Ishqbaaz Ten Years Later (Episode 6)

I know I have become someone very non existent because of my annual exams. But the FF must go on. So here we go…

Shivay drives his car and says,’ at times I feel that I am going to get mad , because of Omru’ s antics.’ Anika , Shivansh and Shivika reach the mall. They try to open their seatbelts when Anika says,’ before both of you run away like Usain Bolt I want both of you to behave properly and I don’t want to see you touching anything without my permission and …’ Shivansh gets
irritated and says,’. Mama we are not small kids . We know what to do. Shivika frowns and says,’ I don’t want to spent the night here . Can we please go?’ Anika smiles and they leave.

Shivay as well as OmRu reach the mall. Shivay says,’ what surprise? Why surprise?’ Rudra and Om smile and say,’ just wait and watch.’ The trio walk towards the mall when Om receives a call. He gets shocked and leaves all of a sudden. Rudra and Shivay look on. Anika, Shivansh and Shivika visit shops. Shivansh says,’ I’m very hungry. Can we eat something ?’ Shivansh says,’ I’ll go and get some pizzas’ Anika gives him money and he
goes, putting the money in his pocket. Rudra
gets a call. He smiles and says to Shivay,’ bhaiya
you have to wait till I get your present. Till then,
you can visit some shops.’ He goes. Shivay says,’
first Om went somewhere, and now Rudra.’ Om
reaches the same gloomy place where Ishana
was held captive. He sees Ishana lying
unconscious. He shouts her name and goes
towards her when he hears Roop telling him,’ if
you want to save her life, sacrifice yourself and
if you want to save yourself ,sacrifice her.’ She
smiles wickedly. Om angrily says,’ I am not here
to listen to your orders.’ Roop becomes angry
and gestures some men to go and fight with Om.

He looks on, angrily. Shivansh goes to the food court on the third floor. He sneezes on the way. He takes out his handkerchief and goes. He does not see the money falling off his pocket. He reaches the reaches the food court and orders for pizza. When the server asks for money Shivansh frantically searches for the money given to him by Anika. He realises that he has dropped the money somewhere. He asks the server to wait for him till he gets the money but the server denies to wait. Rudra comes and sees all this. He also orders for pizza. Then Rudra pays for his order as well as for Shivansh’s order. Shivansh looks on surprised. While paying Rudra says,’ don’t be rude to children after all they are your main customers.’

Shivansh gets his pizzas and he thanks Rudra. Rudra says,’ there is no sorry and thank you in friendship. From now on we are friends.’ Shivansh says,’ If we ever meet in future I will definitely try to repay you because Shivansh never keeps himself under debt. He goes . Rudra looks on, confused. Meanwhile, Shivay roams the same garments shop where Anika and Shivika were shopping. Shivay comes from one side whereas the other two come from the other side. Anika and Shivay bump with each other. Shivika does not see them bumping since she goes ahead. Anika and Shivay see each other. Both of them remember all their past moments. Just then Anika remembers something and goes away from there ,apologizing to Shivay. Shivay looks on, teary eyed.

PRECAP- Enter Omish.

P.S.- Omish is a new character, related to Om.

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