ISHQBAAZ SS- Our Angel, Ishana… -Chapter 4




Shivaay and Ishana reached there and walk towards the ward where Shivaay is admitted. Ishana looks here and there and opens the door.

Shivaay: (points towards the bed) See. I told you that I’m in coma but you didn’t believe me. Are you believing me now?? (Ishana looks at the bed without blinking her eyes. She still can’t believe that she met a spirit. Shivaay looks at her who still in shock and shakes her shoulder) Ishana!! Are you alright??

Ishu: (come out from her shock) Hmm?? Yeah. I’m fine. Can I ask you something??

Shivaay: Sure. Ask me.

Ishu: You are still alive but how come your spirit is out from your body??

Shivaay: (smiles) I’m not a spirit, Ishana. I’m a soul. I don’t know how to explain to you because I too not very clear about it. A Baba said that I did some good deed in my life. That’s why my soul came out when I’m still alive.

Ishu: What is the use?? No one from your family can see you or feel your presence. So, what is the use your soul came out from your body?? (Shivaay is shocked with her question)

Shivaay: But, you can see me.

Ishu: So?? Who am I to you?? What is the use that I can see you?? You are asking me to help you. How I will help you?? I don’t even know anyone in your family. Do you want me to go and tell your family that your soul came out from your body and I can see your soul?? Will they believe me?? Definitely not. They will think I’m mad and will chase me out.

Shivaay: I know that, Ishana and I can understand that. But, I don’t have any other option than asking your help. (Holds her hand) Please, Ishana.

Ishu: Shivaay, I can understand your helplessness. In fact, I too want to help you. But, how?? No one will believe me if I said that I can see your soul. (They heard a voice)

Voice: What are you doing here?? (Both of them turn towards the voice)

Ishu: Navya. Actually, I came to meet you.

Navya: Fine. But, what are you doing here?? You can’t simply enter this ward. This patient is one of the richest man in India. Chief doctor strictly warned to not to allow everyone to come to this ward. Only his family are allowed. Before anyone come, we better leave from this ward. (Pulls Ishana’s hand and leave from the ward. Shivaay too follows them.)

Navya’s Cabin

Ishana is sitting in front of Navya while Shivaay is standing nearby a window.

Navya: You wanted to meet me but why you didn’t come straightly to my cabin and went to that ward?? Do you know who is that patient??

Ishu: Shivaay Singh Oberoi!!

Navya: (surprised) Of course you will know. After all, you are a famous businessman’s daughter.

Ishu: (smirks) My father is a businessman, not me. And I don’t know that guy before this. I only know him yesterday.

Navya: (confused) What?? Yesterday?? (Ishana nods) Owh!! You must have watched in news or had read in newspaper about his accident.

Ishu: Navya, you know me since childhood. Don’t you know that I don’t like to watch news and read newspaper??

Navya: Then, how did you know about him??

Ishu: Navya, you won’t believe me if I tell you how I know him.

Navya: (confused) Why?? Never mind, you tell me first. Then, I will decide to believe you or not.

Ishu: Ok. I will tell you. (About to say something but Shivaay comes towards her)

Shivaay: Are you mad?? Just now you are the one said that no one will believe if you said that you can see my soul. Now, you are going to tell your friend. Do you think she will believe you??

Ishu: (looks at him) Just now I was talking about your family. They don’t know me and definitely they won’t believe me. If I tell my friend, maybe she can help us as well. (Navya gets up from her place in shock looking at Ishana who is talking with no one)

Shivaay: But, will your friend trust you??

Ishu: I don’t know but we can’t decide anything without trying.

Navya: Ishu, with whom are you talking?? (Looks here and there) No one is here other than us.

Ishu: Navya, this is what I want to tell you. Actually, there is another person here other than us. But, you can’t see that person. Only I can see him.

Navya: What are you saying, Ishu?? I don’t understand.

Ishu: Actually, I can see Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s soul. He is here now.

Navya: (shocked) What?? Are you kidding?? Shivaay?? Soul?? How is that possible??

Shivaay: See!! I told you!! She won’t believe you!!!

Ishu: Shhh!!! I’m talking to her, right?? You just keep quiet for a while. (Shivaay is shocked but he obeys her and keep quiet.) Navya, I know it’s hard for you to believe me but this is the truth. I can see his soul. (Navya is looking at her in disbelief. Ishana looking at her helplessly.) It’s ok, Navya. I know that you don’t believe me. I won’t blame you for this. I’m leaving now. Let’s go, Shivaay.

Both of them turn to leave. Ishana’s leg tripped and she almost fall, but Shivaay holds her hand preventing her from hitting the floor. Navya who wants to hold Ishana is surprised when she saw Ishana’s hand is extending in the air while her body is bending on the floor.

Shivaay: (makes Ishana to stand properly) Are you alright??

Ishu: Yeah. Thank you. Let’s go. (Tries to walk but she winces in pain)

Navya: What happened, Ishu??

Ishu: (cries in pain) My feet is hurting.

Navya: I think your feet is sprained. Come and sit first. I will spray and give some ointment.

Ishu: (tries to walk but she can’t) I can’t. It’s hurting a lot.

Shivaay feels bad looking at her and he lifts her in his arms much to Navya’s shock. He makes Ishana sits on the table. He looks at Navya who is in shock and he realised what he did. He looks at Ishana and signs her to look at Navya.

Shivaay: Ask her to bring the spray and ointment for you. (Ishana nods)

Ishu: Navya, bring the spray and the ointment you said just now.

Navya: (come out from her shock) Yeah. One minute. (Goes and bring them. She sprays on Ishana’s ankle and apply the ointment) Are you ok, now??

Ishu: Yeah. I’m ok. Thank you. So, we are leaving now. (Ishana gets up from her place. Shivaay helps her and they walk towards the door.)

Navya: Ishu!! (Ishana turns towards her) I trust you. (Ishana and Shivaay smile at each other)

Ishu: Really??

Navya: (nods) Yes. Just now I was in confusion to believe or not. But, I know my friend won’t lie in this matter. And after I saw whatever happened now, I understood you are saying the truth. (Walks towards Ishana) You can ask my help whenever you want. I’m ready to help.

Ishu: (hugs her) Thank you. But, for now, just take care of him and tell me if there is any improvement in his health.

Navya: Ok. I’ll take care of it.

Shivaay: Tell her that I said thank you.

Ishu: (looks at Navya) Shivaay said thank you.

Navya: (smiles) Welcome, Shivaay. Ishu, you did it. (Ishana looks at her in confused) You said that you want to meet a spirit and finally you meet it.

Ishu: But, he is not a spirit. He is a soul.

Navya: Ok. Fine. So, what are you going to do now??

Ishu: We have to find out about his accident first. Is that just an accident or a murder attempt?? Before that, I need to know about his family. So, now I’ll go to his house first.

Navya: But, how?? Will they believe you??

Ishu: No, Navya. I’m not going to meet them. I’ll see them from far. After that only I can decide how to meet them.

Navya: Ok. Be careful. Shivaay, please take care of her.

Shivaay: (smiles) Ask her to not to worry. I won’t let anything happen to you.

Ishu: He asked you not to worry and he won’t let anything happen to me. (Navya smiles and they leave from there)

ShivIka Villa

Annika, RiKara, RuVya and Soumya sitting at the lawn. They are worried thinking about Shivaay.

Annika: When Shivaay will wake up from coma?? It’s been three days.

Gauri: Don’t strain yourself, bhojai. Bade bhaiya will get conscious soon. Sankar ji will not let us down.

Om: Gauri is right, bhabhi. Don’t lose your hope. Our confidence towards him will make him to recover fast.

Rudra: Right. After that we won’t let him to go anywhere without us. And bhabhi, we must not let him to sleep too. He already sleeping for too long. (All smile at him)

Ishana and Shivaay enter the villa without anyone knowing. They are watching them from far.

Ishu: So, this is your family??

Shivaay: Yes. My wife, brothers and their wives.

Ishu: There are a lot of girls. Tell me which one is your wife. No. Let me guess. (Looks at the girls) The tall girl wearing yellow dress with straight hair. She is your wife, right??

Shivaay: Impressive!! How did you find she is my wife??

Ishu: Her face expression. She is very sad without you. It shows how much she loves you and missing you.

Shivaay: (smiles sadly) I know. I too miss her very much.

Ishu: (smiles) What is her name??

Shivaay: Annika. (Proudly) My khidkithodh Annika.

Ishu: (confused) But, the windows are fine only. Why are you saying like that??

Shivaay: That is our love. Khidkithodh love!! I’ll tell you later. The next girl is Gauri, Omkara’s wife. Also known as Da…

Ishu: Dharvadathodh Gauri?? (Shivaay chuckles)

Shivaay: No, it’s Dabangg Gauri!!

Ishu: No one is having a normal name in your family?? Strange!! (Shivaay chuckles again) Fine. Tell me about others.

Shivaay: Ok. That long hair guy is my brother, Omkara and the body builder guy is my another brother, Rudra. The girl with long and slightly curl hair is Bhavya, Rudra’s fiance. While the another girl is Soumya, my daadi’s friend’s granddaughter and she is like a sister to me.

Ishu: You know something?? The girls of your family is really very beautiful. Gauri’s eyes are very pretty. I think Omkara must have fallen for her eyes at first. (Shivaay is surprised to hear her)

Shivaay: I can’t believe this. A girl is praising another girl’s beauty??

Ishu: Why?? Is that wrong to praise someone’s beauty??

Shivaay: No, it’s not wrong. But, usually it’s not easy for a girl to praise another girl. That’s what I’m wondering when you said that.

Ishu: Shivaay, we have to adore the beauty. Not only about humans. It can be anything like today’s climate, this scenery, this tree, flower, anything. Beauty in everything. So, it’s not wrong if I praise a girl’s beauty. (Shivaay is impressed with her answer. The girl whom he thought as a spoilt brat and irresponsible having a uniqueness inside her.)

Shivaay: So, did you only find Gauri is prettiest there?? Not any other girls.

Ishu: You didn’t let me to finish just now. Bhavya’s wavy hair suits her well. Annika’s dressing is amazing. Yellow is perfect for her. Actually, she is quite sad now, so, I can’t find anything now. (Shivaay nods) Soumya is too cute. Her smile is enough to make someone to fall for her. What a cute cheek!!?? I felt like pulling it. (Shivaay shakes his head looking at her childishness) Shivaay, only they are here, where are your other family members??

Shivaay: They must be inside the house.

Ishu: So, what are we going to do now?? Should we wait for them??

Shivaay: My family situation is not good now. Better we leave first.

Ishana agree and both of them about to leave. They see a police jeep entering ShivIka Villa. They look each other in confuse. Ishana is shocked to see the person getting down from the jeep.

To be continue…

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