Ishqbaaz- We Three Brothers are Like the Three Sides in a Triangle, so are our Story (Episode 3)


**With summary of episode 1-2**

Hi all. I am finally back with the next episode Ishqbaaz- We Three Brothers Are Like Three Sides in a Triangle, so are our Story. Finally my exams are over and now I am having my semester break. I feel like dancing just like Anika, Ishana and Soumya XD. And thank you so much for supporting me so much. I hope you all still remember my fan fiction and so sorry for updating the episode late. Anyways, here is today’s episode. Hope you all still remember my fan fiction 😛

By any chance if you didn’t read the intro and episode 1 and 2, here are the links.
Episode 1
Episode 2

Summary of Episode 1-2:-
The fan fiction begins with a 3 years leap on how Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra’s lives changed. Shivaye was married to Tia but they got divorced. Shivaye was now someone who believed in love. And he keeps on carrying on with the family business. Omkara is engaged to Riddhima, but he is changed into a rude, arrogant guy and is no longer an artist. He dons a shorter hair look and is stone-hearted now. Rudra is not a flirt anymore and tries to help his brothers out and he acts he is the same as all are already disappointed with the changes in Shivaye and Omkara. Omkara and Shivaye keeps on fighting and the bond is missing and Rudra always becomes sad seeing them fighting. Rudra assures his grandma he will try to make all fine between them. On the other hand, Anika is engaged with a guy named Shivin an army officer and is revealed that Anika and Soumya are sisters. Later, they live with Ishana who is Anika’s best friend now. Ishana is the most responsible person in the family currently, and she keeps on balancing between her work and family responsibilities and Anika, Sahil, Soumya and her mom is her family now.

Finally Shivaye-Anika meet in a tea stall, Omkara-Ishana in the road, Rudra-Soumya in a restaurant. Shivaye enjoys tea and there he meets Anika, where Anika slaps him and turns out that Anika was helping him from mosquitos and there they share a laugh and seemed they share friendship and they are glad they meet after long but Anika assumes Shivaye still loves Tia. Ishana is talking to someone on phone when someone mysterious is trying to kill her until Omkara saves Ishana from the person but Ishana faints due to weakness and she doesn’t see. Later, its revealed Omkara knows Ishana and scolded her for cheating him. Later he tells Ishana about his and Riddhima’s marriage which makes Ishana heartbroken as she was in search for Omkara for three years.

Rudra stops Soumya and Soumya feels that Rudra gets to know that she is love angel as she was singing. Later, Rudra says she was finding her as they were also friends and Rudra tells how things changed between the three brother which made Soumya stunned and surprised.
And then all six get into a flashback of what happened 3 years ago. 3 years ago all are same as the current show even characters. Shivaye Omkara and Rudra shared a special bond like they usually do. Shivaye and Anika as usual fights over drawings and chapals, and Ishana continues tricking Omkara but she feels bad and Rudra and Soumya, Soumya continues to teach Rudra a lesson by spoling his date with Romi.

Here is the what will happen in Episode 3, which means this Episode.
Precap: Shivaye and Anika keeps on fighting. Shivaye and Anika gets stuck at an isolated place as Shivaye’s car breaks down. Anika gets scared and hugs Shivaye. Shivaye looks on.Shivaye saves Anika. Ishana in disguise of another person barges into Oberoi hiding and as she was about to later, Omkara holds her hand. Ishana is shocked. Omkara says what are you doing her? Ishana is about to say. Omkara says your lie is exposed. You are a con girl. Ishana is shocked.On the other hand, Soumya says that I am the one who spreaded rumour regarding love angel. Rudra overhears this and says now see Motti I will teach you a lesson. Rudra Singh Oberoi is also no less.

Here is episode 3.
Scene 1: Oberoi Mansion
The episode begins with Shivaye talking on the phone and Anika doing the arrangements.
Shivaye: Hey, thank you so much for understanding my problem. It’s really very great of you.
Anika looks at Shivaye angrily and scolds him.
Anika: He speaks so sweetly to others, but when I asked him which flower he wants, he used my Chameli , my Chameli to threaten me?
Shivaye: Okay fine I will be there.
Anika is on the ladder and she keeps on scolding Shivaye.
Anika: Stupid SSO, always makes me angry.
Shivaye keeps the phone.
Dadi: Shivaye, where are you going?
Shivaye: I have some work Dadi.
Dadi: Come back soon and is it not possible you take some days leave for your marriage.
Shivaye: I will try.
Dadi leaves
Shivaye goes.
Anika: Bagar Billa
And she shows as if she wants to scratch him like a cat. She falls down and Shivaye runs and saves her. She falls in his arms. They both look at each other. O Janna Plays.
Shivaye: Where is your attention?
Anika ignores him.
Shivaye: And what is with this flowers?
Anika: It’s all your fault.
Shivaye: Now what have I done?
Anika: I said what flower to choose and you gave me lecture and made me confused.
Shivaye: Can you please? Okay fine use the white flower and make sure all the work is done soon.
Anika makes faces.
Shivaye: What attitude is this? Anyways why am I wasting my time on you and I won’t be always there for you.
Shivaye goes. Anika again teases him and as she was about to fall,
Anika: He is correct, SSO won’t always be there. Anika focus on your work.
Anika focuses on her work and Dadi comes.
Dadi: Anika beta, do you know whose papers are this?
Anika: Maybe is of your Billu.
Just then Tej comes,
Tej: Mom what is this doing with you? Where is Shivaye?
Dadi: He left.
Tej: What! How can he be so careless? He was supposed to make sure this paper is with him. If this doesn’t reach on time, it may cause problems for our company.
Dadi: What! But?
Anika: No need to worry. I am going there to give him the paper.
Tej: Thank you, Anika.
Anika takes the paper and leaves.

Scene 2: Art Gallery
Ishana is walking and she realizes one of her earrings is missing.
Ishana: My earring? Where is it?
Ishana tries to find it everywhere but she doesn’t get it.
Ishana: I must have left it at the art gallery.
Ishana comes back to the art gallery. Ishana tries to find the earrings. And later she sees Omkara speaking to a guy and scolding him.

Om: How can you do this?
Guy: Sorry sir.
Ishana: Why is Zulfi Singh Oberoi so angry?
Ishana tries to eavesdrop their conversation.
Om: How can you sell those drinks to my mom?
Guy: She ordered someone to buy some drinks and she agreed a great price for it.
Om: And you just agreed and sold it.
Guy: Now this is my job and business to sell alcohol, what is my fault in that?
Omkara gets angry.
Om: If my mom or someone sent by her ever comes to buy alcohol don’t give her. Please.
Guy: Why won’t I do that? It’s beneficial for my business.
Om: I can’t believe it.

Omkara gets angry. Ishana comes to Omkara.
Ishana: What happened Omkara?
Om: Nothing.
Ishana: You can tell me after all we are friends.
Ishana holds Omkara’s shoulder, Omkara looks at her and she leaves it.
Ishana: Trust me I won’t tell anyone.
Om: Okay fine.
Omkara tells his story about his dad and mom.
Om: That’s why I hate Tej Singh Oberoi because of him, my mom is so much hurt and she is in depression due to this she drinks. And it is so hard to get out of this and I understand this very well.
Ishana: Who is Tej Singh Oberoi?
Om: My dad.
Ishana feels bad for Omkara.
Ishana: Don’t worry all will be fine.
Om: It’s not so easy. I know that won’t happen.
Omkara leaves.
Ishana: Now Ishana have an idea in her mind.
Ishana smiles.
Ishana: Zulfi Singh Oberoi, Ishana will make everything fine.
Ishana gets an idea and she leaves.
Scene 3: Ice Cream Shop
Here Rudra like a dumb person is sitting in the ice-cream shop.
Rudra: Where is love angel? I can’t even see her.
Just then Romi barges in the shop,
Romi: I can’t believe you are so dumb,Rudra.
Rudra: Why what happened, Romi?
Romi: Someone randomly said that love angel will come here and you just agreed like that and came here leaving me?
Rudra: Oh I am sorry, you also want to meet love angel? Okay we will meet together.
Romi: Unbelievable! I have never seen someone so dumb like you.
Soumya is seeing this hiding at the ice cream shop.
Soumya: After all he his Dumbo Singh Oberoi.
Rudra is shocked. Soumya silently laughs.
Romi: Just read this.
Romi shows Rudra love angel’s message. Rudra is shocked.
Rudra: Rumour?
Romi: Yes
Rudra: Rumour? Romi?
Romi: How dare you call me? I have no interest in wasting my time with a useless fellow like you.
Romi leaves. Rudra cries.
Rudra: Love Angel what have you done?
Soumya: Cry baby!

Rudra: Soumya?
Soumya remembers and gets shocked and hides. Rudra looks around. As Rudra looks at the opposite direction, Soumya runs.
Rudra: Today my day is bad. I didn’t meet love angel and Romi.
Rudra cries again.
Soumya starts laughing by herself outside the shop seeing Rudra like this.
Soumya: It’s amazing. It’s just fun to teach that Dumbo Singh Oberoi a lesson.
Rudra comes out of the shop wiping his tears and is shocked to see Soumya.
Rudra: What is this Sumo doing here?
Soumya: It was me who made sure this rumour spread that love angel is coming to the ice-cream shop. I didn’t know protein shake will agree so easily. Such a dumb guy
Rudra gets angry.
Rudra: (in his mind) Oh so all this is done by her.
Soumya: I should leave now before he further doubts on me.

Soumya leaves.
Rudra: Soumya this you have dont done. Now you see Motti how I Rudra Singh Oberoi will teach you a lesson.
Rudra gets determined.

Scene 4: On the road
Here Anika is on her scooty and she is going to Shivaye’s office.
Shivaye is also on his ways and just then he gets a call.
Shivaye: Are you for real? Is this necessary?
Shivaye goes in another direction. Just then some goons talk on the phone with a mysterious lady.
Goon: Don’t worry mam your work will be done, Shivaye Singh Oberoi will pass through this road and then we will trap him.
Mysterious lady: I want my work to be done as soon as possible.
Goon: No worries.
Anika was passing by and she is shocked.

Anika: That means they are trying to trap SSO I must call the police now.
Anika calls the police and later someone tabs her. Anika removes his hand and she speaks, and then she looks.
Anika: Can’t you see I am talking with someone on the phone?
And she is shocked as she is the goons.
Goon: Hey girl who are you speaking to?
Anika: My friend and who else?
Goon: You thought we are foolish?
Anika: Areh please, please let me go.
Anika takes her scooty and is about to go, the guy uses their weapon and spoils the tire of her scooty.
Anika is shocked.
Anika: My scooty!
Goon: Now how will you go?

He laughs in a evil way.
Anika takes her sandal out.
Anika: Get lost if not I will use my Chameli.
Goon: Now who is Chameli?
Anika shows them her sandal.
Goon: What do you think you are Chikni Chameli? You are Munni Badnam.
Anika: Now you will see Babli Badmash
Anika takes her slipper to hit them and then the goon holds her hand. Anika gets scared.
Anika: Malhari.

Goon: Awari.
Anika tries to escape and the goons harass her and then the gang joins and walks around Anika. Anika gets scared.
Anika: Shivaye!
All looks, Anika runs, and as one of them was about to hit Anika, someone holds his hand.
It’s Shivaye
Goon: We were waiting for you finally you are here.
Shivaye: Leave her!
Goon: Not so easily.
Shivaye: I said leave her!

The goon disagrees.
Shivaye: Shivaye Singh Oberoi said to leave her.
Anika: Yes Shivaye Singh Oberoi is saying.
Shivaye: Can you please shut up for a while?
Anika becomes silent.
Shivaye: Leave her if not.
Goon: If not what?
Shivaye is about to make his hand aside from Anika, Anika runs and others get hold of her.
Shivaye hits the guy, and Anika uses her sandal and hit the other guy.
Anika manages to escape and hides behind her scooty somehow. Shivaye single handly one by one hits the goons. The goons get scared.
Anika: SSO toh Daara Singh Nikla? Wow what talent. Looks like Rudra gave him enough training.
Later, the goons gets scared and one of them gets hold of her,and holds her hair.
Anika: Leave my hair(bal chor).
Goon: Oh Balma.
Anika: Let SSO come and then you all will become Khichidi.
Goon: Oh really? I am no less than Gabbar.
Anika: I will show you Mardani.
Anika gives the goon a tight slap.
Shivaye while seeing this becomes stunned.
Shivaye: Wow Anika.
Anika: You focus in your fight. I am also no less. If you are VDS, I am Anika.
Shivaye: VDS?
Anika: Vindoo Dara Singh.
Shivaye: Fhat the wuck?
Anika: Oh my you said bad words.
Shivaye: Hey Anika, now please.
Goon: Shut up!
Anika and Shivaye gets stunned.
Anika: Let me speak.
Just then the guy holds a knife infront of Anika’s neck. Anika gets scared. Shivaye is shocked.
Shivaye: I said leave her.
Goon: I will if you stop hitting my friends.
Shivaye: Okay fine, I stop. But leave her please.
Goon: Not so easily.

Shivaye: Then how much money you want?
Anika: Again this SSO showing off his money.
Shivaye: Shhh!
Goon: Now we all will hit you.
Shivaye: Really?
Goon: If not
He brings the knife closer to Anika’s neck. Anika cries.
Shivaye: Hey leave her okay.
Goon: What is he blabarring in English?
Anika: He said you all won’t be spared.
He brings it closer. Anika cries more.
Anika: Shivaye,he will be here on a while. (English)
Shivaye realizes that they dont know English.
Shivaye: Who will be here? (English)
Goon: What is he saying?
Anika: Leave me, and he will not do anything.
The goon leaves Anika, and again holds her hand.
Shivaye: Leave her!
Goon: Not so easily.
Just then police siren rings.
Goon: Police! All run. Hey you called right?
Anika: Yes.
The goon is about to slit her neck with the knife, Anika smartly moves her neck and she bites the goon’s hand. The goon shouts in pain and while Anika is running, the goon uses the knife which injuires Anika’s hand and it starts bleeding.
Anika: Ouch!
Shivaye: Anika!
The police comes and arrests the goons.
Police: Thank you Miss Anika for calling us earlier if not we won’t have caught them.
The police arrests the goon.
Shivaye: Hey Anika are you okay?
Anika cries and hugs Shivaye. Shivaye looks on. Music plays.

Scene 4: Oberoi Residence
Here Tej and Jhanvi gets into a fight. Jhanvi is drinking.
Tej: Jhanvi can you please stop drinking?
Jhanvi: What to do, you are the reason why I am drinking.
Tej: Jhanvi I can’t see you like this.
Jhanvi: You go to Swetlana.
Swetlana comes.
Swetlana: Tej I wanted to say that.
Tej: Not now Swetlana.

Swetlana: It’s important.
Tej: Okay fine.
And then Tej goes.
Pinky: Oh my Mata!
Pinky comes to Jhanvi.
Pinky: I pity so much on you poor Jethani ji, your husband well I have nothing to say.
Dadi: Stop talking nonsense.
Just then someone comes,
Girl: Oberois here?
Pinky, Jhanvi, Dadi looks surprised. Shakti also comes downstairs and is also surprised.
And the girl is none other than Ishana who is in disguise wearing big spectacles and bundled up hair.
Dadi: I am sorry Beta, I didn’t recognise you.
Ishana: I am divorce inspector.
Pinky: Divorce also have inspector? Heh.
Ishana: Stop blabaring much if not I will make sure you and your husband gets divorced.
All are shocked.
Pinky: Oh my Mata!

Pinky comes to Shakti.
Pinky: Shakti ji see what this girl is saying she wants us to get divorce. We love each other so much.
Ishana: Te Kharekhara, (Damm It! In Gujrati) I thought that was Saasu Ma aka Omkara’s mom. But she looks drunk. What’s my fault in that?
Dadi: Did you say anything?
Shakti: Excuse me we dont know you what are you doing here?
Ishana: I inspect houses to see if couples leave happily, if they dont we make sure they file a divorce.
All are surprised.
Shakti: How can you just come like this?
Ishana: We come without notice, if not all will act well.
Pinky holds Shakti’s hand.
Pinky: So did we pass or fail?
Ishana shows thumbs up.
Ishana: Sari. (Good)
Pinky: Sorry? That means we are getting divorced? No!
Ishana: Areh, it means good in Gujrati, now where is Saasu Ma?
Pinky: So we won’t get divorced?
Ishana gets irriatated.

Ishana: You wont
Pinky: Saasu Ma?
Ishana: (in his mind) Have hum mrta chum (Now I am dead in Gujarati)
Ishana: We have some questions to ask to your Saasu Ma.
Ishana asks Dadi.
Ishana: How many couples are here? Married couples.
Dadi: 2
Ishana: Where is the other one?
Just then Tej and Swetlana comes.
Jhanvi: Tej is here with his
Ishana looks
Ishana: (in her mind) Saasu Ma looks so young. No can’t be, she is even younger than me. Ishana teri nak kat jayengi. But I have to do all this for Omkara.
Ishana comes to them,
Ishana: I have some questions for you both husband and wife.
Tej: Excuse me!
Ishana: I am divorce inspector.

Tej: What’s going on here?
Ishana: We have come to investigate some matter here. And we come without notice its our policy.
Tej: Everything is fine here, you can leave.
Ishana: (in her mind) Sasur Ji, is so mean!
Jhanvi is drinking.
Jhanvi: Tej let it be.
Tej: Jhanvi why are you drinking?
Pinky: It’s because of you jetji jethanji is drinking.
Ishana: (in her mind) Oh so this is Saasu Ma. Wow what a fit Saasu Ma I have. Anyways focus.
Ishana: Oh so you two are the other pair.
Pinky: Yes.
Ishana goes to Dadi.
Ishana: What’s this drinking lady name?
Dadi: Jhanvi Singh Oberoi.
Ishana: I have decided that Tej Singh Oberoi and Jhanvi Singh Oberoi will get divorced.
Priyanka sees this and cries. Omkara is also surprised who just came from outside and he stays outside to see what is happening,
Om: (in his mind) She looks so familiar. Who is she?
Priyanka starts crying.
Pinku: Who are you? Why will my mom dad get divorced?
Ishana: (in her mind) I have such a sweet Nanad.
Ishana: I am divorce inspector and I investigate if all couples are living happily in a household. If we find out that’s not the case we will get them divorced.
Pinku: But how can you just come like this?
Ishana: It’s my duty, and I know what to do. So Tej Singh Oberoi and Jhanvi Singh Oberoi will get divorced and that’s my decision.
All are shocked, especially Tej and Jhanvi. Swetlana smirks.
Tej: Swetlana, it will be better if you leave now.
Swetlana: But?
Tej: I will speak to you later.
Swetlana leaves.
Tej: Look please give me another chance miss inspector. And yes it’s my fault I have always took things for granted and fore seen everything. But I really love my wife Jhanvi a lot.
Jhanvi gets emotional and all smiles.
Tej comes to Jhavi.
Tej: Jhanvi please forgive me.
Ishana: I don’t think I will be able to do so, look at Mrs. Jhanvi she is so depressed that she is even drinking. And it’s not normal if one keeps on drinking.
Pinky: Corrects!
Ishana: I am sorry but this divorce will happen.
All are shocked.
Ishana: So Mr.Tej and Mrs Jhanvi you both have to come with us to fulfil the formalities.
Jhanvi: Please, I want to give my husband one more chance. I am ready.
Ishana: But I dont think so.
Jhanvi is drinking and Tej stops her.
Tej: I realized how much I hurt you, and please dont drink. If not I will feel I am still not forgiven.
Jhanvi: Fine I will not drink.
Ishana: See how much you both love each other. But differences, never let differences come between you it doesn’t only make you both sad, also your children.
Ishana brings Priyanka.
Ishana: See how much sad your daughter was. And now she is so much happy.
Omkara smiles and gets impressed.
Tej and Jhanvi hugs Priyanka.
Ishana gets emotional and leaves.
Dadi: Beta, you have done something which maybe no one could have. Thank you so much, What is your name?
Ishana: Ishana!
Ishana leaves wiping her tears. And doesn’t sees Omkara.
Om: (in his mind) Whoever you are thank you so much for helping my parents out, Ishana.

Scene 6: College
Soumya and her friend, Aachal are walking in the college.
Aachal: Wow holidays are going to start soon, I just can’t wait.
Soumya: Me too
Aachal: Are you coming to the prom that will take place tomorrow?
Soumya: I don’t want to.
Aachal: Please come.
Soumya: Okay I will think about it.
Just then someone is performing on the song Badtameez Dil from Yeh Jaawani Hain Deewani. It’s Rudra.
Aachal: Rudra is so hot na.
Soumya: Hot? Yes he makes my head hot.
Aachal: Who?
Soumya: Protein shake.
Aachal: It’s good to have hot protein shake.
Soumya: You won’t understand, you are too naive for this.
And she gives her weird look.
Rudra is dancing with other girls, and Rudra is enjoying and he smiles.
Soumya: Created drama for no reason.
And then the song ends. All clap for Rudra.
All the girls shout.
Girls: Rudra! Rudra! Rudra!
Even Aachal cheers for.
Soumya: You also?
Aachal: Yes
Soumya gets an idea and smiles.
Soumya: Dumbo! Dumbo! Dumbo!

Rudra looks at Soumya and fumes. Romi comes.
Romi: I agree Rudra is such a dumbo!
Rudra is trying hard not to cry,
Rudra: (in his mind) Now Rudra Singh Oberoi, will do such a magic that will also make sure Soumya never teaches me a lesson and Romi also gets impressed. But first I have to teach that Sumo a lesson.
Just then a guy comes,
Guy: Rudra Singh Oberoi makes entry for no reason, I am sure he must have some amazing news to share with us.
Rudra: You are right. Very smart answer. But unfortunately, that won’t bring you any benefit.
Guy: Why is it like this?
Rudra: You will get to know it soon, because this is for specially for girls.
Guy: So for us nothing?
Rudra: You will get to know soon, so just chill.
Rudra: As you all have seen my amazing dance, and with hot girls.
But not as much as you all.
Some girls feel shy and some like dont care.

Soumya: He will never change.
Rudra: I have a surprise for all girls.
Rudra orders his friend to give a packet to all the girls.
Romi takes it though she is uninterested. Soumya keeps it.
Soumya: Now I see what does this Dumbo gave all?
The girls open and finds a pink gown. All smiles.
Girl: Wow so beautiful.
Soumya opens hers and also find the same.
Soumya: This is so skimpy.
Rudra: I have decided that this time why don’t we do something special for prom. Why don’t you all wear the pink gown?
All smiles.
Girl: We will definitely wear it Rudra. And we agree with you. Let’s do this we all will wear this pink gown. Right everyone?
All: Yes
Rudra smiles.
Soumya talks to Aachal.
Soumya: But this dress is so skimpy it won’t fit m
e at all. I can’t wear this.
Aachal: Then what will you do?
And then Rudra sees this and smiles.
Rudra: (in his mind) The fun begins now, and the actual one will be seen tomorrow.
Rudra: And girls, I am so sorry if I didn’t bring the right size for all. Actually I dont know everyone’s size, so I just brought the average size and for most it may be loose so do make adjustments.
Soumya: But Aachal this dress is too tight for me. I can’t wear it. And I am going to.
Rudra: And please all of you try to make adjustments with this dress, I am so sorry. And for those who finds the dress tight, I am sorry you all may wear some other dress.
Girl: No problem we will make adjustments so all of us will wear this tomorrow.
Romi: I wonder what is in his mind. He is so weird sometimes.
Soumya becomes sad and she looks at the dress.
Rudra leaves.
Soumya: Ru
Rudra ignores Soumya. Soumya is sad and gets thinking.

Scene 7: On the road
Anika remembers and she breaks hug.
Anika: I am sorry.
Shivaye: It’s okay happens.
Anika is about to go,
Shivaye: Wait a second.
Anika stops.
Shivaye: You are injuired.
Anika sees this and realizes.

Shivaye: I should take you to the hospital.
Anika: No, its fine.
Anika goes and then she sees her scooty.
Anika: I forgot they spoiled my scooty. Poor scooty.
Shivaye: Now what are you looking at me like this? Now let’s leave. This place is very isolated.
As they were about to go,
Shivaye: Wait a minute before that I have to do something.
Anika: What is it?
Shivaye takes the first aid box from the back of the car and he bandages Anika’s wound and applies ointment. Anika closes her eyes in pain, Shivaye blows it and then applies the bandage.
Shivaye: Its fine now.
Anika sees this and smiles.
Anika: Thank you.
Shivaye: No problem. Now let’s leave.
As Shivaye is about to go, the car doesn’t start.
Shivaye: Why is the car not starting?
Anika: It wont so easily.
Shivaye: Why?
Anika ges out of the car.
Shivaye: Hey!
Anika takes out the brick.
Shivaye: What is this!
Anika: Those goons placed bricks on the tires of the car, so that you wont be able to escape easily. I saw.
Anika remembers seeing them do so while they were fighting with Shivaye and one of them does so. But before Anika could say anything the guy holds knife on her neck.
Shivaye: Very smart and stupid.
Anika: I know I am smart but stupid why?
Shivaye: Smart for seeing this and removing it, and stupid for not taking any action that time.
Anika: If I took action, they would have killed us.
Shivaye: Whatever.
Shivaye removes the brick.
Shivaye: I will do it, you are injuired anyways.
Anika: I will do it.
Anika faces difficulty and while taking out one she falls and Shivaye holds her behind, they share an eyelock. O Jaana plays.
Shivaye: I said I will do it. So listen to me.
Shivaye throws his suit to Anika. Anika holds it.
Shivaye removes the brick.
Shivaye: Let’s go.
They leave.

Scene 8: Outside Oberoi Mansion
Here Ishana is leaving.
Ishana: Finally all is done. It’s so hard.
Later, Tej, Jhanvi and Priyanka goes out together.
Tej: Today I am going to buy the beautiful jewellery my princess chose.
Priyanka smiles.
Jhanvi: Tej, let’s go.
Tej: I will also buy one for you.
Jhanvi smiles. They leave
Ishana sees this hiding and gets emotional and wipes her tears. As Ishana was about to go, she is shocked as someone holds her hand. As Ishana looks she is about to fall, its Omkara and Omkara holds her hand and saves her from falling. They share an eyelock. Music plays.
Ishana: You? Who are you to?
Om: You thought what I won’t get to know anything? I have got to know everything.
Ishana: What?
Om: That you are not Bela?
Ishana is shocked.
Ishana: Who Bela?

Omkara opens Ishana’s glasses and opens her bun up.
Om: This is.
Ishana is shocked. And Omkara and Ishana share a short eyelock.
Ishana: Om I can explain this.
Om: No need I have seen everything with my own eyes, Bela? I mean Ishana.
Ishana: (in her mind) Now he knows everything.
Ishana: Om I am sorry.
Om: You know I hate liars.
Ishana: Om? I am really sorry.
Om: Thank you.
Ishana is surprised.
Ishana: What?

Om: You are such a nice friend. Thank you so much doing so much for my parents.
Ishana: I didn’t get you.
Om: I know you got into a disguise of Ishana to make all fine between my mom and dad. Thank you Bela.
Ishana: (in her mind) I am safe now.
Ishana takes a sigh of relief.
Om: Till today besides my brothers no one understood my problem, and you not only understood you also helped me. It means a lot for me. Thank you so much.
Omkara hugs Ishana. Ishana looks on.
Ishana: (in her mind) I had to do so Om, I couldn’t see someone hurt like this, but I have to hurt you I am sorry. But I know your parents and brothers will be there for you later on.

Scene 9: Rudra’s room
Night time,
Here Rudra is happy.
Rudra: Wow Rudra you are so smart, you have done the right thing today.
Rudra is walking and dancing and then he sees something and gets surprised.
Soumya is wearing the tight dress and it tears.
Soumya: How will I manage this?
Soumya: It’s even hard to breathe in this dress.
Rudra: (in her mind) You have not done the right thing by messing up with me, now you know how it feels.
Soumya: I can’t wear this.
Soumya tries to open the dress but she fails, Rudra laughs seeing this. She tries to open and then suddenly while jumping she suddenly falls on Rudra, and they role over the ground. They look at each other.
Soumya: Get up!
Rudra gets up.
Rudra: I should have said this.
Rudra looks at Soumya and laughs. Soumya fumes.

Soumya goes and with difficulty she changes the clothes. And comes to Rudra’s room.
Soumya: Now you keep your pink dress with you.
Rudra: So you won’t wear this.
Soumya comes to Rudra.
Soumya: Look Rudra, I know very well that you have done so to teach me a lesson. Yes I admit I am the one who spoiled your date with Romi.
Rudra: Finally you admitted.

Soumya: But you? What did you do? You just insulted me. I admit I am an obese girl, but I am not the only one. Have you ever thought how your this deed hurt other obese girls too?
Rudra becomes silent.
Soumya: Now keep your this dress with you, I don’t want because I am not like other girls, you guys like , you know slim, what is it called yes zero figure. I may not be like them, but I am happy the way I am.
Soumya leaves.
Rudra: yaar Soumya is right I have hurt her way too much. This was too much. How should I apologize to her? Very bad Rudra.

Scene 10: Oberoi Brothers Room
Here Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra are in the room. They three lie down and the way they lied down they formed a triangle shape.
Shivaye thinks about the way Anika hugged him.
Shivaye: Something it doesn’t seems the way it actually is.
Omkara remembers how Ishana helped him in disguise.
Om: Yes, you are right.
Rudra remembers how he hurt Soumya.
Rudra: But you don’t know how to express it?
Shivaye: True.
Om: It’s not that difficult also.
Rudra: Om for you it may be easy, but in actual it is not at all easy.
Shivaye: Yes, I agree. It’s not easy, infact confusing.
Om: But you can cleary see it easily.
Rudra: Yes, especially when someone tells you clearly.
Shivaye: What if one doesn’t even tell you clearly?
Om: From eyes. Which expresses how one is?
Rudra: But what if tears fall from that eyes?
Shivaye: No idea.
Om: Some do this due to happiness and some due to sadness.
Rudra: But how to show one how much guilty one is feeling?
Shivaye: Just forget everything and start everything afresh.
Om: Wow Shivaye from when you start speaking like this?
Rudra: By the way, what are we doing?
Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra gets up.
Shivaye: Fhat the wuck!
Om: But it was not that bad also. At least we expressed what is going on in our mind and heart now.
Rudra: Yes, true actually.
Shivaye: Anyways thanks Om, now I know what I can do.
Om: Well, thanks to Rudra, who got what I said.
Rudra: Thanks Shivaye bhaia now I am confident of myself.
Shivaye: What just happened?
Om: We indirectly solved each other’s problem without knowing it.
Rudra: Wow cool and we don’t even know what it is.

Shivaye: It’s all because of you Omkara, Shivaye Singh Oberoi is speaking like this.
Om: Shivaye its not always necessary to be like the way you always are. Sometimes changes are needed and they can also be for good purposes. Right Rudra?
Rudra: Yes, I agree, and you should do anything before it’s too late even for that if you have to change something? So no worries Shivaye bhai.
Shivaye: Credit goes to all three of us.
Om: But even I am unaware how we solved each other’s problem?
Rudra: We Three brothers are like Three Sides in A Triangle after all.
Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra shares a hug

Precap: Shivaye-Anika, Ishana-Omkara and Rudra-Soumya dances with each other respectively. How? For that you need to stay tuned and you will get your answer in the next episode.

My exams are over so will try to upload the episode earlier if possible. Actually it takes me 1-2 days to write one episode so that’s why. Will try to upload the next episode tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Once I finish writing the next episode will publish immediately.

And please do feel free to express your opinions and drop your comments. Criticism is open. Thank you 

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