ISHQBAAZ SS – Our Angel, Ishana- Chapter 2


Shivaay is searching here and there for that girl but he couldn’t find her. He sits in disappointment covering his face with his palms.

Shivaay: How I will find that girl in this big city?? I don’t know who is she and where she is staying?? How I can find her??

He sees a temple nearby the place and walks towards it. He is about to place his leg but stops himself.

Shivaay: How I will enter the temple?? I’m a spirit. Spirit can’t enter the temple. (He heard a voice)

Voice: Who said you can’t enter the temple?? Don’t back off before trying. (Shivaay turns towards the voice and surprised to see an old Baba)

Shivaay: Babaji, you can see me??

Baba: Definitely I can see you, beta. This is Shiv Mandir. He won’t stop his child from seeing him. (Smiles at Shivaay)

Shivaay: How I will enter, Babaji?? I’m a spirit and spirit can’t enter holy places.

Baba: (smiles) You are not a spirit, beta. You are a soul. You are still alive but now you are unconscious. You have done some good deeds in your life. That’s why your soul came out from your body when you are still alive. Not everyone will get this chance. It’s a blessing for you.

Shivaay: It’s not a blessing, Baba ji. It’s a curse. My family is in problem and I can’t do anything to protect them. No one can see me. How I am going to protect them??

Baba: (smiles) You are mistaken, beta. God won’t do anything without reason. Your soul is out when you are still alive. You still can protect your family.

Shivaay: But, how Baba ji?? I’m just a soul. A helpless soul. I can’t even touch anything. (Cries)

Baba: Don’t lose your hope,beta. You are lord Shiva’s heir. Fold your hands and pray to him wholeheartedly. He will show you a way. He will give power to your hands. Who knows he might send an angel to help you.

Shivaay nods and places his leg inside the temple. Whatever the Baba ji said was right. He can enter the temple. He turns towards Baba ji to thank him but he is not there.

Shivaay: (surprised) Where the Baba ji went?? After that girl, he is the only one can see me. Now, he also disappeared. Never mind, I’ll go and pray first.

He walks towards lord Shiva idol and prays.

Shivaay: (in his heart) Shiv ji, I’m your heir. Now, I’m in a problem and need to help my family. No one can see me except that one girl. But, I can’t find her. Please show me a way to find the girl. She is the only one can help me.

He finishes his prayers and goes outside the temple. He walks crossing the road and heard a girl’s voice.

Girl: Move!!! Move!! (Shivaay is shocked to see a girl on scooter and almost hit him. She lost her balance and almost fell but Shivaay holds her preventing her from falling down. The girl sighs in relief and composed herself. Shivaay looks at his hand and sees the girl and recalls she is the same girl he met yesterday.)

Girl: Are you blind?? Can’t you see and walk?? (Shivaay looks at the girl and smiles) Hello!! I’m scolding you. Why are you grinning like a fool??

Shivaay: Hey, do you remember me?? We met yesterday at the hospital.

Girl: (tries to recall) Oh, you?? Do you have any problem?? Yesterday, you behaved weirdly with me. Today, you are smiling weirdly. Are you following me by any chance??

Shivaay: Actually, I was searching for you since yesterday but I couldn’t find you. Luckily, I saw you today.

Girl: You are searching for me?? But, why?? I don’t even know you.

Shivaay: I know that. In fact, I also don’t know you. But, right now, you are the one can see me.

Girl: What are you saying?? (Shivaay is about to say something but they heard a voice)

Voice: Ishu!! (Both of them turn towards the voice which belongs to a guy. He is walking towards them quickly. Shivaay disappear from there)

Ishu: Ajju!! What are you doing here??

Arjun: I should ask you that. What are you doing here??

Ishu: I’m going to meet Navya. But, my scooty almost collide with this guy. (Turns towards Shivaay but he is not there) Arre, where this short guy disappeared??

Shivaay who is hiding from IshAr is shocked to hear Ishana called him like that.

Shivaay: Such a audacious girl. How dare she said like that about my height?? My Annika also never called me like that. But, this girl… (shakes his head)

Arjun: Which guy, Ishu?? There is no one here.

Ishu: Ajju, he was here only just now. He must left after seeing you coming towards us. (Arjun looks here and there)

Arjun: Ok. Let’s go back now. You meet your Navya tomorrow.

Ishu: Ok. In fact, this scooty is just like you. Always troubling me. I have to change it.

Arjun: You start first. I’ll follow you from behind.

Ishu: (confused with his behaviour) Fine. (Ishu leaves on her scooter and Arjun follows her from behind with his car.)

IshAr reached their house and go inside the house. Unaware to them another person also reach their house who is non other than Shivaay Singh Oberoi. He got into Arjun’s car when they are leaving from that place.

Shivaay: (smiles) So, this is the girl’s house. Now, it will be easier for me. (Disappears from there)

ShivIka Villa

The senior Oberois reached there with Abhay. OmRu stare Abhay while he looks at them in guilt. Pinky goes towards OmRu.

Pinky: I knew it that you both will cause trouble for him when you came here. My Shivaay always saves you both from problems. But, you all did nothing to saves him. (OmRu cry)

Annika: Don’t say like this, Pinky aunty. You know right how much they love Shivaay?? Shivaay went out without telling anyone.

Pinky: You don’t know anything, Annika. These two always cause trouble for my Shivaay.

Tej: What are you saying, Pinky?? What they will do if Shivaay met accident?? Shivaay was the one to be careful while driving his car. What my sons have to do with his accident??

Pinky: O my maata!! Jethji, you will talks like this only. It was my son in coma, not yours. Who knows you might have planned for his accident??

Jhanvi: Stop it, Pinky?? Why Tej will do like that to Shivaay?? He is angry on Shivaay for different reason. Tej must not thought to harm Shivaay.

Pinky: My son in this condition because of you and your husbands only. If you both didn’t send Shivaay out from Oberoi Mansion, this would not have happened. This is all because you and your husbands only.

Kalyani: Please, Pinky. This is not the time to blame anyone. Shakti, take her to the room. (Shakti takes Pinky to a room. TejVi too leave from there with Kalyani)

Om: Choti ma is right. We always caused trouble for him. (Cries badly. Rudra hugs him)

Annika: (hugs OmRu) No, Om. You never caused trouble for him. Have you forgotten you what three of you always say ‘One for All, All for One’. Three of you are one only. Don’t ever say that you are trouble for him. Shivaay won’t like that. I know about my Shivaay. He will recover soon. He doesn’t like to sleep for long hours. He will wake up soon. (OmRu nod their heads)

Rudra: You are right, bhabhi. He can’t sleep for longer.

Om: (holds Annika’s hand) Bhabhi, we will handle everything here till he get conscious. You don’t worry.

Annika: I don’t have to worry when I’m having my devar and devarani with me. (RiVya hug Annika)

Abhay: (walk towards them) Bhabhi, I never thought this to happen. I only wanted to clear my father’s name from the Kalyani Mill’s fire accident. I never wanted to harm anyone.

Om: (angrily) Just stop it, Abhay. Whatever happened is because of you. You married that Swetlana is the biggest mistake of yours.

Rudra: You are definitely going to regret for your deed, Abhay. (Abhay looks at them in guilt)

All leave from there leaving Abhay alone.

Shivaay cries looking at his family.

Shivaay: Problems getting very much serious. I have to do something. (Disappears from there)

Ishana’s House

ArShra Room

Arjun is pacing at his room tensed about something. Shravani looks at him in confused.

Shrav: What happened, Arjun?? You are looking worried.

Arjun: About that devil only.

Shrav: Who??

Arjun: Who else?? Our Ishu only.

Shrav: (teasingly) You can worry about her too?? Unbelievable!!

Arjun: Of course, I will worry about her. I agreed that I always fight with her. But, it doesn’t mean that I don’t care for her. She is my sister, yaar.

Shrav: (smiles) Ok. Ok. I was kidding, Arjun. I know how much you and bauji scold her, but you both love her very much. (Arjun smiles) But, what are you worrying about her now??

Arjun: Just now when I was coming back, I saw her going somewhere. Suddenly, she lost her balance and almost fell.

Shrav: (Shocked) Oh, no!! Did she fell down??

Arjun: No, Shravani. That is what I’m wondering about. She didn’t fell. It looked like someone saved her. But, no one was there.

Shrav: (smiles) Maybe she managed to save herself from falling.

Arjun: I too thought like that at first. But, I saw her talking to someone. But, no one was there. I thought that I must have misunderstood and I walked towards her. I asked her with whom she was talking. She said she talk with someone and he must left after seeing me. But, Shravani, I can sure there was nobody.

Shrav: Arjun, maybe she played prank on you.

Arjun: No, Shravani. I can catch her whenever she played prank. That was definitely not a prank.

Shrav: What are you trying to say, Arjun?? She talked with whom just now?? You said there was nobody. Then, how?? Already, today an alliance rejected her saying that she was talking alone yesterday. You are saying the same now.

Arjun: I don’t know, Shravani. You try to ask her tomorrow. She definitely won’t tell me if I asked her.

Shravani: Ok, Arjun. You don’t stress yourself thinking about that. Now, go and sleep. (Both of them retired to their bed)

Ishana’s Room

Ishana is sleeping peacefully. She turns herself and slightly opens her eyes. She turns back and closes her eyes to continue her sleep. She thinks something and turns again. She is shocked seeing something and screams.

To be continue…

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