Ishqbaaz Ten Years Later (Episode 5)

I know that you guys have forgotten me but I’ll still continue writing the FF. So here we go…
Ishana comes out of the police station holding the sketch of the lady as told by the policeman. Just then a lady passes by , looking just like lady in the sketch. She gets astonished and says,’ this lady is the same servant in Oberoi Mansion who works in the kitchen. But the why is she plotting against me?’ She decides to follow her . The lady sees Ishana following her and smiles wickedly.

Anika’s bungalow-
Shivansh is sitting on his bed in his room. Anika comes there with food and sits beside Shivansh. She says,’ from the time you came back from school you look tensed. What happened? Tell me. I know there’s something that is eating you from within. Please tell me.’ Shivansh says,’ you know pretty well that I can’t hide anything from you, I’m really bad at it.’ He tells her about the whole incident. Anika gets teary eyed hearing Shivay’s name and thinks in her mind,’ I always wished that if ever Shivansh and Shivay meet, they have a good meet. But if enmity starts from the beginning then how will they ever accept each other?’ Shivansh looks at her and says,’ see this is the reason why I wasn’t telling you about this. You get pensive even with the slightest thing that happens with me and Shivika.’ She says,’ I am not at all crying, dust went into my eyes. There are many people in the world with different mindsets. Maybe there ideas do not match with us, so we don’t really have to sit thinking about that the whole day. Anyway, wanna go to shopping mall with me, Shivika wants to buy some dresses for herself.’ Shivansh agrees and the trio leave in their car.

Shivay’s office-
Shivay thinks about Shivansh and thinks,’ his eyes are exactly the same like my Shivansh when he was of two years. But his attitude is just like Anika.’ He cries thinking about Anika and sees her picture. He says, ‘ I wrongly accused you of a crime you did not commit. See, how much I am suffering. Why did you leave me, even though I apologized.’ Just then , Rudra calls him in his phone and says,’ Om and me want to give you a surprise. Just come to the city mall.’ Shivay asks him why but he just tells him to the mall. He leaves for the mall.

Meanwhile, Ishana comes to a gloomy place, following the lady. The lady talks to someone on her phone and says,’ plan a complete. Time for plane b.’ Ishana tries to figure out what the lady was saying when someone calls her out from behind. Ishana gets shocked. She turns and sees Roop. Roop says,’ you promised me that if I helped you, then in return you will do any favour I ask you to do . But you didn’t, instead you went against me by marrying Omkara. And now , it’s time for vengeance. ‘ She calls some men, who make her unconscious and tie her up. Roop smiles and says, ‘ Omkara Singh Oberoi, you kicked me out of my own house and spoiled my and now, I’ll spoil your life .’

PRECAP- Anika meets Shivay , while Om saves Ishana.

P.S. my voice has broken down very badly and that’s why I couldn’t post an episode yesterday, which I thought I would.

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