Ishqbaaz: the next generation — description

this story focuses on

avni shivay singh oberoi

vivek shivay singh oberoi

kush omkara singh oberoi

aliya omkara singh oberoi

naira Rudra singh oberoi

naksh Rudra singh oberoi

and their love stories.

avneil (avni and neil):

she became a widow as soon as her daughter turned one. she is only living life for her daughter. her mother wants her to remarry but her father doesn’t. he is a police officer fighting against crimes. what happens when they cross paths?

vivti (vivek and aarti):

they use to be the best of friends but one incident changed that all. 7 years later, they come face to face. what will happen?

kushika (kush and lalika):

she is living in fear of her father. he is a lawyer and has been successful in every case. can a case bring those two souls together?

adilya (adi and aliya):

he is their family’s enemy’s son. he decided to trap the girl in his fake love so that he could get revenge for what happened to his mother. what happens when she actually falls for him and what happens when he rethinks everything?

nakshara (naksh and tara):
he is living in another city all by himself. his heart full of hatred for the people in the past. what happens when he meets someone who might be able to melt the hatred burning in his heart?

kaira (kartik and naira):

She has trust issues… her last relationship ended in a terrible betrayal. he is still searching for love. she considers love as a sin. he considers love as a blessing. what happens when both cross paths

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  1. Jasminerahul

    wow.the new generation is so interesting. i am happy that you included naksh Tara.which characters are keesh n virika doing?

  2. Nikita_jai29

    Looking forward to see the next update

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