Ishqbaaz #It started with dare – Shot One

Hello peeps. Hope all of your diwali is going amazing now its my time to add my dhamaka to all of your amazing diwali… ????

OK enough of all this blabbring (I am hell nervouse with this update so I am blabbring this all) Okay, fine, breath in and breath out and update…


Anika, Ishana and Somya are sitting in a pool side of hotel admiring Mumbai’s atmosphere.All of them are recently shifted to mumabi from Melbourne. Anika left her job in
management company there and Somya leave her fashion designer job in one of
leading brand just for Ishana.

Because Ishana wants to setup her dance academy in India. And all them are each other’s support system since childhood without
any of them other two can’t survive.

And after shifting to Mumbai today Anika
and Somya are done with their job hunting and they get job as per their choice and even Ishana get place for her academy and even she is thinking of planning an event to come into limelight as well as in eyes of people. So all in all today they are enjoying their entire first step towards new journey of life with sipping their coffee and playing dare and double dare. (In this if one fails to
do complete dare they have to do double dare.)

Girls are playing since two hours so they decided to play last time then to head towards their home so final time bottle spin and stop at Anika and she asked

Anika: So what should I have to do???

After few minutes
Ishana have evil smile on her face which Anika and Somya notice and they presume that this dare going to be “MORE AWESOME”…

Ishana: Anika this one is quite simple yet interesting dare…

Anika: whatever…speak up Ishana…

Ishana: Look back…

Anika turned and look back and see there is a group of boy sitting there and enjoying there time just like them…

After looking at them Anika throw What-I-have-to-do-seeing-them look and knowing what she meant Ishana smriked and speak

Ishana: Anika you have to give kiss on lip of the boy whose back is facing to us.

As soon as Ishana’s words register in Anika’s mind she just stunned hearing that and speak

Anika (freak out after listening Ishana): What??? Are you out of your mind??? I do not even know him…

Ishana(With wink): Well,Anika we know that you do not know him, but it is your dare Anika just go and kiss him on his lips …

Anika: I am not going to do this… (With determine look)

Now this is Somya’s time for revenge because as a dare today Anika have made her swimming in pool before an hour. So she speak

Somya: Then double dare is waiting for you I mean on the way for refusing this dare… (Without sawing any revenge emotion on her face which calm Anika lil)

Anika: And what it is, Somya???

Somya: Lip kiss to him, and belly dance in front of him for five minutes on song of my choice… (While giving her naughty look)

Anika cursed both of them for such dare… It is not like that she did not kiss any one before she and her ex-boyfriend have kissed many time before but do not know why today she is feeling scared and with that she started giving explanation rather to say motivation to her mind that she can kiss this guy too she told to her mind and get up from her table and walk to that boys table. She reached their and tap on that boy’s shoulder.

Next moment he turns to her and he looks at her with confusion visible on his face but instead of uttering any word she lost in his deep blue orbs but somehow she managed to control herself and come out of trance and Speak

Anika: I need to kiss you on lips (in one breathe)

And next moment he spilled his drink in utter shock and the boy is Shivay. Of course any one will be shocked when in middle of night random girl come to you and says want to kiss you.

And Shivay looked at her with shock, surprise and many other expressions on his face. But before he can ask her any thing she speaks

Anika:Hi, I am Anika.
I may sound weird but I am from very decent family with nice house and nice parents and my sweet liitle cute puppy and we are just playing dare and double dare and as a part of dare I have to kiss you on lips else I am not the type of girl you are thinking of me. My papa is very famous businessman and…

Do not know why but she kept on her blabbering either to convince him or may be to overcome from her nervousness.

But all ofsudden Shivay stand up from his place and and pull Anika towards him and put his lips on Anika’s lips.

After a second Anika start sucking his upper lip while he is sucking her lower lip and he pulled
her more close to him by her waist leaving no space between them and Anika start caressing his hair. She is feeling perfect in his arm and he is handling her like she is glass doll, he bit her lower lip with utmost care and she part her lips and his tongue enter in her mouth and start exploring every corner of her mouth. Shivat tighten his grip on her waist and she too pulled him more and bent little on him and both lost in their world forgetting world around them.

The moment Anika is out of breath they broke their kiss unwillingly.

And then Shivay noticed his brothers are coughing and hooting and before he can talk to her she ran away from there with a crimson red blush and next second she left from hotel with
her friends.

And do not why but Shivay started counting 3… 2… 1…like SRK and waiting for her to come back to him or look at him once but nothing sort of things happened and after few minutes of his brothers teasing session he too leave from there with his brothers…

So Buddies now I done with my job and now give your precious comments… I am waiting for your comments… (And Sorry for not updating with emojis…)

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  1. Sat

    It is very nice price, just loved it
    Firstly I like the friendship bond between anishya
    And the next annika asking a kiss and shivaay spitting out juice that was quite funny
    And annika blabbering and shivaay pulled her and kissed her and pulling her through her waist was superb
    I loved the shivika scenes
    They were awesome. Please update the next part ASAP???

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Sat for your big wali comment… ☺☺☺

  2. Vincy

    Yr it was mind-blowing ??? nxt episode asap please Jaldi can’t wait

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Vincy… ☺☺☺

  3. This was so cute. Awwww. Update soon and pls make it lengthier. Happy Diwali

    1. Pri_24


  4. Azizul


    1. Pri_24


  5. Rithik

    ITs awesome continue

    1. Pri_24


  6. Jazz1

    Fabulous. Shivika kiss ? ?????. Waiting for the next one

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks dead.. ☺

  7. SamSun

    Fantastic! Just soo good??

    1. Pri_24


  8. Priyali

    Shivika kiss was lovely to read… good job .

    1. Pri_24

      Thank you… ☺

  9. Nansshivika

    So romantic totally new its awesome its fresh concept PRI loved it. And love to play game except kissing part… next asap waiting eagerly for it

    1. Pri_24

      Thank you Nandu and we will play this game some time… ??????

  10. Ishqkum

    I loved shivika scene priya

    1. Pri_24


  11. Cuteprincess

    nice…a unique work…just cant imagine …simply amazing…a mix of all emotions…
    nice…the scene were shivaay is shocked spitting out his juice was superb…

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks for your feedback dear…☺☺

  12. wow awesome intresting im waitin for next

    1. Pri_24


  13. Awesome update dear

    1. Pri_24


  14. Oh my god is all I can utter after reading t

  15. Oh my god this is Ll I can utter after reading this and this one is sweet surprising shock no a special dhamaka gift for we all ShivIka lovers… ???

    I just loved it it is totally different and unique and new concept and I enjoyed every word of your update… ☺☺☺

    And PRI plz keep giving this sweet surprising shock to us we live them… ????

    Waiting for next shot plz update soon… ☺☺☺☺

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Rivanah for this sweetest feedback and I this feedback of all of you amazing reader make my day…☺☺☺

  16. Omg…?? this was amazing…mind blowing…pls update the next part asap….

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks for your feedback… ☺☺

  17. Omg! What a start! Post soon…

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks.. ☺☺☺

  18. Tulasi

    Hey pri…u rocked it girl…..omg…i blushed all d way……

    1. Pri_24

      Thank you Tulsi… ☺☺☺

  19. Yazhu

    Awesome epi yaar Priya…I’ve guessed it really is a dhamaka one…sry for not giving long comment…I was in a hurry…hope you understand and thanks for giving the link…

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks for your feedback dear and though its small one then your usual one but it means a lot to me and I mean it dear… ☺☺☺

  20. Ananya7044

    Wow..nice one and that kiss description is the best…upload soonn and pls dnt think am

    1. Pri_24

      ???? Ananya your comment bring a big wali smile in my face specifically that greed wala part… I can understand your feeling dear and Thanks for commenting.. ???

      1. Ananya7044

        Hmm..ur welcome….am gld am able to bring a smile on ur face.,,

  21. Priyanka_22

    amazin priiiii
    you nailed it again
    yu way yu narrated kiss loved it yaar
    i cant stop blushin aft reading it
    update next sgit soon dear
    nd haa i loved vivaah tooo
    loved shivika moments <3

    1. Pri_24

      Thank you Priyanka… ☺☺☺☺ And you know all this while I am typing this update I am blushing furiously… ???

  22. Ketaki19

    ohoo awesome concept n part… waiting for next

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks dear… ☺

  23. Priyanka.N

    I really loved thz prt….concentrating on shivaay’s eyes ? r lovely
    I personally love his eyes….
    Daring anika

    1. Pri_24

      Same pinch Priyanka I too lobe his eyes… ???

      Thank you for your comment… ☺☺

  24. Samm

    i’m speechless!

    1. Pri_24

      ?????? ????

    2. Pri_24

      I know… ??????

  25. Aarya

    First of all soooo sorryyy pri Darling……☺was lil busy………but wowwwww ?????????????am speechless………. Its superb,awesome amazing, fab, epi…. I loved it to the core????????love u dear…..super….waiting for next part

    1. Pri_24

      ThNk you so much Aarya darling for you comment and lobe you so much for commenting… ?????

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