ishqbaaz -takkarar se mohabatt takk ( part-13 )

Om:thumei ring select karne keliye jana dha naaaaa
Shivv:haa tiaa ayaa hei kyaa
Shivv:thoo ring kise select kareggaaa
Om:anika hei naaa voo thume help karegaaa .hei naa anikaaa
Anika and shivv leaves

Om in room,
Om is thinking about ishu. The way she kissed him .
In mind
Why i am thinking about it. Come on om theirs nothing like that. It happened just bcz of excitement.
Ishu in garden
Ooo my god how did i do so i kissed om. Ooo my goddddddd
In jewellery shop, deshmukh street
Shivv:thum dekko
Anika is lookinfg at the rings . She is trying one by one.shivv is getting bored.anika all in a sudden notices something
Anika:dekko tia
Shivvay sees tia with a man

Shivv calls tia
Tia:hii shivay baby why did u call me
Shivv:humei ring select karna hei naa
Tia: shivvayy baby i am so sorry mujhe head ache he aur mei ghar par rest kar rehi huu soo pls thu select jar lenaaa
Shivv:kk tia
Anika:kya huvaa billuJi
Shivv:humei tia ko follow karni chahiyeeee
Shivv:voo badd mei kahunkaa chalooooo
They follow tia

Tia{to the man}:baby pls angry math honaaa thumei patha hei naaaa mri thumse pyar karthi huu
Man:thwn why r u going to marry shivaay
Tia:baby mei shivaay ko nahi oberois ki money se shadii kar rehi huu k
Man:noo i cant see u with him anymore
Tia:pls baby hum humari mansil ka ithne pass hei pls just for few more days{baby we r close to our target and now its just the matter of few days so pls}
Shivaay and anika see this and understand tia’s evil intensions . Shivaay’s eyes are red bcs of anger..
Shivaay and anika leaves from there.

In car
Both shivv and anika is silent . Anika started speaking bcs she could not remain in silence . Shivaays silence is killing her.
Anika:billuji aap teek heinaa
{R u ok billuji}
Shivaay:{suddenly stops car}
No …….. how can i tell my family that tia was just using me.just for money and she had no interest in me. Tell
Anika:billuji mei sab logo ko samjavunka . I promise aap chinda math karnaa{billuji i will make them understand so pls dont worry}
Shivaay is emotional and hugs her tightly.she reciprocate as she understand that he needs it.

Shivaay suddenly comes to sense and breaks the hug
Anika:its kk billuji
They move to oberoi mansion .
In oberoi mansion
Shivaay and anika reaches home .both of them are sad. Dadi notices it.
Dadi:shivaay sab teek hei naa{shivaay us everything fine}
Shivaay:dadi shadi aab nahi hongii{dadi i dont want to marry now}
He just leave by just saying that. Everyone is looking at anika.anika explains the whole incident.
Anika:omru thum log billuji ki sath rahoo {omru u pls stay with billuji}he needs ur support
Omru:haa didi.
In room,
Omru:thu teek hei naa{r u ok}
Shivaay:dadi aur ma teek hei kyaa

Rudra:bhaiyaa app ithna dukki kui hu acha huva ki voo app ki zindagi se chala gaya varnakya
hotha{bro why r u so sad . This is good that that chudail has gone from ur life}
Anika:yaa rudra is right
Ishu:bhaiyya aapko ee devdas attitude suit nahi kartha. Aaptho the great shivaay singh oberoi huu{bhaiyya this devdas attitude does not suit u . U r our great sso}
Shivv is actually not sad but he is upset bcz he feels that his family is week to handle this problem..
Shivv:u guys canleave i am kk now

Recap:secret out …… shivika ka o my matha ho gayi

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