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Hello peeps…???? How are you all???? And yeah first all of big big wala sorry for not giving update on time but peeps I was stuck and today finally I am typing this update win lots if nervousness and so many same feelings with the hope that you all will like this update and shower all of your love in form of comments… Too much blabbering na??? Okay I am stopping my blabbering now and coming to the most awaited updated… *Fingers crossed”
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Final Shot…

After that day almost of the time either Anika will be lost in her own world or she will sit with laptop in her lap and pretend like she is doing work may be for a week both Ishana and Saumya keep continue their teasing session but whenever they tease her, Anikawill either run away from there or she will blush till she put strwberry on shame for being red but last time when they are teasing her for “THAT BOY” all frustration of Anika brust out and later she cried tii so from that time Ishana and Saumya decided that till they do not find out that boy she won’t utter a word about that incident in front their best friend.

On the other side for day or two OmRu continue pulling Shivay’s leg but soon Shivay start behaving neutral whenever they start teasing so soon boys forget about that incident but Shivay who behave neutral in front of his brothers have wish to meet “THAT GIRL” deep in his heart. But soon his brothers bags their first contract for their first public performance and he decided to finance that event and his thought of her will be start replacing by thought of hus brother’s performance and success of event but her thought do not leave when he is alone.

Since last week Ishana is hell busy in finalizing everything for first public performance of her academy OYSTER and in that event she’ll be showing her dance moves following Oberoi broher’s performance. Saumya is helping her in finalizing costume and other thing which is covered under her criteria but Anika is keeping herself either lock in her room or busy with any random stuff which is irritating Ishana so the day when she is going to meet Oberoi brothers for finalizing contract she first request Anika to accompany her and Saumya but initially Anika refuse so later both Sneha and Sharon forced her with the excuse that her legal knowledge will be helpful to Ishana so she agreed .

Around 4 pm girls get ready and went to destination.
Ishana, Saumya and Anika are sitting at table booked by Ishana where she is going to meet Oberois brothers for discussion and finalization of contact terms for performance and financing in her event but all in sudden Anika spittes out her juice with full force and speak in barely audible sound of “ohh shit damn” same time Ishana and Saumya look at her with look what-is-this and she point her finger towards entrance and other two too get shocked rather to say confuse because no one in specific is at entrance according to their knowledge so Ishana speaks…

Ishana: Anika what happens???

Both Ishana and Saumya ooking at Anika with look will-you-plz-give- proper-reason but Anika starts being anxious and panic so Saumya asked her lil sternly

Saumya: Whats Wrong??? Why you behaving weird???

Meanwhile Ishana received text from Oberoi brothers for asking table number and informing that they are there and she replied them and again look at Anika and finally Anika answered

Anika: THAT BOY whom I’d kissed that day for completing dare is there in black Armani at entrance.

After knowing that both Ishana and Saumya look at entrance and later Ishana said something which causes Anika’s eye pop out from their socket and Saumya to burst into laughter …

As soon as Ishana’s words “He is Shivay Singh Oberois financed of my event and elder brother of main dancer of event” Anika started searching place to hide from there and seeing distance they are away from there and non availability of decent option to hide she hide her self beneath table and before Any one from Ishana and Saumya can bring her out Oberoi brothers reaches to their table so they keep mum and beneath table Anika is chanting Gid’s name to help her and in the table all discussion is going on and to bad luck of Anika she found a lizard stick to table and without thinking for another second she scream aloud and jump up causing Shivay’s water glass to empty on his self starting from his face to end on his Gucci’s shoes and Shivay speak

Shivay: What the wuck?? Is that place to seat you …

But before he can complete his sentence he notices that girl is standing in front of him…Without worrying for the world around him he stand up on his place and pull Anika in his direction and hug her tightly And speak

Shivay: Thank God, I found you back, you don’t know how much and at his many places I searches for you???

Both OmRu along with Ishana and Saumya cough to get his attention but all in vain so On stand up and patt on his back gaining and reminding him their purpose fir thus meeting so soon he informed them he is ready to finance this event and let them know term of contract and all later and knee down on his knee bring his hand out in front of Anika and speak

Shivay: Will you plz let me honour to bring you in coffee date????

But instead of Anika, Ishana and Saumya together replied

Ishana and Saumya: She do not drink coffee…

Shivay instead if replying to them turn to Anika and speak

Shivay: If I am not wrong you are testing amazing with your last sipped coffee right???

Putting Anika to blush furiously and else other to do aww and ohhh.. And Anika nodded to him and they bud bye to every one and leave from there for their official first date hand in hand…

After completing their coffee in comfortable silent they decide to leave fir home and as soon aa they reached to Shivay’s car Shivay pinned Anika between him and car and coming dangerously close to Anika which is making Anika feel his hot breath on her neck and near her lips which is creating havoc in her mind though she wanted to kiss him roughly and wildly she controlled her self and look into his deep blue orbs and seeing her normal (In his terms) he smirk and speak

Shivay: Anika usually people rather to say couple meet first be comfortable with each other and then kiss and all happenes (wink at her) but due to your dare we kiss first and all other things are happening now, and this all started with dare so once again l’ll like to play a game if your dare and double dare with you and but here only you have to do it I won’t do any dare reason will be known to you later so are you ready for dare???

Anika: More then ready Kanji aankhi wale Richie rich but before that I would like to inform you that I’ve cut my all relations with my family a week ago so now I am notthe girl whose father is reputed business man and….

Before she can continue Shivay shhh her by his hand and speak

Shivay: Anika I like you, not your father and his businesses and his reputation so chill, an if you are done with introduction let me speak up my dare???! So may I???

Anika: Sure.

Shivay: You’ve to stay in move in with me I want to know you, want to fall in love with you and if not this dare then double dare us you’ve to kiss me hard right now and then move in with me…

Anika smiled and said

Anika: I would live to go for double dare Kanji aankhi wale…

Before she can complete her sentence Shivay slammed his lips on her risy pouty lips and once again she to engrossed full in that kiss and both try to dominate other in kiss and broke apart from kiss as they are in need of oxygen….

Later in week Anika and Shivay move in Shivay’s separate penthouse…

What do you buddies think about this Part???? (According to me is worst update of my till today this part not turn as my expectations)Let me know…

I’ve epilogue for this 3S but will update after atleat 30 comments so plz do comments whether its positive or negative….

And yeah sorry to all who are waiting for romantic update… May be epilogue will be romantic update… ????????

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    1. Samm

      agreed, anah! 😀

  2. Akshaya

    Mast . Mast. Awesome episode dear?

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  4. Priyanka_22

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    Plz post soon dear

  5. Sanaya_malik

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    Dare…. N double dare…. And our anika… She accepted double dare….
    In the current track of ib i. Wanted shivaye to propose anika…. But its not going happen… But u make me feel so happy by shivaye proposing anika….. Wow
    Awesome pri….. Eagerly waiting for next…
    Love uu❤❤

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    Really waiting for ur next one. Plz don’t make us wait

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    WOW!! Some body just bring me some cool water I am feeling burns on my body….. Uff…. Hotness overloaded huh!…… Shivika’s kiss…… Oh my maata!! This is why ff are a way better than serials. and Don’t dare to call it a worst update orelse I will come as a nightmare to you.

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    ShivIka’s feeling for each other are just awesome…

    and the way he hug are awwww.

    and I am dying to see they going on date which never gonna happen in serial but you just give us that scene and I was visualizing that scene…

    and Shivay’s dare and double dare is just amazing and Anika being daring accepted his double dare just wow…

    seriously you have wonderful imagination…

    keep writing and plz post epilogue for us plz do not wait for others comments if you do not mind… (I know I am greedy)…

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    its awesome you rock it

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