ISHQBAAZ SS- Our Angel, Ishana- Chapter 5


ShivIka Villa

ShivIsh are about to leave from there but a police jeep enters the villa that time. Both of them look each other confusingly.

Shivaay: Why the police jeep is here??

Ishu: Who knows??

Both of them are looking at the jeep and a person steps out from the jeep. Ishana is shocked to see the person and stands without blinking her eyes. Shivaay is confused with her behaviour and follows her gaze towards the person. He is surprised as well and shakes her shoulder. She comes back from shock.

Shivaay: Ishana, that officer is…..

Ishu: (nods) Hmmmm….

Shivaay: (sees the officer entering inside the house with another two cops) What we are going to do now??

Ishu: Let’s go and see from near.

Shivaay: But, they won’t let you to enter the house.

Ishu: (smirks) I’m not going to enter the house. You just follow me silently. (Leaves towards the house)

Shivaay: (shakes his head) I don’t know whose house is this. Mine or hers?? She is asking me to follow her. (Goes behind her)

Inside the house

The senior Oberois who are sitting in the living room are surprised to see police entering their house. Kalyani calls for the youngsters to come there. They too come there.

Om: Yes. Why you all are here??

Officer: Who are Tej Singh Oberoi, Omkara Singh Oberoi and Rudra Singh Oberoi??

Om: I’m Omkara Singh Oberoi, (pointing towards Rudra) this is my brother Rudra Singh Oberoi and that is (pointing towards Tej) Tej Singh Oberoi. Why you are asking for us??

Officer: I will tell you. We received a complain that three of you tried to kill Shivaay Singh Oberoi and he is in hospital because of you. (All are shocked) So, you have to follow us to police station for enquiry.

Rudra: What?? Why we want to kill our brother?? We love him a lot.

Gauri: What proof you are having to say like this??

Bhavya: Bhabhi, relax. They are not arresting them. They are taking them for enquiry.

Gauri: Whatever it is. I can’t see police taking my family with them. (Hugs Omkara and cries)

Officer: Listen. We have to do our duty. Besides that, we received a complaint against them.

Annika: But, officer, who made the complaint against them??

Pinky: I’m the one made the complaint. (All turn towards her)

Shakti: What have you done, Pinky?? Why you made the complaint against them??

Pinky: I did corrects only, Shakti ji. My son in this state because of them only. They plans everything but pretends to be good.

Jhanvi: What are you saying, Pinky?? OmRu love Shivaay a lot. How they will do like that to him?? Tej’s anger towards Shivaay is different. He doesn’t have any intention to kill Shivaay. Shivaay is our son too.

Pinky: (ignores them) What are you waiting for, officer?? Take them with you.

Officer: Yes, madam. (About to take them)

Om: One minute. (Goes towards Pinky) How could you think like this about us, Choti ma?? Shivaay is our life. How we will do like that to him?? (With hurt filled voice)

Outside the house

Shivaay is crying looking at the happenings. Ishana feels bad looking at Shivaay’s state.

Shivaay: (holds his head) I can’t see my family like this. I don’t understand why mom is doing like this. How my brothers and bade papa will do like that to me??

Ishu: Relax, Shivaay. We will try to do something.

Shivaay: What we can do, Ishana?? Police are taking my brothers and bade papa with them. I’m just watching it helplessly.

The police about to leave with OmRuTej but stops seeing Ishana there who is smiling at the officer.

Officer: You are here??

Ishu: Yeah. I saw you entering this house. That’s why I thought to meet you. Are you busy??

Officer: (nods) I’m having important work. You leave from here first. We will talk after we go back. (Ishana nods and turns from there)

Shivaay: (goes towards Ishana) What are you trying to do??

Ishu: (smirks at him) You will know in a while.

The jeep driver goes towards the police.

Driver: Our jeep tyre is punctured. We can’t leave now.

Officer: What?? Just now it was fine only. How come it is punctured now?? (The driver looks down silently) What we have to do now?? We have to take them for enquiry.

Shivaay: Did you puncture the tyre??

Ishu: (grins happily) Yes!! How was that?? (Winks at him) Now, see what I’m going to do. (Walks towards the police)

Officer: (towards the constable) Call the station and ask them to send another jeep.

Ishu: Excuse me. (All turn towards her) You just want to enquiry them, right?? Why don’t you do it here?? Why are you wasting your time by waiting for another vehicle??

Pinky: Hey, girl!! Who are you?? You are teaching the police to do their work. Officer, you can take one of our car from here and take three of them to your station.

Ishu: Madam, I’m not teaching anyone to do their work here. And, they are not arresting three of them. They are taking them for enquiry only. Moreover, police are not allowed to take public’s vehicle for their work. They can be punished as well as the person who provide their vehicle towards them. (Pinky looks at her in shock while the police smiles at her) Besides that, this is not a normal inspector but an ACP officer.

ACP: She is right. You complaint directly to commissioner, so he asked me to handle this case. And, if I can’t take them to my office for enquiry, I can do it here. It’s not an issue. Moreover, there is no proof saying that they are behind the accident. So, it’s not necessary for me to take them to my office. (Pinky is about to say something)

Ishu: Madam, please be relax. If it’s proven that they did the accident, they will be arrested. You don’t worry. The law won’t spare anyone who did mistake.

Pinky: Just do whatever. (Turns from there feeling annoyed)

Ishu: (towards ACP) You do your work. I’ll wait for you.

ACP: Ok. (Towards other police) Call someone to repair it and you all leave from here. I’ll be going with her. (The other police agree and leave from there. The ACP turns towards the Oberois) Can we talk inside??

Tej: Sure. Please come. (All go inside except Ishana)

Shivaay: (goes towards Ishana) Thank you very much, Ishana. You stopped them from going to police station.

Ishu: (smiles) You don’t have to thank me, Shivaay. I did what I felt right.

ACP: So, tell me. Where were you during the accident??

Om: I and my brother, Rudra were at home. As usual, Shivaay left to his office that time. After sometime, we received a call saying that he met an accident.

ACP: (looking at Tej) How about you, Mr Oberoi??

Tej: I was in Mumbai that time. I only aware of the accident after they informed me.

ACP: I heard that you are the one caused him and his wife to leave their house in Mumbai. In an easy way, we can say that you chased them out of the house.

Jhanvi: Excuse me. We didn’t chase them. We just ask them to leave.

ACP: (smirks) You said in a decent way, madam. But, both are same meaning only. You emotionally blackmailed them to leave the house. And, please. I’m doing enquiry with three of them. Please don’t interrupt. I don’t like anyone disturbing my work. (Jhanvi keeps quiet) So, tell me, Mr Oberoi. Did you hire anyone here to do the accident of him??

Tej: No!! I was angry on him for snatching my sons rights and humiliating them in front of the media. I don’t have any intention to kill him. How I will do like that to him?? He is my brother’s son.

ACP: Fine. Now, I’m handling this case. You all can’t leave from here before the case finish. If you want to go somewhere, inform me first.

Om: Don’t worry. None of us will leave before Shivaay gains his consciousness.

ACP: Good. Ok. I’m leaving now. I might call you again for enquiry. Please cooperate.

OmRu: Sure. (The ACP turns and search for something)

Gauri: What are you searching??

ACP: Where is she??

Annika: Who?? That girl just now??

Soumya: I think she is still outside.

ACP: Should be. She doesn’t like to disturb my work. Ishu!!

Ishu: (comes inside with Shivaay) Done with your enquiry??

ACP: Yes. We can leave now. (Ishana smiles and nods her head. Both of them turn to leave.)

Ishana accidentally hits a flower vase. It falls and breaks into pieces. One of the glass piece fell on her hand and scratches her hand slightly. She looks at her hand which started to bleed.

Ishu: (towards ACP) Shravs!!! (Shravani turns towards her and is shocked to see her hand bleeding)

Shrav: Ishu!!! (Ishana collapsed on the floor making everyone shock including Shivaay)

To be continued….

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