hi guys it’s me akshatha m back with a new episode.
the episode start’s
tej and shakthi with the whole oberoi family arrived to console dev.
tej : dev what’s this the media is spreading rumors that an explosion happened here .and ankitha and nikki were also among the one’s who were killed.
com on speak something dev .
dev :ohh u didn’t know how did happened.

tej: what r u saying .we just saw the news and rushed here.
dev: ( holdind tej by his collar) oh what a good actor u are mr ten singh oberoi.????.don’t utter a word i came to know the true colours of the so called great “oberoi family “.

tej: dev do u know what ur speaking .
dev: just get out or u shall see a different dev.
tej: dev plss calm down and tell me what happened.i won’t leave the person who did this with our ankitha.
dev: stop it .atonce.and she’s not our ankitha anymore she’s my daughter my ankitha .
tej: just tell me what happened.
shakthi: yes dev bhaisabh is telling right just tell us what happened.
dev: how could you do this tej .
dev gets angry ?????and tells them he start stop it i came to know ur true colours.

flash back
devs emplooye : sir i came to know who is behind this blast.
dev: tell me who is it .
emplooye: sir it’s it’s theee o…ooo.
dev: com on speak up .
emplooye: the oberois.
what how can they do this .m not going to leave them.
emplooye shows feb a fake video given to him by the mysterious person’s.
dev is stunned and breaks the phone.
fb ends.
tej: dev now u belived on this emplooye and doubting on me .
dev: just go away and never show me your face .
the and shakthi together: but dev listen to us .
dev: slaps shakthi and says from today the best frnds are the worst enimies .just go away.leave my sight at once.
saying this dev walked away.

and the oberoi family walked out.
from today their enimity start’s.
next day
all newspaperz headlines read” the big bussinesss houses and best finds the oberios and as i group of indudtries no more togrther.
scene shifts to uknown place
the same employee is seen with two person

person 1: did u do what b told u.
emplooye: yes man and the result is in front of u.
the mysterious per son turns to give the emplooye his money and it turns out to be roop.yes u guys heard it right it’s roop tej and shakthi sister.
the emplooye leaves
fb start’s
roop : see this will break these to families apart
emplooye: mam but if i get caught???
roop : don’t worry nothing will happen .
roop hands over him a breafcase and a cd .she says him to show it to dev and then see what happens.
fb ends
roop and person 2 is seen celebrating their win and the person 2 is revealed to be gayathri.

ends .
leap .
after 12 years .
mr dev is seen sitting in a room and looking at a big photo and he says: beta 12 years have passed but for me time is struck there only .why did i leave us and go beta and then he kisses the was ankithas photo .
scene shifts to oberoi mansion .
a young man in his late twenties is seen dressing up in black formals.he turns and walks out and he is revealed to be shivaay .
he is about to go out but his dadi stops him .

dadi:puttar pls go to priyanka’s collage actually she forgot he assingment files here only.and she has her subbmission today .so pls go .
shi: dadi mai kaise.u know n.a. today i have an imp meeting.tell rudra to go.
dadi: puttar ur bro is still sleeping .shall i ask him .his sleep will get disturbed.she was about to call rudra but shivaay agreed and said he’ll go.

prinku and a girl are seen sitting in the clg canteen and just then shivaay arrives there . priyanka gets a call .actually the call was from dadi.informing her that shivaay will com and give her the file..
shivaay reaches the canteen and by mistake he dashed prinku ‘s frnd and the files in her hands fall .
the girl looks at him angrily as if she would eat him .she start’s scolding him .shivaay : i com on it’s not a great deal.just pick it up and goes.
the girl stops him and wantedly pushesh him becoz of which prinkus files fall of from his hands .and the girls says to him even this is not a big deal am i right or am i and stars to walk away shivaay looks at her stunned .o jana plays.priyanka records this and sends it to rudra.

that’s all for today .
bye. guys did u like it.
if you have any suggestions pls do let me know .i will do it .plss do comment and encourage me.

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    Wow yar’s awesome, ????…I’m sure the girl is Anika ?….the story is really interesting , especially the parents enmity ?.Waiting for the next one ..pls post it ASAP….

  2. Gdone yar….post d next one…

  3. Interesting …. Please continue…. Post next episode ASAP….

  4. Nice one…plz post next soon n yeah make it lil longer……

  5. Sat

    Very nice yar. Please continue

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