Ishqbaaz: the next generation — characters part 1

the main characters:


avni shivay singh oberoi, age: 25: the eldest in the oberoi next generation. she is the widow of Vidyut Mehta. single mother to aditi. she works as a jewellery businesswoman. she became a workaholic post her husband’s death and only ever makes time for her daughter or aliya who she is very close to. she hates the fact that her mother is trying to find her a new man to marry as she has dedicated her life to Vidyut. likes anika, prefers to be independent.

vivek shivay singh oberoi, age: 23: the second child of shivika. he is all about fun. prefers not to think about the negative things. and takes life very easily. really you can’t tell that he is shivay’s son. more like Rudy’s son. hates the idea of best friends. prefers friends but he doesn’t want to keep them that close. despite the fact that fun is his life, he does help out in business time to time. mama’s boy. very close to shivanya and kush.

kush omkara singh oberoi, age: 21: the oldest son of rikara. a lawyer by profession and has so far won every case. he is just like om: prefers to be in his own space, a great listener, he connects with someone’s pain, hates lies and as much as it gets on his siblings nerves, is great at shayari. literally the only quality he got from gauri is that he believes in love but feels that he shouldn’t waste his time in finding it. he is definitely mama’s boy despite his father’s qualities. very close to vivek and munni.

aliya omkara singh oberoi, age: 18: the second child of rikara. currently studying acting in Berlin, Germany. she is soon finishing her education there and will move back to India to pursue her dreams in becoming an actress. like gauri, she is quite innocent though people think she is dabang, big fan of salman khan, talkative, funny, bubbly, full of life and believer in true love. she is very close to avni despite being miles apart from each other.

naksh Rudra singh oberoi or naksh singhania, age: 22: eldest son of rumya (yes rudy is older than om but that still means he’s a duffer) naksh has separated himself from the family five years ago post what happened. he hates his father with all his heart and bhavya. he is like shivay: rude, arrogant,  responsible, emotional, a workaholic, can be egoistic but he finds cooking calms him down. owns KRISHNA (a restaurant). misses his mother Soumya a lot. lives all by himself.

naira Rudra singh oberoi, age: 19: she is the only daughter rumya had together. she accepted bhavya, pihu and ruhi despite what happened. misses her brother and mother a lot. anyway she hates love with all her heart since she has trust issues because of her last relationship. she considers it a sin. owns ‘Soumya’s dance academy’. dancing is the only way to make her forget about her last relationship with someone who she hates with all her heart. she at least had 5 boyfriends in the past.




the other oberois:

up is shivanya a.k.a anya, age: 16: shivika’s youngest child

shivay, age: 45

anika, age: 43




Anushka sen as mishti, age: 15

harshaali Malhotra as naina a.k.a munni, age: 9

shivika rishi as pari, age: 8

om, age: 39

gauri, age: 36 (they were in a relationship back in high school which got a bit out of control)




aditi Bhatia as ruhi, age: 17

ruhanika Dhawan as pihu, age: 10

Rudra, age: 42

bhavya, age: 43

about Soumya, I will reveal later

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