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Hello peeps ….??? Hope you all have enjoyed first shit of this story and this time to I am hell nervous for this update hope you all like it…☺☺☺☺


On the way back to home Shivay is driving car while On and Rudra are busy in teasing Shivay and pulling leg of Shivay. After reaching home Shivay drop both OmRu to their room and come to his room and surrender himself to his bed but his mind and heart is somewhere else he was lying and tossing on bed and his mind take him in the time where his heart is…

Shivay’s POV

Hang out with my brothera was always a happening time but today’s one is more happening because of that girl Anika wow her name is so sweet, and she OHHH MY GOD she is dam hot and sweet and the same time cute…??? How one can be sweer cute and Hot at the same time??? And how one can utter I need to kiss you with most innocent expression and in deep huskiest voice and the moment I looked at her I lost my sense and my heart skipped a beat, she is something she was looking far better than Deepika Padukone even in her I am kitty t-shirt and her faded jeans , and her eyes I want to lost in that honey brown orbs and her rosy pouty lips inviting me to kiss them and I can kiss them till I die… The moment she utter I need to kiss you I almost spitted my drinks but that was because of nervousness but then too I walked up to her and sealed my lips with her and that kiss supposed to last for few seconds but I was so lost in her that I forget all my surroundings aaannnddd she tasted so good and ammaaaazzzzziiinnnnggg… And the time I pulled her by waist and she to tighten her grip on my shoulder everything seems like picture perfect but damm her breating she was out of breath so rapidly so we’ve to break the kiss damn I need to meet her I’ve to find her out… ????

Anika from good family wait for me and later he surrenders himself to sleep to see her in his dreams…

On the other side Anika too is lost in Shivay’s thought since the moment she left hotel even she mistaken in answering few question of Ishana and Somya so they too started pulling her leg…

Ishana: Somya do you know the girl who do not know spell of blush is blushing furiously today… (With naughty smirk)???

Somya: Someone is cursing us for that dare but now it looks like that one fallen in love…???

Anika: What fallen in love??? (Pretending to be angry) I do not even know his name, how can I fall for him???

Snomya: I did not say you fallen in love with him… I meant dare… (With evil smile)

Anika: Both of you stop now. I need to go to bed… I’ve office tomorrow.

Ishana-Somya: Good night Anika. Have dreams of your dare…???

Anika pretend like she is sleeping but she was too thinking about that whole moment like wise Shivay.

Anika’s POV

Though I motivated myself enough for completing dare but the moment I saw his deep blue orbs I went all numb and found myself in short of words but somehow managed to say that I need to kiss him and poor guy he almost spitted his drinks of course any one will be shocked when in middle of night a random girl walk up to you and says I want to kiss you. But what was I am doing when I am giving my bio data to him he must be thinking that girl is nuts though he looked at me with me confusion shock and many more expression but then too he pulled me towards him sealed his lips with mine and started sucking my lower lips and I too respond back by sucking his upper lips and unknowingly caressing his hair that kiss was supposed too last for three second but we both lost in each other like we know each other since ages and our kiss lasted for God knows for how many minutes and the way he kissing me like I am a glass doll and he bite my lips so softly that I could not even moan but parted my lips for inviting his tongue to explore each corner of my mouth and I am feeling so perfect in his arms when he pulled me by my waist I too tighten my grip on his shoulder… But so speedily I was in short of breath that we need to break the kiss but I guess now I need to meet him and this dare will change our life and then she too drift to deep slumber so he can see him in her dreams…??

So buddies howz update???? Like it or nor not????
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Precap : Shivika meet each other one more time..???(What happen next that…. Will be describe in update)☺??

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    Both our ShivIka are lost in each other and both wanted to meet each other and yet both are remembering their kiss (like I too remembering their kiss) And plz plz post next part soon I eager to read ShivIka’s next meet and plz girl take care and get well soon …..

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    Marvelous Priiii
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