ISHQBAAZ SS – Our Angel, Ishana – Chapter 3


Ishana’s Room

Ishana is shocked to see Shivaay there and screams. Shivaay who was in deep thought also shocked hearing her scream. He is about to go to her but someone knocks the door.

Voice: Ishu!! What happened?? Open the door.

Ishu: Ajju!! Shravs!! (Runs towards the door and opens it. She jumps and sits on Shravani’s hip much to their shock. She hugs Shravani tightly.)

Shrav: (holds her tightly) What happened, Ishu??

Ishu: (stammers) Shravs, someone is in my room. (Shravani signs Arjun to go and check while she pats her back. Arjun goes inside the room and sees no one there)

Arjun: Ishu, there is no one in your room.

Ishu: No. He is there. Look properly.

Arjun: No, Ishu. I checked properly. No one is there. If you don’t believe me, come and see yourself. (Shravani walks carrying Ishana inside the room)

Shrav: (looks at the whole room) No one is here, Ishu. I think you must dream of something. (Ishana looks around her room and sees no one there. She scratches her head in confuse)

Ishu: But, it’s looks like real.

Manish: (just came there) This is what will happen if you roamed at the graveyard. (Shravani raises her eyebrows looking at Ishana questioningly but Ishana shakes her head saying no) What is this?? (Seeing Ishana on Shravani’s hip) Are you a kid?? Get down from her fast!!

Ishu: (realised her position and get down immediately) Sorry, Shravs.

Shrav: (smiles) It’s ok, Ishu. You are not that much heavy that I can’t lift you. (Ishana smiles) Now go and sleep. We will talk later. (Kisses her cheek and leaves from there with ArMan)

Ishu: (still confused) Was that a dream?? But, why that short guy have to appear in my dream??

Voice: Don’t you dare to say that again. (Ishana turns towards the voice and got shock to see Shivaay. She almost scream but Shivaay covers her mouth with his palm.) Don’t shout, please. (Ishana is still in shock) I’ll take my hands but please don’t scream. Ok?? (Ishana nods and Shivaay takes his hand from her mouth)

Ishu: What are you doing here?? And how did you come here?? Where did you disappear just now??

Shivaay: Relax. I’ll answer all your questions. But, before that I need your help very much. If you are willing to help me, then I will tell you everything.

Ishu: Help?? What help?? And why me?? I don’t even know you.

Shivaay: But, you are the only one can see me.

Ishu: (confused) You said the same this evening too and yesterday you asked either I can see you. What do you mean by saying only I can see you?? Are the people in this world become blind that they can’t see you??

Shivaay: (annoyed) You are talking a lot. I don’t know why all the girls that I met are very talkative. Annika, Soumya, Gauri, Bhavya and now you.

Ishu: Excuse me. How dare you said that I’m a talkative??

Shivaay: Haww!! How dare you called me as short guy??

Ishu: Because you are short. And, I don’t know your name. So, I said what I see and felt.

Shivaay: The same reasons as well. (Both of them stop for a while) I’m Shivaay Singh Oberoi. (Extends his hand)

Ishu: Ishana Raichand. (Tries to hold his hand but she can’t hold it. She looks at him confusingly and again tries to hold hand but again her hand penetrates his hand) What is this?? (She steps back and look at him questioningly) Why I can’t hold you??

Shivaay: Don’t be scared, Ishana. This is what I’m trying to tell you. I’m a spirit. No one can see me except you.

Ishu: (shocked) Spirit?? (Shivaay nods and about to say something but she fainted on the floor. Shivaay lifts her and places her on the bed.)

Shivaay: Talking too much but get scared easily. (He sees a water jug and about to take it but he couldn’t take it) Yeah. I only can touch her not anything else. (He holds her hand and takes the jug using her hand. He wants to sprinkles water on her face but he felt difficult to do it. So, he pours the water on her face. She wakes up in jerk and looks at him angrily)

Ishu: Is this a way to wake up a person who is unconscious?? By pouring a jug of water??

Shivaay: I know it’s not the way. But, I can’t sprinkle it on your face. I’m a spirit and I can’t touch everything.

Ishu: But, how did you take the jug??

Shivaay: I used your hand.

Ishu: Just now I can’t touch you. Then, how come you used my hand?? (Shivaay holds her hand. Ishana looks at it surprisingly. She again tries to touch him but she can’t touch)

Shivaay: (smiles) You can’t touch me, Ishana. But, I can touch you. Only you. And only you can see me. Only you.

Ishu: But, why me??

Shivaay: (shrugs his shoulder) I don’t know. Maybe this is called fate I guess.

Ishu: So, you are dead??

Shivaay: (chuckles) No. I’m not dead. I’m still alive but in coma now. I need your help, Ishana. My family is in unknown danger now. I have to protect them.

Ishu: (feels bad for him) Ok. I’ll help you. But, I want to see your body to confirm that you are still alive.

Shivaay: Sure. I have been admitted in City Hospital. The place we met yesterday. I’ll take you there tomorrow. You can sleep now. Sorry for disturbing your sleep. I’m leaving now.

Ishu: Where are you going??

Shivaay: To my house. I want to see my wife. (Ishana smiles and he disappears from there)

Ishu: I wanted to meet a spirit and it happened. Ajju was right. He told that I will be scared if I see the real one. That is what happened just now. But, this short guy seems to be a nice person. I’ll decide what to do after seeing his coma condition tomorrow.

Next morning

Ishana’s Room

Ishana is still sleeping. Shivaay come there and sees her.

Shivaay: It’s 8 a.m now but she is still sleeping like Kumbhkaran. (Tries to wake her)

Ishu: (still in her sleep) Let me sleep, Shravs. Don’t trouble me like Manu and Ajju.

Shivaay: (shakes her) I’m not your Shravs. Get up fast. We have to go to hospital. (Ishana opens her eyes hearing his voice)

Ishu: (yawns) You are here this early?? Anything important??

Shivaay: Nothing. I’m here just to say hi to you.

Ishu: Ok. Hi!! And bye!! (Continues to sleep)

Shivaay: (surprised) What the wuck!! (Wakes her again) Ishana, have you forgotten that we have to go to hospital to see me??

Ishu: (gets up) Yeah. But, can we go a bit later?? I’m so sleepy.

Shivaay: It’s 8 a.m now. You are still feeling sleepy??

Ishu: Excuse me. You ruined my sleep last night. You know?? I won’t wake up before 9 a.m.

Shivaay: You are such a spoilt brat!! No more excuses. Go and get ready fast. (Ishana gets up lazily and walks towards washroom) We don’t have whole day, Ishana. Go fast.

Ishu: Stop ordering me or I won’t help you.

Shivaay: Ok, meri maa. Please go and get ready fast.

Ishu: (smiles) That’s good. (Close the washroom door.)

Shivaay: This girl is just impossible!!

Dining Room

Manish and Arjun are having their breakfast while Shravani is serving them. Ishana comes downstairs. Three of them are shocked too see Ishana woke up this early. She goes and sits to have her breakfast.

Manish: (whispers) Why this queen is early today??

Shrav: (whispers) Don’t know, bauji. (Towards Ishu) Ishu, are you ok??

Ishu: Yes, Shravs. I’m fine. Why are you asking this??

Arjun: Because you woke up early today.

Ishu: Why?? I can’t wake up early?? You are questioning me if I wake up late. If I wake up early also you are questioning me. What is your problem now??

Shrav: Nothing, Ishu. You have your breakfast. Arjun, stop pulling her leg. (Three of them have their breakfast. Shravani too join them)

Shivaay comes there and sees Ishana having her breakfast with her family. He thinks of his family and has tears in his eyes. Ishana who is having her breakfast choked when she sees Shivaay there. She coughs terribly.

Shrav: (runs to her and pats her back) Eat carefully, Ishu. Arjun, pass me the water. (Arjun pass a glass of water to Shravani. She makes Ishana to drink the water.) Are you ok now, Ishu??

Ishu: Yes, Shravs. I’m fine. Thank you. You go and have your breakfast. (Shravani smiles and gives to her place)

Shivaay: (goes beside Ishana) If you done with your breakfast, we can leave now.

Ishu: Ok. We can go now. (ArShraMan look at her in confuse)

Manish: What?? We?? Who are going where??

Ishu: (realised what she said) I mean, I need to go now. I have to meet Navya.

Arjun: Ok. But, be careful. (Ishana nods and leaves from there with Shivaay)

To be continue….

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