Ishqbaaz- We Three Brothers are Like the Three Sides in a Triangle, so are our Story (Episode 2)



Hi all. Fatarajo here. Thank you so so so much for supporting me in my previous episodes. Happy you all liked my fan fiction a lot and keep supporting me like this via your lovely comments. It really means a lot a lot to me. And finally managed some time to publish the episode I hope you all will love it. Thank you 

By any chance if you didn’t read the intro and episode 1, here are the links.

Episode 1

Here is episode 2.
Scene 1: Tea stall
The episode begins with Shivaye and Anika holding the change and they see each other and share an eyelock. O Jaana Plays. Later, they get back to normal.
Shivaye: Anika, finally I got you, I was waiting for you so much. I wanted to tell you something.
Anika stares at Shivaye. Shivaye realizes that and he lets Anika take the change.
Shivaye: You can take the change.
Anika still looks at Shivaye.
Shivaye: I know even you must be in shock after all we are meeting after three years.
She is still silent.
Shivaye: I want to say that I

Suddenly Anika slaps Shivaye. Shivaye is stunned.
Shivaye: Anika?
Anika: You deserved it, Shivaye!
Shivaye is stunned.

Scene 2: On the Road
Omkara holds Ishana who is unconscious, in his arms.
Om: Hey, wake up.
Omkara tries to wake her up but she doesn’t.
Om: Looks like she is in deep shock.
Omkara carries Ishana in his arms. Music plays. And later, he makes Ishana lie down on the car. Just then Omkara sees the guy who tried to shoot Ishana running. Omkara chases him. Omkara manages to get hold of him, but he manages to escape. Omkara gets angry.
He comes back. Omkara tries to wake Ishana up, and he sprinkles water on Ishana’s face. And Ishana regains consciousness.
And she stares at Omkara. They both look at each other.

Scene 3: Near the restaurant
Here Soumya is stunned to see Rudra.
Soumya: Rudra?
Rudra hugs Soumya tightly. Soumya looks on. Later they break hug.
Rudra: You thought what I won’t get to know about all this.
Soumya: (in her mind) Oh no, Rudra got to know that I am love angel.
Soumya looks at Rudra nervously.
Rudra: Finally I got to know you work here.
Soumya takes a sigh of relief.
Rudra: I was finding you for last 3 years finally I got yo
Sounya: Yes it has been three years.
Rudra: Where have you went?
Soumya: Rudra, I have
Soumya looks at Rudra.

Scene 4: Tea Stall
Here Shivaye is stunned as Anika slaps him.
Shivaye: Listen Anika, I know I can explain this.
Anika: I am so sorry.
Shivaye is surprised.
Shivaye: What?
Anika: There was a mosquito sitting on your cheek that’s why while hitting it I accidentally slapped you.
Shivaye is confused.
Anika: See,so many mosquitos here.
Anika hits the other mosquitos with her hand.
Anika: Now if I didn’t hit the mosquito, you will get dengue and then you will blame me.
Shivaye laughs at Anika’s weird tactics. Anika also laughs.
Shivaye: Strange, we are meeting each other after 3 years isn’t it?
Anika: Yes, it’s very strange. I never expected we will meet again and that too in a tea stall. By the way what are you doing here?
Shivaye looks on.
Anika: As far as I know, forget about coming here you don’t even like to see these kind of places.
Shivaye: Someone have changed me.
Anika smiles.
Anika: Tia right?
Shivaye looks on.

And then it starts raining.
Anika: Oh no.
Shivaye: Come I will drop you.
Anika: No someone is coming to pick me up.
Shivaye: Oh fine I wait for you.
Anika: Your work?
Shivaye: It’s raining very heavily, I can’t go like this.
Anika: Yes true.
Anika and Shivaye sit down together.

Scene 5: In the car
Ishana regains consciousness and she smiles.
Ishana: Omi!
Ishana was about to speak to Omkara, Omkara gets out of the car and it’s raining heavily.
Ishana comes out of the car and hugs Omkara from the back. Music plays.
Ishana: 3 years? I have been waiting for you 3 years, 3 years Omi.
Om: Oh please, stop all your fake affection. I know you very well. It must be your game plan.
Ishana: Look Omi, I am so sorry. I know what I did 3 years ago was wrong and even today I feel sorry for it please forgive me.
Ishana cries.
Om: Show your fake tears to someone they may help you.
Ishana: Omi, please.
Om: Please stop calling me Omi, I am Omkara Singh Oberoi.
Ishana: Please Omi, listen to me once. You will understand why I did so.
Om: Well for your kind information, Ishana I am getting married this week.
Ishana is stunned. Omkara leaves. Ishana is walking and she slips and Omkara holds her. They share an eyelock as music plays. Ishana gets up.
Om: Should I drop you home at least I am not so bad.
Ishana: Do I know you?
Ishana is teary-eyed and she leaves while taking the auto. And she cries. Omkara hits the car and angrily leaves from there.

Scene 6: Outside the restaurant
Rudra and Soumya are speaking to each other.
Rudra: You have what?
Soumya: I have been working here for long. Come and sit.
Rudra sits.
Rudra: Motti, yaar it was so nice to meet after so long.
Soumya: How dare you call me Moti?
Rudra: I don’t care I will still call you that.
Soumya: How mean, Dumbo Singh Oberoi.
Rudra: Dumbo?
Soumya: I mean protein shake.
Rudra: Looks like I have become smart and you have became stupid in the last three years.
Soumya: How rude, Rudra. Rude is already in your name, Rudra.
Rudra: You will never change.
Soumya: As if you changed a lot.
Rudra looks on.
Rudra: Anyways how is Anika didi?
Soumya: Anika Dii is fine. Now you say how is Bade Bhaia and Bade Baal wale bhaia?
Rudra gets sad.
Soumya: Rudra?
Rudra: Bade Baal wale Bhaia is not Bade Baal Wale anymore.
Soumya: Meaning?
Rudra gets up.
Rudra: Soumya a lot have changed in these last 3 years.
Soumya is surprised.
Rudra: Shivaye bhaia and Om bhaia barely communicate with one another. And they changed, especially Om bhaia.
Soumya: Why? How come?
Rudra: Nothing is the same, Soumya.
Soumya looks at Rudra surprised.

Scene 7: Flashback
Shivaye and Anika smile as they reminisce what happened 3 years ago.
Anika: 3 years, and seemed that nothing changed.
Shivaye: But a lot have changed.
On other side, Ishana is crying while she is in the auto, and Omkara is sad while he is in his car.
Ishana: I am sorry Omi, I deserved it. I am so sorry for hurting you so much.
Om: You have not done the right, Ishana. I will never forgot the way you cheated me.
And then Rudra and Soumya while speaking,
Rudra: I still miss the moments I enjoyed with Shivaye bhaia and Omkara bhaia. It have been almost 3 years since we three have even speak to each other properly.
Soumya becomes emotional.
Rudra: Finally I meet you after so long.
Soumya: Don’t worry soon all will be normal as it was three years ago.

Now from this point begins the flashback of what happened 3 years ago. Shivaye, Anika, Ishana, Omkara, Rudra and Soumya gets into flashback, as they think about it. And the situation of 3 years ago is same as it is currently in the show, even the characters are the same 3 years ago like the current track of the show.
Scene 8: Oberoi Mansion
Here all the Oberoi members are busy as always.
Pinky: Where is Shivaye, my son?
Jhanvi: Devrani ji have you seen Om, I need to speak to him.
Pinky: How will I know Jethani ji, have you seen Shivaye?
Tej: Where is Rudra, today I will teach him a lesson.
Dadi: Oho, will you all cool down.
Shakti: Unless if they don’t speak to three of them they won’t be a peace.
Dadi: Just look there.
All looks as Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra hold hands together.
Oberoi brothers: We are here!
They three smile and come down together. Dadi blesses them.
Shivaye looks at Omkara and Rudra.
Shivaye: Good luck.

Omkara and Rudra smiles.
Pinky comes to Shivaye.
Pinky: Shivaye beta, when you meet Tia do invite her family for puja. It won’t be naice if you dont do so,
Rudra: Chachi ji, it’s nice not naice.
Pinky: Shut up!
And later Jhanvi comes to Omkara,
Jhanvi: Om beta, can do me a favour?
Om: Yes, tell me mom.
Jhanvi: Can you buy me some alcohol, the place you are going have good quality alcohol.
Jhanvi is drinking.

Om: Mom, please stop drinking alcohol for my sake.

Jhanvi: No I can’t. I am sorry beta,
Pinky: Om beta, if you cut your girlish hair then your mom will stop drinking.
Shivaye: Oh please mom let Om do what he wants to. And yes Jhanvi Chachi, Om is right. You should stop drinking.
Jhanvi: How can I?
Om looks at Tej.
Om: The reason why mom is drinking is here.
Tej: Om, why are you looking at me?
Om: You will never change.
Tej ignores and comes to Rudra.

Tej: Rudra, I just got a call from your college.
Rudra whispers among himself,
Rudra: Now I am dead.
Tej: I am getting several complains about you from the college. Tej Singh Oberoi’s son is getting complains and I hate that change yourself.
Om: First change yourself.
Tej looks at Omkara angrily.

Om: You are responsible for all this?
Tej: Is it?
As Omkara was about to get into an argument with his dad, Shivaye takes him away.
Shivaye: Omkara let’s go.
Rudra also follows them.

Scene 9: Omkara’s room
Omkara is sitting beside the window and looking down sadly.
Shivaye: Omkara are you fine?
Om: I just can’t tolerate all this. Everyday this drama, I just don’t get it.
Shivaye holds Omkara.
Shivaye: Om?
Om: I am fed up of all these. You know Shivaye, what have mom done why is she suffering so much?
Shivaye: Look Om I understand.
Shivaye gets an idea and tells Rudra to sit beside him. Rudra does so.
Rudra: Bhaia, I have a great breaking news with me.
Om: Say it.

Rudra: Romi has agreed to date with me, believe me it was so tough.
Om: Good.
Rudra: (in his mind) Bhaia is still sad, how to persuade him. Where is Shivaye bhaia?
Shivaye comes.
Shivaye: Let’s do something.
Shivaye gives Omkara and Rudra a piece of paper and some markers.
Rudra: What is this for?
Shivaye: To draw how we are feeling right now. To express our feelings,
Shivaye gestures Rudra to agree.
Rudra: Cool.
Shivaye gives Omkara he doesn’t want
Shivaye: Okay fine I am drawing.
Shivaye and Rudra are drawing. Omkara tries to see what they are drawing as they look he pretends he is not seeing it.
Rudra: Done.
Shivaye: Me too. Let’s show.
Shivaye: Rudra you first?

Rudra: Me.
Shivaye: Yes, you.
Rudra shows a picture of two stickman and one have heart on his hand.
Shivaye: What is this?
Rudra: This is me, and that girl is Romi, and I will lent my heart for her, and she will agree.
Shivaye: Woah!
Shivaye: Not only Romi, if anyone sees this they will break up with you in a second. Even kids can draw better than you.
Rudra’s expression changes.
Rudra: You are saying so much, what have you drawn.
Shivaye shows Rudra and Omkara his drawing which is better than Rudra’s at least. It is a guy trying to talk to another guy, with longer hair.
Rudra: What do you mean brother?
Shivaye: Om, please agree.

Omkara looks at Shivaye and smiles. Shivaye and Rudra also smiles.
Om: Well, not bad Shivaye. And Rudra what kind of drawing is this? Stickmans? Seriously.
Shivaye starts laughing.
Om: Shivaye you also, maybe better than Rudra’s but have you seen so much out of proportion, you can do better.
Rudra: Oho, we forgot whom we are showing this to. The great artist Omkara Singh Oberoi.
Shivaye: Right?
Omkara gestures them to come, and they three hug.

Scene 8: Oberoi mansion
Dadi comes and asks a girl.
Girl: Keep the flowers here and there.
Dadi: Anika beta how much harder will you work? Take some break.
The girl is none other than Anika, Anika looks at Dadi and smiles.
Anika : Your billu won’t spare me if I take break, anyways good you are here.
Dadi: Why beta?
Anika: Dadi, I need your help?

Dadi: What is it?
Anika shows Dadi two types of flowers.
Anika: Dadi, which one will look better.
Dadi: Go and ask Shivaye.
Anika: Why? He will scold me for no reason again.
Dadi: If I choose the flower and Billu doesn’t like it then?
Anika: Oh yes, he will still blame me. I will go and ask him.
Anika goes to ask Shivaye,

Scene 9: Omkara’s room
Omkara shows Shivaye and Rudra and shows them how to draw better.
Om: See this, to draw a face you must take note of the shape first, not draw a circle everytime.
Shivaye and Rudra are feeling bored. Anika is trying to find Shivaye.
Anika: Oh so you all are here?
Shivaye gets angry.
Shivaye: What are you doing here?
Anika: I was finding you everywhere got you.
Shivaye: Oh.

Anika sees the drawings in Omkara’s hand.
Anika: Oh wow there has been conversation about drawing? Cool.
Anika keeps the flower basket, and sees the drawing.
Anika laughs seeing Shivaye’s drawings.
Anika: What kind of drawing is this?
Rudra: Its drawn by Shivaye bhaia.
Anika laughs.
Anika: Bagar Billa can draw also?
Shivaye: Hey stop calling me that.
Anika: I don’t care. My drawing is so much better than yours.
Om: Definitely.

Shivaye: Omkara can pass me my drawing.
Omkara passes the drawing.
Shivaye: Now you will see what I do.
Shivaye makes changes to the guy with longer hair and changes hairstyle and makes it a girl changing the dress adds a sandal on her hand, all tries to see. Shivaye takes the red marker and smears on the other guy (himself) drawing to fully red for the face only.
Rudra: Bhaia looks angry.
Shivaye finishes his drawing and passes it to Anika.
Shivaye: Have a look.

Anika: Heh? What does this means?
Shivaye: This girl is you, with the broken sandal on her hand what’s its name Kamli.
Anika: Its Chameli, not Kamli.
Shivaye: Oh whatever.
Anika: And this one, why is there red on his face, I didn’t kill him?
Shivaye: Right. To know this and even to kill someone you need a brain.
Anika fumes.

Shivaye: This guy is me, and my face is red because whenever I see you Anika I become red in anger. Oh for God sake, please get lost from here before I get more angry as I am trying to tell you this whenever I see your face I boil from inside.
Anika is shocked and stunned and silent at what Shivaye said.
Omkara and Rudra tries to escape from Shivaye’s anger.
Om: I have to leave for art gallery now.
Omkara leaves.
Rudra: I have to meet someone.
Rudra leaves.
Shivaye looks at Anika.
Shivaye: Now why are you looking at me like this just get lost from here.
Anika: One thing I didn’t understand, there is ACs in Oberoi Mansion how can you still boil?
Shivaye hits his forehead with his hand.
Shivaye: Oh God. Now can you please just get lost from here.

Anika is scared and she takes the flower basket on her hand.
Anika: (in her mind) I have to ask him which flower to choose.
Shivaye sees Anika not there. He gets up and he walks towards her, and Anika walks behind and later she trips due to her sandal and as she was about to fall, Shivaye holds her in his arms to save her and the flowers drop. Music plays as they share an eyelock. The flowers drop on them.
Later they get up,
Shivaye: Can you just discard your Kamli and buy a new sandal.
Anika: It’s Chameli not Kamli.

Shivaye: Whatever, now go from here.
Anika takes two flowers in her hand.
Anika: Which one do you like more?
Shivaye: Seriously. Should I take your sandal and hit you with that?
Anika gets scared and runs.
Scene 10: Restaurant

Rudra is in the restaurant as he is dating with Romi.
Rudra eyes at other girls and Romi looks at Rudra.
Romi: Why are you looking at other girls like this?
Romi looks at Rudra angrily.
Rudra: I was saying that they don’t look good at all. And look at you how beautiful those girls are nothing, they don’t even match your standard.
Romi smiles and shys. Just then Soumya sees this,
Soumya: Acha Bachoo, all these are going on. Look what I do.
Soumya smiles and she sits and eats with her friend.
Soumya: Aachal, you know what?

Aachal: What?
Soumya: Love Angel is coming nearby this restaurant, the ice parlour nearest after 30 mins.
Aachal: What are you saying?
Soumya shows Aachal, see Love Angel’s post in her FB page.
Aachal: This is for real! Wow. I will tell everyone now.
Aachal leaves. On the other hand, Rudra is flirting with Romi.
Rudra: Such beautiful hands.
Romi smiles.
Aachal makes an announcement.
Aachal: Listen, love angel have posted in her page a while ago that she is coming here nearby 30 mins.
Rudra leaves Romi’s hand and smiles.
Rudra: Love Angel!

Guy: Where?
Aachal: The ice-cream shop.
Rudra runs to the ice-cream shop first.
Soumya messages something.
Romi: Hey!
Aachal: Wait a minute, a message by Love Angel.
Message: Message of the day, don’t believe in rumors easily, find out the matter first and then think. I am coming to this place, is just a rumor, I just wanted to see how you all will react. Thanks for the love and support. From love angel.
Guy: I knew it was fake.
Romi: I can’t believe it, I wasted my time on this stupid boy.
Romi leaves from there angrily.
Soumya: Mission successful.

Scene 11: Art Gallery
Here a girl comes to the art gallery.
Lady: Mam, you can’t come here without permission. Who are you?
The girl looks and she is none other than Ishana.
Ishana: The owner of this place.
Lady: What?
Ishana: I mean the friend of the owner of this place.
Lady: Oh you are Omkara sir’s friend, Bela. Should have told me earlier.
Ishana: Jethi tame muka che (You are so dumb in Gujrati)
Lady: Yes?
Ishana: I mean its okay.
The lady leaves.
Ishana: What does she think of herself, how dare she speak to Ishana like this?
Ishana looks at the pictures made by Omkara.
Ishana: By the way, Zulfi Singh Oberoi is quite talented I must admit it, his innocence is portrayed so well through his drawings. Sometimes, I feel bad for doing like this.
Just then Omkara comes,
Om: Feel bad for doing what?
Ishana is surprised and she looks,
Ishana: Om you are here?
Om: Yes Bela sorry I was late. I had some work.
Ishana: It’s okay.
Ishana: By the way, your drawings are so nice. You must have invested so much hardwork in it.
Om: It’s not hardwork Bela, it’s just feelings and emotions. For all artist, his feelings and emotions are valuable to him. And not only artists others also, I feel everyone have an artist in them in this world they just need to wake them up, and sometimes they don’t even realize that.
Ishana lovingly stares at Omkara.

Ishana: (in her mind) I can’t believe how someone like him has such noble thoughts. Sometimes, I wished I could tell him that I am Ishana not Bela.
Ishana: Why are you so innocent?
Omkara is surprised and he looks at Ishana.
Om: Yes? Did you say anything?
Ishana: Nothing.
Om: Must be my imagination. See the weakness of every artist, imagination.
Ishana: But you just now said that imagination is an artist strength.
Om: It’s both, imagination can make them feel better or worse also. It depends. It’s all about feelings and emotions.

Ishana smiles.
Om: People don’t understand this. You are someone who at least understood.
Ishana: Of course.
Om: I tell Riddima about this, she gets bored, but she never complains.
Omkara smiles. Ishana’s expression changes
Ishana: (in her mind) Even in her absence Sautan never fails to create problems in mine and Zulfi Singh Oberoi’s love story.
As Ishana and Omkara are walking suddenly,Ishana’s hair gets stuck to Omkara’s shirt.
Ishana: Oh no.
Om: Wait, let me help it out.
Omkara seperates Ishana’s hair from his shirt , and Ishana lovingly stares at Omkara.
Om: Here it is.
Ishana: (in her mind)I am sorry Omkara, I have to do so. It’s to support my family only and nothing else. You are so lucky, no Riddima is so lucky that you love her. You didn’t even look at others, but I have no other option but to break the bond between you and Riddima. I am sorry. I am doing so as a con girl. I know you will never fall for a con girl forget about other girls. I have to.
Om: What are you thinking?
Ishana: Nothing.
Omkara sees something and gets surprised.
Om: Ishana, I have to go now. I take your leave.
Omkara leaves. Ishana also.
Ishana: (in her mind) I am in love with him, but I have to control my emotions and work on my plan. I can’t fail this time.

Ishana leaves.
Omkara is going and he realizes a pair of Ishana’s earring is stuck to his shirt.
Om: (in his mind) Looks like Bela’s.
Omkara looks behind and realizes Bela(Ishana) left.
The episode ends.

Precap: Shivaye and Anika keeps on fighting. Shivaye and Anika gets stuck at an isolated place as Shivaye’s car breaks down. Anika gets scared and hugs Shivaye. Shivaye looks on.Shivaye saves Anika. Ishana in disguise of another person barges into Oberoi hiding and as she was about to later, Omkara holds her hand. Ishana is shocked. Omkara says what are you doing her? Ishana is about to say. Omkara says your lie is exposed. You are a con girl. Ishana is shocked.On the other hand, Soumya says that I am the one who spreaded rumour regarding love angel. Rudra overhears this and says now see Motti I will teach you a lesson. Rudra Singh Oberoi is also no less.

Hey all, sorry for the late update, actually I am studying also, so whenever I take a short break, I write a little and like that I finished writing one episode.
My actual name, actually Joyee is my nickname, and all my loved ones called me that. Well, I will reveal my formal name this time, its Farin. Some call me Farin, some call me Joyee. You can call me whatever you like, be it Farin or Joyee or Jo or Fatarajo or whatever haha.
Next episode I will publish after 24th August, I know that’s quite late but I have exams on 22 and 24 that’s why. Thanks for understanding.

And please do feel free to express your opinions and drop your comments. Criticism is open. Thank you 

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey nithu thanks for commenting happy u liked it and thanks for the wishes 🙂

  16. Any one what do u mean by con girl

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey saalini well con girl means a woman who tries to steal money by means like in disguise and trap them badly and thanks for commenting anyways

  17. Awesome ff ..this ff was big and its worth reading ..farin..cute nane..abd best of luck for ur exams????

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      Hey shaza thanks for commenting and happy u found it worth reading 🙂 and thanks haha and thanks for the wishes

  18. Hi Joyee! A sweet nickname u’ve got ? sorry for late comments as i got to know today only that u’ve posted the second epi. A long one( i like long epis?)and a very good one too??. The “kamli” & “chameli” really made me laugh ?? reading ur ff is just like watching it on TV, everything is so perfectly described, a great writing sense u have ??????????
    Keep it up ???,will wait eagerly for the nxt epi & my best wishes for ur exams. ??✌✌

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey anya thanks for commenting awww thanks for liking my nickname and nah its okay and haha thnks ya kamli XD and happy u can imagine it well 🙂 and next epi i will post on 25 or 26 and thanks for the wishes

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    Joyee sry for late comment its perfect one well described … its like we clearly imagine everything perfect one? good going

    Keep rocking
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      Hey meghs thanks for commenting and happy u liked it thanks yaar 🙂 and love u 🙂 thanks for the wishes

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