ankitha dixit: eldest heir of dixit family

nikki roy : mr devrath’s sister’s daughter .always on loggerheads with ankitha

rudra singh oberoi : shivaay’ s and omkara’ s younger brother .

priyanka singh oberoi : shivaay,omkara,rudra’s younger sister .

roop:tej and shakti sister

the episode starts with mr devrath rushing towards the blast spot .he is all devasted as the car in which his beloved daughter ankitha and nikki was travelling had exploded in fumes.
he was not able to be live on his eyes.
he searched for his daughter in the remains of the blast .in vain .mr devrath immediately called for a rescue team to hunt for ankitha and nikki .

after long hours of searching them near the spot they declared them missing.
mr devrath was devasted completely .

he ordered the search to continue .
but all was in vain .

scene shifts to an unknown place .to people are standing and are seen celebrating over something .
they are shown calling someone and informing about something.

scene shifts to the explosion spot .
finally the rescue team decleared all the people travelling in the two cars dead .mr devrath was completely broken .just then a woman comes and holds mr devrath by his collor and say’s where is my daughter .i want her right now please bring her at any cost.
the woman is revealed to be sonakshi she is mr devrath ‘s wife.
mr devrath consoles her and takes her home meanwhile oberoi family comes to know about this and rushed to devrath mansion.
but they were shocked to see mr devrath’s reaction on seeing them .

that’s all for today .bye guys .keep waiting for the next episode.

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precap: a huge fight takes place between mr devrath and tej and shakthi.
mysterious persons are revealed.
show takes a leap of 12 years

shivaay and anika’s first encounter with each other.

keep smiling my dear friends have a great day ahead???

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  1. Post ASAP waiting eagerly ?

  2. Shaza

    Awesome..but this is too short …try to make the next one a lil longer if u can ….?.ans post it ASAP…

  3. Nyc onee yaar….waitng for d next asap….sooo dev n sona frm kuch rang pyar ke charac or u jus named them like tht???? Intrestnggg ……

  4. Akshaya

    Wow I am very curious to know about after the leap . Ankitha=Anika?

  5. good one yarr .loved the suspense . Update next part Asap

  6. Yarr Akku it is too good . Continue writing.

  7. Nice one….but was short ….

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