ishqbaaz -takkarar se mohabatt takk ( part-14 )


Anika:why billuji we r not going to leave
Om:she is right
Ishu:aaj hum youth party banayengaa{today we will have youths party }
They all sit and is playing games . In btw our naughty rudy mix alcohol with fruit punch and gives it to everyone.
Now somu comes up with the idea of truth and dare game.

Everyone is sitting in circles and everyone is in a drunken state.. they round the bottle and and first it come towards om.
Rudra:sach ki boyfriend kya chahiyee thumeii truth aur dare
Shivaay:what truth will u say
Om:thumse kuch kehna heii.
{I want to tell u something}
Om:actually i was not happy with ur marriage and today i am so happy. That tia is not perfect for u. She is fake.
The bottle is again revolved.
And now it stops in front of shivaay

Shivaay :anika do u know something i just like u alot . When we used to learn in college then i had a crush on u . But i always knew that u will never accept me as a lover soo i just keep on calling u as my friend. Lekin eek bath tho hei mujhe humare beech dimilarities dekh sakthi hu. As dadi says takkar ki rishtaa
Om:right actually thum log agar shadi karthe thoo kithnaa acha hothaaaaa
Anika:but how can i marry him bcz he never proposed me .
Rudra:anika didi bhaiyya eekk secret kahuuu
Rudra;choti ma naa aap dono ki shadi karvana chahthi dhi
Shivv:really. Thu maa se kahoo na humari shadii karvane keliyeee{really is that was so tell her to make us marry}
Om: really do u like anika. If that was so then why do u want to marry tia firsta
Shivv: haa meine isa kui kiyaa
{ then why did i do so}
Anika:why whyy tell tell
Shivayy: I dont know
Anika:thoo kuch ghadbad heii
{Something is wrong with u}
Shivv:so cutee
Anika:aap bhi bahuth cute hoo..
Cutie pie
Anika nods. In yes.
Everyone sleeps as they r tired.

Anika and shivaay is sleeping nearby. Shivayy gets up and see everyone.
Shivaay:anika get up
Anika gets up by holding her head
Shivv:kya huvaa{what happened}
Anika:mera sur dukk reha jeii{my head is paining}
Shivv:mera bhii
They turn and see everyone and the which is messed up.They wake up everyone.
Om:mera sir kui dukk reha heii
Shivika:thumei bhii{u too}
Om suddenly remembers something and
Om:rudra thu humei fruit punch ki naam pe kya pilaya dhaa{what did u give us in the name of fruit punch}
Rudra:chill everyone it is alright. This is what is called youths party.

Shivv:anika thum yei keh rehi dhi naa ki rudy gives the best idea. What a theme right
Anika:mujhe kya patha dha ki ee isa karegaaa. Aur ap thadi math marooo{ i didnt know that he would have done like this. And u stop saying ur thadi}
Aur thum rudra u will make us drink alcohol right {catching his ears}
Rudra:didi didi pls chodooooo mujhe dard hoo reha heii{didi didi it is hurting}
Shivom is laughing seeing this.
Rudra:bhaiyya u guys are laughing at my pathetic condition
Shivom :what did we did we told u to mix alcohol with fruit punch
Rudra makes a puppy face .
Everyone laughs
Shivaay calls press meeting and announces that his marriage with tia is cancelled .
In oberoi mansion
Tia enters.
Tia:shivaay baby how could u do this with me {crocodile tears}

After that a sudden slap falls on tia. Pinki had slapped her
Pinki:thumei kya laga thu ithna drama karegaa aur hum sab yei dekk kar chup rehegaa omru sach keh reha dha thu humare shivvay keliyee sahi nahi heii{what did u think we will keep mum if u say what ever that come to ur mouth. Omru was right about u u r not the right one for our shivaay}
Tia:shivaay baby what did i do
Shivaay who was silent now starts to speak
Shivaay: u did not do anything wrong right . U acted very nicely that u really love me but thumari universe chahtha dha ki thumari sachayi meri samnee aaaye{but ur universe wanted me to know ur real colours}
Anika:billuji iss chepde ladki see bath math karoo .kisi koo paiso keliyee trap karthi hu .cheap
{BilluJi pls dont talk to a this cheap girl who traps gentle men for money che cheap
Omru:so u r leaving or we should call security.
Tia leaves .

In room
Only omru is there .they see a video and cups there face
Flash back
Rudra: i will take video of this youths party.
He sets his phone to get all their chit chat
Flashback ends
Rudra and om see the part where shivvayy says that he had a crush on anika. And the portion in which anika says that she cant marry shivaay bcs he did not proposed her. They rush to pinki’s room and show the video. everyone in the home see the video.

Everyone is sitting in the hall. Shivika enters. They dont remember anything and is behaving normally.
Shivv:sab yeha baitt kar kyaa kar rehi huu {what r u all doing here }
Rudra:we were thinking to see a movie together.aap donoo bhi avoo naa{pls join us}
Anika:wow movie chalo billuJi hum bhi dek the heii
{Wow billuji we will also see}
They both go and sit in the sofa.
They starts the video.
Shivika shocked .rudy rocked.
Shivvaayy: truth . Anika do u know something i had a crush on u .but………………………………

Anika:but mei use shadi kise kar saktha hei bcs he did not proposed me
Video ends
Shivika looks each other.
Shivv:what the hell
Rudra:bhaiyya bhabhi aap galth dialogue bool rehi hu
Pinki:of course thum dono shadi kar rehi hu {of course u two are getting married}
Dadi:why u both dont like each other or what
Shiv:dadi anika is my best friend
Anika:ss dadi we r best friends

Rudra :tho kya huva best friends pathi pathni naa bhane isaa koi rule tho nahi heii{so what there is no rule that best friends cannot be husband and wife}
Ishu:didi pls pls
Dev:aur vise bhii aapki shadi ka umar thok ho gaya{and ur age of getting married has arrived}
Rudra:bhaiyya pls pls..
Om:shivaay pls anika is the perfect life partner for u plsss
Dadi:sab log chup ho javoooo
Shivaay anika thum log decision loo .
Shivika{together}:we need to talk
Rudra:bhaiyya kitne bathe karenkee aap donoo. Vise bhi thum log 7 saal se sirf bathe hi kar rehi hu .aab kuch aur bhi karooo{bhaiyya how much will u talk with her .after all from seven yrs u guys are only do something else alsoo}
Rudra: i mean shadi bhi karoo aur uske badd bath karnaa{i mean do marriage and then again starts speaking}
Dadi:kk thum dono javoo aur bath karooo{u guys go and speak}
Shivika:thank u dadi
They leave

Recap: will anika and shivaay agree for marriage………………

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