ishqbaaz -takkarar se mohabatt takk ( part-15 )


They leave

Pool area
Shivika is feeling embarresed. Anika :billu
Both are again silent
Anika:aap ko kya lagtha hei{what do u think}
Shivv: mei ……. what will i say
Anika:i mean what do u think will i be perfect as as………as……
Shiv:my wife i mean i dont know whether u
wilbe a perfect wife or not but we both have a good undersatanding and after all our family also like each other so i thinkkk thinkkkk … its kk
now tell me what do u think

Anika:u r right if our family dont have any problem then why should we have problem.and any how i should marry some one if it is u theni think i will be more confortable..soo….
Shivv:can we leave
Anika:humare beech mei {but their is no }
Shivv:pyar tho nahi hei{love btw us}
Shivv: thoooooo
Shivika:but its kkk right {together}
Shock in their face
They go from their.

in hall
everyone is waiting for shivika’s decision.shivika come . Everyone is looking at their face for their reply.
Shivaay: kya kahuu{what will i tell}
Rudra:reply bathavoo bhaiyya
Shivaay: my answer na….
Rudra:bhaiyya aap issa kisa keh sakthe hu .aap ithni achi ladki ko reject kisee kar sakthe…. huuuu{bhaiyya how can u say so how can u reject a good girl like this}
Shivaay:rudra ho gayi tho mei kahuu{if urs is over can i speak}
Om:rudra chup rehoo let them speak
Shivaay:my answer naa nahi hei. {By saying this shivaay leaves from their}
Rudra:eee bhaiyya bhi naa why should he say that my answer nahi hei. He can say that his answer yes hei

Everyone is now staring at anika for her answer.
Rudra:yei ……
Everyone is happy to know about their decision.rudra and ishu starts and dev give them a iska kuch nahi hoga vala look.
Dadi decides to keep their engagement very soon.
Pinki jhanvi and all others are
happy for shivika marriage.
Shivika marrige preparation
Everyone is busy in preperation

In room
Shivika is busy with their office works and meeting.dadi enters
Dadi:thumm donoo aajse shadi thakk office nahi javunkaa {u guys will not go to office till u get married}
Shivikaa:but dadii
Shivika:ok dadi
Dadi:chaloo abb thum donoo avoo aur ankutti select karooo{both u come and select rings for engagement}
Shivika:kk dadi

They both come to gall. Omru,somu,ishu and dev are sitting in the hall.pinki is also their.
Pinki:o my matha humari pringu kaha hei.
Dev:aunty voo bahar gaya hei
Pinki:shivvayy ring select karooo
Shivika selects ring.pringu comes.
Om: where did u goo pringuu
Pringu:bhaiyya dosth see milne gaye dheee {i went to meet my friends}

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