds his hand and gets up slowly
next shivaay does something shocking
he goes on his knees and proposes anika
shivaay: anika i never thought that a gal without a surname a girl without a family a girl who irritates me and a girl who calls me by ajeeb ajeeb words will become so imp foe me…..i nevr thought that the girl i thought i hate the most whould become my life one day….tujhe dil se juda kabho hone nahi denge tujhe neend bhi aay toh sone nahi denge tera pyaar hame itna pyaar hai ki hum mar bhi gaye tujhe rone nahi denge
then anika puts her hand on his mouth and nods a no
then he takes her hand and kisses her
om and rudy and ishana: wah wah wah wah
shivaay: om sahi kehtha tha
Sach mein dhal jate hai kisse,
Dil se dohrane ke baat;
Ishq pe hoga yakeen,
Ishq ho jane ke baat.
anika also replies int he form of a shayyari..this is what she says
anika: Tujhe Dekhu To Sara Jaha Rangeen Nazar Aata Hai,
Tere Bina Dil Ko Chain Kaha Aata Hai,
Tum Hi Ho Mere Dil Ki Dharkan,
Tere Bina Ye Sansar Suna Suna Nazar Aata Hai!!
om rudy and ishana: wah wah wah wah
rudy: anika didi aap bhi bahut acche ho shayaari marne mein
anika :thankyou
shivaay: guys wil u lemme complete..he turns to anika
anika : i luv u too billuji…itna acche se propose kiya ki koi mana bhi kaise kar saktha hai..i luv u too
they hug
soumya: bhaiyya am soooo happy for u
she hugs shivaay
somu: anika didi ur really fab in shayaari
she hugs her
om and ruyy also hug them and tease them
ishana’s pov:
god please in logon ki bond ko esa hi rakhna hamesha strong…..please..yaha pe mereliye koi jagah nahi hai….i should leave…after all after what i did i dont have a right to see them again..good bye mr.omkaara singh oberoi and stay happy always..khaash mein bhi in logon ke saath hotha…
she starts leaving
but someone holds her wrist
its om
everyone stop talking and look at them
om: mere hisaab se honesty ke saath saath firgiving is also the best policy….
ishana: Koi Achhi Si Saza Do Mujhko;
Chalo Aisa Karo Rula Do Mujhe;
Tumhein Bhulun To Maut Aa Jaye;
Dil Kee Gehrai Se Yeh Dua Do Mujhko!!
om: chalo tk lets start afresh..hello am omkaara singh oberoi
ishana: hello am ishana patel
om: fiends?
he forwards his hand
ishana: chalo friends
she shakes hand with him
they hug
om: come
he holds her hand and takes her to the otrs
om: meet shivaay my bro
ishana: hello
she forwards her hand
shivaay doesnt reply
she gets sad..then he hugs her
shivaay: friends ko ese hi bolte hai
ishana also hugs him
om: now meet rudy my younger bro
rudy is abt to hug her
ishana: ek sec rukho tujhe toh mai shake hand hi hugs
he gets sad
rudy: chalo tk
he forwards his hand
ishana: i was just joking man
she hugs him
he also reciprocates
om: now meet soumya my sissy soumya
ishana hugs her
ishana: hello soumya…
soumya: hello didi
soumya: wait ur voice seems familiar
soumya gets tensed
everyone get serious
soumya: didi aap itna stres math lo ill only tell..actually…
om: baat kya hai oumya
soumya: voh actually im the love angel
rudra falls down
soumya hurriedly goes to him
soumya: rudy rudy ru fine
he stands up and jerks her away
soumya: rudy am sorry….please
she holds her ears
shivaay: tum luv angel ho…
om: accha that is y u already knew my name when i spoke to u
soumya: ha bhaiyya..rudy please am sorry..i wanted u to stay away from romi thats y i always gave u the wrong suggestions and advices she is not a nice gal…
the otrs look at each other and smile
rudy: accha chalo tk..forgiven and ya sorry for behaving rudely with u
soumya: its ok and ya sorry for fighting with u
they hug
rudy: friends?
soumya: ha friends
they hug
shivaay and anika join them shivaay ugs rudy and anika hugs soumya..omish join hugs anika and ishana behind shivaay
they break the hug and shivaay forwards his hand
om rudy ishana and anika keep their hands one after the other
shivaay: u know what this dialogue one for all and all for one aaj tak hum obros ke beech mein hi tha ab aap log bhi shaamil hogai isme
all together say one for all and all for one
they stand in a circke
ishana between om and shivaay, anika between rudy and shivaay, soumya between rudy amd om
they put their hands on the others shoulders sideways(just like players do before a game) but here they dont join their heads
shivaay: koi hame alag nahi kar saktha

this is how they develop an unbreakable bond between them
one for all and all for one
now one can break their bond

hey guys ananya here
as i told u earlier this is my last story over here
i wont be writing anymore
i would like to thank all those who commented on my stories not only this one but all the others also. u guys r not liking my stories so there is no use writing

i know am not a good writer but there are a few who kept on commenting inorder to stop me from breaking my spirit i would like to thank those
silent readers- thanks alot for reading..i dont know whether u guys like my stories or not but u read them and its more for me
all the commentors who commented – there r many who commented but the comments decreased with time…but still my whole hearted thanks to all those and loads of hugs and kisses
i made some really good friends over her shama sat goms and so many..shama didi take care of ur health and ya i hope u become a very famous writer one day
sat all thebest for ur 10th and take care of ur health (EAR)
ayesha didi balance all ur activities and routine in a proper manner and ya i hope u win all the competitions all the best
all the best guys
take care
this is ananya signing off
i always luv u all and miss u
good bye folks and ya all the stories here r just fab do continue
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  17. Naaginfanforever

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