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Chapter 1: Chapter 1
*Next day*

* Shivika’s room*
We can see our couple is still in bed but that doesn’t mean they are sleeping. Anika, the one who used to sleep for long was wide awake and staring at the ceiling thinking something and her tears were silently flowing from her eyes…. She wasn’t opposing the tight hold of her husband around her….
Husband? Did she again accept him as her husband ? But why? Why is Shivaay showing so much affection towards her? Shouldn’t he hate her?
“Stop thinking about me so much.. ”
Anika: Then what do you think I should do? You control all my moves not only that but also my life… Then you only tell me what should I do?

Shivaay: First of all stop crying (wiping her tears) and think for reason you came here.
Anika: I can’t….. I can’t….
And she started crying hysterically. He held her tightly to himself and let her cry. He also had tears in his eyes thinking about it. He calmed her down and she got up and went to freshen up. He also went to freshen up in Om’s room.

*Omkara’s room*
Shivaay was getting ready in his formals and Om was studying every moves and gestures of his. Shivaay was absent mindedly doing his work as if thinking something very deeply. Om couldn’t bear it anymore and broke the silence.
Om: Shivaay…
Shivaay: Hmm…
Om: Bhabi kaisi hai?

Shivaay: Kya….
Om: Maine pucha bhabi kaisi hai?
Shivaay: Thik hai…. She’s fine… Fine…
Om: You are telling this to satisfy me or you Shivaay?
Shivaay : I don’t know what to do Om. Whenever I see her it reminds me of that day… I still can’t forget anything…. I can’t….
Om hugged him and gave him strength.
Om: Be strong. The family needs you….
He nodded and went towards his room. Om on the other hand thought what will happen next.

*Shivika’s room*
Shivaay entered and saw Anika was ready in a white red saree with off shoulder blouse. He saw her standing in front of the mirror and lost in herself. She didn’t wear an ornaments. He went towards her and stood behind her. He looked at her through the mirror but she was lost somewhere.
Shivaay (softly): Anika…..
She looked at him and they shared an eyelock. He saw her holding the mangalsutra in her hand. He took the mangalsutra from her and made her wear it,took a pinch of sindoor and filled her hairline and made her wear bangles. During the whole time he was looking into her eyes but her eyes that once held shine, happiness ,excitement and craziness was missing. It was blank, empty as if something very dear and close to her heart has been snatched from her mercilessly. Shivaay turned her towards him and made her look into his eyes.

Shivaay : Remember for what purpose you come here…..
Anika looked at him and some determination flashed in her eyes. She got some strength and nodded her head in approval. Shivaay also looked satisfied with her strength. He provided his hand to her which she debated whether to take it or not. He assured her through his eyes to accept it and she kept her hand on his. He held it tightly and kissed on it. The thing which was missing in her was her smile….. And which Shivaay was trying his best to get it back. They came down hand in hand to witness the whole family waiting for them.

OmRu and Janvi saw them with admiration and love while others had a neutral face. The most angry among them was Pinky who was boiling seeing them together. The most important person among them was missing – Dadi… Anika went towards Janvi who hugged her and welcomed back to the family. Anika smiled at her faintly. Her devars took her in a bone crushing hug and welcomed her back. Shakti and Tej just nodded at her. When she went to Pinky , she wasn’t welcomed. Anika just hugged her and said her in low voice ,” Now the game begins Pinky aunty… I am back to show your true colors ….” And she broke the hug and smiled at her. Pinky was shocked would be an understatement.

Pinky: Shivaay why is she here?
Shivaay: My wish…. My choice …. Whatever I want will happen. If I want that Anika will stay here then she will stay here…. And that’s final…..
Pinky was left speechless and OmRu and Janvi were smiling seeing it. Shivaay dragged Anika towards the dining table for having breakfast. He didn’t wait for others and served himself and Anika. He fed her a bite and he himself ate too. Others too joined them. Pinky was fuming seeing the concern of Shivaay for Anika. But others were quite normal about it. After eating a few morsels Anika refused to eat.
Anika: Aur nehi Khana…

Shivaay : Aur nehi Khana ka Kya Matlab haa? Tum… Tum.. kamzor ho Khana nehi khayogi toh kaise chalega? You have to take medicines also….
Anika: I will have it when I will feel like having it. I want to go to Dadi and see her once. I will take medicine later….
Shivaay : No… Medicines I will give you….. You won’t take it by yourself… You go to Dadi’s room I am coming there with your medicines okay…
Anika nodded her head and went towards Dadi’s room. After she left Pinky started her tantrums.
Pinky: Oh my maata Shivaay how can you allow her to stay here.. You both were divorced right then how come she is your wifes now..

Shivaay: Mom not a word against Anika… She is my wife and she has full right to stay here…. And divorced then let me tell you… We were never divorced…. That day I didn’t divorce Anika but I registered our Marriage permanently and now no one can point out at her identity now… She is Mrs. Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi, wife of Shivaay Singh Oberoi… Am I clear to all… I don’t want any further discussion about this….
Pinky: But Shivaay your ideology about ‘Naam Khoon and Khandan’ haa. How can you forget those so easily?
Shivaay: What did I say just now Mom… She is Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi. I don’t care about her past life or anything. I just know that she is my wife, Oberoi houses Eldest Daughter in law, OmRu’s bhabi and Sahil’s sister. She has so many relations. She isn’t alone… No further discussion about this….
He got up and was about to go out when he saw Anika standing at the doorway and it seemed as if she has heard everything.

Shivaay: Anika…. tum yaaha…. Tum toh Dadi ke room pe gayi thi…..
Anika(silently): Gayi thi…. Then I saw the water jug empty so I came back to refill it.
Shivaay(holding her hand): Why did you come down? You could have send someone else also… You are weak…. You shouldn’t stress yourself….
Anika(squeezing his hand and smiling a bit ): I am fine Shivaay and this much work won’t kill me…..
Shivaay(angry): No… never talk about death. Pagal ho kya kuch bhi bolti rehti ho…
Anika: It’s okay Shivaay. It was a slip of tongue. Aage se nehi bolungi…
Shivaay : Pakka na?

Anika: Haa baba Pakka…..
Shivaay (cupping her face): Tum nehi janti… I had almost lost you….. I don’t have the strength to loose you again…. Please apna khayal rakhna…
She nodded in agreement and their moment was broken by her devars.
OmRu: We are there to look after our bhabi.
Shivaay got some assurance from his brothers and mentally sighed in relief.
Shivaay: You go to Dadi I am bringing your medicine.

He went away and others left too. Rudra help her with filling up the jug while Om was talking about random stuff. After completing they felt for Dadi’s room.

*Dadi’s Room*
Anika and OmRu entered to see their once active Dadi lying lifelessly on the bed. Anika couldn’t hold back her tears and started crying seeing her condition. She went towards her and sat down beside her…
Anika(crying): I am so sorry Dadi…. For me… only for me you are in this state…. Please forgive me… Please… Getup dadi. Everyone is waiting for you…. This house is dead without you please get up….

She felt some movement in her hand and saw that Dadi was reacting to her. She was shocked and looked at OmRu. They nodded their head in agreement stating her that they know about it.
Om: From the time you stepped into this house…
Rudra: Dadi started reacting to the treatments and our talk. It seemed as if she was waiting for you to return.
Om: And you know the coincidence the last sentence she said before going into this condition was…

“Mai tab hii aakhe kholongi jab Anika wapas ageyi….”. They looked behind to see Shivaay standing at the door step with a small trey.
Shivaay: That were her last words she spoke 2 months back.
Anika: And you didn’t even bother to tell me about this from the past 1 months….
Shivaay: Were you in a state to listen anyone? Tell me…. You yourself were…..

He couldn’t complete his sentence and left the room after keeping the trey. Anika also couldn’t hold back her tears and left. OmRu were worried about them and left behind them. They first went to Shivaay and saw him looking towards the window and staring aimlessly. OmRu put hand on his shoulder and he turned towards them.

Shivaay: I am fine…..Don’t worry…..
Om: We know how much fine you are… Shivaay be strong…. If you fall weak who will look after the family and mostly Bhabi…. You very well know what is she going through now so please….
Shivaay: I know…. I am okay…. By the way where is Anika?
Rudra: Bhabi left after you left bhaiya and may be she is in the room…
Shivaay: And alone… Dammit….

He ran towards his room and the scene in front of him made his numb.

“ANIKAAAAAAA”, he shouted and ran towards her. He slapped her making her shock and she became unconscious. He picked her up and placed her on the bed, took out an injection from the bedside table and gave her. He covered her properly and turned around to see his horrified brothers and Baadi maa standing at the door. He sat on the couch and waited for them to come. They all entered and Janvi sat beside Anika and carenessed her hair with tears while Rudra was crying and Om thought what all was happening in their lives.
Om(choking voice): Shivaay….. Bhabi…. Bhabi….

Shivaay: Tried to kill herself because she thinks whatever happens or has happened is due to her…. And after that day toh she is completely out of control and it is constantly playing in her mind that every bad thing is connected to her… That’s why we have to constantly keep her under our observation so that she doesn’t repeat this again.
Om: But Shivaay nothing such happened today that triggered her to do this?
Shivaay : Dadi’s condition triggered it….
Om: But one thing I can’t understand. Who was there with bhabi when you were here?
Everyone was shocked.

Shivaay: After all he is my twin brother…
OmRu : Our brother too…
Shivaay smiled and hugged them. Janvi was trying to register all the facts told by Shivaay and one thing is concluded from all that is Anika is suffering from depression and it can only be cured when she gets back her most important possession.

Janvi: Shivaay you all can go. I will stay with Anika.
Shivaay: Thanks Baadi maa…. I need to find some missing link till then….
Om: What links Shivaay?
He looked at them and asked them to follow.

*Around noon time*
Anika opened her eyes slowly and looked around for Shivaay but she saw Janvi entering the room with a plate full of food. She got up and sat on the bed by the support of the backrest. Janvi smiled at her and placed the food in front of her.
Janvi(while sitting opposite to her): How are feeling now Anika?
Anika: I’m fine Janvi aunty…..
Janvi: Not aunty…. Call me Baadi maa just like Shivaay call me…
Anika(with tears): Baadi maa…..

Janvi nodded and hugged her. Anika cried on her shoulder and Janvi kept on saying sweet things to her for calming her down.
Janvi: I know everything Anika. Don’t worry sab thik ho jayega…
Anika(crying): How can she do like this Baadi maa… How….
Janvi: I know beta… I myself is shocked to know about it….. Don’t worry dekhna Bhagwan osse zarur saza dega…. Zarur….
Anika: I am alive just for Shivaay and I am here just for him and this family. This family has given me so much and I can’t see it break like this. So I came back just to mend this family back….
Janvi: And Shivaay?

Anika went silent.
Janvi: I know what you are thinking…..
Anika: Then you only tell me Baadi maa how can I look into his eyes when… When….
Janvi cocooned her in her arms and let her cry her heart out. All their conversation was heard by two people – one was having tears and other was having an evil smile. Janvi broke the hug and fed her.
Anika(after completing) : Baadi maa I want to know what all happened in this house during my absence.

Janvi: But Anika you are not well…
Anika: Please Baadi maa, at least if I indulge myself in fixing the house then I can forget about those horrible days. I want to keep myself busy. In this way I won’t disturb anyone and you all don’t have to think about me also…. Especially Shivaay….
Janvi: Don’t say like this Anika. You never disturb anyone. You are that person who spreads happiness. Don’t tell anything like this ever….. On one condition only I will tell you… I don’t want you take stress about it okay… Just let me know whenever you are feeling sick I will stop telling it… I don’t want to risk your life….

Anika: Okay Baadi maa when I will feel sick I will tell you….

(Past will be starting from next chapter as flashbacks)

*Pinky’s room*
Pinky was walking around the room in deep thoughts.
Pinky(thinking): From what I heard just now it is clears that Anika has dones something for which she is unable to face Shivaay. And I have to find that matter only to break their relation.
(So one of the person who heard was Pinky)

Shivaay is treating Anika as if she is the most Importants person in his life. Why can’t he understands that the middle class girl is not of his standards. He should be married to some rich and sofisticated girl having money and fame. But no. I don’t what black magic she has done on him that he is unable to see anyone else other than her. I have to soon find out the matter and kick her out of the house.
(But is it so easy…. Let’s see.. Who gets out? ?)

*Study room*
A man was sitting on the desk silently in the dark. On having a closer look we can see that his eyes are closed and tears flowing down silently and the person is none other than Shivaay Singh Oberoi…. He has some photos in front of him but it is clear in the dark. Someone puts his hand on Shivaay’s shoulder.
Shivaay (with closed eyes) : What do you want Mahi?

(Yes the other person is Mahi who was called by his brother for discussing something)
Mahi: If you break like this then who will take care of Anika?
Shivaay: I lost…. Mai haar gaya Mahi…. Haar gaya…..
Mahi: Nothing is like that Shivaay…. You didn’t loose at all… It’s that….
Shivaay : It’s that ki We are not so lucky and Bhagwan ne humse humara khusi chiin li….. Chiin li…
He couldn’t control anymore and cried out. Mahi consoled him and he composed himself.
Shivaay : Anika fears to look into my eyes…. And I don’t want that to happen. I have to do something to bring my old Taribaaz Anika back….
“We all will bring her back… ”

They turned around to see OmRu standing. They came and hugged Mahi.
Om: You are not alone in this fight… We all will help you in this Shivaay…
Rudra: Haa bhaiya… We will surely help you out…
Mahi nodded at their words and looked towards Shivaay. Shivaay hugged them all.

Mahi: Shivaay we need to bring out Kamini’s real face…
Shivaay: That is not needed because I am sure Anika would do that herself…..
Om: And you will allow her to do it?
Shivaay: That’s the only way to keep her busy and away from those horrible thoughts. And don’t worry I won’t leave her alone. Someone among us will always be with her along with Khanna. But I need to find out some other things and that might change our lives for ever…..
Om:What Shivaay?

He looked towards all and said something. They were shocked and happy as well.
Om: Don’t worry Shivaay we will surely find it out…. And if it is true then…..
Shivaay: Then Anika will get her family which she longed for years….

Precap: Flashback of what all happened during Anika’s absence…..

So people….
Again so many questions and mysteries I guess…. I am very bad I know……
But don’t worry….
Slowly from next chapter the mysteries will start to unfold and the questions will be answered too……

Till then enjoy the chapter and keep commenting.
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